Monday, June 13, 2011

Fortune Forecast 6/13- 6/19


Let your light shine this week.  Make it big, then make it bigger.  We're moving into a season of celebration.  Hardships have been vanquished and new opportunities are coming.  We can and need to lighten up now.  Hanging on to lurking fears only causes pain and there's no need for it.  All is well, so join the light brigade and let the magic radiate from every cell.  Things don't need to be perfect for us to play.

Monday 6/13
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Petty concerns are piling up and creating a big ball of worry.  This can get completely away from us if we're not careful.  Be willing to have a laugh about the seriousness of it all.  What's causing the fear is just not that bad and when we have a chance to be with that fact, the shadows lift, bringing relief.

Tuesday 6/14
We're finding out just what we're made of today as intense pressure creates some alchemical magic.  Try not to resist what's happening.  Give in to it.  Know that by going through this fiery forge of energy, something beautiful will emerge.  It might be an idea or a new plan but whatever it is, it will change the game.

Wednesday 6/15
Slow, deep changes are moving us into more prosperous territory.  The problem is, we don't know it and we see little evidence.  Faith needs to be awakened now so that we can stop questioning every little detail and put aside the restless doubt.  Know that what is wanted is coming.  It is.

Thursday 6/16
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It doesn't matter what the catalyst is, today we find ourselves more open to possibilities than we have been in quite some time.  This openness is advantageous for it shows us doors and paths we never saw before.  Enjoy the expansion and make a new plan.  The path to victory is clear.

Friday 6/17
From the small miracle to the big, there's something bewitching in the air today.  It's as if we can really see and feel bigger forces at work in our lives.  It feels good and opens us to bigger dreams. It's easier to believe now that what is wanted and desired is truly possible. A great day for planting seeds of all kind.

Saturday 6/18
We feel keenly the need for friends and loved ones, today.  All that's needed is a gesture on our part to open doors that may have closed due to inattention.  Reach out and find solace, reassurance and even better, amusement.  Going it alone is not what's called for now.  Build your tribe.

Sunday 6/19
Let's take one last look at a past situation and then deign to move on.  Satisfy the curiosity to the degree that's possible, otherwise we may find ourselves ruminating and wasting time.  There's not much to dwell on though we feel haunted by old choices.  Embrace what's happening now and the regret slips away.

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Don't let self-consciousness keep the light from shining.  We can feel proud now, of who we are, what we stand for and what we're creating.  Make the choice and glow.

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