Saturday, July 9, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 7/10 - 7/16

You’re being called to move in a new direction.  This is bringing up feelings of insecurity and doubt and yet, you know you need to go.  Keep tapping into that quiet inside that’s telling you it will all be all right.  There’s an innocent quality to your approach.  This openness will help you manifest what you need when you need it. 

If there are children in your life, make time for them.  Get down on the floor and play.  Your mind is trying to make sense of something but you don’t have all the information.  Stop stressing Taurus.  The missing pieces will show up but not through effort on your part.  Know where to put your attention and what spaces to leave alone for now.

Don’t let a minor disappointment keep you from enjoying all the wonders of your world this week, Gemini.  It hurts to be rejected but is it possible that your spirit is protecting you from something that ultimately offers no satisfaction?  It’s certainly worth contemplating.  A new way of thinking is starting to infuse you with creativity and possibility.  Everything looks so fresh and exciting. 

It’s hard to contain your enthusiasm and you might be anxious to share your observations.  The people around you might not get it, which is frustrating but familiar.  The entrepreneur in you is getting ready to take a risk.  You have the skills and ability you need to make some magic happen.  Do you believe in yourself enough to go for it?  Time will tell, Cancer.

You’ve decided to take a vacation in negative-land this week Leo and it’s not a problem.  Just remember where you are.  The stuff you’re looking at is not real.  Don’t give it too much power and whatever you do, hold off on making big decisions until you have more information.  Your fears are potent now.  You’re cleaning out a layer of self-doubt that has kept you from going after a dream. 

You are bringing tons of psychic junk to consciousness, which means feeling it and releasing it.  Know that a new life is taking shape though you can’t see it yet.  Something beautiful will emerge from this process so hold steady.  Go ahead and release all that grief you’ve been carrying around, Virgo.  You won’t win any prizes for continuing to shoulder this particular burden.

A wonderful opportunity is starting to present itself.  It’s all a little nebulous right now, Libra.  Be patient and let this space show you its potential.  If you try to push it before it’s ready, it will fall apart.  Take it easy and wait faithfully.  This is an excellent time to take a look around your world and love what you see, feel, hear, taste and smell.  Relish it all.

Your friends are asking for your time.  They need your fiery energy, Scorpio.  You are positively bursting with inspiration and it’s very, very attractive.  You might feel tugged on by the many demands coming your way.  Jump into it and you won’t regret it.  It’ll be great once you get there.  In lifting other’s spirits, yours will get a boost as well and perhaps even a new plan of action.

You’ve been keeping some important observations to yourself.  It’s time to share what you see and know Sagittarius.  The healing potential is huge for yourself and everyone else involved.  Your reluctance to make a ruckus is stalling progress.  Though what you have to share has unpleasant elements, it’s the truth and the truth is powerful. 

Passionate energies can easily become irritability and frustration.  It’s a good idea to stay in motion so that the creative energy so abundant in your space can find productive expression.  You’ll start to feel lighter as you release and express the intensity that’s been building up inside, Capricorn.  As a new flow gets established, abundance proliferates and expands.

If you don’t stay in motion this week, Aquarius, you’re liable to collapse into a heap of simmering rage.  There are new outlets waiting to be discovered.  Take a class, learn to paint but whatever you do, get going.  Your intuition is giving you important information, which you seem to be resisting.  Your desire to cling to a particular picture of reality is about to get really painful. 

Don’t be afraid to consider that your reality is less than perfect.  Seeing the truth will help you make adjustments and get you back to a productive space.  Denial is not helpful.  An old wound needs reconciliation.  This requires action on your part, Pisces.  You would rather keep it buried as if having it hidden makes it less real.  Get it out and do the work to free yourself once and for all.


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