Saturday, June 18, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 6/19 - 6/25

Life is a little tough this week, Aries.  You have so many projects and responsibilities that need attention now.  Which one should you focus on?  Don't stress about it because it will become abundantly clear what needs to happen and in what order to get you the success you crave.  Tie up loose ends when you get the chance.  A clean slate can help.

Big lessons are in the stars this week, Taurus.  You might not like all that's involved in your personal evolution but when you're a bit farther down the road and look back, you'll be grateful for it all.  Inner strife is complicating things.  Get on your own team!  A big surprise is coming.  Be willing to take a leap of faith in order to capture big gains.

Relax into loving and affectionate exchanges.  It's the most exciting part of your life right now Gemini, so put the work aside and just play.  Your mind is racing and filled with so many great ideas.  Keep a pen and paper close by to capture the inspiration coming through.  You're in charge. Be a benevolent ruler.  There's no threat, just fears that make it seem so.

You are being forced to slow down this week Cancer. No amount of aggressive pushing will get you further down the road.  You might as well sit back and take in the scenery.  This will give you a chance to figure out where you want to go next.  A big decision is looming.  There's no point in wondering which way is the right way.  Both are equally wonderful.

Your worries are inflated this week Leo.  Do what you can to shift out of the intensity of what you think might happen and just be here now.  An opportunity for greater leadership is coming to you. You are ready for this and will gain much if you take it on.  Intuition can offer powerful guidance now.  Listen and respond even though it might not make sense in the moment.

It's time to let go of regret and embrace where you're at, Virgo.  You can't change the past and holding on is keeping you from integrating the wisdom you've gained from your struggles.  Keep the focus on your work, even though things are slow and a bit dull right now.  The pay off will be big if you continue your diligent efforts.

It's time to explore new options, Libra.  You're bored and you might as well admit it and start forging a new path.  You've been awfully tempted to indulge in something that's just not healthy for you.  Is it possible to find a healthier substitute?  The craving won't abate until you do something to address it.  Get ready for excitement.  It's coming soon!

You are on the cusp of a big new adventure.  You can feel it Scorpio but don't really have a sense of the details.  This is filling you with trepidation and possibly anxiety.  Relax and know that all is well.  Your body needs care and attention now.  Do what you can to relax and rest.  You're exploding with great ideas.  Find a way to capture them before they slip away.

You're honing new skills and developing aspects of your creativity that have long been dormant.  You have not reached the success you crave but you're getting there.  Don't let your high standards keep you from seeing how amazing you are, Sagittarius.  Get ready for opportunities galore.  You are moving into a period of intense acceleration.

It's time to step back and do some deep thinking Capricorn.  You have an opportunity to define your path this week and find a new focus but you need a little time and space to get yourself on track.  In your effort to win a recent battle you might have lost some cache.  Don't dwell on it.  Just learn and move on.  Pride tends to make a ruckus when left unchecked.

Break out of your routine and find your freedom Aquarius.  You've been insistent on staying on the straight and narrow and it's just not delivering the satisfaction you need.  Liberate yourself!  An old wound is rearing up and causing renewed pain.  See the roots in the past and try not to get reactive about what's triggering it now.

You are having a hard time concentrating on the tasks at hand.  Why not take a break, Pisces?  Make time for dreaming and drifting this week.  It will help you be more productive.  A recent victory has not brought the spoils you'd hoped for.  Let it be ok.  This is just a sign that you need new interests to explore.  Sticking to the same old same old is getting dry.


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