Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cycles and Seasons

It's pretty quiet around these parts.  My belly awareness week devolved into me eating everything I could get my hands see how it felt in my belly?  Onward and upward as they say.  There's always this week to continue the awareness!

I've been thinking a lot about cycles and seasons as we move into Fall.  Cycles in jobs, relationships, our environment and our bodies.  Cycles of eating!!  So many cycles.

Mars recently entered Leo.  Mars takes roughly two years to go through all twelve signs and sometimes we can get a feeling for the current Mars cycle by looking back about two years or so. What was going on for you the last time Mars was in Leo?  Or the last time the moon was in late Libra/early Scorpio (which is more like a 30 day cycle.


It's easy to get lost in all of it and wonder what is going up and what's going down.  Seasons can help anchor things and whenever I lived in a region with subtle seasons I found my sense of time getting more fuzzy.  Let's get a feeling for where we're at in the seasons of our lives...

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