Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Grass is Greener...

School starts tomorrow, which is exciting news 'round here, where kids have been running wild and I've been starting to crack up a bit over it.  Last night, we went to our school's open house to find out who had which teacher and to fill out any last minute paperwork.
My son got a new teacher, who seems really great.  I like her vibe. The thing is, when I saw who else was in the class I got a little worked up.  I see three, known trouble-makers in there and none of my son's good friends, with the exception of a whip-smart young girl who won the prize at our science fair last year.

This put me in a slight funk.  It made me wonder how schools make these decisions.  Is it random?  Why would the school put three difficult children in a class with a new teacher?  It made me wonder if my child would get the kind of focus I want him to get if the teacher is sidelined trying to reign in the tough kids.  I also wondered if perhaps I'm being a snob and maybe the kids I consider to be trouble-makers are actually ok.  Maybe I'm the one with the problem?

What do you think, friends?  Do I let this play out and trust that everything is as it should be or do I march down there and demand answers?  I'm going with the former and will try to get more involved this year to keep tabs on the situation.  As I pointed out to my husband, this dynamic could allow my son to be the star of the class along with the whip-smart girl because he is a hard worker and his social skills are great.  He's not the kind of kid to make a school at least.

This development along with a few others has gotten me thinking about the space of being unsatisfied.  It's so easy to slip into it and find all the flaws.  Why do we immediatley look for the problems in a situation?  I know I do it!

A friend called me this week and shared the shocking news that he may be headed for a divorce.  I had no idea.  As he shared some of the details of what's been going down, I couldn't help thinking about this space of being unsatisfied and how quickly we can convince ourselves that we need to leave and move on to greener pastures.

I'm not saying my friend shouldn't get a divorce, I'm just saying that once we start seeing the flaws, it's hard not to be overtaken by even more flaws.  We get into a certain mindset and that's all we see.  I'm working to be more mindful of the many ways I do this in my own life and that's why in some ways I want to let my son go through whatever it is that awaits him this year in school.

Dissatisfaction is so damn seductive!!  I don't want to say it's a United States thing but it's potent here.  We use it to push forward and discover new things.  We use it to get more, be more, have more.  We use it to create our lives but does it really deliver results?  What about creating from a more contented space?  What would that look like?  We fear this because we think we'll lose our edge if we get too comfortable.  It's like we have to be hyper vigilant or we might lose out on something.

So that's been the overarching theme this week for me.  Looking at the 'grass is greener reality' and then coming back to this moment...and back again.  Being here now isn't easy but it's exactly where the magic is.

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Judyc said...

I think you let it go and get more involved...the established teachers probably put up a lot of grief about getting those students, so they gave them to the new teacher and mixed in a couple of really good ones like your son and the other girl. I hope the troublemakers' parents don't read your blog!! :)

pedicabgirl said...

I think you have a right to know!!! My son also was put in a class with the biggest troublemaker. However he was lucky enuf to get his two best school buds. Its politics clearly and I asked my sons teacher last year and she said they try to equally divide the bad kids and good kids. Must be a hard thing to do. I wonder if the teachers sit around and pick students like a lottery for a sports team. The bad kids are last and no body wants them. :( maybe the new teacher will have the tools to deal with problem child. Go volunteer and see what's really going on! That's what I did last year and ended up befriending the problem child. Good luck to that sweet boy of yours!