Saturday, September 24, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 9/25 - 10/1

You're involved in more than a handful of competitive situations this week and it's rapidly draining your energy.  Let yourself unhook from the emotional intensity of it all.  You're going to win some and lose some this week, Aries.  Be at peace with it and enjoy the spoils.

Abundance is yours this week Taurus and it will help you feel calmer and safer.  Relax a bit and let go of your tension about not having enough.  A new chapter is starting and you can rest assured that your needs will be provided for.  Get ready to give yourself that gift you've been putting off.

Good things are lining up for you Gemini.  All you have to do it open the door and let these things present themselves for your choosing.  Picking will be hard but the best kind of hard!  Be at peace with something that recently came to a close.  It's all good.

It's a powerful time period for you Cancer.  Opportunities are arriving from every corner of the Universe and it's a challenge to find a simple focus.  Healing is happening in ways you never could have imagined.  Let life play with you a bit now.  You're going to love where you end up.

Put the focus on healing, energy flow and rest, Leo.  Step away from all the demands on your time and energy and create a version of a spiritual retreat.  You will be so, so glad as you feel your optimism return and your sense of play grow stronger.  Big things are coming soon.  Get ready.

Power is coming to you Virgo.  You might not know what to do with it at first.  Let it sink in before deciding how to channel it.  Your patience will be tested this week as you work through a final layer of injustice that's been playing out.  Hold steady because your time is almost here.

It's a good week to get more active, Libra.  Be willing to take charge of areas of your life that have felt difficult and out of control.  Go ahead and confront whatever it is, head on.  You will be victorious to the degree that you get behind exactly what you want with no apology.

A surge of energy will help you take a big leap forward this week.  It's exciting and nerve racking all at the same time, Scorpio.  You need to make a decision and might feel rushed into it.  There's nothing to lose and so much to gain by just moving forward.  Do it.

You're gazing out into new territory wondering just where you might end up, Sagittarius.  It's exciting to have so many possibilities on the horizon.  A recent victory is difficult to relish because resolution didn't bring the peace you had hoped for.  It will come when you no longer need it.

It's time to take a radical turn, Capricorn.  You might not feel like you're ready but the time is drawing near, so start at the very least, preparing yourself mentally.  It's tempting to take a short cut now but doing so won't get you closer to what you want. 

You're getting so close to a desired outcome, Aquarius.  This is something you've wanted for a while and it's now coming your way.  Bigger opportunities for money and recognition are coming too.  Are you ready to be seen by a wider audience?  Prepare now.

You're a bit under the weather right now, Pisces.  You're tired and it's making everything seem a lot more challenging than it needs to be.  Tune in to the messages your body is sending you.  Listen and respond.  You will enjoy the wisdom coming through.


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