Thursday, September 15, 2011


I meant to post yesterday but life had other plans.  Yesterday, my dear daughter turned five.  I found myself a little unprepared and had to rush down to Denver for some last minute gifts.  I was feeling a little irritated about having waited until the last minute.  It was a gray day and the stores were filled with sleepy people.  No one seemed really grounded or present but I might have been projecting a bit.

I was walking around in a storm cloud, so to speak.  I had a little frown on my face as I trudged around trying to find the perfect thing.  I could feel the heavy energy around me and I wasn't bothered by it.  It sometimes feels like a way to keep people from intruding.  I bet you know what I'm talking about!

I got the gifts worked out and headed over to the grocery store.  We had invited a couple friends over for dinner, so I needed to stock up.  Once I got there, I realized that I had forgotten my list, which meant I circled around inside the store about four times trying to remember everything.  This was not helping my mood...

All of a sudden, a handsome man walked by.  He had a crisp, white shirt on and he was impeccably groomed.  We glanced at each other for a second and it was as if I could hear him asking me "Am I not fantastic?"  I found myself thinking "YES!  You are fantastic!"  After that, I found myself smiling.  His swagger cheered me up so much.

I'm not sure what was so wonderful about that interaction.  Was it wonderful because that beautiful man wanted MY validation?  Was it wonderful just to see so much confidence?  Was it wonderful because in that moment no problems existed and it was just this man and his beauty? Was it wonderful because under that swagger there was a ton of boyish vulnerability?  Who cares!  It cheered me up and for that I was grateful.

Swagger...I want some!  And I want you to have some too. Let's try it on for size.  Let's walk like the proud peacock.  Puff it up!  Mars is about to move from Cancer to Leo, which is going to get all of us feeling more willing to get out in the world and interact.  We're going to want to be admired.  I for one am excited about Mars moving into Leo because the Mars in Cancer cycle's been a bit moody.  We're about to shake off those little clouds we carry and shine like the Sun.  Yay!

Tonight (9/15) in the Stonestreet Cafe, we're going to explore the energy of fanaticism.  Are you a fanatic of some kind?  Being a fanatic can be fun and passionate.  It can help us get motivated and focused but it can also get out of control and cause a narrowing of our view.  Let's take a look at this together on Thursday in the Stonestreet Cafe at  6pm pacific/9pm eastern.

Also, this weekend at brings one of our biggest sales.  Saturday from 8am-noon pacific we have our lowest rate.  This sale is just for radio hosts.  I will be there waiting for you!  We also have our regular happy hours from noon-4pm pacifc, so there are tons of opportunities to call or chat at reduced rates.  Let's talk soon about what's coming up for you and the gifts that Mars in Leo will bring your way.



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Idara said...

I ADORE the concept of "swagger!" It's this intangible something or other- not necessarily arrogance- but a comfort in one's skin or in one's place in the world. It demonstrates beautifully and as you learned from your encounter, it lifts everyone else up around you. Definitely one of my life goals to get some! :)