Saturday, July 2, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 7/3 - 7/9

You’re in charge this week whether you like it or not, Aries.  Everyone is waiting for you to give the directions.  This feels strange and slightly wonderful. You love that your wisdom is getting the respect it deserves but it’s slightly nerve wracking to be in the position of authority.  Your intuition is telling you what to do, so tune out all the other chatter. 

Someone who wants what you have is trying to bend your ear with complete and total nonsense.  Watch out.  Do not let this person have an ounce of power.  It’s time to broaden your circle of friends, Taurus.  You’ve been hiding at home a little too much.  Come out and play.  You’re ripe for rediscovery as a true treasure to your community, family and friends.

Worry is seductive this week. You are very vulnerable to negative thinking.  This is a sign that you are tired and depleted Gemini.  Don’t let the fear become too real.  Just see it as a symptom and a wake up call about needing more rest.  You are working on some deep, difficult dynamics and have lost your sense of play and fun.  Be willing to take breaks from the heavy process. 

It’s not a race and there’s no extra reward for toughing it out, Cancer.  As you find ways to bring more balance into your world, you’ll find love waiting for you.  Relationships are taking on more depth and offering you shelter.  Notice your reluctance to be vulnerable.  Don’t let it stop you from enjoying what’s being offered to you. 

You’re a little edgy this week Leo.  Your energy is slightly out of sync with the rest of the world.  Your ideas are amazing and powerful but the people around you just don’t get it.  Though it seems slightly tragic, give it some time and everyone will come around.  Let’s face…it some people are just slow!  Don’t let the resistance to your brilliance cause you a second of self-doubt. 

You are vulnerable to criticism now.  A mentor can help you bring even more dimension to your vision.  You are reluctant to have anyone disagree, Virgo but if you open up a little to other opinions, your plans will become streamlined and easier to implement.  A teaching opportunity is about to arrive.  You don’t have to take it on but if you just get in there you’ll feel great.

It’s a little lonely in your world this week, Libra.  You feel like you’re being punished and rejected by those you count on for unconditional support.  It’s really not as bad as it feels but what does that matter?  Your perception is everything and until you can pull out of the wound, you won’t be able to see what’s really going on here and the gift being offered to you. 

Make an effort to clear the air.  Miscommunication is a big part of your struggle.  Enlighten your loved ones.  They don’t understand what’s going on with you.  Most of them are not as psychic as you so assuming they know is a mistake.  Something wonderful is about to show up.  It’s the kind of thing that requires a split second decision.  Just do it!

Big energies are lining up to help you take a giant leap forward.  You might sense this in your body as a mixture of excitement and anxiety.  The universe is opening and offering you many wonderful options.  The choice is overwhelming.  Know that you can take your time.  There’s no need to rush, Sagittarius.  You have the ability to see yourself and your abilities from a fresh perspective. 

Your natural tendency toward humility often keeps you from seeing how magical you are.  It’s as if those self-imposed blinders have been lifted from your eyes and everything is clear.  The people around you are offering tons of praise and validation.  Take it in.  You are worthy of every bit.  Get ready for a bigger arena to play and create in.  You’re going to love what’s coming.

The landscape looks a little barren this week, Aquarius.  You are wandering in a desert of sorts and it’s kind of scary.  It’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Everything looks bleak, much more bleak than it really is.  About mid-week, you’ll pop out of your dark mindset long enough to see that something amazing is starting to take shape.  Hang in there. 

Conversations with friends and loved ones will help add dimension to the emerging vision.  There is some threatening energy in the air at work.  Someone is jealous and may be working behind the scenes to trip you up.  You feel it but can’t get confirmation.  Know that this person can’t harm you and will eventually shoot him or herself in the foot.  The best action is no action, Pisces.


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