Saturday, August 27, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 8/28 - 8/3

It's time to get off the fence and make a definitive decision, Aries.  Debating isn't moving you forward, not to mention sitting on a fence is completely uncomfortable!  Do not let fear drive your decision here. In other words don't choose the practical option unless it is what you want over the long term.  Big lessons are at every turn.  See the value in all that's unfolding now.

You're starting to freak yourself out with negative, internal banter.  It's probably just a way to keep from getting your hopes up but it's killing the joy available to you as well, Taurus.  All you really need is patience to continue on what might at times seem like a risky path.  You know what to do, so decide to lighten up and have more fun as you find your way.

Powerful energies are at your disposal this week Gemini.  It's as if you have a magic wand in your hand.  Be careful waving that thing around!  Be awake to what you're trying to accomplish and resist the urge to use your magic to bend the will of the universe in ways that might lead to breakage.  Notice emerging fears and find a way to reassure yourself.  All is well.

Trust the changes happening in your world this week, Cancer even if it seems like you're not getting closer to what you want.  You need a little more time to entertain all of your options before choosing a course of action.  Don't rush into anything just yet.  Old aches and pains are surfacing and distorting your world view.  Shake off the negativity and dare to be optimistic!

This week brings exciting and unexpected breakthroughs on many fronts.  It's difficult to find the focal point, so why try?  Give yourself over to the chaos a bit and let it refresh your creativity.  The one thing you want most of all appears to be on ice for now.  Do not let this become a reason to despair, Leo.  Healing is happening here and you'll see results soon.  Hang in there.

You're in the midst of a major shake-up Virgo.  There's no much you can besides roll with it.  Trying to exert control is only going to make you tense.  Meditate on staying as loose as you possibly can.  Open to new sources of support.  Love wants to come in and all you need to do is open the door.  Start putting the period at the end of an important chapter in the story of your life.

You are being pulled in two different directions and it's very difficult to find the balance this week, Libra.  If you step out of the role of peace-maker you might find a solid truth in the midst of the struggle.  There's no need to be hard on yourself for things you have no control over.  Shake it off.  Your creative energy is about to move into high gear.  Get ready to move!

You've had just about enough of an oppressive situation.  You might feel like you're being forced to participate in this Scorpio but you have more control than you realize and can unhook at any time.  Face it, you're fascinated.  An opportunity to expand your abundance might look daunting at first.  Small steps will lead you to amazing places.  Just put one foot in front of the other and go.

You simply don't have all the information you need to make a big decision.  You've got to wait just a little longer, Sagittarius.  This is probably not what you want to hear.  You're ready to move into new spaces and the thought of waiting feels oppressive and uncomfortable.  Ask yourself what can help you get more comfortable with your life as it is right now.  Once you put attention here, things will shift.

You are about to win the lottery, Capricorn.  Powerful energies are lining up for you to make a dream come true.  The problem is you have no idea it's coming and even worse, you don't really believe its possible.  Design to heal the cynicism that kills the magic in you.  Get moving on a project that's been languishing.  Putting attention here will offer you lots of healing on all levels.

Ge ready for a bit of a shock, Aquarius.  Unexpected developments and changes are coming and you might have a hard time getting your head around how quickly the landscape is shifting.  You have the ability a become more flexible now though it might be a bit of an effort.  Lose the fixed, stubborn quality you so love to identify and try on some fluidity.

Focus on what feels good this week Pisces.  You're in need of refreshment on all levels and it needs to be your top priority.  Worries about money and resources are dragging you down.  Could it be that you are psychically matching the fear around you and that in fact, you're actually fine?  Consider it.  Rest up because it's almost time to take a leap of faith.  You'll know when you're ready.


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