Monday, August 22, 2011

Fortune Forecast 8/22 - 8/28


The pace is picking up and there are many, great opportunities in the works.  The downside to this acceleration is that we might feel chaotic and ungrounded living through it.  It's important to carve out time to pull back and reflect.  There's no need to rush into anything that feels not quite right.  Trust that the opportunities that are meant for us will wait for us to get ready.  Enjoy the excitement but let's not let it blow us away!

Monday 8/22
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It's tough to find the focus when so many amazing developments are underway.  We've been working hard for certain outcomes and the work continues today.  It's time for us to become more aware of our skills and abilities and to get behind these hard earned qualities.

Tuesday 8/23
Though things are far from perfect, it's a great day to celebrate what is.  In doing so we let go of the resistance that comes between us and our next steps.  It's easier to create more of the good stuff when we validate what's already good in our world.  Hone in on it and love it up.

Wednesday 8/24
We're bursting with energy today, energy that needs an outlet.  Stop putting off delving into a new subject of interest or a new creative project.  Playing in these spaces is a form of self care and can lead us to greater fulfillment.  Once we jump in, we'll find skills and abilities we had no idea we possessed.  How delightful!

Thursday 8/25
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Try to get out of the way of the powerful stream of feeling happening today.  It might not make sense at first but if we open to the range of emotion happening, we'll discover important information about ourselves and our challenges.  Let it flow.

Friday 8/26
We've got to find the middle ground now in order to create the healing we need.  This might include putting more energy into areas of our lives that have languished from a lack of attention.  It may also include deciding to put a current obsession on the back burner for a bit in order to create more balance.

Saturday 8/27
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Good fortune is on the upswing now and we can ride the wave to more of what we want.  Notice the miniscule moments of good luck.  As we put attention on this, we receive even more good luck.  Enjoy it and be grateful for this amazing cycle of prosperity, even if it starts of small.

Sunday 8/28
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It's time for a trip.  Some of us might walk a new path or hop in the car for a drive.  Some of us might voyage via a good book or movie or a deep meditation.  Let's challenge the space we're in by seeking new excitements.  The world is waiting for us to jump in.

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Don't be afraid to step away of things start to feel overwhelming.  Turn off the mind and just be.  Find healthy ways to do this and notice how when you come back, things look better, more possible and more fun.

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