Saturday, June 4, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 6/5 - 6/11

Clear your mind, Aries.  Find time to just be with nothingness.  Then fill the space up again with a vision you can really invest in.  It's time to recognize an ending.  You are ready to move into new things.

Big energies are lining up for you, Taurus.  A situation that has long been unfair, is starting to turn in your favor.  Be patient and let things line up.  Love is calling.  Will you answer?  Open the door and get a taste of it.

Stay steady with a new project, Gemini.  It's not as exciting as you want it to be but if you stick with it, you'll find that it takes you somewhere amazing.  New passions need time to smooth out.  Keep doing what you're doing.

Broken hearts are all around and in need of your comfort, Cancer.  You might not be in the mood to mother all those in need but if you surrender, you'll find that it enriching.  A new passion can take you far with time and focus.

It's time to put aside your worries and play, Leo.  More of what you want will come as soon as you drop the negativity.  Easier said than done!  Let someone love you.  Let it in.  Being suspicious about why, how and what is silly.

A dream you once used for inspiration is just not providing the juice you need.  It's time for something new but you can't see it yet.  Be willing to entertain all options.  Open your mind and let new ideas come flooding in.  Then forge a new path.

Dig deeper and find a new level of strength.  You might not be in the mood to do the work but it must be done.  An opportunity to create more abundance is in the works.  You're going to love what's coming.

You won the battle but might lose the war, Scorpio unless you adopt a more generous attitude.  Be willing to share the spoils of your recent victory with all who've supported you.  More turbulence is up ahead.  Get ready.

Direct your energy to the best of your ability.  It's going to be tough because you have so much energy that it's flying all over the place.  Activities that help sooth and calm you are in order.  Keep the focus while keeping your options open.

A burst of love is coming for you.  It will envelop you and open you to new wonders.  You need it too, Capricorn because for too long you've been stuck in a rut.  Go back to what you know best and find a treasure waiting there for you.

You're being asked to give up something you love.  It's going to be all right, Aquarius.  You are ready for this.  Do what you can to rediscover your lost innocence.  See the world and all its wonders.  There's no need for dread of any kind.

It's time to make a choice.  You keep putting it off but there's no need to delay.  Just go now, knowing that what you choose will bring the rewards you want and need.  Enjoy the beauty all around.  It will take you to greater heights.


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