Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Moon Madness

Are you feeling it?  We're coming up on a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius.  It's stirring up the restlessness for sure.  You might find that you're sick with the same old, same old.  The eclipse opens us up to new paths and new ways of being.  Let's decide to let the energy take root before any rash action!

In honor of this potent, astrological event, we're having a sale this afternoon at starting at 1:14 pm pacific and running for 5 hours.  Come on over and let's get a look at the opportunities this event offers you!

Tomorrow (Thursday) in the Stonestreet Cafe at 6pm PST/9pm EST at, I'm welcoming an old friend, Alison Anton to the Stonestreet Cafe to talk BODIES.  Alison is a health and nutrition expert, a massage therapist and an amazing medical intuitive.  Check out Alison at Anton Health and Nutrition here

The timing is great because Jupiter recently entered Taurus which might have us thinking about our bodies and how to make them feel more hospitable to our spirits.  Bodies don't need much to feel good, do they?  So then why do we put off what needs to happen to get them feeling good?  We'll explore this and more in the Cafe.

I hope you're enjoying where you're at today!  The Sun is shining here and all is quiet as I get ready for our big sale at  COME PLAY!


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