Saturday, September 17, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 9/18 - 9/24


Opportunities are coming your way, Aries.  Some of them dredge up uncertainty and insecurity.  You doubt your ability to handle it all.  Perhaps it’s time to let go of some projects you’ve been involved in that don’t feel fresh?  Don’t hesitate to be discriminating with your time and attention.  A relationship offers a safe haven and a place to rest.  Let your partner give you the support you need.


Your mind is entertaining all kinds of worst-case scenarios, Taurus.  It’s hard to snap out of the negativity.  A walk or yoga session can help immensely.  In other words, you’ll find relief by coming back to your body.  Come back from the future and all the unknowns out there.  Part of what’s driving you crazy is a lack of information about something you’re heavily invested in.  Soon, you will know.

The answers you need will come to you Gemini and when they do, you’ll see that there’s nothing to worry about.  Until then, pretend you have already gotten the reassurance you need.  A relationship is demanding your attention and care.  You are reluctant to let it distract you from pressing matters.  Healing can be found in this space so don’t hesitate to make it more of a priority.  A small shift in communication will help you feel supported and loved.

Trying to do things the same old way just isn’t working, Cancer.  It’s time to get creative and take a risk or two.  You are bored but in denial about it.  Your time is completely taken up with projects that are less than passionate.  This cycle will end as soon as you decide to end it.  Be willing to put a dream front and center.  Don’t let anyone talk you out of pursuing this dream. 

You will awaken to your magic to the degree that you give yourself permission to, Leo.  A new friendship or romance is helping you see something you forgot about yourself.  It feels good to rediscover hidden wisdom.  Others are counting on your leadership this week.  Don’t hesitate to take on an authority.  Your expertise is needed.  Heavy feelings of responsibility need to be replaced with playful amusement.

A fantasy is rapidly becoming an obsession.  This dream once offered relief from stress but now it’s become infused with stress and self-doubt. The funny thing is, even if this came to pass, it wouldn’t create the amazing fulfillment you think it would, Virgo.  Try and find a way to take a break from it, before it starts to create unnecessary pain. You’ll feel so much better when equilibrium is found.

You’re not sure which direction to go now, Libra.  There are many different paths opening up.  Put off making a decision until you feel it more deeply in your bones.  That moment is coming and with it, the energy you need to go forward quickly and efficiently.  Balance and moderation are important themes this week.  What has been neglected of late?  Come back to this space and give it a healing.

A big lesson is pushing you to see yourself differently, Scorpio.  This could be a bit painful, based on your willingness to shift.  A part of you is desperately trying to hold it together and preserve the foundation you worked hard to create.  The thing is, that foundation is rapidly becoming a prison.  Be willing to get bigger in your energy and in your dream space. 

You seem to feel thwarted at every turn this week, Sagittarius.  Notice the word feel. In actuality you’re making great progress but it’s not moving as quickly as you would like it to.  Don’t let the sluggish pace keep you form enjoying the journey.  In fact the more you enjoy taking each step, the easier and more quickly you’ll get to the goal.  There’s a
wealth of information and resources available to help you along the way.

Can you set yourself free and jump into the void?  Yes you can!  Anger will help you identify areas that need change, Capricorn.  Use the irritability to clean out old agreements.  You can find support if you need it.  There are lots of folks who are just dying to give you a helping hand.  Let them help you.  Be generous when expressing appreciation.  It will deepen the seeds of trust and love.

Stop trying to do it all alone, Aquarius!  An unexpected piece of news has you scrambling to adjust your plans. Though this event will shake you, it will also free up a lot of creative energy.  When the dust settles, you’ll be surprised and delighted with what takes shape.  Resist the urge to beat yourself up. It’s so easy to do but it won’t make you more productive. On the contrary, it will slow things down even more.

You seem to be unable to focus on anything other than what’s not working. Though you are an amazing problem solver, check in to see if you’re not adding energy to a problem just to have something to solve.  Life can be easy this week, Pisces if you let it.  You are blaming yourself for something that wasn’t really your fault.  Staying in this mindset helps defend you against feelings of helplessness.  Step away and get a fresh perspective. 


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