Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Love Light!

Are you ready for some Leonine light?  It's coming this Friday as the Sun moves from Cancer to Leo and I personally can't wait.  Leo is bringing romance, creativity and innocence back to the fore.  The Sun in Cancer transit is ending and if you're like me, it brought on some intense feelings and lots of reflection.  Now we get to take what we've learned and offer it to the world.  I CAN'T WAIT!!

I'm excited about the Stonestreet Cafe this week as I welcome Astrologer and one of the newest 12listen Advisors, Aleta Mcclelland to the show.  We're going to explore synastry, which is relationship astrology.  What creates attraction?  What doesn't?  We'll be taking a look at how to take two or more charts and see patterns of compatibility and challenge.  Tune in Thursday at 6pm pacific/9pm eastern for more on this, all at

I hope you'll stop by Thursday 7/21 for our big sale in celebration of Leo, from noon to 6pm.  I might miss the last two hours of the sale as I prep and host the Stonestreet Cafe.  If you can't make it over on Thursday, come by this Saturday because we're having another big sale for 12radio hosts only.  The sale starts at 8am and goes through noon pacific, leading into our normal happy hour sale from noon-4pm pacific.  That's a whole lot of sale and I'll be waiting for you.

If you haven't yet tried the service at, now is the time.  Once you have your first call or chat with me, you'll be on my 12mailing list, which allows me to send you free minutes and little letters every now and again to keep you inspired.  Stop by soon.

Get ready to shake off the grumpies, the worries and the fret.  Leo is about to deliver a big does of inspiration, play and love.  Let's ride that wave to somewhere wonderful.

Until we meet again,


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