Saturday, July 30, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 7/31 - 8/6

Tap into intuition and better yet, trust it.  Gut instincts trump intellect this week, Aries in terms of offering insight and guidance.  Fear are easily blown out of proportion.  Notice the tendency to panic and just say no!  A loving connection can help bring you back to center and offer respite from your internal storm.

You might have to go it alone this week Taurus.  The people you count on for support just aren't available to help right now.  You don't need them as much as you think.  You get to teach what you know now, which will help you recognize how much wisdom you have.  Slough off the old energy that says you have nothing and are nothing.  What a crock!

Relax a bit, Gemini.  You don't need to exert so much control to make things go your way.  It's all coming together so just step out of the way. You are ruminating about something and it's bringing you down.  Where is your faith?  Bring it back now and let that faith sooth your outrageous fears.  Good things are coming your way.  Receive.

Be patient Cancer.  Your hard work will pay off.  It's a challenge because you are so ready to see the results of your labor.  It's coming.  While you wait, perhaps you should make time for friends and loved ones?  That's where you're going to find satisfaction this week.  Celebrate and drop the perfectionism.  It's choking you.

Take a look at your boundaries, Leo.  They are in need of repair.  Conflict in your environment could easily become your problem if you don't take corrective action now.  You know the truth. Now it's time to take a stand.  Don't be afraid.  You're more powerful than you realize and others are ready to hear what you have to say.

It's time to pick a path Virgo.  You keep debating and debating while time slips away.  Go now and know that whatever you choose will be fruitful precisely because you chose it.  You need space and time to explore your leadership abilities.  Recent struggles have taken a toll on your self esteem.  Shake it off now and be your powerful self.

You're not feeling good this week Libra.  You don't have to pretend and you don't have to give over to the hard energy either.  You can find the balance between taking care of yourself and continuing to work through difficulties.  You are about to go in a radical, new direction. Pull back and rest up.  You're going to love what's coming.

Deep feeling have you wondering what it all means.  There's no way to make sense of what's happening in your inner world.  It's so lush and lovely that you might want to retreat and spend all your time immersed in the dream.  Go ahead!  While you're connecting with big energies, the universe is bringing opportunity your way.  Exciting!

Heavy energies are starting to move, Sagittarius.  You are finding more space and freedom to explore your heart's desire.  Stop trying to push your passion away!  You need it and it will carry you far.  There's no need to try and control what's unfolding now.  Let yourself go and you'll be amazed at where you end up.

Get ready for a big wish to come true!  You need to shake off some lingering stress, Capricorn.  Let it go and let good things come to you.  This is an excellent time to renew important bonds and create new ones.  Relax and enjoy all that you've created.  You can get back to work soon but for now just relish it all.

It's an intense week Aquarius and it will be difficult to control your feelings.  Why try?  Perhaps the intensity of feeling is helping you get somewhere great?  Consider it.  There's pressure on you to agree to things you know won't make you happy.  Don't cave in.  Hold steady for your vision and soon it will start to come into shape.

Love is in the air.  Will you surrender to it, Pisces and let it sooth you?  Do it!  You have powerful ambitions keeping you from seeing all the gifts in your world.  Don't let your drive get int the way of what's truly important.  Your mind is prone to panic this week.  Don't let the panic dictate your actions. 


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