Saturday, July 23, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 7/24 - 7/30

There are some wonderfully, magical moments ahead this week, Aries.  You’re bursting with creative energy and ready to put it to use.  Watch out for cynical thinking.  You’re so powerful now that what you think will start to happen.  You can take corrective action quickly if things start to go awry.  Get ready to say goodbye to a situation that was once lovely but has lately felt oppressive.  It’s on the way out.

It’s really time to start answering the question of what you want, Taurus.  If the details are fuzzy, imagine how it feels.  Imagine that feeling and that kind of energy surrounding your body.  A part of you is feeling incredibly restless and in need of new spaces to explore.  Make sure you find ways to satisfy the wanderlust.  Ignoring it will get you in trouble. 

Be prepared to soften up either willingly or unwillingly, Gemini.  Your heart strings will be tugged a lot this week and there’s no way to avoid it.  Your emotional body is ready to stretch and expand and in fact, this expansion is way overdue.  There will be unexpected and intense shifts of feeling ahead.  Someone you love is ready to share a truth and it will take adjusting to on your part. 

You just aren’t prepared to hear what’s coming but once you have time to get comfortable with it, you’ll see that the changes unfolding now are actually blessings.  Passionate feelings are building in intensity and you aren’t sure what to do to relieve the pressure, Cancer.  Stay in motion and let this energy take root.  You’re going to love what’s coming!

Your mind is on material things this week, Leo.  You’re looking at what needs healing in terms of your body and the space you dwell in.  You’re wondering if you have the financial resources you need to address these issues and achieve more harmony and balance.  Being miserly is taking a toll on you.  There’s no need to go completely wild but you do need permission to indulge a little more than you have been. 

There’s a growing sense that you are on the verge of a big shift and that your world is about to expand Virgo, offering you much more opportunity to prosper.  Stop doubting your intuition and let yourself relax into this bigger space.  It’ll feel awkward at first but you will soon grow comfortable.  Enjoy the garden of your own making and be sure to share all that you have in abundance.

A choice is looming and it’s hard to know what to do.  Both options are equally appealing and daunting.  You keep waiting to see if one will become the clear winner but nothing seems to be shifting towards clarity.  It might be time to just do it.  Pick one and go.  You’re on your way to big opportunities.  Prepare by resting now if you can, Libra. 

Your money energy is in a great space and you can make a lot happen just by showing up and being open.  A seed you planted a while ago is starting to show promise.  This is exciting and somewhat unexpected because you nearly forgot about it.  Though you have a ton of energy, you might soon find that you have to let go of some projects that have lost their luster.  Don’t hesitate to purge now.

This week feels like a trip up the staircase of achievement.  You’re making progress Sagittarius, but not without effort and moments of doubt.  It’s hard work.  The week begins with a big boost and the big energy continues.  DO what you can to stay grounded so that you can capitalize on all the magic.  You are molting and mutating into something more powerful and it might offer moments of discomfort.

You are getting the recognition you deserve but with it comes new responsibility, some of which are not your specialty, nor your true interest.  It’s a mixed blessing.  Someone close to you is making an offer that is seductive and yet you know it won’t work.  Still, it’s tempting to believe. The hesitation you feel is important and needs respect.  The pace is picking up, so get ready to move, Capricorn.

Your temper is ready to flare Aquarius.  Everything and everyone is bugging you lately.  Do what you can to keep the energy moving.  It seems like the people around you are too self-absorbed to see what you need.  This is infuriating especially because you feel like you’ve offered them tremendous support in the past.  Stay in motion and ride it out.  You’ll soon be on to better things.

Delays and complications are frustrating, Pisces.  You’re in the mood to go forward and go forward fast so these glitches are really difficult to cope with.  Though you don’t know it, the delays are important.  Gifts will emerge from the twists and turns you encounter on your path, so keep your chin up and respond with grace.  A mentor can help you sort through plans and goals and get you focused on a winning strategy.


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