Wednesday, August 31, 2011


What a week!  It feels like conflict is in the air and from what I've seen, some are flipping out.  When we have so many planets in cardinal signs (Uranus in Aries, Mars in Cancer, Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn) we are bound to get into power struggles and conflict.  Tempers are flaring and we may even be accident prone.

Yesterday, two people died on the highway that passes through my town.  Both were on motorcycles and died within minutes of each other.  Rest in peace, freedom riders!  Not only that, I've witnessed playground fights as well as people storming off their jobs in a huff.  We're in a hurry these days and we're lacking tolerance!

The gift of all this cardinal activity is that it forces us to make changes in spaces that feel stuck and stagnant.  We can no longer abide by what's bothering us.  I urge everyone reading to be cautious this week, driving and in public spaces.  We can work our own energies but we can't control the people around us, no matter how much we'd like to.

I've created a couple of classes for September called GROUNDING AND PROTECTION MEDITATION at  These short sessions offer tools to help manage this volatile energy in the world.  Learn how to ground your space and protect yourself from challenging energies.  Both classes will be on Friday morning, September 9th and 23rd at 8am pacific/11am eastern and are 20 minutes long.  20 minutes can make a huge difference in how you're feeling about your life, so come on over and register now, before the classes fill up.

Thursday in the Stonestreet Cafe, we're going to explore the space of POSSESSION.  Not demon possession, mind you but rather our desire to possess things, people and more.  What drives the need for ownership?  Does owning bring comfort?  I've been contemplating this a lot lately as I release TONS of items I no longer need or want.  At the same time, I'm very aware of all the things I would love to possess and I've been asking myself if owning these things would actually feel good.  Hmmm.

It's a live call-in show, so if you want a reading, stop by the Cafe at 6pm pacifc/9pm eastern.  You can call me during the show at 1.218.862.1300 ext 124290.  I look forward to hearing from you and hope that some of you that have called the show before will give me updates on your situation.  It's all happening at

I also have three more shows in the archives, so come give a listen at your leisure.

Don't forget that if you need some comfort, I'm available at for readings.  We can look at your astrological chart or just get into a clairvoyant space.  let me assist you in finding the inner peace we're all craving these days.  You can receive your reading by phone, chat or email.  Come on over and check it out if you haven't already!

That's about it for my message of the week.  Slow down and stay safe as we move through the clash of big planetary energies.  Use the clash to clarify what's wanted and needed and be willing to let the rest go.  Let it go!

Until we meet again,


That's about all I have to say this week, dear friends. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Fortune Forecast 8/29 - 9/4


It's time to update those wishes and dreams.  Sometimes, without realizing it, we're carrying around a bunch of outdated junk.  This stuff can clog up the manifesting machine that is out body.  Take some time this week to review and release.  Once we come across an important and charged wish, we need to be willing to let it fly to the ethers.  Think of it like ordering your favorite dish in a restaurant and let that wish go to the great kitchen in the sky to be whipped up by the greatest chef ever, the Supreme Being. Let it go, knowing it will come back in due time.  Holding on to it will keep it from becoming real.

Monday 8/28
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It's an excellent day to get in touch with natural rhythms.  When we find out center and connect to earthy energies, we tend to be more able to manage some of the intense energies that affect us.  Come back to the moment by feeling, touching and tasting.  enjoy the healing that follows.  

Tuesday 8/29
It's a great time to lighten up a bit and make connecting a top priority.  There's nothing that needs to be done right now...nothing that can't wait a bit.  We need time to get our spirits up and back in action.  Have fun, explore and seek out the magic in the ordinary.  It will help in ways we can't ever measure.

Wednesday 8/30
Snap out of the lingering fear that comes from being immersed in a bad dream, idea or situation.  When our fears are amplified, it's very difficult to see what's really at hand.  Shake it off!  I know it's easier said than done but go ahead and try!  There's just no need to stay stuck in a dark corner when there's so much light on.

Thursday 8/31
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An old story that used to help us make sense of our current challenges isn't helping anymore.  It could be that our old stories have overtones of victimization or dis-empowerment and these overtones continue the cycle.  Start seeing the power in your experience and use it to change the now.

Friday 9/1
We're more powerful than we realize today and need to be careful about how we apply it.  Be mindful with words and actions.  Temptations will arise to take shortcuts or be slightly dishonest.  This might come back with a bite, so slow down and pay attention to what's being put into motion and how.  

Saturday 9/2
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Suddenly, we can see farther into a potential future today.  This emerging horizon might challenge us to push past limitations we didn't know we had.  Be willing to entertain all the information coming through now and make needed adjustments.  It's worth it!

Sunday 9/3
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Sticking to the same beaten path is getting dull.  We need to actively seek new challenges now to stay fresh and keep ourselves in growth-mode.  If we resist this, we might find that our feelings of restlessness grow to such intensity that we start rebelling and making a ruckus.  Go for the new and exciting.  

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It's easy to stop all progress before we get started with negative thinking and other nonsense.  Notice the NO and say NO to it.  Open to YES no matter how outrageous it might seem.  Just do it.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 8/28 - 8/3

It's time to get off the fence and make a definitive decision, Aries.  Debating isn't moving you forward, not to mention sitting on a fence is completely uncomfortable!  Do not let fear drive your decision here. In other words don't choose the practical option unless it is what you want over the long term.  Big lessons are at every turn.  See the value in all that's unfolding now.

You're starting to freak yourself out with negative, internal banter.  It's probably just a way to keep from getting your hopes up but it's killing the joy available to you as well, Taurus.  All you really need is patience to continue on what might at times seem like a risky path.  You know what to do, so decide to lighten up and have more fun as you find your way.

Powerful energies are at your disposal this week Gemini.  It's as if you have a magic wand in your hand.  Be careful waving that thing around!  Be awake to what you're trying to accomplish and resist the urge to use your magic to bend the will of the universe in ways that might lead to breakage.  Notice emerging fears and find a way to reassure yourself.  All is well.

Trust the changes happening in your world this week, Cancer even if it seems like you're not getting closer to what you want.  You need a little more time to entertain all of your options before choosing a course of action.  Don't rush into anything just yet.  Old aches and pains are surfacing and distorting your world view.  Shake off the negativity and dare to be optimistic!

This week brings exciting and unexpected breakthroughs on many fronts.  It's difficult to find the focal point, so why try?  Give yourself over to the chaos a bit and let it refresh your creativity.  The one thing you want most of all appears to be on ice for now.  Do not let this become a reason to despair, Leo.  Healing is happening here and you'll see results soon.  Hang in there.

You're in the midst of a major shake-up Virgo.  There's no much you can besides roll with it.  Trying to exert control is only going to make you tense.  Meditate on staying as loose as you possibly can.  Open to new sources of support.  Love wants to come in and all you need to do is open the door.  Start putting the period at the end of an important chapter in the story of your life.

You are being pulled in two different directions and it's very difficult to find the balance this week, Libra.  If you step out of the role of peace-maker you might find a solid truth in the midst of the struggle.  There's no need to be hard on yourself for things you have no control over.  Shake it off.  Your creative energy is about to move into high gear.  Get ready to move!

You've had just about enough of an oppressive situation.  You might feel like you're being forced to participate in this Scorpio but you have more control than you realize and can unhook at any time.  Face it, you're fascinated.  An opportunity to expand your abundance might look daunting at first.  Small steps will lead you to amazing places.  Just put one foot in front of the other and go.

You simply don't have all the information you need to make a big decision.  You've got to wait just a little longer, Sagittarius.  This is probably not what you want to hear.  You're ready to move into new spaces and the thought of waiting feels oppressive and uncomfortable.  Ask yourself what can help you get more comfortable with your life as it is right now.  Once you put attention here, things will shift.

You are about to win the lottery, Capricorn.  Powerful energies are lining up for you to make a dream come true.  The problem is you have no idea it's coming and even worse, you don't really believe its possible.  Design to heal the cynicism that kills the magic in you.  Get moving on a project that's been languishing.  Putting attention here will offer you lots of healing on all levels.

Ge ready for a bit of a shock, Aquarius.  Unexpected developments and changes are coming and you might have a hard time getting your head around how quickly the landscape is shifting.  You have the ability a become more flexible now though it might be a bit of an effort.  Lose the fixed, stubborn quality you so love to identify and try on some fluidity.

Focus on what feels good this week Pisces.  You're in need of refreshment on all levels and it needs to be your top priority.  Worries about money and resources are dragging you down.  Could it be that you are psychically matching the fear around you and that in fact, you're actually fine?  Consider it.  Rest up because it's almost time to take a leap of faith.  You'll know when you're ready.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Virgo...How Delightful!

Seriously, I love Virgo, especially the bright side of the sign.  It's about tidying things up and making spaces more efficient.  With the Sun and Venus both in Virgo and the Sun creating a trine to Pluto in Capricorn, we might all find ourselves in the mood to cast aside what's not working or what we no longer need.

For me it means cleaning out the storage unit we got when we moved up here over a year and a half ago.  The storage unit has been in the back of my mind all this time and I've spent mental energy thinking about how to integrate all the stuff there into our little mountain house.

Today is the day and I have the picture in my mind of where everything will go.  I'm not excited about the dust and dirt coating everything in there but I am excited to CONSOLIDATE.  I've been purging like a maniac.  I've gotten so much more hardcore than I've ever been about only wanting my most treasured things with me.  Well, that and the practical stuff of course!

Beyond our possessions though, this cycle can help us release old relationship agreements that no longer serve us.  It can help us take a closer look at our goals and dreams so that we can weed out the ones that no longer apply.  We have the opportunity now to do some housecleaning in the inner world, which so often gets cluttered with mental junk that leads to stress.

I'm doing it and I hope you'll join me!  Let's approach the coming winter months streamlined, sleek and simplified!  if you need help cleaning up that inner world, consider a reading with me at  We're having a big sale on Saturday morning starting at 8am pacific for all the radio hosts at  The sale continues through the afternoon Happy Hours and ends at 4pm PST. 

If you can't make it Saturday, some by Sunday during our regular, Happy Hours from noon-4pm pacific.  Let's shine a light in those dusty corners! 

Thursday at 6pm pacific/9pm eastern at, Stonestreet Cafe #67...METAPHYSICAL FEMINISM airs live with special guest Christine Agro.  I've known Christine for a good thirteen years or so and she does amazing psychic work as well as teaching and hosting her own radio show Fully Empowered with Christine Agro at SQR.FM.  Check out her website and I hope to see you all in the Cafe this week as we ponder what feminism means in current times and what it means to combine feminism with spirituality. 

Until we meet again,
(and clean out a closet or two...)


Monday, August 22, 2011

Fortune Forecast 8/22 - 8/28


The pace is picking up and there are many, great opportunities in the works.  The downside to this acceleration is that we might feel chaotic and ungrounded living through it.  It's important to carve out time to pull back and reflect.  There's no need to rush into anything that feels not quite right.  Trust that the opportunities that are meant for us will wait for us to get ready.  Enjoy the excitement but let's not let it blow us away!

Monday 8/22
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It's tough to find the focus when so many amazing developments are underway.  We've been working hard for certain outcomes and the work continues today.  It's time for us to become more aware of our skills and abilities and to get behind these hard earned qualities.

Tuesday 8/23
Though things are far from perfect, it's a great day to celebrate what is.  In doing so we let go of the resistance that comes between us and our next steps.  It's easier to create more of the good stuff when we validate what's already good in our world.  Hone in on it and love it up.

Wednesday 8/24
We're bursting with energy today, energy that needs an outlet.  Stop putting off delving into a new subject of interest or a new creative project.  Playing in these spaces is a form of self care and can lead us to greater fulfillment.  Once we jump in, we'll find skills and abilities we had no idea we possessed.  How delightful!

Thursday 8/25
Stonestreet Cafe #67...METAPHYSICAL FEMINISM at 6pm PST/9pm EST at
Try to get out of the way of the powerful stream of feeling happening today.  It might not make sense at first but if we open to the range of emotion happening, we'll discover important information about ourselves and our challenges.  Let it flow.

Friday 8/26
We've got to find the middle ground now in order to create the healing we need.  This might include putting more energy into areas of our lives that have languished from a lack of attention.  It may also include deciding to put a current obsession on the back burner for a bit in order to create more balance.

Saturday 8/27
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Good fortune is on the upswing now and we can ride the wave to more of what we want.  Notice the miniscule moments of good luck.  As we put attention on this, we receive even more good luck.  Enjoy it and be grateful for this amazing cycle of prosperity, even if it starts of small.

Sunday 8/28
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It's time for a trip.  Some of us might walk a new path or hop in the car for a drive.  Some of us might voyage via a good book or movie or a deep meditation.  Let's challenge the space we're in by seeking new excitements.  The world is waiting for us to jump in.

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Don't be afraid to step away of things start to feel overwhelming.  Turn off the mind and just be.  Find healthy ways to do this and notice how when you come back, things look better, more possible and more fun.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 8/21 - 8/27

A new opportunity to create love is exciting and scary at the same time.  You seem to think that if you pursue this relationship it might force you to give up other things that are precious to you.  Your intuition is correct Aries, but what you give up will actually free you to live the life you want.  Do what you do best and take a big leap into the unknown. 

Life feels very, very intense this week and it’s hard for to articulate your process to friends and family.  Unfortunately, they think you’re just being dramatic which minimizes the seriousness of what’s happening to you.  Try not to take it to heart.  They can’t really understand but they will when they see the transformation in action. 

Fear is rising to the surface and you are staring at a list of flaws.  It’s time to let go of the list.  Could it be that some of your flaws and the flaws you perceive in others are actually masking gifts and abilities?  Think on it.  It’s time to look at where the dissatisfaction is coming from.  Soon you will see it’s not what you think at all but what you do about it.

This is a great week to slow down and take stock of everything.  Radical action and risks need to be put off if possible.  It will be challenging to allow yourself more rest and reflection, Cancer. You’re not in the mood to slow your pace because it feels like you’re on the cusp of something huge.  Your big opportunity isn’t going anywhere.  Prepare for it by getting centered.

A painful issue that has been lurking in the background can no longer be avoided.  This thing needs attention and though you’d rather scrub the toilet than spend time looking at it, putting it off is rapidly creating more problems.  The funny thing is, one you sit with it for a bit, you’ll realize that there’s really nothing here; just a pale shadow, a ghost of nothingness. 

Imagine the relief you’ll feel when you finally free yourself of a lurking fear that has haunted you for far too long.  This phantom is finally banished, Virgo and you can look forward to an improved attitude and more success now that you’re free of it.  You’ve been holding back on sharing some powerful observations with loved ones. Go ahead and let them know what you know.

Go get it, Libra!  It’s right there waiting for you.  What’s the hesitation about?  The time is now.  Don’t let that bright mind of yours talk you out of this moment of opportunity.  Soon the opportunity will disappear, so stop hesitating and grab it.  You have all the skills, wisdom and resources you need to take on something new and unknown.  Have fun with it!

You’ll just have to trust until you get further down the path, Scorpio.  Then you’ll see how effortless it all is.  Faith can serve you well this week: specifically, faith in yourself.  You’ve been praying to be set free from an oppressive situation and the answer to your prayers is about to show up.  Are you ready for room to shift and change?  It’s coming in spades.

The wheels are turning and your creativity is starting to expand and grow.  Tasks that once seemed to require lots of effort are starting to feel easier.  It may not be the best time to start something new Sagittarius, though the ideas are pouring in.  Sit with it for a while before making any long-term commitments.  You need time to let all the opportunities settle into a shape and form that you can really look at. 

It’s all a little nebulous right now.  A part of you is anxious to get going, Capricorn but how can you go when you have no feeling for the terrain?  Give yourself a little time to wrap your head around where you are.  Someone from the past is surfacing at a rather inconvenient time.  You get to decide what you want here.  Take your time. 

What’s yours isn’t going anywhere, Aquarius.  Meditating on this will help ease some of the anxiety you’re feeling about your life and recent opportunities.  You need to engage your creativity while you wait for more information.  A short trip can help you satisfy the need to see new things and take the pressure off the desire to surge ahead. 

Don’t let suspicion keep you from finding new joys, Pisces.  Your mind is struggling to make sense of some of the events in your life.  You can’t figure it out through intellect.  Feelings and impressions are more important now.  Open to a wider range of emotional experience and expression and you’ll see things in a new, amazing way.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Grass is Greener...

School starts tomorrow, which is exciting news 'round here, where kids have been running wild and I've been starting to crack up a bit over it.  Last night, we went to our school's open house to find out who had which teacher and to fill out any last minute paperwork.
My son got a new teacher, who seems really great.  I like her vibe. The thing is, when I saw who else was in the class I got a little worked up.  I see three, known trouble-makers in there and none of my son's good friends, with the exception of a whip-smart young girl who won the prize at our science fair last year.

This put me in a slight funk.  It made me wonder how schools make these decisions.  Is it random?  Why would the school put three difficult children in a class with a new teacher?  It made me wonder if my child would get the kind of focus I want him to get if the teacher is sidelined trying to reign in the tough kids.  I also wondered if perhaps I'm being a snob and maybe the kids I consider to be trouble-makers are actually ok.  Maybe I'm the one with the problem?

What do you think, friends?  Do I let this play out and trust that everything is as it should be or do I march down there and demand answers?  I'm going with the former and will try to get more involved this year to keep tabs on the situation.  As I pointed out to my husband, this dynamic could allow my son to be the star of the class along with the whip-smart girl because he is a hard worker and his social skills are great.  He's not the kind of kid to make a school at least.

This development along with a few others has gotten me thinking about the space of being unsatisfied.  It's so easy to slip into it and find all the flaws.  Why do we immediatley look for the problems in a situation?  I know I do it!

A friend called me this week and shared the shocking news that he may be headed for a divorce.  I had no idea.  As he shared some of the details of what's been going down, I couldn't help thinking about this space of being unsatisfied and how quickly we can convince ourselves that we need to leave and move on to greener pastures.

I'm not saying my friend shouldn't get a divorce, I'm just saying that once we start seeing the flaws, it's hard not to be overtaken by even more flaws.  We get into a certain mindset and that's all we see.  I'm working to be more mindful of the many ways I do this in my own life and that's why in some ways I want to let my son go through whatever it is that awaits him this year in school.

Dissatisfaction is so damn seductive!!  I don't want to say it's a United States thing but it's potent here.  We use it to push forward and discover new things.  We use it to get more, be more, have more.  We use it to create our lives but does it really deliver results?  What about creating from a more contented space?  What would that look like?  We fear this because we think we'll lose our edge if we get too comfortable.  It's like we have to be hyper vigilant or we might lose out on something.

So that's been the overarching theme this week for me.  Looking at the 'grass is greener reality' and then coming back to this moment...and back again.  Being here now isn't easy but it's exactly where the magic is.

Join me Thursday in the Stonestreet Cafe for show #66...JULIA LIVE at 6pm pacific/9pm eastern at  Is that a narcissistic title or what?  I title my call-in shows this way because I never know what we're going to explore until I get there.  If you want to call in for a quick reading or to discuss energy, you can call 1.218.862.1300 ext 124290 during the show. 

Also, check out the archives at  I'm almost caught up to present time.  There are some great shows in there, including LOVE & LIGHT, DISENFRANCHISED and more.  The SEX show needs more editing, so I will let you know when that pup is ready.

I hope you'll come over to for a reading!  Let's find the green pasture of the now in your life and get you grounded in it.  Come back from the space of dissatisfaction and BE HERE NOW.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Fortune Forecast 8/15 - 8/21


Let's fall in love with life all over again this week.  There's plenty to dislike but when we turn our minds to what's wonderful, we see so many amazing things that weren't visible before.  As the end of summer comes closer, we have the chance to take stock of our harvest, in whatever form it shows up.   LOVE IT UP!!

Monday 8/15
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It's a great day to try new things.  Don't worry about commitment.  Just sample all the delights out there and form an opinion based on what's discovered.  No need for big pronouncements of any kind unless it's WOW.

Tuesday 8/16
We just can't get there today, no matter how hard we try.  Things are fuzzy and difficult to define.  There's no point in trying to understand a mystery before its time.  Let's get comfortable with not knowing and see what unfolds.

Wednesday 8/17
Old resentments are resurfacing with new ferocity.  We might as well make space to feel it all.  In doing so, we actually start to find our freedom and our space from troubles that have been difficult and untenable.

Thursday 8/18
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We will know what to do and how to do it when we relax and feel.  WE tend to underestimate our emotional wisdom at times or dismiss it as not powerful enough to lead.  Today we can let the feelings guide us into new wonders.  Go now.

Friday 8/19
Love all the magic and beauty in the world today.  There is so much of it and it's beckoning to be noticed at every turn.  One small wonder becomes much bigger wonder.  Look and see.  Be grateful for having all needs met.

Saturday 8/20
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We're in for a bumpy ride today! With the right mind frame we might find a way to enjoy the intensity.  Trying to force circumstances to come together is a folly and a farce right now.  Surrender, stay loose and adaptable.

Sunday 8/21
reduced rates on readings at from noon-4pm pacific. 
A sacred seed is in our possession.  We don't know yet what will come of this seed and yet we know it's going to be amazing.  It's a challenge not to get ahead of ourselves here.  With time and care, this could be so much of what we want.  Let's get to work.

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Sometimes we have to decide what we want to experience and this week, the choice is right in front of us.  We can dwell on all that bothers us or decide to actively look for the magic and the miracles.  Let's embody more love, just by deciding to do so.  LOVE IT UP!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 8/14 - 8/20

It may be a tough week, Aries.  Life is throwing some unexpected and complicated challenges your way and you’re not in the mood.  If you weren’t so tired and depleted it might not be so difficult.  You’re having a dark night of the soul.  Recognize that it IS hard.  Stop putting pressure on yourself to do better.  Muddle through the best you can, knowing that time will help move some of the trouble. 

You’re ready to make yourself vulnerable in a way that previously seemed impossible.  This softer side of you is immensely charming and lovely, Taurus.  Let it out more often even though it feels uncomfortable and disorienting.  A relationship is demanding a lot of attention now.  Your partner is a hurricane of energy and it’s difficult to be present with this person and all the energy swirling around him or her.  Love what is.

A relationship has you tied up in knots, Gemini.  You have no idea what to do to create healing and positive change.  This is a space that needs the healing energy of time.  Stop looking for the reason why it all feels so hard.  You didn’t create it, at least not the way you think you did.  The process of tearing yourself up and down will probably bring relief at some point, through sheer exhaustion.

Don’t even think about trying to fix a troubled relationship.  It’s not your job and you’ll get hurt if you try.  Give the person in question lots of space, Cancer and permission to do the work on their own as they see fit.  Focus on your own projects, which are in need of a steady hand now.  You are on the verge of a big promotion of sorts.  Hold steady and get ready for bigger, richer rewards.

You’re finally seeing some progress in a stagnant space. This is good news and will lift your spirits.  You’ve been racking your brain trying to figure out why you couldn’t get this to move.  Now that it’s moving you can do what you love best…move!  There’s a new opportunity shaping up but you’re having a hard time seeing the potential.  A little bit of rest will give you the clarity you need.

You’re stubborn about your routine and your commitments and it’s blinding you to other possibilities.  Cultivate a little bit of flexibility especially if you think you don’t need it.  There is a ton that needs attending to. You can’t do it all and you certainly can’t do it all perfectly.  Pick and choose carefully.  Know where to put the focus so that your energy is productive and focused.  This will bring success, Virgo.

Your intuition is giving you some unwelcome information.  Before you cast it off, Libra you might want to sit with it for a while.  Though it runs counter to what you want to see and believe, it does have the potential to help you get in better alignment with dreams and goals.  Don’t be afraid to consider this emerging truth.  As soon as you are open to considering it, stuck spaces will move.

You’ve been embroiled in a tense relationship, Scorpio.  You are your partner are battling for control.  No one can win because you are so well matched.  At some point, someone has to give in and show willingness to compromise.  It’s hard to back away when passions are high and you’re sure in every fiber of your being that your way is the right way.  Strangely, if you decide to be more flexible, your enjoyment will multiply ten times over. 

You’re anxious to move on from something that has gotten difficult and unfulfilling.  As much as you want to move forward a small part of your spirit is lingering in the past, trying to understand how this all got created.  Does it matter?  There’s no lesson to be gleaned and searching for it is causing stress and uncertainty.  Give yourself permission to move on knowing that you did the best with what you knew at the time. 

It’s time for love.  Friends, family and romantic interests are where the juice is this week Capricorn.  Make time for connecting and gathering with your beloveds.  This will help you remember what you want and how to create more of it.  Someone you want to be with is clearly saying no.  It hurts but it’s not worth letting the whole ship go down.  The person in question is being an idiot…no more, no less.

People are mesmerized by your energy and passion and are more than willing to do your bidding this week, Aquarius.  Your magnetism can help you create what you want with ease.  The biggest hurdle you face now is the ability to let it all come together.  In other words, can you move out of the effort and just trust?  It’s hard!  Your intuition can give you powerful clues and help you navigate any of the fuzziness that pops up. 

Instincts will guide you this week.  Saying goodbye to something you once loved is in no way an admission of failure.  There are things in your heart that need to find expression and soon.  This stuff is weighing you down and causing pain.  Try writing it first and see if that helps.  Bring in some forgiveness for whatever it is you think you did wrong.  You didn’t do anything bad, so free yourself from the guilt.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Brace Yourself

Mars and Pluto find themselves in opposition today (8/10).  This is a pretty potent combination of energy!  Notice the riots in London.  We might see a little more uptick in volatility as we move out of this pattern over the next few days.  Please be careful out and about in the world!  I'm not trying to be scary, I'm simply alerting you to some high volume intensity.

Mars is the planet of the warrior and Pluto is the the planet the has domain over the cycle of life and death.  I know! It sounds dramatic and it is.  These two energies are toughing it out in Cancer and Capricorn respectively.  This means we have our attention on home, family, traditional values, the status quo (which is undergoing massive changes right now).  It's sacrificial mother-love and compassion versus tough, father, kick-your-butt discipline.

Notice how this affects you internally.  Are you struggling between the need for a big loving hug versus some kind of kick in the a$$?  I know I've been feeling like I need to get serious about things while at the same time feeling like I need to soften up.  It can be confusing but once we see that both Mars and Pluto are trying to create the same thing with very different approaches, we can find the middle ground.

I got so many amazing letters from readers last week about my article FLIP OUT.  I know some of you are really feeling the energy of change, challenge and intensity deep in your core.  Thanks so much for letting me know what's going on with you and sharing your amazing stories.  If I had time to write each of you individually, I would!

As for me, I got back from my trip to New Mexico and promptly succumbed to a nasty cold.  While I was coming down with the cold, I decided to rearrange the furniture in my myself.  Wow.  Was I sore the next day.  And feverish and YUCK.  Still.  It feels good to give the place a bit of a makeover.

I'm feeling sudden pressure to prepare for winter.  Part of the preparation includes the desire to purge and get rid of a ton of stuff.  I only want to be surrounded with what I treasure the most.  It feels like Mars and Pluto are pushing us in this direction...of getting clear about what we treasure and helping us make space for more of it while urging us to release the rest.  It's easier said than done and in my case, I simply am not physically capable of moving out some of the chunky, heavy old stuff hanging around in this little house.  I'm going to stir up a couple of strong men to help me out.

If this isn't a perfect metaphor for the energy we're experiencing, I don't know what is!  Sometimes we need help with the heavy lifting and that's why I'm excited to let you know about the amazing sales we have coming up this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at  Come get a reading!!  It will lighten your load and help you connect with what's most precious to you.

Thursday in the Stonestreet Cafe, I'm welcoming my friend Ronni Ann Hall to show #65...EMPATH.  We're going to explore what it means to be sensitive to energy, especially in these times of heightened intensity.  How can we use our gift of sensitivity to benefit and keep ourselves safe?  It's a fine line as you know!  Join me at 6pm pacific/9pm eastern at for what I know will be a great show.  Check out Ronni at  She does amazing art work as well as being a fabulous intuitive reader and pet psychic.

That's about it for this week, my lovely friends.  Let Mars and Pluto rearrange your furniture in the dusty corners of your psyche.  As I like to say, go with it, not against it!  I can't wait to see you soon at and  Let's spend some time together soon!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Fortune Forecast 8/8 - 8/14


We need to open up this week, on all levels.  We just can't see or understand yet some of the seeming adversity in our lives.  With patience and the right attitude we just might see the gifts inherent in all of it. It's not going to be easy but then again, life isn't always about easy.  Be willing to consider all viewpoints, even the ones that feel repugnant at first.  Major expansion is possible now. Let's do it!!

Monday 8/8
It's a great day to try something new and untested.  There's really nothing to lose and so much to be gained.  The same old routine is beyond stifling at this point.  Go big and get wild but whatever happens, leave the familiar behind just for an hour or even better, the whole day.

Tuesday 8/9
We can finally see and understand a situation that has been plaguing us with doubt and uncertainty.  It feel good to have clarity and with it the focus we need to move forward.  With our ability to really see what's happening, comes the power to make it all different.  How wonderful!

Wednesday 8/10
We are being asked to make adjustments in relationships and projects that we had assumed were stable.  This is uncomfortable and requires us to rethink what we want and how we plan to go about getting it.  Be willing to get creative.  Don't insist on hanging on to what is no longer working.

Thursday 8/11
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If there's no passion, don't go.  It's really as simple as that today because if we decide to participate with a halfhearted attitude, we'll find ourselves keen deep in misery pretty quickly.  If there's any kind of "this is better than nothing" energy, shake it off.  Doing nothing is better than going on an unwanted ride.

Friday 8/12
We are being awfully hard on ourselves for things we don't have as much control over as we think.  This may be an attempt to believe we have more control over our situation that we really do. It doesn't really matter.  What matters is that we see our efforts and get behind them.  Period.

Saturday 8/13
We may find ourselves going in circles today with our thinking and the circles are getting progressively more narrow and uncomfortable.  If we recognize what we're doing, we can choose a different viewpoint, one with more possibility.  Don't get locked into a confined, self-created space.

Sunday 8/14
Get on top of whatever part of life feels out of control.  There's no miracle cure coming other than our own effort.  It's not as hard as it might seem from where we stand now.  Just go and be glad to get on top of something that's been causing progressively more trouble. 

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So many gifts, so little time.  It's a challenge to see all that's happening as the perfect event at the perfect time.  Let's perfect it this week!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 8/7 - 8/13

Big lessons are hard to take in when there’s barely enough time to get through your normal responsibilities.  You’re not in the mood to integrate the myriad of growth opportunities available but there’s no getting around it.  Be open to changing your point of view on key issues that you’re been stubbornly defending.  Flexibility will serve you well this week, Aries. 

You have a lot of resources to bring to the table, Taurus.  Try not to worry when a minor threat appears out of nowhere.  You are easily spooked now and need to be careful to stay grounded.  Find a trusted friend to share your fears with.  You’ll soon see that there’s nothing to be afraid of.  Big gains are possible towards the end of the week if you’ve managed to stay open to the strange way opportunity has been presenting itself.

A wish can come true this week Gemini.  You’re afraid to believe that what you want is on the way.  You’ve been waiting for so long and kept the faith through many ups and downs.  Now that its almost here, there’s a little bit of ambivalence about what it is and what it can offer you.  What will you create next now that your dream is real?  Enjoy playing with all the magic in your world!

It very well might be slightly anti-climactic to get what you want this week but on another level it’s very satisfying and allows you to move your attention to new things.  Be patient with the process.  You have a wonderful growing sense that the resources you need are on hand in abundance.  The more you unhook from the idea that what you need is external, the easier it becomes to feel safe with who you are and what you have here and now.

Watch out for negativity in yourself and others this week, Leo.  It will creep up on you and keep you from enjoying what life has to offer.  You’re looking back at a decision you made long ago and feeling quite depressed about it.  Entertaining some kind of parallel reality based on “what if” is not in your best interest.  You’ve got to find a way to get peaceful with where you are right now if you want to shift into a more fulfilling space.

Your emotional energy feels slightly out of control this week, Virgo. Don’t resist your feelings because that’s where the power is.  Can you trust the information coming through your emotional body even if those feelings are painful and difficult to make sense of?  It’s time to indulge in activities that offer healing and a dose of nurturing.  Express yourself and let others be strong for you.

Patience is essential this week Libra.  It won’t be easy to match the slow pace of the world around you.  It’s actually not that slow but you have so much energy pushing for change inside your body that everything in the world feels stagnant, stuck and sluggish.  Exercise can help as well as creative projects that help you lose yourself for a bit.  The passion you feel isn’t going anywhere.  Stop worrying about missing out on it. 

Magical moments await you as you move through mundane tasks.  You might find a lost object or have other kinds of strange and wonderful coincidences. This reassures you and helps you stretch yourself into receiving more.  Communications are potent now.  Pay attention.  Important clues are coming through and if you give yourself a little time to contemplate, you’ll be amazed at what takes root in you.

It’s a tough week all around Sagittarius.  You don’t feel like you’re in a position to reach out and ask for help and things are a little grim in your inner world.  You want something so bad that it’s driving you to distraction but you seem unable to make a gesture to get your hands on it.  In your mind there is a storm of epic proportions about what’s right and what’s wrong and there’s absolutely no way for you to win the battle.  You can shift it anytime you’re ready. 

This is an excellent time for meditation.  If you can’t sit still then go for a nice, long walk.  Find ways to keep the energy moving through your body.  Forgiveness of yourself and the circumstances you find yourself in is essential if you want to move to something better.  Think of forgiveness as a river carrying you softly away from this troubled spot.  What you’ll discover once you start finding a quiet spot in your psyche is that all is truly well after all.

You’re done with something but refuse to put it down.  Why are you hanging on Aquarius?  Do you really think you can breathe new life into it and make it as special as it once was?  As you try and renew this thing, you are becoming more and more deflated at the thought that maybe you’re not very good at creating, or maybe you’re not doing it right.  Hopefully you will give yourself permission to move on soon because new delights are waiting to be discovered. 

Your heart is ready to expand, Pisces.  More love, healing and abundance are starting to flow.  This is an exciting week, filled with discovery and joy.  Your ability to receive miracles and blessings is expanding, which helps you move through some of your current difficulties more gracefully.  It’s a great time to take a risk at work or in love.  Enjoy this lovely cycle and make the most of it by expanding on what you think is possible for you.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Flip Out

Well friends,

I'm writing you from lovely New Mexico.  I came down here to visit my dear Grandmother, who is 92 and pretty fragile.  It's been an intense trip and I can't quite put my finger on why.  Perhaps when we journey to our roots we inevitably get stirred up?  I had these lovely visions of warmth and connection and ease as I was planning the trip and while nothing terrible has happened, it's been a bit of a wild ride, emotionally.

I got to spend the night with my Grandmother in Roswell, New Mexico where she has a home.  She is so fragile that we spent about 30 minutes together and then it was back to bed for her.  I started to see just how much sadness is in me at the thought of her dying.  She seems fine with the idea but for me, it's pretty upsetting.

C'est la vie!!

We're all going to die at some point and yet it's a hard space to talk about and deal with when we're facing it.  In addition to facing my Grandmother's passing, there have been some exciting developments business-wise that seemed to come out of nowhere.  It's not real yet, so we'll see what happens over the next few months.  Suffice it to say I've been flipping out a bit for various reasons as the trip unfolds.

I have a feeling this FLIP OUT energy is pretty prevalent now.  We can go from one extreme to another quickly and without warning.  One minute, everything looks sad and bleak and the next minute things are fantastic and amazing.  I hope to explore this more in the Stonestreet Cafe this Thursday at 6pm PST/9pm EST, so please join me at

I had originally intended this to be a "working vacation" but my cell phone is blocked by thick adobe walls and the internet is intermittent at times where I am.  I'll be back in action by Saturday, so come by during our happy hour from 1-4pm pacific for a reading.  A fresh perspective is now taking root and I would love to share it with you.

That's about it for me.  My dear husband is out in the city with the kids, so I thought I'd sneak you a quick note.  Who knows when he will be back because for some reason, cell phones are rather strange in this adobe heaven.  I can't wait till my kids go back to school so I can spend more time with you!!  It feels like this summer has been a comedy of errors in terms of this dear space we share.  I promise, I'm going to come back with some real focus SOON.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Fortune Forecast 8/1 - 8/7


Sometimes it takes effort to feel the love.  Sometimes we have to actively open to it and work to express it.  This week, we get a chance to explore this space...the space of love.  Let down the walls that prevent the ebb and flow of love energy.  Be willing to be vulnerable in a way that you've never tried before.  There is nothing to lose and so much to gain.  Just give it a shot.  The alternative is to experience frustration and discontent at every turn.  That choice is always available but let's not choose it!  Be bigger, be bolder and choose love.

Monday 8/1
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It's time to find more freedom.  We need to get everything out in the open to create deep and profound healing.  Shadows and phantoms that haunt us can be banished now.  All we need to do it decide it's time.  It feels so, so good to lose the dead weight.

Tuesday 8/2
We've been stuck in a bit of a fog but it's finally starting to lift up and away.  We can finally see things clearly and it's refreshing and empowering.  We might not like all of the truth we encounter now but at least the field is wide open and life feels fresh.

Wednesday 8/3
We need time and space to dream today.  Let's entertain the most outrageous ideas just because we can.  When we allow ourselves more room to visualize, without the dowdy voice of limitation, magic starts to happen.  Let's welcome it and embrace it.

Thursday 8/4
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Why not push it a bit today?  Permission to go to the edge of an idea, a feeling or an experience is important.  What's the worst that can happen?  Nothing really because as long as we honor our wisdom and life experience, we will stay safe and secure.  Get edgy today and love every minute of it.  

Friday 8/5
We simply can't explore all of the wonderful options before us.  Decisions need to be made and the field needs to be narrowed.  It's very difficult to pick which path to pursue and yet the longer we hesitate, the more time passes and the more energy is wasted in debate.  Go now and trust.

Saturday 8/6
We can make big leaps today with seemingly little effort.  It's all coming together now which feels great and is incredibly affirming after a period of struggle and stagnation.  Enjoy the gains that are made now and know that the wheel of fortune is always in motion.  Let's relish the upswing while it lasts.

Sunday 8/7
Get out of the way of the wave of feeling that's coming.  There's no need to try and control what's unfolding.  In fact, the feelings happening now have the potential to help us navigate and move into a space that's more fulfilling.  It's exciting and beautiful and lush.  Jump in and swim.

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Get back in that body and feel it all.  Notice the resistance to the be here now vibe and gently step around it and back into all that is right here and now.  Take time to notice all the magic around.  It's everywhere and it's ours to enjoy.