Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Moon/Solar Eclipse

That's right friends.  We're coming into a New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Cancer, tomorrow (Friday) morning.  This might bring on some powerful shifts in mood and feeling.  We're looking at how to feel more safe and secure in the world, as well as working on healing the pain that lurks in the core of our being and our bodies.

Cancer is the natural ruler of the 4th house in the natal chart.  The 4th house represents the most internal, core part of us, so with an eclipse stirring up the core, we might be surprised by some of the memories and feelings emerging from the dark corners of our psyches.

Carve out time for a little quiet reflection over the holiday weekend.  Work with what's emerging and find healthy outlets for old emotional energy.

Starting in July at, we're going to have more sales than we've had any other month so far.  Stop by and get a reading!  Let's use the gift of the New Moon in Cancer to do some psychic house cleaning.

And be sure and stop by the Stonestreet Cafe tonight (Thursday) as we jump into a discussion about SEX.  The show is at 6pm pacific/9pm eastern at and joining me will be Rev. Keith Ruback, one of my all time favorite guests.  It's sure to be a great show!

I hope you're enjoying the lovely summer weather wherever you are!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Fortune Forecast 6/27 - 7/3


It's time to leap into something new.  It doesn't matter how great or small the leap is, its all about the willingness to go.  Sticking to the well trodden path is getting decidedly old.  Let's go!  Rest assured that whatever steps are taken WILL produce results.  There's no assurance on the front end but we must forge ahead anyway.  Our creativity is about to run dry in the barren spots we're comfortable in.  Hit the road and don't look back.

Monday 6/27
Stonestreet Cafe #58...LOVE AND LIGHT replay at 3:30pm PST/6:30pm EST at
It would be easy to get pulled into a nasty exchange or two today.  People seem edgy and unreasonable.  We can unhook from that dynamic and take the high road if we want to.  Being nice will have rewards later on that we won't see or feel immediately.  It will take a degree of self control to unhook from mean.

Tuesday 6/28
It's an excellent time to build bridges and create a stronger system of support for our goals and dreams.  The right people seem to be turning up at ever corner.  Now all we have to do is deepen the bond, just a little.  Be creative and come up with ways to strengthen existing relationships and open to new ones.  Keep it fun.

Wednesday 6/29
It's time to take the rose colored glasses off and see what's really going on.  We've fooled ourselves into believing something because its too painful to look at what's really going on.  Hiding from the truth will only bring more pain.  Face it and find a new approach.  Finding freedom from this oppression is worth the short term discomfort.

Thursday 6/30
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Push out and find new ways of handling chronic problems.  There's simply no other option.  We need to forge a new path or risk some kind of flip out over things feeling stagnant and slow.  Break patterns now.  Drive home on a different route.  Stop at a place you've always been curious about.  Break the mold.

Friday 7/1
We may have already started to explore new avenues and directions and with those new avenues and directions, come the potential for new skills and abilities.  Let's take some time today to concentrate on these new skills.  What are they and which ones are passionate?  Follow up because we've got the seeds of amazing-ness.

Saturday 7/2
We're about to get some long overdue praise and validation.  We might feel like shying away or being humble.  Let it in and let the energy help fuel the next step.  It's important to really feel the energy of accomplishment.  We can also take this chance to share our victory with those who've supported us.

Sunday 7/3
It's tempting to jump into all sorts of conflict without considering the energy it takes to see it through.  It's just not necessary to be involved in every, single thing that irritates or challenges us today.  Wait for something that's truly meaningful.  If nothing meaningful comes along, be grateful!

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Just do it!  Jump and land where you land.  The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 6/26 - 7/2

You're ready to break out and create bigger success, Aries.  You finally feel free to take risks and expand.  The best part is, you're having a ball doing it.  There is support and encouragement at every turn, which helps you be bigger and better.  Watch out for one, grumpy person who wants to rain on your parade.  This is someone you count on for counsel, so his or her negativity will sting.  Shake it off.

A lovely week unfolds for you Taurus.  There is opportunity to celebrate your life with those you love the most.  You are on the receiving end of many blessings now, great and small.  Keep your focus on the projects that are most meaningful to you.  You are on the cusp of big rewards and possibly, recognition.  Get ready to take a big leap into new challenges.  You are ready and armed with experience.

You need more freedom and if you don't get it soon, you just might light your house on fire.  You can quell the rebellious urges by giving yourself permission to roam.  do it now, Gemini.  Something painful is pushing the discomfort.  Stop and address it instead of trying to ignore it.  There's no way to run away.  You can find more balance this week if you make it a priority.  Do it!

You may be uncertain about how you feel at times this week.  You are moving through lots of quickly, changing energies.  Make room to experience it all, Cancer.  A big opportunity for abundance has landed in your lap.  Resist the urge to be hasty and take it one step at a time.  You will get to the desired outcome with patience and a steady pace.  Look at life from a fresh perspective and find your freedom.

You are in the midst of reinventing yourself Leo and the opportunity for expansion is huge.  Pretend you've been cast in a plum role in a fantastic story.  Then live it.  Your charisma can attract helpful people and resources.  Give credit where credit is due and share the spoils.  If you're generous, you'll find your popularity soaring.  If you're stingy, you'll find yourself celebrating alone.  The choice is yours.

A big idea has you excited, challenged and perhaps even distracted from more mundane concerns.  This feel refreshing Virgo but be careful not to neglect the work that needs doing.  Love wants to come to you.  Will you let it in?  It's easy to see who supports you now and who's just part of the scenery.  Expect to feel vulnerable this week as you confront an old secret.  It's time to let go of the shame.

You are well on your way to a hard earned victory, Libra.  It feels good to be reaching the end of a challenging cycle knowing you won.  As a result of your recent gains, you can now afford to relax, rest and enjoy some time off.  Please take time off!  You can recharge and regroup now and it's the best course of action since many more exciting opportunities are lurking just around the next corner.

You are on fire with creativity, drive and strength.  This combination can get you practically anything you want, Scorpio.  So what do you want?  That is the biggest question now.  It might help to step away from all the stimulation and just meditate for answers.  If you can get quiet, a plan will emerge and with it the knowledge needed to follow it.  Get ready to mentor someone in need.  It will help show you who you are.

Open you heart and be as generous as you can afford to be this week.  It will feel good and it will bring some great energy into your life.  You've been focused on your own goals, Sagittarius, which is great but now it's time to offer more of yourself to the people around you.  You're in need of something or someone to fall in love with. Get out of your normal routine and you will find the treasure you seek.

You're ready to take a big leap, Capricorn.  A part of you is worried about whether or not your leap will be graceful or a big mess.  It doesn't matter.  What matters is willingness to go.  You've been beating yourself up about a project that's stalled out.  This week will bring renewed focus and energy, so don't despair.  Your abundance energy is on the upswing.  Let it expand, creating a safe platform to build on.

You won, Aquarius and now no one wants to play with you.  It might seem like you can either have great success OR deep love.  These two things are not mutually exclusive but they have become so in your world.  Start contemplating how to create healing for yourself and everyone you want close to you.  It won't take much once you take the first step.  You are waking up to more of your natural gifts.

Hard work seems endless this week.  You toil and toil and it seems that little progress is made.  If you don't make time for your own rest and rejuvenation, you will soon run dry, Pisces.  Stop waiting for someone or something to come along and rescue you.  Your salvation rests in your own hands and it has to do with unhooking from the energies and emotions you drive yourself with.  I'm talking about pain.   


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Well, it's officially summer, my friends and I might just be suffering from a case of the summer-time blues!  Life is good and I have no real complaints but I can't seem to get motivated and focused the way I think I ought to be.  Mars just moved into Gemini, which can stir up the restlessness and boy am I feeling it!

How about you?  Are you feeling in need of new adventures? 
That is the question I pose this week.

Get on over to and check out the archives.  I've added some shows and am almost up to date.  Also, I hope you'll join me tomorrow (Thursday at 6pm PST/9pm EST at in the Stonestreet Cafe for show #58...LOVE AND LIGHT with special guest Mark Husson, author of Love Scopes and the host of the Power Peek Hour at Hay House Radio and one of my oldest, bestest friends. 

Love and KNOW I've got to kick this around!!  I'm a Capricorn for heavens sake!  We're more akin to pain and darkness which is why I think this is going to be a really fun show.  If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know that I get a little riled up at the idea that we have to hold a certain vibration OR ELSE.  Or else, what?  will be punished if we're not love and light?  Hmm...deep thoughts...

How can I be love and light with the Sun in Cancer?  It's by far, one of the moodiest transits the Sun makes in a year!!

Come play with me at this weekend during our happy hours from noon-4PM pacific.  We've got reduced rates and lots of great insight to offer.  I'll be there and I'd love to see you!  I've been having so much fun with the readings lately.  My clients amaze me with their love and light!!

Hope to see you soon!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Fortune Forecast 6/20 - 6/26


After a period of constriction, the heart is getting the opportunity to open and flourish.  Finding and enjoying this freedom requires us to be willing to let it all out, the good, the bad and the ugly.  We can find many a great medium to express the complexity of what's happening inside.  Let it all out and know that in doing so, magic gets started.  Our creativity begins to soar when we let go of the need for censorship.  Be playful and bring light to all the dusty, forgotten corners of the interior world.  Beauty will manifest in once-painful spaces.  Let's get to it!  

Monday 6/20
Stonestreet Cafe #57...BODIES replays at 3:30pm PST/6:30pm EST at
An unexpected gift arrives today, lifting spirits and creating flow.  This little gift is potent in its ability to change the way we see ourselves and our challenges.  Suddenly what once looked dire, seems to be of little importance.  Relax and enjoy the wealth and if you want to multiply it, share.  

Tuesday 6/21
It's time to break out and experience the exotic.  We might not be able to hop a plane, but we can all find a little time today to wander into new sights, sounds and textures.  A book or a movie might do the trick, or perhaps a shopping trip to a store with tons of imports.  Improvise and find inspiration.

Wednesday 6/22
We won the battle but the war rages on.  Though we've gained heard-earned spoils, it doesn't feel like something worthy of celebration.  Worst of all, in the struggle for victory, important connections may have suffered.  Shift the focus to harmony now and let the volatile energy play out elsewhere.

Thursday 6/23
tune in to Stonestreet Cafe #58...LOVE AND LIGHT at 6pm PST/9pm EST at

A spark of an idea can grow into something grand if we just give it consideration and space.  Too often, we cast aside the bright ideas because we simply don't have the time and energy to pursue them.  Let's NOT do that today.  Play with the sacred seed of new passion.  Find an avenue to express it.  Go...

Friday 6/24
We want more but may be afraid to ask.  We think if we wait long enough it'll just show up.  Not so my friends.  Today we can make advances to the degree that we're willing to assert ourselves.  Shake off the self-consciousness and ask.  Even if rejected, which is highly unlikely, we'll have the satisfaction of knowing we tried.

Saturday 6/25
A new passion is pushing to find expression.  We can try and resist the growing pressure, which will only lead to internal combustion.  Let it all out!  That is the message this week and today we get to practice.  Staying in motion is essential.  Let the wave of creativity carry us into new wonders.  Surf it.

Sunday 6/26
We suddenly see new options and possibilities that weren't apparent before.  It's an exciting time and we need to be flexible and willing to change our path and patterns in order to capitalize on what's being offered to us.  Turn on a dime.  Why not?  There's nothing to lose and so much to gain.

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Need I say more?  Just do it!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 6/19 - 6/25

Life is a little tough this week, Aries.  You have so many projects and responsibilities that need attention now.  Which one should you focus on?  Don't stress about it because it will become abundantly clear what needs to happen and in what order to get you the success you crave.  Tie up loose ends when you get the chance.  A clean slate can help.

Big lessons are in the stars this week, Taurus.  You might not like all that's involved in your personal evolution but when you're a bit farther down the road and look back, you'll be grateful for it all.  Inner strife is complicating things.  Get on your own team!  A big surprise is coming.  Be willing to take a leap of faith in order to capture big gains.

Relax into loving and affectionate exchanges.  It's the most exciting part of your life right now Gemini, so put the work aside and just play.  Your mind is racing and filled with so many great ideas.  Keep a pen and paper close by to capture the inspiration coming through.  You're in charge. Be a benevolent ruler.  There's no threat, just fears that make it seem so.

You are being forced to slow down this week Cancer. No amount of aggressive pushing will get you further down the road.  You might as well sit back and take in the scenery.  This will give you a chance to figure out where you want to go next.  A big decision is looming.  There's no point in wondering which way is the right way.  Both are equally wonderful.

Your worries are inflated this week Leo.  Do what you can to shift out of the intensity of what you think might happen and just be here now.  An opportunity for greater leadership is coming to you. You are ready for this and will gain much if you take it on.  Intuition can offer powerful guidance now.  Listen and respond even though it might not make sense in the moment.

It's time to let go of regret and embrace where you're at, Virgo.  You can't change the past and holding on is keeping you from integrating the wisdom you've gained from your struggles.  Keep the focus on your work, even though things are slow and a bit dull right now.  The pay off will be big if you continue your diligent efforts.

It's time to explore new options, Libra.  You're bored and you might as well admit it and start forging a new path.  You've been awfully tempted to indulge in something that's just not healthy for you.  Is it possible to find a healthier substitute?  The craving won't abate until you do something to address it.  Get ready for excitement.  It's coming soon!

You are on the cusp of a big new adventure.  You can feel it Scorpio but don't really have a sense of the details.  This is filling you with trepidation and possibly anxiety.  Relax and know that all is well.  Your body needs care and attention now.  Do what you can to relax and rest.  You're exploding with great ideas.  Find a way to capture them before they slip away.

You're honing new skills and developing aspects of your creativity that have long been dormant.  You have not reached the success you crave but you're getting there.  Don't let your high standards keep you from seeing how amazing you are, Sagittarius.  Get ready for opportunities galore.  You are moving into a period of intense acceleration.

It's time to step back and do some deep thinking Capricorn.  You have an opportunity to define your path this week and find a new focus but you need a little time and space to get yourself on track.  In your effort to win a recent battle you might have lost some cache.  Don't dwell on it.  Just learn and move on.  Pride tends to make a ruckus when left unchecked.

Break out of your routine and find your freedom Aquarius.  You've been insistent on staying on the straight and narrow and it's just not delivering the satisfaction you need.  Liberate yourself!  An old wound is rearing up and causing renewed pain.  See the roots in the past and try not to get reactive about what's triggering it now.

You are having a hard time concentrating on the tasks at hand.  Why not take a break, Pisces?  Make time for dreaming and drifting this week.  It will help you be more productive.  A recent victory has not brought the spoils you'd hoped for.  Let it be ok.  This is just a sign that you need new interests to explore.  Sticking to the same old same old is getting dry.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Moon Madness

Are you feeling it?  We're coming up on a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius.  It's stirring up the restlessness for sure.  You might find that you're sick with the same old, same old.  The eclipse opens us up to new paths and new ways of being.  Let's decide to let the energy take root before any rash action!

In honor of this potent, astrological event, we're having a sale this afternoon at starting at 1:14 pm pacific and running for 5 hours.  Come on over and let's get a look at the opportunities this event offers you!

Tomorrow (Thursday) in the Stonestreet Cafe at 6pm PST/9pm EST at, I'm welcoming an old friend, Alison Anton to the Stonestreet Cafe to talk BODIES.  Alison is a health and nutrition expert, a massage therapist and an amazing medical intuitive.  Check out Alison at Anton Health and Nutrition here

The timing is great because Jupiter recently entered Taurus which might have us thinking about our bodies and how to make them feel more hospitable to our spirits.  Bodies don't need much to feel good, do they?  So then why do we put off what needs to happen to get them feeling good?  We'll explore this and more in the Cafe.

I hope you're enjoying where you're at today!  The Sun is shining here and all is quiet as I get ready for our big sale at  COME PLAY!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Fortune Forecast 6/13- 6/19


Let your light shine this week.  Make it big, then make it bigger.  We're moving into a season of celebration.  Hardships have been vanquished and new opportunities are coming.  We can and need to lighten up now.  Hanging on to lurking fears only causes pain and there's no need for it.  All is well, so join the light brigade and let the magic radiate from every cell.  Things don't need to be perfect for us to play.

Monday 6/13
tune in to Stonestreet Cafe #56 at 3:30pm PST/6:30pm EST at
Petty concerns are piling up and creating a big ball of worry.  This can get completely away from us if we're not careful.  Be willing to have a laugh about the seriousness of it all.  What's causing the fear is just not that bad and when we have a chance to be with that fact, the shadows lift, bringing relief.

Tuesday 6/14
We're finding out just what we're made of today as intense pressure creates some alchemical magic.  Try not to resist what's happening.  Give in to it.  Know that by going through this fiery forge of energy, something beautiful will emerge.  It might be an idea or a new plan but whatever it is, it will change the game.

Wednesday 6/15
Slow, deep changes are moving us into more prosperous territory.  The problem is, we don't know it and we see little evidence.  Faith needs to be awakened now so that we can stop questioning every little detail and put aside the restless doubt.  Know that what is wanted is coming.  It is.

Thursday 6/16
tune in to Stonestreet Cafe #57...BODIES at 6pm PST/9pm EST at
It doesn't matter what the catalyst is, today we find ourselves more open to possibilities than we have been in quite some time.  This openness is advantageous for it shows us doors and paths we never saw before.  Enjoy the expansion and make a new plan.  The path to victory is clear.

Friday 6/17
From the small miracle to the big, there's something bewitching in the air today.  It's as if we can really see and feel bigger forces at work in our lives.  It feels good and opens us to bigger dreams. It's easier to believe now that what is wanted and desired is truly possible. A great day for planting seeds of all kind.

Saturday 6/18
We feel keenly the need for friends and loved ones, today.  All that's needed is a gesture on our part to open doors that may have closed due to inattention.  Reach out and find solace, reassurance and even better, amusement.  Going it alone is not what's called for now.  Build your tribe.

Sunday 6/19
Let's take one last look at a past situation and then deign to move on.  Satisfy the curiosity to the degree that's possible, otherwise we may find ourselves ruminating and wasting time.  There's not much to dwell on though we feel haunted by old choices.  Embrace what's happening now and the regret slips away.

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Don't let self-consciousness keep the light from shining.  We can feel proud now, of who we are, what we stand for and what we're creating.  Make the choice and glow.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 6/12 - 6/18

You want something so bad that it’s hard to think about anything else, Aries.  Unfortunately, even if this dream comes true, it won’t bring about the shift in energy that you’re looking for.  Under all that longing is a pain that needs healing.  As this pain comes into the light, you’ll find it much easier to find fulfillment in what’s happening now. 

A part of you might feel guilty for not being more interested in work and career.  Let’s face it Taurus, there’s just no juice in those spaces right now.  Don’t fight where your attention wants to go.  A bright idea is starting to take shape and look more and more possible.  Give it time to grow before you put pressure on it to be big and real.

Someone is asking you to revisit an aspect of your past and it’s irritating.  There’s reluctance on your part to address what might have been less than perfect.  Stop resisting the process and get the healing you need Gemini. It’s a good idea to give yourself permission to explore relationships now.

The gifts of the Universe are just as much yours as anyone else’s.  Be willing to see this truth, Cancer.  It’s a great time to get out and try something new.  Shake up your normal routine and let some excitement in.  As you move out of familiar stomping grounds you’ll find that your company is sought after and valued by many. 

A wonderful opportunity is yours for the taking.  It’s a little intimidating to have so much at your fingertips, Leo.  It’s fine to be nervous but don’t let that nervousness stop you from jumping into something bigger and better.  Notice that tiny part of your mind that wants to prattle on and on about why things won’t work. Tell that voice to pipe down! 

Chaotic forces have you scrambling to figure out what needs to get done and in what order.  Though you may not feel like it, if you spend some time getting quiet, everything will become clear and you’ll have the energy you need to plow through the pile.  Give yourself permission to rest, Virgo.  It’s more valuable to you than you realize.

You’re a bit under the weather this week, Libra.  You’re just not feeling right.  A few small adjustments in your routine can help restore vitality and wellbeing.  The sooner you take action, the sooner you’ll feel better.  It would be easy to make this situation complicated.  You are looking for answers in the wrong places.  Keep it simple and focus on the most basic self-care. 

You can afford to take a break at work.  You’re standing on firm ground and have no reason to worry about your position or status.  Take the pressure to produce off your plate for a bit.  Happy surprises are popping up all over.  These surprises may not look like what you think you want.  Sometimes the universe knows our heart better than we do.  Enjoy!

It’s a powerful time, Sagittarius.  Spiritual forces are lining up for you.  It’s time to start asking yourself what you want.  You’ve been tolerating certain things and waiting for the right time to advance your agenda.  The time has arrived.  It might feel overwhelming to know that you have the power to change the things you don’t like.  Do it!

Where to start?  Keep it simple and take small steps.  You’ll be delighted to discover how easy it is to make progress with just a few small adjustments.  Delays are tough to handle, especially if they seem random and nonsensical but nothing is nonsensical now.  Though you may not know the why until later, everything happening now is valuable. 

An unexpected development is making your life seem suddenly serious.  Your ability to find the humor is gone and everything looks dire in nature.  A part of you knows that you’re being silly but it’s difficult to snap out of it.  The mind is brimming with negativity.  It’s all very compulsive Aquarius.  This is one of the downsides to being so smart. 

As you move into a deeper, contemplative space you’ll start to discover a treasure trove of information and resources.  Something is nearing an end.  You may have a sense that a big shift is coming.  Rest assured that there is wonder up ahead.  Rewards for hard work are imminent.  Notice the fear and let it go.  It’s only as real as you let it become, Pisces.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Bang a Gong!

I got back yesterday afternoon after a ten day odyssey that included a visit to New Mexico, New York and New London, CT.  That's a whole lot of NEW!

Here's a pic of me banging a gong at my 20 year college reunion.  If you're my facebook friend, you've already experienced it and if not...HERE YOU GO!  The gong was amazing and I felt it in my cells.  Someday, I'm going to have one in my backyard (much to the chagrin of my neighbors).

The trip was amazing and gave me a chance to reconnect with important people from the past.  It was also the first time I left my children for so long, in the care of my amazing parents.  I can really say that I'm feeling refreshed and ready for action.

Venus has moved into Gemini and Jupiter is now in Taurus.  These shifts are going to have us more interested in pleasure, connecting and play.  I have a feeling the summer months are going to bring a lot of wonderful opportunity our way.  We might not feel ambitious but we'll find ourselves enjoying the fruits of our labor and perhaps wanting to just slow down and relish all that's unfolding.

I would love to connect with you at!  We're having some big sales this weekend.  Saturday from noon-4pm PST we have our regular happy hour and Sunday brings at 12 hour sale from 8am-8pm PST.  I will be available during both sales, though I'll have to sing off Sunday by 4pm PST to care for kinder.  Come on over and give me a call so that we can take a look at what's coming your way over the next few months.

As always, I hope this note finds you well!  I hope to get on top of the archives for the Stonestreet Cafe soon.  There are three shows that need to be added...FREE THE DOVES, RESISTANCE and LIVE WITH JULIA.  The Stonestreet Cafe is such a great space to play in and I hope if you haven't checked it out, you will soon.  It's all at!



Monday, June 6, 2011

Fortune Forecast 6/6 - 6/12


Just get off the track and wander.  Explore and drift.  There's just no point in trying to stick to a straight line when all the opportunity lies off the beaten track.  We are in need of new stimulation and excitement and it's not to be found in familiar haunts.  Let go of the need to control and predict.  Wander instead for in wandering many a treasure will be discovered.

Monday 6/6
tune in to Stonestreet Cafe #55...RESISTANCE at 3:30pm PST/6:30pm EST at
It's time to trust the pace of things.  We may not know yet why certain delays are taking place.  If we surrender and let circumstances play out, we'll discover that amazing things are arising from unexpected opposition.  Trust in how it all unfolds.

Tuesday 6/7
There's a spark in the air today.  We feel it and respond.  This spark draws the magic in, helping us to become more of who we are.  People want to be near us and are willing to invest in our dreams now.  Make the most of it by being out and available to fate.

Wednesday 6/8
It's time to end the debate and get behind a decision.  Speculation is a waste of time and we need to move forward now.  Move ahead and keep an eye on doubt.  We're getting somewhere and it's going to be great.  Take small steps and travel many distances with ease.

Thursday 6/9
tune in to Stonestreet Cafe #56...LIVE WITH JULIA at 6pm PST/9pm EST at
It's time to put a period at the end of a certain sentence.  Finish the cycle and move on now.   There's nothing left to look at here and so much to look forward to.  Just go and give up the doubts.  Not everything we're working on is fun.  Finishing it will feel so good.

Friday 6/10
It's hard to snap out of a certain line of thinking.  We try and try and keep looping back.  We need to get creative to break the cycle of circular thinking.  What once provided escape and release isn't working anymore.  It's time to delve into new passions and leave the old stuff behind.

Saturday 6/11
Get ready for adventure because it's coming, ready or not.  We can harness the power of the mind and the heart today in order to move forward into exciting new projects.  In fact, both mind and heart are essential for success.  Find a point where they agree and expand.

Sunday 6/12
Sometimes we need to let go of the self-imposed limitations we create for ourselves.  We do this to feel safe and secure but it's not necessary now.  We are ready for wider expanses to explore and celebrate.  Consider all ideas and say no to least not yet.

need help with the energy this week?


Just go.  Don't look back.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 6/5 - 6/11

Clear your mind, Aries.  Find time to just be with nothingness.  Then fill the space up again with a vision you can really invest in.  It's time to recognize an ending.  You are ready to move into new things.

Big energies are lining up for you, Taurus.  A situation that has long been unfair, is starting to turn in your favor.  Be patient and let things line up.  Love is calling.  Will you answer?  Open the door and get a taste of it.

Stay steady with a new project, Gemini.  It's not as exciting as you want it to be but if you stick with it, you'll find that it takes you somewhere amazing.  New passions need time to smooth out.  Keep doing what you're doing.

Broken hearts are all around and in need of your comfort, Cancer.  You might not be in the mood to mother all those in need but if you surrender, you'll find that it enriching.  A new passion can take you far with time and focus.

It's time to put aside your worries and play, Leo.  More of what you want will come as soon as you drop the negativity.  Easier said than done!  Let someone love you.  Let it in.  Being suspicious about why, how and what is silly.

A dream you once used for inspiration is just not providing the juice you need.  It's time for something new but you can't see it yet.  Be willing to entertain all options.  Open your mind and let new ideas come flooding in.  Then forge a new path.

Dig deeper and find a new level of strength.  You might not be in the mood to do the work but it must be done.  An opportunity to create more abundance is in the works.  You're going to love what's coming.

You won the battle but might lose the war, Scorpio unless you adopt a more generous attitude.  Be willing to share the spoils of your recent victory with all who've supported you.  More turbulence is up ahead.  Get ready.

Direct your energy to the best of your ability.  It's going to be tough because you have so much energy that it's flying all over the place.  Activities that help sooth and calm you are in order.  Keep the focus while keeping your options open.

A burst of love is coming for you.  It will envelop you and open you to new wonders.  You need it too, Capricorn because for too long you've been stuck in a rut.  Go back to what you know best and find a treasure waiting there for you.

You're being asked to give up something you love.  It's going to be all right, Aquarius.  You are ready for this.  Do what you can to rediscover your lost innocence.  See the world and all its wonders.  There's no need for dread of any kind.

It's time to make a choice.  You keep putting it off but there's no need to delay.  Just go now, knowing that what you choose will bring the rewards you want and need.  Enjoy the beauty all around.  It will take you to greater heights.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

On the Road

I'm in the Land of Enchantment, friends...lovely New Mexico.  Tomorrow I catch a plane to New York City to join up with my old college buddies for our 20 year reunion.  Not much to say just yet but I'm hoping that this trip will give me some inspiration for back home and all my projects.

Enjoy this fantastic New Moon in Gemini.  Gemini is all about new ideas and new ways of doing things.  Get ready for a bit of inspiration.  I'll be back soon with tales to tell.  Pray for me that my skin is clear and my hair stays smooth.  I know, I know...such narcissism!

If you need a reading, head on over to this afternoon.  I won't be there but my amazing colleagues will!  Enjoy the savings and get some fresh perspective.

This week in the Stonestreet Cafe, I'm replaying show #40...IT'S A MYSTERY with special guest Rev. Keith Ruback.  I'm pretty sure we were talking about porn and pot?  A good one for sure!  Tune in Thursday at 6pm PST/9pm EST at if you have yet to hear this one.  It was hilarious if I do say so myself...