Saturday, August 6, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 8/7 - 8/13

Big lessons are hard to take in when there’s barely enough time to get through your normal responsibilities.  You’re not in the mood to integrate the myriad of growth opportunities available but there’s no getting around it.  Be open to changing your point of view on key issues that you’re been stubbornly defending.  Flexibility will serve you well this week, Aries. 

You have a lot of resources to bring to the table, Taurus.  Try not to worry when a minor threat appears out of nowhere.  You are easily spooked now and need to be careful to stay grounded.  Find a trusted friend to share your fears with.  You’ll soon see that there’s nothing to be afraid of.  Big gains are possible towards the end of the week if you’ve managed to stay open to the strange way opportunity has been presenting itself.

A wish can come true this week Gemini.  You’re afraid to believe that what you want is on the way.  You’ve been waiting for so long and kept the faith through many ups and downs.  Now that its almost here, there’s a little bit of ambivalence about what it is and what it can offer you.  What will you create next now that your dream is real?  Enjoy playing with all the magic in your world!

It very well might be slightly anti-climactic to get what you want this week but on another level it’s very satisfying and allows you to move your attention to new things.  Be patient with the process.  You have a wonderful growing sense that the resources you need are on hand in abundance.  The more you unhook from the idea that what you need is external, the easier it becomes to feel safe with who you are and what you have here and now.

Watch out for negativity in yourself and others this week, Leo.  It will creep up on you and keep you from enjoying what life has to offer.  You’re looking back at a decision you made long ago and feeling quite depressed about it.  Entertaining some kind of parallel reality based on “what if” is not in your best interest.  You’ve got to find a way to get peaceful with where you are right now if you want to shift into a more fulfilling space.

Your emotional energy feels slightly out of control this week, Virgo. Don’t resist your feelings because that’s where the power is.  Can you trust the information coming through your emotional body even if those feelings are painful and difficult to make sense of?  It’s time to indulge in activities that offer healing and a dose of nurturing.  Express yourself and let others be strong for you.

Patience is essential this week Libra.  It won’t be easy to match the slow pace of the world around you.  It’s actually not that slow but you have so much energy pushing for change inside your body that everything in the world feels stagnant, stuck and sluggish.  Exercise can help as well as creative projects that help you lose yourself for a bit.  The passion you feel isn’t going anywhere.  Stop worrying about missing out on it. 

Magical moments await you as you move through mundane tasks.  You might find a lost object or have other kinds of strange and wonderful coincidences. This reassures you and helps you stretch yourself into receiving more.  Communications are potent now.  Pay attention.  Important clues are coming through and if you give yourself a little time to contemplate, you’ll be amazed at what takes root in you.

It’s a tough week all around Sagittarius.  You don’t feel like you’re in a position to reach out and ask for help and things are a little grim in your inner world.  You want something so bad that it’s driving you to distraction but you seem unable to make a gesture to get your hands on it.  In your mind there is a storm of epic proportions about what’s right and what’s wrong and there’s absolutely no way for you to win the battle.  You can shift it anytime you’re ready. 

This is an excellent time for meditation.  If you can’t sit still then go for a nice, long walk.  Find ways to keep the energy moving through your body.  Forgiveness of yourself and the circumstances you find yourself in is essential if you want to move to something better.  Think of forgiveness as a river carrying you softly away from this troubled spot.  What you’ll discover once you start finding a quiet spot in your psyche is that all is truly well after all.

You’re done with something but refuse to put it down.  Why are you hanging on Aquarius?  Do you really think you can breathe new life into it and make it as special as it once was?  As you try and renew this thing, you are becoming more and more deflated at the thought that maybe you’re not very good at creating, or maybe you’re not doing it right.  Hopefully you will give yourself permission to move on soon because new delights are waiting to be discovered. 

Your heart is ready to expand, Pisces.  More love, healing and abundance are starting to flow.  This is an exciting week, filled with discovery and joy.  Your ability to receive miracles and blessings is expanding, which helps you move through some of your current difficulties more gracefully.  It’s a great time to take a risk at work or in love.  Enjoy this lovely cycle and make the most of it by expanding on what you think is possible for you.


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