Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cycles and Seasons

It's pretty quiet around these parts.  My belly awareness week devolved into me eating everything I could get my hands see how it felt in my belly?  Onward and upward as they say.  There's always this week to continue the awareness!

I've been thinking a lot about cycles and seasons as we move into Fall.  Cycles in jobs, relationships, our environment and our bodies.  Cycles of eating!!  So many cycles.

Mars recently entered Leo.  Mars takes roughly two years to go through all twelve signs and sometimes we can get a feeling for the current Mars cycle by looking back about two years or so. What was going on for you the last time Mars was in Leo?  Or the last time the moon was in late Libra/early Scorpio (which is more like a 30 day cycle.


It's easy to get lost in all of it and wonder what is going up and what's going down.  Seasons can help anchor things and whenever I lived in a region with subtle seasons I found my sense of time getting more fuzzy.  Let's get a feeling for where we're at in the seasons of our lives...

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 9/26 - 10/2


Redirect and use discipline if necessary.  Look away from the gaping spaces that feel empty and in need of healing.  If we stare at these too long, things start looking bleak.  Problems multiply and things get harder.  It's not needed so why are we doing it?  That's is something worthy of investigations this week.  What exactly are we searching for in such barren territory when there are green fields and flowering trees nearby?  Be aware of what's being chosen from moment to moment.  It IS a choice, so make the best of it.

Monday 9/26
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We may wish to lean back and relax a bit today but it's probably not going to happen.  The advantage to knowing is that there's no surprise.  If we know there won't be rest today, we'll be less likely to lament its lack of appearance.  Embrace what's happening and let the rest go.

Tuesday 9/27
The light is coming on today and showing us spaces that could use a little polish.  How to polish a great idea?  Try it on and give it the respect it deserves for being one awesome idea.  Let the inspiration spill into everything else around. 

Wednesday 9/28
The stakes feel high today and we might be surprised at the inner tension building as each second ticks by.  It feel like it's all in the world but really it all comes from deep inside.  We can challenge the tension and get out of the line of fire of it. 

Thursday 9/29
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It's time for preservation mode.  Turn it on, live it and love it.  Be in a conservation mind set as choices come along today.  What we pick from this space will feel right.  When we lose touch with what we have that needs protection and care, it's easy to tap into gratitude.

Friday 9/30
Do what's needed prepare for a new season, a new cycle.  Part of that means daydreaming about what's to come but even more than that, finish up the last few details that need attending to before things start shifting in a major way.

Saturday 10/1

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Get it all out in the open.  We don't need to lose our cool in order to experience a healing today. There are charged topics that need exploration and yet, with a little effort we can stay calm and cool and in the process, feel heard by a much larger and more appreciative audience.

Sunday 10/2
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We've had to witness quite a bit of unfairness of late.  There have been myriad examples of injustice and so now that there's a movement towards fairness, we might find ourselves wanting to go too far with punishments and consequences.  Be gentle and act with grace.

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We're going to need breaks from what's bothering us this week.  Take breaks and step away.  It will help in the long run.  Keep it simple and have fun with it.  There's no prize for the fastest processing of pain.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 9/25 - 10/1

You're involved in more than a handful of competitive situations this week and it's rapidly draining your energy.  Let yourself unhook from the emotional intensity of it all.  You're going to win some and lose some this week, Aries.  Be at peace with it and enjoy the spoils.

Abundance is yours this week Taurus and it will help you feel calmer and safer.  Relax a bit and let go of your tension about not having enough.  A new chapter is starting and you can rest assured that your needs will be provided for.  Get ready to give yourself that gift you've been putting off.

Good things are lining up for you Gemini.  All you have to do it open the door and let these things present themselves for your choosing.  Picking will be hard but the best kind of hard!  Be at peace with something that recently came to a close.  It's all good.

It's a powerful time period for you Cancer.  Opportunities are arriving from every corner of the Universe and it's a challenge to find a simple focus.  Healing is happening in ways you never could have imagined.  Let life play with you a bit now.  You're going to love where you end up.

Put the focus on healing, energy flow and rest, Leo.  Step away from all the demands on your time and energy and create a version of a spiritual retreat.  You will be so, so glad as you feel your optimism return and your sense of play grow stronger.  Big things are coming soon.  Get ready.

Power is coming to you Virgo.  You might not know what to do with it at first.  Let it sink in before deciding how to channel it.  Your patience will be tested this week as you work through a final layer of injustice that's been playing out.  Hold steady because your time is almost here.

It's a good week to get more active, Libra.  Be willing to take charge of areas of your life that have felt difficult and out of control.  Go ahead and confront whatever it is, head on.  You will be victorious to the degree that you get behind exactly what you want with no apology.

A surge of energy will help you take a big leap forward this week.  It's exciting and nerve racking all at the same time, Scorpio.  You need to make a decision and might feel rushed into it.  There's nothing to lose and so much to gain by just moving forward.  Do it.

You're gazing out into new territory wondering just where you might end up, Sagittarius.  It's exciting to have so many possibilities on the horizon.  A recent victory is difficult to relish because resolution didn't bring the peace you had hoped for.  It will come when you no longer need it.

It's time to take a radical turn, Capricorn.  You might not feel like you're ready but the time is drawing near, so start at the very least, preparing yourself mentally.  It's tempting to take a short cut now but doing so won't get you closer to what you want. 

You're getting so close to a desired outcome, Aquarius.  This is something you've wanted for a while and it's now coming your way.  Bigger opportunities for money and recognition are coming too.  Are you ready to be seen by a wider audience?  Prepare now.

You're a bit under the weather right now, Pisces.  You're tired and it's making everything seem a lot more challenging than it needs to be.  Tune in to the messages your body is sending you.  Listen and respond.  You will enjoy the wisdom coming through.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I'm trying to reclaim my belly. My belly often feels unreal and remote.  It's where nutrition is extracted, it's where cleansing happens monthly, it's where babies are grown (the last two observations depend on being a woman).  It's the core of the body.  It's belly-awareness week for me. 

I've been looking at my belly in the mirror.  I've been putting my hands on my belly just to feel it.  I've been sending loving vibes to my belly to sooth the ripples of discomfort that are so often centered here.

Gotta get my belly back, not back to where it was ten years ago just back to now.

This seems to be an emerging trend right now, the need to get back to our bodies, to own them, be in them and love them.  It's not as easy as it seems, is it?  The spirit is a whole different function and when we emphasize it, we sometimes pull away from the body as opposed to embracing it.  I often think that the whole point of human existence comes down to integrating body and spirit.  These two sometimes want go their own separate ways.

So how do we do this?  How do we integrate body and spirit so that we can really line up with the source in us, the spark of oneness? 

LOVE THAT BODY!!  Admire that belly, the melting pot of all the recipes being created, cooked and served to perfection.  The recipes of all we want.

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Also, Friday morning brings the GROUNDING AND PROTECTION MEDITATION at  Jump in and lets play with easy tools to help create more protection for our bodies.  The spirit can fly free but the body is here and has to deal with the complex and at times, overwhelming energy that comes our way.  Let's offer our lovely bodies the chance to feel safe in an often overwhelming and over-stimulating reality.  This helps bring the spirit IN.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Fortune Forecast 9/19 - 9/25


We have the potential this week to see far and see clearly.  It's a great time to get a plan of action together even if it's only the first few steps.  In fact, all that's needed to set the stage for change is a few small steps.  Don't let the grandiose vision become overwhelming.  Small actions add up and soon we're on to new, fantastic territory.  Feelings are great but logic is more dependable now.  Notice the feelings but lead with that clear, focused mind of yours.  We're about to launch.

Monday 9/19
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We might get distracted by one hundred and one things on our way to the core of what we're really looking for.  It's love, silly!  Loving the world, ourselves and everyone around is where we're trying to get to.  It might be a struggle but it's always there.  Get off the long road and take a short cut.

Tuesday 9/20
We're being way too hard on ourselves today.  All we see is how we might have done better or done more or made more happen.  This attitude is making everything that's perfectly fine seem not good enough.  It's time to get into the space of validation as opposed to invalidation.  Healing follows. 

Wednesday 9/21
Our creative energy is high right now and it's important for us to find outlets for all of it.  If we try and sit on it or wait until we have the time and space to explore it, it will rapidly become irritability and frustration.  Let's not do that!  At the very least, stay in motion and move that body to keep it all flowing.

Thursday 9/22
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If we're patient today, we'll win a small battle or two.  It's tempting to get defensive and reactive but really, just waiting it out will work wonders.  Focus on projects that are ripe and ready to move.  let the conflict play out and know that the truth will become evident soon.  This will right the situation quickly.

Friday 9/23
We're sensitive today and every interaction has the potential to set off a reaction.  It's hard not to let it all slip into a pile of crud.  We might need a trusted friend to confer with to see if we're misinterpreting things and taking it all too much to heart.  If there's no way to snap out of it, go into it and get it over with.  

Saturday 9/24
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It's a day made for fun and recreation.  Sure there are responsibilities that might need attention.  Who cares?  Seriously...nothing terrible will happen if we decide to take a break and indulge in some celebration.  Put attention on what brings pleasure and then go ahead and indulge.

Sunday 9/25
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We're finally getting the payoff for hard work that was seemingly relentless and at times, thankless.  It feels good and it will help us restore our energy so that we can move forward into new things with confidence and renewed enthusiasm.  Enjoy the spoils!

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Sometimes we have to disconnect from all the emotional noise in our bodies to see a clear path and plan.  We can use logic this week to get closer to what we want.  Notice the negative voice that wants to creep in and stop all the progress.  It's just energy and like stepping out of a suit, we can let this all slide away, leaving us free and open to what IS and what can BE.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 9/18 - 9/24


Opportunities are coming your way, Aries.  Some of them dredge up uncertainty and insecurity.  You doubt your ability to handle it all.  Perhaps it’s time to let go of some projects you’ve been involved in that don’t feel fresh?  Don’t hesitate to be discriminating with your time and attention.  A relationship offers a safe haven and a place to rest.  Let your partner give you the support you need.


Your mind is entertaining all kinds of worst-case scenarios, Taurus.  It’s hard to snap out of the negativity.  A walk or yoga session can help immensely.  In other words, you’ll find relief by coming back to your body.  Come back from the future and all the unknowns out there.  Part of what’s driving you crazy is a lack of information about something you’re heavily invested in.  Soon, you will know.

The answers you need will come to you Gemini and when they do, you’ll see that there’s nothing to worry about.  Until then, pretend you have already gotten the reassurance you need.  A relationship is demanding your attention and care.  You are reluctant to let it distract you from pressing matters.  Healing can be found in this space so don’t hesitate to make it more of a priority.  A small shift in communication will help you feel supported and loved.

Trying to do things the same old way just isn’t working, Cancer.  It’s time to get creative and take a risk or two.  You are bored but in denial about it.  Your time is completely taken up with projects that are less than passionate.  This cycle will end as soon as you decide to end it.  Be willing to put a dream front and center.  Don’t let anyone talk you out of pursuing this dream. 

You will awaken to your magic to the degree that you give yourself permission to, Leo.  A new friendship or romance is helping you see something you forgot about yourself.  It feels good to rediscover hidden wisdom.  Others are counting on your leadership this week.  Don’t hesitate to take on an authority.  Your expertise is needed.  Heavy feelings of responsibility need to be replaced with playful amusement.

A fantasy is rapidly becoming an obsession.  This dream once offered relief from stress but now it’s become infused with stress and self-doubt. The funny thing is, even if this came to pass, it wouldn’t create the amazing fulfillment you think it would, Virgo.  Try and find a way to take a break from it, before it starts to create unnecessary pain. You’ll feel so much better when equilibrium is found.

You’re not sure which direction to go now, Libra.  There are many different paths opening up.  Put off making a decision until you feel it more deeply in your bones.  That moment is coming and with it, the energy you need to go forward quickly and efficiently.  Balance and moderation are important themes this week.  What has been neglected of late?  Come back to this space and give it a healing.

A big lesson is pushing you to see yourself differently, Scorpio.  This could be a bit painful, based on your willingness to shift.  A part of you is desperately trying to hold it together and preserve the foundation you worked hard to create.  The thing is, that foundation is rapidly becoming a prison.  Be willing to get bigger in your energy and in your dream space. 

You seem to feel thwarted at every turn this week, Sagittarius.  Notice the word feel. In actuality you’re making great progress but it’s not moving as quickly as you would like it to.  Don’t let the sluggish pace keep you form enjoying the journey.  In fact the more you enjoy taking each step, the easier and more quickly you’ll get to the goal.  There’s a
wealth of information and resources available to help you along the way.

Can you set yourself free and jump into the void?  Yes you can!  Anger will help you identify areas that need change, Capricorn.  Use the irritability to clean out old agreements.  You can find support if you need it.  There are lots of folks who are just dying to give you a helping hand.  Let them help you.  Be generous when expressing appreciation.  It will deepen the seeds of trust and love.

Stop trying to do it all alone, Aquarius!  An unexpected piece of news has you scrambling to adjust your plans. Though this event will shake you, it will also free up a lot of creative energy.  When the dust settles, you’ll be surprised and delighted with what takes shape.  Resist the urge to beat yourself up. It’s so easy to do but it won’t make you more productive. On the contrary, it will slow things down even more.

You seem to be unable to focus on anything other than what’s not working. Though you are an amazing problem solver, check in to see if you’re not adding energy to a problem just to have something to solve.  Life can be easy this week, Pisces if you let it.  You are blaming yourself for something that wasn’t really your fault.  Staying in this mindset helps defend you against feelings of helplessness.  Step away and get a fresh perspective. 


Thursday, September 15, 2011


I meant to post yesterday but life had other plans.  Yesterday, my dear daughter turned five.  I found myself a little unprepared and had to rush down to Denver for some last minute gifts.  I was feeling a little irritated about having waited until the last minute.  It was a gray day and the stores were filled with sleepy people.  No one seemed really grounded or present but I might have been projecting a bit.

I was walking around in a storm cloud, so to speak.  I had a little frown on my face as I trudged around trying to find the perfect thing.  I could feel the heavy energy around me and I wasn't bothered by it.  It sometimes feels like a way to keep people from intruding.  I bet you know what I'm talking about!

I got the gifts worked out and headed over to the grocery store.  We had invited a couple friends over for dinner, so I needed to stock up.  Once I got there, I realized that I had forgotten my list, which meant I circled around inside the store about four times trying to remember everything.  This was not helping my mood...

All of a sudden, a handsome man walked by.  He had a crisp, white shirt on and he was impeccably groomed.  We glanced at each other for a second and it was as if I could hear him asking me "Am I not fantastic?"  I found myself thinking "YES!  You are fantastic!"  After that, I found myself smiling.  His swagger cheered me up so much.

I'm not sure what was so wonderful about that interaction.  Was it wonderful because that beautiful man wanted MY validation?  Was it wonderful just to see so much confidence?  Was it wonderful because in that moment no problems existed and it was just this man and his beauty? Was it wonderful because under that swagger there was a ton of boyish vulnerability?  Who cares!  It cheered me up and for that I was grateful.

Swagger...I want some!  And I want you to have some too. Let's try it on for size.  Let's walk like the proud peacock.  Puff it up!  Mars is about to move from Cancer to Leo, which is going to get all of us feeling more willing to get out in the world and interact.  We're going to want to be admired.  I for one am excited about Mars moving into Leo because the Mars in Cancer cycle's been a bit moody.  We're about to shake off those little clouds we carry and shine like the Sun.  Yay!

Tonight (9/15) in the Stonestreet Cafe, we're going to explore the energy of fanaticism.  Are you a fanatic of some kind?  Being a fanatic can be fun and passionate.  It can help us get motivated and focused but it can also get out of control and cause a narrowing of our view.  Let's take a look at this together on Thursday in the Stonestreet Cafe at  6pm pacific/9pm eastern.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Fortune Forecast 9/12 - 9/18


It's time to get assertive and strive for a desired outcome or two.  There's really nothing to lose and so much to gain.  Just do it!  Stop thinking and take action.  In the end, it hardly matters what happens.  What matters is that there was a concerted effort and an extension and willingness to pursue what's wanted.  It doesn't matter what we want either so don't get bogged down in an internal debate about whether the goal is worthy or noble.  Just go and see what happens.  Taking action will bring amazing results of one kind or another.

Monday 9/12
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We're bogged down in an internal struggle today.  This is a bit of a problem since now's the time to surge forward.  The upside to this internal battle is that we're getting very clear about exactly what it is that we want and need.  Knowing this will make it easier to move ahead once the dust settles.

Tuesday 9/13
We have the opportunity to day to see clearly and see far.  This brings relief but it might also stir a little bit of regret that we weren't able to make progress sooner.  There's no way to push the river and be ahead of where we're at so we might as well make peace and give ourselves a fresh start now.

Wednesday 9/14
Who needs perfection?  Just drop that notion now and get with what's unfolding now.  We can pause and create joy no matter what might be going down in and around us.  Let's do it!  Let's stop and create a little magic before getting back to our primary focus.  A lift in spirits will sweeten all outcomes.

Thursday 9/15
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There's no way around some of the painful energy that's emerging today.  We need to stop and honor the memories and feelings that are so close to the surface.  Most of it is deeply rooted in the past but that doesn't necessarily make it easier to bear.  let this stuff come on up and out once and for all.

Friday 9/16
It's almost impossible not to feel the shadows of doubt lurking in every corner.  We're simply very vulnerable to heavier energies today whether we want to be or not.  Instead of avoiding the fear, why not face it?  If we allow ourselves to really be wit it for a moment of more, we'll see it's really not that bad.

Saturday 9/17
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We have the urge to clamp down today and defend what we feel might be under attack.  This actually stops the flow of energy and offers very little protection.  Perhaps it's better to just open up and let it all move around.  Let the chips fall where they may, so to speak and know all will be safe and protected.

Sunday 9/18
happy hour at from noon-4pm pacific
Love it up!  Spread it around.  Be it, radiate it, feel it.  Notice it and embrace it.  Relish it and create it.  Make the day a tribute to love and loving.  Be generous with anyone and everyone.  Watch the magic get amplified from this very sacred and lovely space.  It's magic!

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To get more of what we want, we have to be willing to admit what we want.  Some of our desires are shrouded in secrecy and internal judgement.  This is not healthy or helpful.  Let's slough it off and get a space of neutrality so that we can at least take an honest look at what's driving us.  From there, we can create it or update it.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 9/10 - 9/16

You are pushing too hard for a desired outcome, Aries.  Take a break for a minute and recognize that you don’t have as much control as you would like, or maybe a better way of saying it is, you have control but it works differently than you think.  Part of your struggle this week is the feeling that it’s all up to you. You are opening up to more power.  Expect it to feel uncomfortable for a bit.

There seems to be a lack of support and guidance this week, Taurus.  The responsibility you feel is crushing.  Do what you can to lighten up.  A sense of humor will help you find creative solutions and have fun doing it.  Mood swings might have you confused and uncertain.  There doesn’t seem to be a rational explanation for some of your feelings.  Stop looking for one and just let these feelings move though you. 

Something you invested a lot of time and energy into has not turned out the way you wanted it to, Gemini.  It doesn’t look or feel like what you want.  Before you cast it aside, allow yourself some space and time to get back to neutrality.  If you can step out of the criticism, you’ll discover something fantastic.  Perhaps you’re getting what you want after all, it’s just wearing a funny costume.

Mood swings are making it difficult to get anything done this week, Cancer.  You’re on the verge of a breakthrough and the discovery of a new passion.  Knowing that, you can relax into everything happening now.  Your feelings are valid but it’s important to find a productive outlet for them.  Channel the energy and create a masterpiece or two.  You have everything needed to do so.

Watch your temper this week Leo.  Minor irritations have the potential to blow up into major conflicts.  You have a lot of energy and need to find creative ways to blow off steam.  There’s something about the changing of the seasons that’s rubbing you the wrong way.  Perhaps you’re looking back with regret, which is not helpful or necessary.  Do what you can to open your heart to the magic of the now.

It’s your kind of week, Virgo, filled with lots of earthy stability.  Enjoy the foundation you’ve worked so hard to perfect.  Though you don’t have everything you want just yet, you have plenty of what you need.  It’s an excellent time to upgrade your self-care routine.  Is there something small you can add that will boost vitality and wellbeing?  Do it now.

Give yourself a gift this week and don’t think twice about it.  As you create more harmony and pleasure in your environment, you’ll notice that your creative energy goes up a notch or two and new passions take root.  As the week rolls by, an amazing opportunity appears.  You won’t have time to debate the merits of it.  Act fast.  You won’t be sorry.

There are lovely energies available to help you heal and grow, Scorpio.  These energies are subtle and hard to quantify.  Be open to the miracles that want to manifest this week.  There are plenty available.  Activities that quiet the mind can help you make the most of the opportunities available.  Make relationships a top priority no matter how much work needs to be done.  Your spirit needs refreshment and it won’t be found at work.

Take breaks this week, Sagittarius knowing that by giving to yourself this way, you can return to your many projects feeling energized and focused.  Someone you love dearly is embroiled in a powerful drama.  You might be tempted to get involved thinking it will help.  Stay on the sidelines and be a good listener. This is not for you to work out.   Even offering an opinion can complicate the situation.  Just listen.

A cycle is coming to a close, gracefully and easily.  This ending will free you up for new projects, which feels really, really good.  Even better, you are being recognized and rewarded for your effort.  Perhaps it’s time to give yourself a treat or two?  Go ahead and indulge, Capricorn.  The validation will strengthen you for the next leg of the journey. 

Healing energies are infusing you with renewed hope about a space you’d almost given up on.  It will take time to see this become what you want, so get ready to work patiently.  If you have the time and the inclination, a short trip could open you to new ideas and offer much-needed refreshment.  Can you give yourself permission to take a break, Aquarius?  If leaving town’s not an option, create a vacation at home.

It’s a big week for you, Pisces.  There are unseen forces moving you into new challenges whether you feel ready or not. It’s difficult to figure out why you feel the way you do.  Does the why really matter?  Cultivate acceptance and trust that you are being guided.  A bump in the road will cause havoc to the degree of your resistance.  Stay loose and you will move through the rough patch with grace.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Here in the Rocky Mountains, the weather seems to be turning quickly from summer to fall.  Though the leaves have not yet started to change color, the fog has rolled in over the last few days and the air feels different.  I found myself scrambling yesterday afternoon to get the kids a couple of heavier coats.  It all happened so fast.

It gets me thinking about how change comes up quickly, even when we KNOW it's coming.  We can see certain events in the future and suddenly they're upon us and we may or may not be prepared.  The way the fog rolled in this week is a great metaphor for life in current times.

We may be planning a trip for months but when it's time to go, it feels like it sneaks up on us.  We may be getting ready to move but when the day comes, it's overwhelming and there are so many details that need attending to NOW.  WE may be ready for that job change, wedding, divorce, etc and yet when the time comes to make it real, it gets a little intense no matter how prepared we thought we were.

We know what's coming sometimes but that doesn't always guarantee that we're ready.

I've been watching people go through massive changes lately, at work and in relationships.  A lot of the changes were wanted and perhaps even anticipated but now that they're upon us, it's a bit of a scramble to get adjusted.  Perhaps you can relate to this as you wrap your mind around the acceleration a lot of us are experiencing these days?

Foggy thinking can result from our struggle to adjust.  When in the midst of it all we find ourselves digging to try and find some kind of core to grab onto.  So many people are calling me and saying they just don't know what to do.  If you don't know, consider waiting just a bit.  There's no harm in waiting until we have the clarity we need to speak and act in ways that communicate our truth and what we want.  Just wait a bit...

It also helps to have someone who can listen and help get to the truth of what's really going on.  I would love to speak with you at about the fog in your life.  We're having some big sales over the weekend and on into Monday in celebration of the Harvest Moon.  Stop by Sunday morning for some of our lowest rates. I will be there!

Consider joining me on Friday at for my GROUNDING AND PROTECTION MEDITATION.  This 20 minute session will get your energy clear and focused.  Let's cut through that fog and get back in touch with the core of who we are and what we want.  There are no guarantees in life that we'll get everything we want, but we can certainly get closer when we figure out what it is that we DO want and what needs to be cleared away to make space for it.

I'm going to replay Stonestreet Cafe #53...TRAVELER, Thursday at 6pm PST/9pm EST at  I know you'll enjoy this particular show and it's relevant.Exploring the world is expansive and putting attention on those less fortunate can give us fresh perspective.  Take it from my guest, Morgan Smith who's spent much of his life searching, seeking and serving.  Perhaps reaching out to help someone in need can help shift the fog and bring much needed clarity?  If that isn't the perfect Virgo pursuit, I don't know what is!

I hope to see you over the next few days at and  Let's move with grace to the next amazing space!!


Monday, September 5, 2011

Fortune Forecast 9/5 - 9/11


Life is a bit tumultuous this week.  We could see it as a nauseating carnival ride, or a thrilling river raft trip through the rapids.  Attitude is everything right now and can make the difference between having an amazing adventure or living in a state of anxiety and panic.  Trust what's happening.  Great gifts will emerge from our troubles.  We are about to experience a major breakthrough and enter a space that is much freer and easier.  It's hard to believe, so faith is called for.  Bring it in.

Monday 9/5
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It's not the most exciting day.  We need to put our heads down and focus now.  We're building towards a desired outcome and we've got to hold steady.  Say not to distractions and get some work done.  It will feel fulfilling in ways we can only imagine as we start the day. 

Tuesday 9/6
We're stuck in a scary space and have temporarily forgotten what and who we are.  It's hard to shake out of it.  Perhaps calling a friend can help?  We need a reality check from someone who can see more clearly than we can at this point.  Don't linger in the dark corners.  Come back into the light.

Wednesday 9/7
We're missing out on a lot by not looking further into the unfolding horizon.  Our goals are immediate and pressing but what about bigger dreams and aspirations?  Let's keep sight of the larger themes we're playing with and let the magic carry us through the petty struggles.

Thursday 9/8
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It's important to speak the truth, even if it feels like it might upset the apple cart.  There's a lot of rotting fruit on that cart!  Tip it over and start fresh.  Clarify what's working and not working.  Getting it all out will lighten the load and bring us back to joy.  It seems counter intuitive but it works.

Friday 9/9
We're revisiting our roots today and reclaiming old traditions that once brought meaning and depth into our lives.  We can update these rituals and traditions to fit where we're at now.  Take time to make life a little more sacred with thoughtful expressions of creativity.  Gifts will materialize from this exercise.  

Saturday 9/10
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We need to see and feel new things now.  It's important that we give ourselves permission to consider far out viewpoints and alternative paths.  Just thinking about different approaches will help us figure out the best next step for our particular goals and challenges.

Sunday 9/11
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Find the mid point of the inner conflict.  There is one!  When we find the center, we can create the compromise we need to get back in action.  Stop pushing forward and just rest.  This requires a degree of faith that all will be well whether we apply effort or not.  It will be and it is, well.

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Do what it takes to find the calm, quiet voice inside.  Work with the body to stay calm and quell the emotional storms that might rise up this week.  Nurture, nourish and love your way through the excitement of breaking free.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 9/4 - 9/10

Get ready for big changes, Aries.  These are changes you want and need but as you move through it all, you might wonder what you were thinking.  You're on the cusp of needing to make a major decision and might not feel ready yet.  Just jump into something and see what happens.  There's no need to over think it.  You will prosper no matter what path you choose.

You are on the cusp of clarity, Taurus.  Hang in there until you know for certain the facts you need to pick a course of action.  It's important that you speak your truth now, even if it's scary.  Something painful is starting to build in the background of your life.  Be willing to confront it before it spins out of control.  You know what to do, now you just need to trust in yourself to get it done.

It's time to surrender to a situation that just doesn't shift, no matter how hard you try.  There's no failure here, Gemini.  Be willing to move forward knowing bigger opportunities await you up ahead.  You've got to start deciding where to invest your energy and paring down on some of your commitments.  Finding a more refined focus will deliver the results you've been seeking.

Put aside your huge pile of projects and make time to play.  You need a break, Cancer and a break can help restore much-needed energy so that you can accomplish more, faster.  Friends and loved ones are waiting for you to make them more of a priority. Don't keep them waiting another second!  There is so much to love about your life these days.  See it, feel it, LOVE it.

You've had your fill of something that once brought pleasure and fulfillment.  It's becoming clear that the well has run dry here, Leo.  Don't fret because new delights are coming your way.  First you need to make space to discover them.  Hard work is demanding a lot of attention.  It will all pay off soon, so have fun while you continue to chip away at a big project.

It's time to get more creative, Virgo in your approach to stubborn problems.  You can make a miracle or two this week if you just try a new angle.  Experiment and see what happens.  As your creativity finds new outlets, you'll create healing across the board.  You're so ready, too.  It's time to leave the past behind, especially the parts you still regret or judge yourself for.  Move forward now.

It's going to be an amazing week, Libra so hold on to your hat.  So many wonderful developments are coming to fruition that you have no idea where to focus.  Love is abundant and you seem to have the answers you need from moment to moment to make the most of all that's happening.  Make sure you slow down a bit when you can.  When life gets big, it's easy to get tuckered out.

You've got to let go of a situation that is rapidly becoming torturous. You're not going to win an award for enduring this, Scorpio.  Cut yourself loose for better things.  A new business of investment opportunity is very promising.  Success won't happen overnight but if you hang in there, good things will come to pass here.  Use your ability to focus and dig into new magic.

You need to hold the course this week, Sagittarius, despite feelings of wanderlust.  You are so close to a big breakthrough that it would be a shame to drift away before the reward comes.  Be diligent and limit distractions.  Someone close to you can assist by helping you see creative approaches to the parts of the project that feel stuck and stagnant.  Consult and apply what you learn.

A big idea has you feeling a bit overwhelmed, Capricorn.  You don't need to know everything just yet.  It'll all come together for you.  In the meantime, spend a little time feeling good about all your skills and abilities.  You've got so much to offer but you need to know it in order to bring it to bear.  Find a little time to slip away and play.  It will do you a world of good.

Expect things to move and move quickly this week, Aquarius.  You are a bit under the weather and the timing might feel inconvenient but do what you can to make hay while the sun shines.  A recent disappointment is hard to shake off but someone who loves you is about to offer you a different perspective, one that will help you let go and move on.  What a relief!

Get ready for a big wish to come true.  It's just in the nick of time, Pisces because you've been a little low on inspiration.  Enjoy the bounty and abundance in your world this week. Whether you realize it or not, you've earned it all and it is time to celebrate.  You won't be lonely.  Many people want your attention and energy now.  Be discriminating about how you give and bask in the adoration.