Saturday, July 30, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 7/31 - 8/6

Tap into intuition and better yet, trust it.  Gut instincts trump intellect this week, Aries in terms of offering insight and guidance.  Fear are easily blown out of proportion.  Notice the tendency to panic and just say no!  A loving connection can help bring you back to center and offer respite from your internal storm.

You might have to go it alone this week Taurus.  The people you count on for support just aren't available to help right now.  You don't need them as much as you think.  You get to teach what you know now, which will help you recognize how much wisdom you have.  Slough off the old energy that says you have nothing and are nothing.  What a crock!

Relax a bit, Gemini.  You don't need to exert so much control to make things go your way.  It's all coming together so just step out of the way. You are ruminating about something and it's bringing you down.  Where is your faith?  Bring it back now and let that faith sooth your outrageous fears.  Good things are coming your way.  Receive.

Be patient Cancer.  Your hard work will pay off.  It's a challenge because you are so ready to see the results of your labor.  It's coming.  While you wait, perhaps you should make time for friends and loved ones?  That's where you're going to find satisfaction this week.  Celebrate and drop the perfectionism.  It's choking you.

Take a look at your boundaries, Leo.  They are in need of repair.  Conflict in your environment could easily become your problem if you don't take corrective action now.  You know the truth. Now it's time to take a stand.  Don't be afraid.  You're more powerful than you realize and others are ready to hear what you have to say.

It's time to pick a path Virgo.  You keep debating and debating while time slips away.  Go now and know that whatever you choose will be fruitful precisely because you chose it.  You need space and time to explore your leadership abilities.  Recent struggles have taken a toll on your self esteem.  Shake it off now and be your powerful self.

You're not feeling good this week Libra.  You don't have to pretend and you don't have to give over to the hard energy either.  You can find the balance between taking care of yourself and continuing to work through difficulties.  You are about to go in a radical, new direction. Pull back and rest up.  You're going to love what's coming.

Deep feeling have you wondering what it all means.  There's no way to make sense of what's happening in your inner world.  It's so lush and lovely that you might want to retreat and spend all your time immersed in the dream.  Go ahead!  While you're connecting with big energies, the universe is bringing opportunity your way.  Exciting!

Heavy energies are starting to move, Sagittarius.  You are finding more space and freedom to explore your heart's desire.  Stop trying to push your passion away!  You need it and it will carry you far.  There's no need to try and control what's unfolding now.  Let yourself go and you'll be amazed at where you end up.

Get ready for a big wish to come true!  You need to shake off some lingering stress, Capricorn.  Let it go and let good things come to you.  This is an excellent time to renew important bonds and create new ones.  Relax and enjoy all that you've created.  You can get back to work soon but for now just relish it all.

It's an intense week Aquarius and it will be difficult to control your feelings.  Why try?  Perhaps the intensity of feeling is helping you get somewhere great?  Consider it.  There's pressure on you to agree to things you know won't make you happy.  Don't cave in.  Hold steady for your vision and soon it will start to come into shape.

Love is in the air.  Will you surrender to it, Pisces and let it sooth you?  Do it!  You have powerful ambitions keeping you from seeing all the gifts in your world.  Don't let your drive get int the way of what's truly important.  Your mind is prone to panic this week.  Don't let the panic dictate your actions. 


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Feeling a little out of sorts?  You are not alone!  It seems that the Sun moving into Leo wasn't quite the cure I thought it would be.  Playing out all over the world are events that seem to have a root of disenfranchisement.  Look to Norway and some of the other violent outbursts here in our own country.  What's at the root of these kinds of outbursts?  A feeling of not being seen, not feeling important and wanting to be heard.

These are Leonine themes if ever there were any!  Leo makes us more aware of where we feel seen and heard and where we don't.  Leo also demands attention.  So what is the result?  People acting out in extreme fashion.

Have you felt disconnected or disenfranchised?  Let's explore it Thursday in the Stonestreet Cafe at at 6pm PST/9pm EST.  How can we feel more connected?  Are there people in our lives that might need a little more attention?  I've been pondering this and wondering if perhaps I should make more of an effort to reach out to those who are feeling alone and discouraged.  I've also been looking at the parts of myself that are begging for attention.

One thing I know for sure.  Life on our little magic planet isn't always easy.  There are many things to be upset about and as optimistic as I am, it gets me down and I know it gets you down too.  It's as if we can see the shimmering potential of what this world could be and yet it's not.  We're just not there yet.  That same disappointment can reflect in our internal world as we grapple with what we're capable of versus where we are and who we are.

Do I sound a little jaded today?  I guess I am.  It might be because I stayed up too late, hanging out with some of the producers of the Stonestreet Cafe here in Denver.  Oliver Guttorm Svendsen is visiting from Canada, which has been a delight but I just can't hack the late nights like I used to.  I guess if that's my biggest complaint, I am fortunate indeed.  The hug was worth the tired feeling I'm wallowing in today!

Listen to me people!  If you are feeling alone and disenfranchised, please call me at  My practice as a reader is just one way I can reach out to people, so please don't hesitate to call and make a connection.  It will lift your spirits, I promise. 

Let's see what comes next.  As the Sun moves through Leo and approaches Virgo, we'll start to find our grounding and our attention will shift back to healing, what feels good and REST.

Come play with me in the Cafe Thursday at  The Stonestreet Cafe is always a party and one that I welcome you to with my whole heart.  Get in that chat room during the show.  It will help you find the common thread we all share...HUMANITY!!


ps.  is oliver gorgeous or what?  i am one lucky lady.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Fortune Forecast 7/25 - 7/31


We're about to receive the fruits of our labor.  These rewards need to be enjoyed and released.  Let's not dwell too long in the space of satisfaction for soon fresh challenges and opportunities will arrive.  We need to make space for new things and recognize that an ending has come.  There's no way to preserve all that we've created and who wants preservation anyway?  Exploration is where it's at and exploration requires lightness of step.  Leave the baggage behind even if it means leaving some of the spoils from this last round of reaping.

Monday 7/25
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We're on the cusp of winning something amazing through effort, intuition and focus.  When the prize arrives, welcome it with a degree of humility for this stance will welcome important insight, insight that we need for even more success.  Be gracious and soak up some magic.

Tuesday 7/26
There is a feeling of abundance in the air today and we can all breath it and bask in it.  Falling in love with life as it is helps!  Slough off the doldrums and the worries.  Soak in the feeling of having everything needed at hand.  Watch what manifests from this sacred pursuit.

Wednesday 7/27
We're closing in on the completion of a large and daunting project.  It's the most difficult part of the process for we've run out of inspiration and enthusiasm and feel weary at the thought of having to take the few, remaining steps.  Keep going!  it is totally worth it even though we don't know it quite yet.

Thursday 7/28
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Bodies need connection and today we need to work to create it.  Pleasures great and small are on order.  Most of what plagues us takes root in bodies that feel tired and under appreciated.  Let's take a turn and choose to make our spaces lush and loving to dwell in.  From this flows peace.

Friday 7/29
We're ready to entertain bigger ideas and the flashes coming through today are positively stunning.  Doors are opening and we're more willing to consider the outrageous and impossible.  This gives us room to create on a larger and lusher scale.  Dream big and then even bigger.

Saturday 7/30
The answers we need are all within us.  We might not be listening or we might not like what we hear but seeking direction from others won't bring results.  We must consult with our own inner wisdom if we want to move ahead now.  If it's painful to look at, undertake a healing.

Sunday 7/31
Something needs to go to make space for new projects.  Like cleaning out an old closet, its time to get those once beloved favorites that are no longer worn and donate.  Give up something that was once a treasure but is now just a relic.  It might be an idea, a project or a material object.  It's done.

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We get the chance to stop and enjoy our recent successes this week but at the same time it's important to prepare for new beginnings.  We are ending and starting this week.  When we understand the cycle, we can understand how to approach it.  Self care is always the answer.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 7/24 - 7/30

There are some wonderfully, magical moments ahead this week, Aries.  You’re bursting with creative energy and ready to put it to use.  Watch out for cynical thinking.  You’re so powerful now that what you think will start to happen.  You can take corrective action quickly if things start to go awry.  Get ready to say goodbye to a situation that was once lovely but has lately felt oppressive.  It’s on the way out.

It’s really time to start answering the question of what you want, Taurus.  If the details are fuzzy, imagine how it feels.  Imagine that feeling and that kind of energy surrounding your body.  A part of you is feeling incredibly restless and in need of new spaces to explore.  Make sure you find ways to satisfy the wanderlust.  Ignoring it will get you in trouble. 

Be prepared to soften up either willingly or unwillingly, Gemini.  Your heart strings will be tugged a lot this week and there’s no way to avoid it.  Your emotional body is ready to stretch and expand and in fact, this expansion is way overdue.  There will be unexpected and intense shifts of feeling ahead.  Someone you love is ready to share a truth and it will take adjusting to on your part. 

You just aren’t prepared to hear what’s coming but once you have time to get comfortable with it, you’ll see that the changes unfolding now are actually blessings.  Passionate feelings are building in intensity and you aren’t sure what to do to relieve the pressure, Cancer.  Stay in motion and let this energy take root.  You’re going to love what’s coming!

Your mind is on material things this week, Leo.  You’re looking at what needs healing in terms of your body and the space you dwell in.  You’re wondering if you have the financial resources you need to address these issues and achieve more harmony and balance.  Being miserly is taking a toll on you.  There’s no need to go completely wild but you do need permission to indulge a little more than you have been. 

There’s a growing sense that you are on the verge of a big shift and that your world is about to expand Virgo, offering you much more opportunity to prosper.  Stop doubting your intuition and let yourself relax into this bigger space.  It’ll feel awkward at first but you will soon grow comfortable.  Enjoy the garden of your own making and be sure to share all that you have in abundance.

A choice is looming and it’s hard to know what to do.  Both options are equally appealing and daunting.  You keep waiting to see if one will become the clear winner but nothing seems to be shifting towards clarity.  It might be time to just do it.  Pick one and go.  You’re on your way to big opportunities.  Prepare by resting now if you can, Libra. 

Your money energy is in a great space and you can make a lot happen just by showing up and being open.  A seed you planted a while ago is starting to show promise.  This is exciting and somewhat unexpected because you nearly forgot about it.  Though you have a ton of energy, you might soon find that you have to let go of some projects that have lost their luster.  Don’t hesitate to purge now.

This week feels like a trip up the staircase of achievement.  You’re making progress Sagittarius, but not without effort and moments of doubt.  It’s hard work.  The week begins with a big boost and the big energy continues.  DO what you can to stay grounded so that you can capitalize on all the magic.  You are molting and mutating into something more powerful and it might offer moments of discomfort.

You are getting the recognition you deserve but with it comes new responsibility, some of which are not your specialty, nor your true interest.  It’s a mixed blessing.  Someone close to you is making an offer that is seductive and yet you know it won’t work.  Still, it’s tempting to believe. The hesitation you feel is important and needs respect.  The pace is picking up, so get ready to move, Capricorn.

Your temper is ready to flare Aquarius.  Everything and everyone is bugging you lately.  Do what you can to keep the energy moving.  It seems like the people around you are too self-absorbed to see what you need.  This is infuriating especially because you feel like you’ve offered them tremendous support in the past.  Stay in motion and ride it out.  You’ll soon be on to better things.

Delays and complications are frustrating, Pisces.  You’re in the mood to go forward and go forward fast so these glitches are really difficult to cope with.  Though you don’t know it, the delays are important.  Gifts will emerge from the twists and turns you encounter on your path, so keep your chin up and respond with grace.  A mentor can help you sort through plans and goals and get you focused on a winning strategy.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Love Light!

Are you ready for some Leonine light?  It's coming this Friday as the Sun moves from Cancer to Leo and I personally can't wait.  Leo is bringing romance, creativity and innocence back to the fore.  The Sun in Cancer transit is ending and if you're like me, it brought on some intense feelings and lots of reflection.  Now we get to take what we've learned and offer it to the world.  I CAN'T WAIT!!

I'm excited about the Stonestreet Cafe this week as I welcome Astrologer and one of the newest 12listen Advisors, Aleta Mcclelland to the show.  We're going to explore synastry, which is relationship astrology.  What creates attraction?  What doesn't?  We'll be taking a look at how to take two or more charts and see patterns of compatibility and challenge.  Tune in Thursday at 6pm pacific/9pm eastern for more on this, all at

I hope you'll stop by Thursday 7/21 for our big sale in celebration of Leo, from noon to 6pm.  I might miss the last two hours of the sale as I prep and host the Stonestreet Cafe.  If you can't make it over on Thursday, come by this Saturday because we're having another big sale for 12radio hosts only.  The sale starts at 8am and goes through noon pacific, leading into our normal happy hour sale from noon-4pm pacific.  That's a whole lot of sale and I'll be waiting for you.

If you haven't yet tried the service at, now is the time.  Once you have your first call or chat with me, you'll be on my 12mailing list, which allows me to send you free minutes and little letters every now and again to keep you inspired.  Stop by soon.

Get ready to shake off the grumpies, the worries and the fret.  Leo is about to deliver a big does of inspiration, play and love.  Let's ride that wave to somewhere wonderful.

Until we meet again,


Monday, July 18, 2011

Fortune Forecast 7/18 - 7/26


Sometimes we fight for something and win it but in the process end up losing.  Perhaps we use battle tactics that later make us feel ashamed or perhaps we lose someone close to us in our dogged pursuit of something else we want.  This is the lesson we're working on this week.  We may end up winning and yet experience all kinds of fallout from how it all played out.  We need to be mindful of rigid thinking and stubborn pride now because if left unchecked, these two devils are going to take us for quite a ride.

Monday 7/18
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Soft and loving energies are all around.  We can reach out and embrace it anytime.  It takes a moment of pause and a second to make the choice but that's about it.  Once we decide it's what we want we can just surrender into it and find a new kind of peace.

Tuesday 7/19
We find ourselves flitting from one wanted thing to the next today, unable to get any traction on a single dream.  All of this wanting is starting to get painful.  What's driving this?  If we can get to the root of the longing, we'll find ourselves on the cusp oif a breakthrough.

Wednesday 7/20
We can experience more wealth now by starting with what's already proliferating in our realities.  For those who only see problems proliferating, stop.  Take a deep breath, go for a walk and get a look at the fantastic, magical world we dwell in.  It's all right here.

Thursday 7/21
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We're experiencing powerful urges today.  Urges that push us to take risks and follow a big dream.  The passionate energy coursing through our bodies is unnerving but when we tap into our experience, who we are and all that we've been through, we'll find it all coming together.

Friday 7/22
Loveliness abounds today.  There are joys of all sizes at every turn.  Some of us will miss out because we just aren't open and receptive.  Let's have the intention of letting good things come to us, without effort or strife.  Everything is shimmering with magic and miracles.

Saturday 7/23
It's time to start broadening the horizon.  We're almost ready to depart on a new journey, this much is sure.  What's still hazy is where we're going and how we're going to get there.  It's the perfect time to consider all paths.  Don't shy away from this just because it tends to overwhelm the mind.

Sunday 7/24
Something is reaching completion today but as it gets closer and closer, unintended problems seem to come out of nowhere.  It's a difficult little path of energy to work through and it might require more time that we thought but rest easy knowing it's all going to work out in the end.

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Pride is a problem this week.  We might want to be stubborn and defensive in the exact moments where more fluidity is called for.  Self reflect long enough to notice these moments and let them slide away.  We'll experience more fulfillment in the space of learning and experiencing what comes than we will in staying focused on ones desired outcome.  FLOW.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 7/17 - 7/23

A surge of energy is helping you make tough decisions and get to a more fruitful space.  Things you’ve been putting off can no longer be ignored.  It’s time to get moving.  Deepen existing bonds and ask for the support you want and need.  You’ve been hoping help would just show up spontaneously and feeling upset when it didn’t.  People want to lend a hand but they need direction, Aries.

Go ahead and put some people to work, Taurus.  You have much to feel good about regarding career and the expansion of your prospects.  Your abundance energy is strong and authority figures are noticing and offering lots of praise and encouragement.  Hold steady and keep going the way you’re going and you will soon be in an even better and more prosperous position.

You’ve got a ton going on but what you really need is a break and some quiet time to carve out your next step.  Dealing with chaos is taking up the majority of your time and energy, Gemini.  It’s kind of fun and you’re getting lots of validation for being so clever, energized and resourceful but it’s starting to feel less than satisfying.  Get quiet and feel out the next chapter in your story.

A new goal is starting to take shape in your semi-conscious mind.  You can feel something growing but have no idea what it is.  Hang in there and start to make space for this it to spring to life.  If you have the time and the resources, take a short trip.  A change in scenery will help you see something that while obvious, has been hidden from you, Cancer.

Moods are shifting quickly and it’s hard to keep track of it all.  Your psyche is telling you it’s time for some self-care and self-love.  Do what you can to limit the distractions and find some quiet time.  Your mind is a monster this week, Leo, so finding a way to quiet the beast will actually feel good.  Meditate and explore the beauty of nature to bring yourself back to righteousness.

You are being asked to change whether you feel ready or not.  It’s an exciting time, Virgo though a part of you is resisting it all.  Though it’s not really in your nature, flexibility can help you get through this time period gracefully.  Meditate on being a leaf in the stream of life.  Go with the flow and know that you’re well on your way to somewhere wonderful.

Your heart is bursting open which feels exciting and terrifying at the same time.  The expansion is incredible, Libra.  It’s time to make a choice about where you want to put the focus.  Debating it is not productive and you’ll never find an answer that feels right so just get going.  A big adventure awaits you and once you get a sense of what it’s about you’ll be leaping with joy.

A project that required time and devotion seems to be running away from you this week.  It’s frightening and causing you to question your hard work.  Though there is a tremendous urge to assert more control, you would be wise to give this a little space and time and let it right itself. It will and when it does it will come back together even better than it was, Scorpio.

You are in charge this week Sagittarius and everyone is depending on you for direction and organization.  It’s tough and your standards are high, not only for yourself but for everyone else involved.  The pressure you’re putting on yourself is intense.  Try to lighten up a bit.  Once you start having fun with it everything will feel better and more possible. 

In your effort to do everything well, you might have a hard time delegating, Capricorn.  Don’t make this mistake or you will get into a heap of trouble.  Your life can be easy this week if you let things progress naturally and organically.   A happy surprise is in the works and all you have to do is show up to receive it. a fertile time so start planting the seeds of future dreams.

Your heart is bursting with fullness, which is wonderful but also a sign that it’s time to find something new to fall in love with.  You’ve gone as far as you can with a certain experience and you need new territory to explore.  Don’t linger in the old, familiar spaces or you will soon feel restless and possibly even a little destructive. 

People are noticing you and the power that’s emanating from you.  It’s hard to deal with the attention but it’s time to get more comfortable with it.  This is a time period of being noticed and talked about in a good way.  A bright idea has long term potential.  You have a clear sense of the amount of work that needs to happen to bring this to fruition. Find some people to talk to and your plans will become more efficient and streamlined.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Fortune Forecast 7/11 - 7/17


It might come in a sudden flash or it might come as a slower awakening but this week is all about a change in perspective and a fresh take on uninspiring, old stories.  We might not have known just how badly we needed a wellspring of enthusiasm.  Now that we've found it, it's become clear that we've been driving on empty for a while.  Healing will come to areas of our life that need it the most now.  With more energy, so much more is possible.   

Monday 7/11
We're feeling some intensity today and it's one part excitement and one part anxiety.  A release point is coming and if we're cautious with the volatility of this energy, we'll find avenues of expression that blow it all open.

Tuesday 7/12
We have the potential for lovely and amazing developments today.  Be open to every interaction becoming one of gain, expansion and joy.  Shake off the heavy perception of reality as a menace and see what the miracles here and now.

Wednesday 7/13
We're prone to distortion today.  How can we open to seeing what's really happening without bias, without agenda?  It's not easy but we're being called to it in a major way.  Wake up and see what's at hand and plan from there.

Thursday 7/14
We're finally getting the recognition we've wanted and needed for quite some time.  This wave of uplift helps tremendously in terms of shoring up the focus we need for the next leg of the journey.  Bask in it for a bit.

Friday 7/15
We might just wake up ready to try new things but even if we're not in it immediately we will be in it as the day gets moving.  We need more space to play and experiment.  This emerging drive needs expression so let's go with it and seek some out.

Saturday 7/16
There's some loveliness in the air today.  Life feels better.  There's a sense of bounty and prosperity in the air.  Treasures great and small are waiting to be uncovered.  Take time for connecting and being close to loved ones.  This is where the real gold is.

Sunday 7/17
It's an excellent day to stop everything for a minute, 10 minutes, an hour, or the whole day.  Simplify what's being sought after and go for the simplest of amusements.  We need to feel our roots now, to feel the place we connect to.  Let's go there. 

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It's time to purge and possibly sacrifice something that was once valued.  It's hard to let go if we have no sense of what's about to come.  Once we gt a glimpse there will be not one ounce of hesitation left.  We will let it all go and swiftly when the promises to come start to feel more real.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 7/10 - 7/16

You’re being called to move in a new direction.  This is bringing up feelings of insecurity and doubt and yet, you know you need to go.  Keep tapping into that quiet inside that’s telling you it will all be all right.  There’s an innocent quality to your approach.  This openness will help you manifest what you need when you need it. 

If there are children in your life, make time for them.  Get down on the floor and play.  Your mind is trying to make sense of something but you don’t have all the information.  Stop stressing Taurus.  The missing pieces will show up but not through effort on your part.  Know where to put your attention and what spaces to leave alone for now.

Don’t let a minor disappointment keep you from enjoying all the wonders of your world this week, Gemini.  It hurts to be rejected but is it possible that your spirit is protecting you from something that ultimately offers no satisfaction?  It’s certainly worth contemplating.  A new way of thinking is starting to infuse you with creativity and possibility.  Everything looks so fresh and exciting. 

It’s hard to contain your enthusiasm and you might be anxious to share your observations.  The people around you might not get it, which is frustrating but familiar.  The entrepreneur in you is getting ready to take a risk.  You have the skills and ability you need to make some magic happen.  Do you believe in yourself enough to go for it?  Time will tell, Cancer.

You’ve decided to take a vacation in negative-land this week Leo and it’s not a problem.  Just remember where you are.  The stuff you’re looking at is not real.  Don’t give it too much power and whatever you do, hold off on making big decisions until you have more information.  Your fears are potent now.  You’re cleaning out a layer of self-doubt that has kept you from going after a dream. 

You are bringing tons of psychic junk to consciousness, which means feeling it and releasing it.  Know that a new life is taking shape though you can’t see it yet.  Something beautiful will emerge from this process so hold steady.  Go ahead and release all that grief you’ve been carrying around, Virgo.  You won’t win any prizes for continuing to shoulder this particular burden.

A wonderful opportunity is starting to present itself.  It’s all a little nebulous right now, Libra.  Be patient and let this space show you its potential.  If you try to push it before it’s ready, it will fall apart.  Take it easy and wait faithfully.  This is an excellent time to take a look around your world and love what you see, feel, hear, taste and smell.  Relish it all.

Your friends are asking for your time.  They need your fiery energy, Scorpio.  You are positively bursting with inspiration and it’s very, very attractive.  You might feel tugged on by the many demands coming your way.  Jump into it and you won’t regret it.  It’ll be great once you get there.  In lifting other’s spirits, yours will get a boost as well and perhaps even a new plan of action.

You’ve been keeping some important observations to yourself.  It’s time to share what you see and know Sagittarius.  The healing potential is huge for yourself and everyone else involved.  Your reluctance to make a ruckus is stalling progress.  Though what you have to share has unpleasant elements, it’s the truth and the truth is powerful. 

Passionate energies can easily become irritability and frustration.  It’s a good idea to stay in motion so that the creative energy so abundant in your space can find productive expression.  You’ll start to feel lighter as you release and express the intensity that’s been building up inside, Capricorn.  As a new flow gets established, abundance proliferates and expands.

If you don’t stay in motion this week, Aquarius, you’re liable to collapse into a heap of simmering rage.  There are new outlets waiting to be discovered.  Take a class, learn to paint but whatever you do, get going.  Your intuition is giving you important information, which you seem to be resisting.  Your desire to cling to a particular picture of reality is about to get really painful. 

Don’t be afraid to consider that your reality is less than perfect.  Seeing the truth will help you make adjustments and get you back to a productive space.  Denial is not helpful.  An old wound needs reconciliation.  This requires action on your part, Pisces.  You would rather keep it buried as if having it hidden makes it less real.  Get it out and do the work to free yourself once and for all.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I feel as if I've been neglecting you, dear Leonine Times readers!  I apologize.  The summer/holiday energy threw me out of whack.  There's no day camp this week, kids are running wild and I've got 3 or 4 balls in the air.  It's not a pretty picture but please know, I have not forgotten you!

I would describe some of these projects but I'm at the point where I feel like I need to quit talking about them and DO IT.  I bet you understand what I mean.  Sometimes, we fritter away the energy we need to get things done by talking about it.  So I'm going to zip my lip and instead work on better time management?  Yes. The question mark betrays my doubts about it all.

Venus in Cancer is stirring up trouble these days.  She's in opposition with Pluto in Capricorn, squaring Uranus in Aries and moving into a square with Saturn.  This could cause many of us to feel slightly out of balance as we search for new ways to experience esteem, healthy pride and more pleasure.  What once felt satisfying is in flux right now.  Our old favorites just aren't delivering what it is we're seeking.  That means its time for a quest...a quest for new joys.

The image I get when Venus gets into tension with these big, outer planets is one of a freshly groomed poodle staring down a trio of pit bulls.  In other words, its one little dog versus a handful of big dogs but dear Venus is so impeccably styled and lovely and she sure can bark!

So the part of us that wants to be groomed and pampered and adored is protesting the bigger forces that prevent the self-care/adulation process from unfolding.  We are feeling it keenly now, the imbalances that make it difficult to relax into our bodies and love what's happening in our lives right now.

By the time this fracas winds up (around the 13th of July) we'll have a renewed sense of clarity about what we want and how we're going to go about getting it.  I can't wait to see what happens.

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Heed the Venusian need for pleasure, comfort and beauty.  if we ignore these needs we're in for some discomfort...ignore the big, barking dogs saying NO and sashay with the pride of a prized poodle.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 7/3 - 7/9

You’re in charge this week whether you like it or not, Aries.  Everyone is waiting for you to give the directions.  This feels strange and slightly wonderful. You love that your wisdom is getting the respect it deserves but it’s slightly nerve wracking to be in the position of authority.  Your intuition is telling you what to do, so tune out all the other chatter. 

Someone who wants what you have is trying to bend your ear with complete and total nonsense.  Watch out.  Do not let this person have an ounce of power.  It’s time to broaden your circle of friends, Taurus.  You’ve been hiding at home a little too much.  Come out and play.  You’re ripe for rediscovery as a true treasure to your community, family and friends.

Worry is seductive this week. You are very vulnerable to negative thinking.  This is a sign that you are tired and depleted Gemini.  Don’t let the fear become too real.  Just see it as a symptom and a wake up call about needing more rest.  You are working on some deep, difficult dynamics and have lost your sense of play and fun.  Be willing to take breaks from the heavy process. 

It’s not a race and there’s no extra reward for toughing it out, Cancer.  As you find ways to bring more balance into your world, you’ll find love waiting for you.  Relationships are taking on more depth and offering you shelter.  Notice your reluctance to be vulnerable.  Don’t let it stop you from enjoying what’s being offered to you. 

You’re a little edgy this week Leo.  Your energy is slightly out of sync with the rest of the world.  Your ideas are amazing and powerful but the people around you just don’t get it.  Though it seems slightly tragic, give it some time and everyone will come around.  Let’s face…it some people are just slow!  Don’t let the resistance to your brilliance cause you a second of self-doubt. 

You are vulnerable to criticism now.  A mentor can help you bring even more dimension to your vision.  You are reluctant to have anyone disagree, Virgo but if you open up a little to other opinions, your plans will become streamlined and easier to implement.  A teaching opportunity is about to arrive.  You don’t have to take it on but if you just get in there you’ll feel great.

It’s a little lonely in your world this week, Libra.  You feel like you’re being punished and rejected by those you count on for unconditional support.  It’s really not as bad as it feels but what does that matter?  Your perception is everything and until you can pull out of the wound, you won’t be able to see what’s really going on here and the gift being offered to you. 

Make an effort to clear the air.  Miscommunication is a big part of your struggle.  Enlighten your loved ones.  They don’t understand what’s going on with you.  Most of them are not as psychic as you so assuming they know is a mistake.  Something wonderful is about to show up.  It’s the kind of thing that requires a split second decision.  Just do it!

Big energies are lining up to help you take a giant leap forward.  You might sense this in your body as a mixture of excitement and anxiety.  The universe is opening and offering you many wonderful options.  The choice is overwhelming.  Know that you can take your time.  There’s no need to rush, Sagittarius.  You have the ability to see yourself and your abilities from a fresh perspective. 

Your natural tendency toward humility often keeps you from seeing how magical you are.  It’s as if those self-imposed blinders have been lifted from your eyes and everything is clear.  The people around you are offering tons of praise and validation.  Take it in.  You are worthy of every bit.  Get ready for a bigger arena to play and create in.  You’re going to love what’s coming.

The landscape looks a little barren this week, Aquarius.  You are wandering in a desert of sorts and it’s kind of scary.  It’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Everything looks bleak, much more bleak than it really is.  About mid-week, you’ll pop out of your dark mindset long enough to see that something amazing is starting to take shape.  Hang in there. 

Conversations with friends and loved ones will help add dimension to the emerging vision.  There is some threatening energy in the air at work.  Someone is jealous and may be working behind the scenes to trip you up.  You feel it but can’t get confirmation.  Know that this person can’t harm you and will eventually shoot him or herself in the foot.  The best action is no action, Pisces.