Saturday, September 3, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 9/4 - 9/10

Get ready for big changes, Aries.  These are changes you want and need but as you move through it all, you might wonder what you were thinking.  You're on the cusp of needing to make a major decision and might not feel ready yet.  Just jump into something and see what happens.  There's no need to over think it.  You will prosper no matter what path you choose.

You are on the cusp of clarity, Taurus.  Hang in there until you know for certain the facts you need to pick a course of action.  It's important that you speak your truth now, even if it's scary.  Something painful is starting to build in the background of your life.  Be willing to confront it before it spins out of control.  You know what to do, now you just need to trust in yourself to get it done.

It's time to surrender to a situation that just doesn't shift, no matter how hard you try.  There's no failure here, Gemini.  Be willing to move forward knowing bigger opportunities await you up ahead.  You've got to start deciding where to invest your energy and paring down on some of your commitments.  Finding a more refined focus will deliver the results you've been seeking.

Put aside your huge pile of projects and make time to play.  You need a break, Cancer and a break can help restore much-needed energy so that you can accomplish more, faster.  Friends and loved ones are waiting for you to make them more of a priority. Don't keep them waiting another second!  There is so much to love about your life these days.  See it, feel it, LOVE it.

You've had your fill of something that once brought pleasure and fulfillment.  It's becoming clear that the well has run dry here, Leo.  Don't fret because new delights are coming your way.  First you need to make space to discover them.  Hard work is demanding a lot of attention.  It will all pay off soon, so have fun while you continue to chip away at a big project.

It's time to get more creative, Virgo in your approach to stubborn problems.  You can make a miracle or two this week if you just try a new angle.  Experiment and see what happens.  As your creativity finds new outlets, you'll create healing across the board.  You're so ready, too.  It's time to leave the past behind, especially the parts you still regret or judge yourself for.  Move forward now.

It's going to be an amazing week, Libra so hold on to your hat.  So many wonderful developments are coming to fruition that you have no idea where to focus.  Love is abundant and you seem to have the answers you need from moment to moment to make the most of all that's happening.  Make sure you slow down a bit when you can.  When life gets big, it's easy to get tuckered out.

You've got to let go of a situation that is rapidly becoming torturous. You're not going to win an award for enduring this, Scorpio.  Cut yourself loose for better things.  A new business of investment opportunity is very promising.  Success won't happen overnight but if you hang in there, good things will come to pass here.  Use your ability to focus and dig into new magic.

You need to hold the course this week, Sagittarius, despite feelings of wanderlust.  You are so close to a big breakthrough that it would be a shame to drift away before the reward comes.  Be diligent and limit distractions.  Someone close to you can assist by helping you see creative approaches to the parts of the project that feel stuck and stagnant.  Consult and apply what you learn.

A big idea has you feeling a bit overwhelmed, Capricorn.  You don't need to know everything just yet.  It'll all come together for you.  In the meantime, spend a little time feeling good about all your skills and abilities.  You've got so much to offer but you need to know it in order to bring it to bear.  Find a little time to slip away and play.  It will do you a world of good.

Expect things to move and move quickly this week, Aquarius.  You are a bit under the weather and the timing might feel inconvenient but do what you can to make hay while the sun shines.  A recent disappointment is hard to shake off but someone who loves you is about to offer you a different perspective, one that will help you let go and move on.  What a relief!

Get ready for a big wish to come true.  It's just in the nick of time, Pisces because you've been a little low on inspiration.  Enjoy the bounty and abundance in your world this week. Whether you realize it or not, you've earned it all and it is time to celebrate.  You won't be lonely.  Many people want your attention and energy now.  Be discriminating about how you give and bask in the adoration.


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