Saturday, June 25, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 6/26 - 7/2

You're ready to break out and create bigger success, Aries.  You finally feel free to take risks and expand.  The best part is, you're having a ball doing it.  There is support and encouragement at every turn, which helps you be bigger and better.  Watch out for one, grumpy person who wants to rain on your parade.  This is someone you count on for counsel, so his or her negativity will sting.  Shake it off.

A lovely week unfolds for you Taurus.  There is opportunity to celebrate your life with those you love the most.  You are on the receiving end of many blessings now, great and small.  Keep your focus on the projects that are most meaningful to you.  You are on the cusp of big rewards and possibly, recognition.  Get ready to take a big leap into new challenges.  You are ready and armed with experience.

You need more freedom and if you don't get it soon, you just might light your house on fire.  You can quell the rebellious urges by giving yourself permission to roam.  do it now, Gemini.  Something painful is pushing the discomfort.  Stop and address it instead of trying to ignore it.  There's no way to run away.  You can find more balance this week if you make it a priority.  Do it!

You may be uncertain about how you feel at times this week.  You are moving through lots of quickly, changing energies.  Make room to experience it all, Cancer.  A big opportunity for abundance has landed in your lap.  Resist the urge to be hasty and take it one step at a time.  You will get to the desired outcome with patience and a steady pace.  Look at life from a fresh perspective and find your freedom.

You are in the midst of reinventing yourself Leo and the opportunity for expansion is huge.  Pretend you've been cast in a plum role in a fantastic story.  Then live it.  Your charisma can attract helpful people and resources.  Give credit where credit is due and share the spoils.  If you're generous, you'll find your popularity soaring.  If you're stingy, you'll find yourself celebrating alone.  The choice is yours.

A big idea has you excited, challenged and perhaps even distracted from more mundane concerns.  This feel refreshing Virgo but be careful not to neglect the work that needs doing.  Love wants to come to you.  Will you let it in?  It's easy to see who supports you now and who's just part of the scenery.  Expect to feel vulnerable this week as you confront an old secret.  It's time to let go of the shame.

You are well on your way to a hard earned victory, Libra.  It feels good to be reaching the end of a challenging cycle knowing you won.  As a result of your recent gains, you can now afford to relax, rest and enjoy some time off.  Please take time off!  You can recharge and regroup now and it's the best course of action since many more exciting opportunities are lurking just around the next corner.

You are on fire with creativity, drive and strength.  This combination can get you practically anything you want, Scorpio.  So what do you want?  That is the biggest question now.  It might help to step away from all the stimulation and just meditate for answers.  If you can get quiet, a plan will emerge and with it the knowledge needed to follow it.  Get ready to mentor someone in need.  It will help show you who you are.

Open you heart and be as generous as you can afford to be this week.  It will feel good and it will bring some great energy into your life.  You've been focused on your own goals, Sagittarius, which is great but now it's time to offer more of yourself to the people around you.  You're in need of something or someone to fall in love with. Get out of your normal routine and you will find the treasure you seek.

You're ready to take a big leap, Capricorn.  A part of you is worried about whether or not your leap will be graceful or a big mess.  It doesn't matter.  What matters is willingness to go.  You've been beating yourself up about a project that's stalled out.  This week will bring renewed focus and energy, so don't despair.  Your abundance energy is on the upswing.  Let it expand, creating a safe platform to build on.

You won, Aquarius and now no one wants to play with you.  It might seem like you can either have great success OR deep love.  These two things are not mutually exclusive but they have become so in your world.  Start contemplating how to create healing for yourself and everyone you want close to you.  It won't take much once you take the first step.  You are waking up to more of your natural gifts.

Hard work seems endless this week.  You toil and toil and it seems that little progress is made.  If you don't make time for your own rest and rejuvenation, you will soon run dry, Pisces.  Stop waiting for someone or something to come along and rescue you.  Your salvation rests in your own hands and it has to do with unhooking from the energies and emotions you drive yourself with.  I'm talking about pain.   


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