Saturday, August 20, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 8/21 - 8/27

A new opportunity to create love is exciting and scary at the same time.  You seem to think that if you pursue this relationship it might force you to give up other things that are precious to you.  Your intuition is correct Aries, but what you give up will actually free you to live the life you want.  Do what you do best and take a big leap into the unknown. 

Life feels very, very intense this week and it’s hard for to articulate your process to friends and family.  Unfortunately, they think you’re just being dramatic which minimizes the seriousness of what’s happening to you.  Try not to take it to heart.  They can’t really understand but they will when they see the transformation in action. 

Fear is rising to the surface and you are staring at a list of flaws.  It’s time to let go of the list.  Could it be that some of your flaws and the flaws you perceive in others are actually masking gifts and abilities?  Think on it.  It’s time to look at where the dissatisfaction is coming from.  Soon you will see it’s not what you think at all but what you do about it.

This is a great week to slow down and take stock of everything.  Radical action and risks need to be put off if possible.  It will be challenging to allow yourself more rest and reflection, Cancer. You’re not in the mood to slow your pace because it feels like you’re on the cusp of something huge.  Your big opportunity isn’t going anywhere.  Prepare for it by getting centered.

A painful issue that has been lurking in the background can no longer be avoided.  This thing needs attention and though you’d rather scrub the toilet than spend time looking at it, putting it off is rapidly creating more problems.  The funny thing is, one you sit with it for a bit, you’ll realize that there’s really nothing here; just a pale shadow, a ghost of nothingness. 

Imagine the relief you’ll feel when you finally free yourself of a lurking fear that has haunted you for far too long.  This phantom is finally banished, Virgo and you can look forward to an improved attitude and more success now that you’re free of it.  You’ve been holding back on sharing some powerful observations with loved ones. Go ahead and let them know what you know.

Go get it, Libra!  It’s right there waiting for you.  What’s the hesitation about?  The time is now.  Don’t let that bright mind of yours talk you out of this moment of opportunity.  Soon the opportunity will disappear, so stop hesitating and grab it.  You have all the skills, wisdom and resources you need to take on something new and unknown.  Have fun with it!

You’ll just have to trust until you get further down the path, Scorpio.  Then you’ll see how effortless it all is.  Faith can serve you well this week: specifically, faith in yourself.  You’ve been praying to be set free from an oppressive situation and the answer to your prayers is about to show up.  Are you ready for room to shift and change?  It’s coming in spades.

The wheels are turning and your creativity is starting to expand and grow.  Tasks that once seemed to require lots of effort are starting to feel easier.  It may not be the best time to start something new Sagittarius, though the ideas are pouring in.  Sit with it for a while before making any long-term commitments.  You need time to let all the opportunities settle into a shape and form that you can really look at. 

It’s all a little nebulous right now.  A part of you is anxious to get going, Capricorn but how can you go when you have no feeling for the terrain?  Give yourself a little time to wrap your head around where you are.  Someone from the past is surfacing at a rather inconvenient time.  You get to decide what you want here.  Take your time. 

What’s yours isn’t going anywhere, Aquarius.  Meditating on this will help ease some of the anxiety you’re feeling about your life and recent opportunities.  You need to engage your creativity while you wait for more information.  A short trip can help you satisfy the need to see new things and take the pressure off the desire to surge ahead. 

Don’t let suspicion keep you from finding new joys, Pisces.  Your mind is struggling to make sense of some of the events in your life.  You can’t figure it out through intellect.  Feelings and impressions are more important now.  Open to a wider range of emotional experience and expression and you’ll see things in a new, amazing way.


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