Saturday, August 13, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 8/14 - 8/20

It may be a tough week, Aries.  Life is throwing some unexpected and complicated challenges your way and you’re not in the mood.  If you weren’t so tired and depleted it might not be so difficult.  You’re having a dark night of the soul.  Recognize that it IS hard.  Stop putting pressure on yourself to do better.  Muddle through the best you can, knowing that time will help move some of the trouble. 

You’re ready to make yourself vulnerable in a way that previously seemed impossible.  This softer side of you is immensely charming and lovely, Taurus.  Let it out more often even though it feels uncomfortable and disorienting.  A relationship is demanding a lot of attention now.  Your partner is a hurricane of energy and it’s difficult to be present with this person and all the energy swirling around him or her.  Love what is.

A relationship has you tied up in knots, Gemini.  You have no idea what to do to create healing and positive change.  This is a space that needs the healing energy of time.  Stop looking for the reason why it all feels so hard.  You didn’t create it, at least not the way you think you did.  The process of tearing yourself up and down will probably bring relief at some point, through sheer exhaustion.

Don’t even think about trying to fix a troubled relationship.  It’s not your job and you’ll get hurt if you try.  Give the person in question lots of space, Cancer and permission to do the work on their own as they see fit.  Focus on your own projects, which are in need of a steady hand now.  You are on the verge of a big promotion of sorts.  Hold steady and get ready for bigger, richer rewards.

You’re finally seeing some progress in a stagnant space. This is good news and will lift your spirits.  You’ve been racking your brain trying to figure out why you couldn’t get this to move.  Now that it’s moving you can do what you love best…move!  There’s a new opportunity shaping up but you’re having a hard time seeing the potential.  A little bit of rest will give you the clarity you need.

You’re stubborn about your routine and your commitments and it’s blinding you to other possibilities.  Cultivate a little bit of flexibility especially if you think you don’t need it.  There is a ton that needs attending to. You can’t do it all and you certainly can’t do it all perfectly.  Pick and choose carefully.  Know where to put the focus so that your energy is productive and focused.  This will bring success, Virgo.

Your intuition is giving you some unwelcome information.  Before you cast it off, Libra you might want to sit with it for a while.  Though it runs counter to what you want to see and believe, it does have the potential to help you get in better alignment with dreams and goals.  Don’t be afraid to consider this emerging truth.  As soon as you are open to considering it, stuck spaces will move.

You’ve been embroiled in a tense relationship, Scorpio.  You are your partner are battling for control.  No one can win because you are so well matched.  At some point, someone has to give in and show willingness to compromise.  It’s hard to back away when passions are high and you’re sure in every fiber of your being that your way is the right way.  Strangely, if you decide to be more flexible, your enjoyment will multiply ten times over. 

You’re anxious to move on from something that has gotten difficult and unfulfilling.  As much as you want to move forward a small part of your spirit is lingering in the past, trying to understand how this all got created.  Does it matter?  There’s no lesson to be gleaned and searching for it is causing stress and uncertainty.  Give yourself permission to move on knowing that you did the best with what you knew at the time. 

It’s time for love.  Friends, family and romantic interests are where the juice is this week Capricorn.  Make time for connecting and gathering with your beloveds.  This will help you remember what you want and how to create more of it.  Someone you want to be with is clearly saying no.  It hurts but it’s not worth letting the whole ship go down.  The person in question is being an idiot…no more, no less.

People are mesmerized by your energy and passion and are more than willing to do your bidding this week, Aquarius.  Your magnetism can help you create what you want with ease.  The biggest hurdle you face now is the ability to let it all come together.  In other words, can you move out of the effort and just trust?  It’s hard!  Your intuition can give you powerful clues and help you navigate any of the fuzziness that pops up. 

Instincts will guide you this week.  Saying goodbye to something you once loved is in no way an admission of failure.  There are things in your heart that need to find expression and soon.  This stuff is weighing you down and causing pain.  Try writing it first and see if that helps.  Bring in some forgiveness for whatever it is you think you did wrong.  You didn’t do anything bad, so free yourself from the guilt.


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