Monday, October 31, 2011

Fortune Forecast 10/31- 11/6


We're in the mood for a fight this week but even if we win we won't feel much satisfaction.  Maybe we should consider directing our energy into something more productive?  The energy is off the charts now in terms of helping us learn more about our power and how to use it constructively.  Lighten up and play a bit with it.  Channel frustration into spaces that will offer a healing.  the urge to fight is stemming from an old wound.  Don't let this old pain run the show.

Monday 10/31
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If we can just see that the challenges in our lives are opportunities to heal and grow, we'd have a much netter time with them.  It's not easy to stay cool when the walls seem to be closing in.  Resist the urge to lash out and instead get very quiet and steady inside.  It's all going to come together soon.

Tuesday 11/1
We're being offered a chance to move into bigger and better opportunities now and quite frankly, it's a bit terrifying.  It's time for some radical trust.  Trust in your life experience.  Trust in intuition and trust that the guidance needed is there because it is.  Sometimes we don't know it till we need it.

Wednesday 11/2
There are doors opening everywhere and welcoming us to step through.  Let's do it!  The only real problem we have right now comes down to choosing the ones we want and letting the rest slide away for now.  It's an expansive time and one in which magic is more than likely.  Get into it and go.

Thursday 11/3
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We need to be a little bit careful today in the ways we express and direct our power.  It's strong and it's looking for channels to flow through.  Be conscious of what it is you want.  Stop dwelling on the problems and be willing to bravely look forward.  Amazing things are about to appear out of nowhere.

Friday 11/4
We're feeling bright and optimistic today and it's finally feeling like freedom has arrived.  We need time to let all these ideas fly by.  We'll catch the ones that count.  It's not time for action just yet.  Instead, cultivate the vision and let it start to take on more dimension.  Don't worry about the details.  It's all coming together.

Saturday 11/5
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We need to let our feelings help guide us now.  If we've been pushing to hide something difficult under layers of denial, it's going to come up and out now.  Free the doves as my little brother likes to say.  Let all the heavier junk come up and out.  See it flying out of your chest like a flock of doves.  Then see what happens...

Sunday 11/6
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Healing is available and it's very potent.  We need to allow it.  Trying to keep it from happening is not a good idea and can complicate and prolong the process.  We need to take it on faith that magic is taking root because that's not what it looks or feels like.  Sink into it.

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Winning just isn't where it's at now.  Don't let old feelings run rampant and tinge decision making.  keep taking breaths and asking if this is a fight worth fighting?  Chances are there are much more meaningful pursuits.  Find them and indulge.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 10/30 - 11/5

You need rest, Aries.  Make it your top priority this week.  It won't be easy because you have a lot on your mind and it's very difficult to step away from your tasks and projects. Getting rest will make you much more efficient and effective, so don't hesitate.  Mood swings are potent and you can't make sense of them.  Don't even try.  Just see it as the healing you need and relax into it for now.  Soon you'll be back and action in a very inspired way.

Life is feeling a little heavy these days.  You're weary Taurus and in need of nice, long break but how?  As you complete a few projects and you will, you'll find a moment to pause and prepare for the next round.  People are asking for your wisdom and knowledge.  It's time to take a step up as a teacher and a leader.  As you do, you'll find yourself feeling refreshed and confident in ways you haven't experienced in quite some time.

There's a ton of magic working in your favor this week, Gemini.  You may need to stop the thinking and just go.  The need to analyze everything is actually slowing you down quite a bit.  Stopping all the mental chatter won't be easy but you might as well try.  Happy surprises are waiting for you at every turn.  It's hard to let it all in and you might be feeling a little superstitious about it all.  Cut it out and just bask in the happiness.

You're feeling awfully defensive this week Cancer and may have quite a bit of energy tied up in keeping the door closed.  You're safer than you realize so do what you can to relax.  There's a wonderful opportunity to play now.  Get into it and have fun.  You'll be amazed at how much better you feel if you just give yourself permission for a break.  Don't slip into paranoid thinking.  Half of what you think is real is merely ghosts and shadows.  There's nothing to worry about.

Your creativity is bursting for expression.  It's an excellent time to expand and explore new mediums for your artistic drive.  You are impatient to resolve a vexing issue from the past.  The funny thing is Leo, you're the one keeping this thing alive.  Consider just dropping it and walking forward.  It really can be that simple.  Part of why this old wound is up is because you're feeling rejected by someone who's approval you crave.  Maybe you don't need it as much as you think?

You're suddenly feeling very clear about what you want and how to make it happen.  It feels so good Virgo to finally see the path!  Shake off a recent feeling of failure.  You did not fail, you had an opportunity to try something.  Don't place a judgment on how it all played out.  A wish is about to come true.  You will be shocked and surprised by the goodness that's about to arrive.  Be open to everything coming your way before casting it aside.  Investigate, explore and enjoy.

You see what you want so go ahead and chase it.  You have nothing to lose and so much to gain, Libra.  Let yourself run after this thing and have a great time doing.  Maybe you hesitate because it would look undignified to run?  Shake off the self image stuff and let yourself go.  Friends are offering amazing support this week.  Have fun connecting and sharing ideas.  Your passion can help you weather any and all storms now.  Lucky you!

You are so ready to see some changes in your life, Scorpio though it's tough to figure out how to make it happen.  You might not have a sense of what to change.  This week will bring clarity and answers your way, so get ready. Once you see the vision, you'll have no problem acting to make it real.  Trust in that!  You're a little irritable this week as you wait for the change to get underway.  Be careful not to burn bridges you might need later.

Painful feelings are hard to shake away this week, Sagittarius.  You can't seem to get in a better space.  Stop trying to force it and let yourself be where you're at.  This will pass quickly, especially if you stop trying so hard.  It's time to open up to new things.  You're reluctant because of this lingering pain.  Open the door and you'll discover that it helps you heal.  You are on the cusp of amazing new adventures. Just hang in there a bit longer till you get there.

It's a good time to start contemplating how to create more balance in your life, Capricorn.  You can afford to put your focus here for a few days.  Nothing terrible will happen while you rest up and prepare for the next big cycle to get underway.  There's no need to worry about money and security though you will probably worry anyway.  Is this how you motivate yourself to create?  Maybe it's time to experiment with something new.

Big energies can hep you this week, if you let them, Aquarius.  Relax on the control you've been applying to make things happen.  Its not needed right now.  Ask for support while at the same time honoring the fact that you need space to yourself.  A relationship is taking on more depth and dimension now.  It feels so good it's almost scary.  let yourself have this gift and don't tense up.  Love can ease you into new wonders if you let it.

You're in an excellent position Pisces and can create all kinds of new things from the safety of your comfort zone.  It feels great to have nothing lurking in the shadows.  A big decision is causing a bit of a debate.  It doesn't matter what you choose, what matters is your willingness to go.  Someone would love to drag you into the middle of a ruckus but you know better than to waste your valuable energy in something so silly.  Then again, it might be just what you need.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy New Moon in Scorpio!

How are you, friends?

We're snowed in here.  Kids are home from school and it's nice and cozy.  I spent the morning tidying up a bit because who wants to be trapped in a messy house?  Not I.

We often think of Virgo as the sign that rules the desire to be tidy and organized but in many ways, Scorpio has domain over tidy as well.  Strong Scorpio energy gets us in the mood to purge.  We tend to crave simplicity at a core level when Scorpio energy is prevalent.

Scorpio gets us in the mood to connect with core truths.  Truths that don't change.  Truths about what we value, what endures and what we desire more of.  Being in a world of chaos often distracts us from these core truths, don't you think?

That's why this morning as I cleaned house a bit, I couldn't help feeling like it was at the urging of Scorpio.  We want to clean things up now.  Not just in the outer world, but in our inner world as well.

The New Moon in Scorpio tends to bring out some primal fear.  Scorpio rules death and rebirth so we might be more aware of what's changing in our lives right now.  Some of these changes might not be welcome and yet, could it be that these changes are offering us the freedom we crave?  The freedom to move into a deeper alignment with our purpose?


This week in the Stonestreet Cafe we're going to take a look at fear.  How we play with it and how we can move out of it.  I hope you'll join me Thursday at 6pm pacific/9pm eastern at for the show.

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Drill down, past the chaos and get in touch with who you are and what you want.  Let this New Moon show you ways to create more freedom and get ready to let go of some old junk.

Let's make a cozy home for the soul!!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Fortune Forecast 10/24 - 10/30


It's important to be mindful this week.  Rash action is not favored but the impulses are strong.  We need to consider what it is we're after before leaping into the unknown.  Manifesting energies are potent and we can go far with little effort but first we need to know where it is we want to be.  Be willing to make every gesture deliberate and careful.  Dig a little deeper in order to align with an emerging truth.  it will pay off in a major way.  Keep an eye on emotions and don't let them create chaos.  Use head and heart and all will be well.

Monday 10/24
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It's an excellent time to put the focus on giving.  Share what's in abundance and shake off the desire to hoard or clamp down on resources.  When we allow what we have to leave us, we make space for more to arrive.  Don't be fooled by the fear that says "hang on."  It's not helpful and it will actually impede the growth we so desire.

Tuesday 10/25
We need to follow a feeling.  It will lead us to a deeper awareness of a condition or situation that has been percolating just below the surface.  The feeling might also lead us to a new and exciting space to explore.  So often we push the feelings away.  Don't make that mistake today and instead, trust and go.  It's a treasure hunt.

Wednesday 10/26

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Lighten up!  We've been taking our struggles and responsibilities too seriously and it's causing everything to slow down into almost no movement.  It's okay to take a break now and seek new excitement.  Our spirit is trying to remember what life is all about and it's definitely not toil and trouble.  Be willing to shake off the stress, if even for just a short time.

Thursday 10/27
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There's just no use in pretending that everything is fine today.  We need space to let some uncomfortable energies rise to the surface in order to be released.   Don't judge what's happening.  Just get out of the way.  We may need to find a safe space to have our healing.  Step away and have a good cry or beat some pillows in frustration.  Get it all out.

Friday 10/28
It's easier said than done, don't you think?  We need to work with the stress we're feeling today.  Perhaps an affirmation will help, or a few deep breaths?   We've been fretting about things we just don't have control over and things that haven't even happened yet.  Come back to that body with love.  Focus on sensual pleasures.  This will ease the stress.

Saturday 10/29
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We need to take a step today.  It doesn't have to be a big step, just a step.  Move forward now and stop wondering if its the right thing to do. We need to take action and it really doesn't matter what action we take.  What matters is our willingness to go.  For those who choose not to, expect to feel incredibly frustrated by day's end.  Is it worth it? 

Sunday 10/30
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Suddenly we see options and opportunities where once there were none.  It's exciting and stimulating and it feels like life is moving again in directions we desire.  It's a wonderful time of discovery and challenge but we're in the mood for it all, which makes it seem like a trip to the carnival.  Play, experiment and get ready for life to shift in a very positive way.

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Focus on the body.  Indulge in your favorite pleasures.  This helps us slow down long enough to really KNOW the best course of action.  Breathe deep, splash in the water and feel the warmth of the Sun.  Soon the wisdom and the energy needed to follow it will come.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 10/23 - 10/29

Can you take a break long enough to see feel and revel in the beauty of the world?  do it Aries!  You need a bit of rest and refreshment if you expect to carry on at the high level of effort you've been putting out of late.  Soon, the pace will pick up even more so if you don't take breaks now, you'll soon find that option even more difficult.  You are in an excellent position for a promotion of some kind.  You're being seen as an authority and it feels so good.  Celebrate you success every which way you can.

Bright ideas are helping you feel hopeful about a project that has seemingly gone nowhere.  Suddenly you feel more creative and energized and it will be easier to take a risk or two.  Emotionally, you might feel unseen and unheard right now.  You are being asked to walk alone for a little while and though you might not want to, if you undertake this part of your journey with an open heart, you won't be disappointed.  A burst of energy can help you travel far in a short amount of time.  Go now and rest later.

Someone is making a pretty seductive offer to help further your dreams.  It might seem a little too good to be true and in many ways, it is.  You don't need as much help as you might think, Gemini.  Though you can't see it yet, you have been honing important skills and discovering more wisdom.  You don't see it because you haven't needed to put it into play.  feeling nervous as you stand on the cusp of a breakthrough is normal.  You are so ready for what's coming!

You've decided to close the door on someone or something that once meant the world to you.  Though you think this will offer protection from hurt, your actions are causing their own brand of pain.  Be willing to allow more flow, Cancer.  Trust that you will not get hurt again if you keep the door open.  At the same time, you are anxious to discover new pleasures.  Those pleasures are coming soon, so don't fret.  Conflict in your environment is difficult to witness.  It will pass soon.

You can't quite figure out what you want, Leo.  The space of desire keeps shifting and mutating before you can dig in and make anything real.  One thing is for sure.  You need move and affection and you need it now. Could it be that some of the desires you're toying with are simply a way to distract you from this much more primal and pressing need?  Someone wants to play with you.  Let your suspicion melt away.  No harm will come to you as long as you stay awake to what's driving you.  Hint:  LOVE.

You want to win the battle this week, Virgo but there's no way to really win or experience victory.  Being victorious isn't going to bring the fulfillment you seek because this battle has more to do with pride than anything of true substance.  Direct your energy into spaces that offer play and a lifting of your spirits.  Don't hesitate to find distractions from what's bothering you.  A whole new world of opportunity is starting to become available.  Get ready to jump in and find a deeper level of success.

You're not feeling very optimistic this week even though fantastic opportunities are popping up all over the place.  Your cynical viewpoint is a reflection of how tired you are.  Your body needs care and it's not something you can afford to put off anymore, Libra.  Step away from your responsibilities long enough to restore some energy.  Once you're feeling better, you'll start to see how much magic is coming your way and you'll jump right in.  Give yourself permission to rest, play and connect. 

Your mind is racing with amazing ideas and possibilities this week, Scorpio.  You need time to let it all settle in so that you can pick the best ones and follow through.  If you push yourself to take action now, you might end up wasting important energy and resources.  Notice the pressure that's building inside of you and find ways to move it through your body.  There's absolutely no reason to be in a hurry.  You can find relief as well by cleaning up loose ends and completing certain projects to make space for new things.

You're feeling boxed in and it's starting to create a rebellious feeling in your body and soul.  Before you start lashing out in an attempt to find more freedom, consider that what feels like an obstacle might actually be an opportunity.  Are you trying to run away from something painful, Sagittarius?  It sure looks like it!  Stay the course and dig deep to find the part of you that's strong and steady.  Your creative energy is on the rise.  Soon you will be able to apply it in ways that create more prosperity and love.  Hang in there.

You have so much magic at your fingertips this week, Capricorn.  Use it with care and wisdom because you will be tempted more than once to try and bend things to get your own way.  Do what's right, not just for yourself but for everyone involved.  Healing is coming and it will help you move past old resentments and pain.  Surrender into it.  You are preparing to take on a new and exciting project.  Rest up while you have the chance and get ready to fly!  Big rewards will come if you act with integrity starting now.

Heavy energies are starting to lift and move.  It might take you a moment or two to realize that recent troubles are now safely behind you.  Shake off the fear that there's more to come and know that you are safe now, Aquarius.  It's time to open your heart and allow love to flow.  You've been hesitant about being vulnerable and may be thinking that strength means independence.  Change that thinking around now and allow your loved ones to comfort you.  In exchange, offer them validation and support.  Enjoy the healing that follow.

In your rush to get things done, you might be making careless mistakes.  Be willing to slow down, Pisces even though every cell in your body is anxious to forge ahead.  You need to have a degree of caution when it comes to risk this week.  Protect what's yours and put the focus on how to grow and expand it with dedicated effort.  Don's be seduced by things that look too good to be true.  Stay the course.  Others will try and talk you out of what you know is right.  Be gentle but resist their influence.  They just don't get it.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Life Loves Me!

And life loves you too, my friends.  This is my absolute favorite quote and thought to ponder from Louise Hay and I find that when I say or think it, my spirits are instantly lifted.  Try it!  LIFE LOVES ME!

I am loving the fall up here.  It is fantastically beautiful.  We got up early this morning to take my son to his first student counsel meeting.  He told me he wanted to be Vice President (with the girl he's in love with as President) and I told him he needed to be in 6th grade for that. 

I promptly forgot all about the conversation until he arrived home last week and announced that he is one of two representatives for the 2nd grade.  He got elected and I didn't even know he was running?

Needless to say, I am very proud and so is my father who spent a good part of his life in elected office as a public servant here in Colorado.  According to my Dad, my son is the youngest person in our family to ever run and win an election.  WELL DONE, SON!

We got him to his meeting on time and got our little gal to her class then drove home and jumped back in bed.  Husband and I had a long snuggle.  It's cold out and it felt good to go back to bed for an hour before jumping into the day's task.  On days like this it's easy to get into the space of LIFE LOVES ME.  Other days?  Not so much...

Where are you at, my friends?  Are you feeling like life is a delight and a pleasure or are you weary and discouraged?  I know both spaces well and some days we go between the two with lightening speed.  Sometimes we need to just jump back in bed for a cuddle or find another form of sensual pleasure to sooth our weary mind/body/spirit.  Are you taking good care of yourself and investing in the care you need to feel good?  You better be!

I've been having so much fun with my Friday morning meditation group at  We meet at 8am for 20 minutes to release heavy energies and restore our life force energy.  Come check it out!  It's all by phone so there's no stress to get there.  Come play with me.

This week in the Stonestreet Cafe I'm welcoming animal communicator and author Joan Ranquet.  She is amazingly gifted and bursting with experience.  Her book, Communication With All Life is a fantastic read for all your animal lovers out there and you can find it here.  Tune in at 6pm PST/9pm EST at and learn more about how to connect with your beloved animal companions.

We have big sales coming up at if you're in need of a reading.  Thursday morning we have a sale that starts early in the morning.  I will jump in when I can.  Then Saturday we have our lowest rates from 8-noon pacific and our regular happy hours from noon-4pm.  I would love to get my hands on you and shake off any energy that prevents you from the LIFE LOVES ME reality.

Not much else to say.  After my lovely, lazy morning I need to get back to work. 

As always, I'm sending good vibes,


Monday, October 17, 2011

Fortune Forecast 10/17 - 10/23

Apologies for sending my weekly postcard 3 days early!


Often we tie ourselves up with stress, fear and doubt.  We start pushing and trying and expending tremendous effort to make it all happen.  Let's try a different approach this week.  What happens when we step out of our own way and let things unfold?  What we're about to discover is that some of the obstacles we struggle with, actually move when we stop trying.  It's as if our energy creates more force; we add to the rigidity without knowing it.  Let's take back out precious energy and apply it to loving and caring for our wonderful bodies.  Let some of the troubles resolve themselves.

Monday 10/17
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It's time to share some thoughts and insights that we've held in check.  Some of what we're seeing is new though it feels old and familiar.  If being direct isn't possible, journal or find other avenues of expression.  This stuff needs to come out into the light of day.  Once it does, everything will feel lighter and healing will transpire. 

Tuesday 10/18
Get ready for a gift or two because they are arriving in spades.  Be open and notice everything that's happening around you.  Divinity is lurking in the ordinary.  We're about to reap the rewards of work done long ago.  Don't block communication today.  Be willing to listen to all who cross your path because this communication can point the way to more.   

Wednesday 10/19
It's safe now to travel, to adventure and to wander.  We have the time and energy to break from our regular travails so let's do it!  Seeking today will open the way to new ideas, projects and people.  We're in need of inspiration and it's available now so let's seek it.  Go and go without guilt.  Whatever needs attending to won't suffer while we wander.  

Thursday 10/20
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Cycles are more powerful when we acknowledge them.  Let's take a moment to recognize and validate an ending today.  Doing so helps us reclaim any life force energy that might still be lingering in completed cycle.  Get ready for something new to emerge. It's not quite here yet but it's coming.  Gather with loved ones and revel in it all.

Friday 10/21
Grounding and Protection Meditation at
We have a lot of energy to make things happen today.  It would be easy to try and manipulate things to make our position stronger.  It's really not needed though.  We can play with power and not only affect change for ourselves but make magic for all the people around us.  Lose the effort and lighten up.  Don't let creating get so serious.  Keep it light and easy for best results.

Saturday 10/22
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We are being bombarded with amazing ideas today.  It's a little overwhelming to have such a big shift in perspective and yet we're so ready to see new possibilities and options.  Keep a pen and pad handy in order to capture some of the fleeting insights.  They're coming fast and furious and we need time to let them all sink in and take root before we take action.

Sunday 10/23
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We're facing some potent challenges today but these challenges have purpose and can actually help us.  It will help to know this when things get intense and we start to question why it's all happening.  Stay calm, stay grounded and ride it out.  It will all be okay once we have time to get our head around what's transpiring and we find what we need inside to weather it.

need help with the energy this week?

Stay loose and let energy flow.  Trying to hold on to what we want and need actually chokes the flow of love and abundance.  Trust is called for now.  Find it inside and let it expand.  All is well.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 10/16 - 10/22

It's hard to come up with a plan of action when you're so conflicted, Aries.  You're tempted to take a short cut but have a sense that there's trouble ahead on that particular path.  Trust your instincts and don't fall for anything that looks too good to be true.  Mood swings are intense and you're not sure what it all means.  Deep healing is underway though it might not feel like it.  Let yourself flow with it all.

You've got a lot of magic at your disposal this week, Taurus and you can use it to forward your agenda.  Be graceful with all who are offering support now.  You are so focused on your own goals that you might not see how much others want to help.  A relationship is tense and dynamic.  You might be wishing for some kind of resolution but until it arrives, enjoy the fire.  Struggling with this is bringing out new wisdom and awareness.

Slow changes are moving you into a better position, Gemini.  Things are moving so slow though that you might be feeling restless and impatient while you wait.  Find ways to entertain yourself so that you don't go making trouble where there doesn't need to be any.  A burst of energy has you looking for new goals to throw your weight behind.  It will take time to see it all to fruition.  Don't get discouraged.

There are things you simply can't resolve this week, no matter how hard you try.  This will vex you if you let it Cancer.  Perhaps you're better off applying your creative energy to spaces that offer more fluidity for now.  The things you want to change will start to move as soon as you stop trying so hard.  Now is the time to start exploring new things.  Your ripe for adventure, so why don't you just go!

You are so ready for something new and exciting, Leo.  Don't wait for it to come to you.  Seek it out.  It starts with your thinking.  Challenge yourself to see things from a different angle.  You've been carrying around some heavy regrets and it's not helping.  let it all go now so that you can approach life with a fresh perspective and a degree of freedom.  Get ready to commit to a goal.  You haven't figured out what it is yet but when you do, hunker down.

A shocking turn of events has you reeling this week, Virgo.  It might take a little time for you to get you head around what's happening.  At first you will not like what you see but if you give yourself some time to sink into the changes, you'll discover that there are some fantastic opportunities here for you.  These changes can help you release a ton of old pain.  Find a way to let it come up and out so that you're lighter and more mobile going forward. 

People are flocking to you this week, Libra.  You are magnetic and beautiful and others want to bask in your light.  Though you enjoy the admiration, you might find yourself wanting to step away at times to get your bearings.  Love is asking you to be brave.  Can you surrender more deeply and trust the bonds you're forging?  Passions are demanding expression.  Don't try and hold these feelings in check.  They are here to set you free.

You're urge to hurry ahead could get you into a mess this week, Scorpio.  Patience is very challenging right now because you are ready to be in new territory and might skip over important steps to get there.  Slow down if you can.  A business opportunity is incredibly seductive.  It will take quite a bit of time and dedication to see this to a satisfying end.  You're chaotic in your thinking. This is not a problem but rather a reflection of your creativity.

Shake off the negative thinking Sagittarius.  It doesn't suit you.  Could it be that you're just exhausted and these fearful, angry thoughts are your bodies way of telling you to pull back and rest?  You might feel like if you step back, you will miss out on a grand opportunity.  This idea is creating tremendous pressure.  Unhook from it and let yourself regroup a bit.  You will know what to do and how to do it once you start feeling more energized.

Big lessons are unfolding this week, Capricorn and you might not like all of them.  See the challenges you face now as important.  You're learning more about your strength, ability and skills.  Open your heart and be willing to be vulnerable.  You need support now and it's fine to ask.  Tensions are mounting all around you.  It's hard to stay out of it even though you know it's not your problem.  Keep stepping back when you feel yourself being drawn in.

Focus on creating more balance in your life this week Aquarius.  You are so good at focusing on one thing that sometimes other parts of your life suffer.  Break away and have some fun.  Lift your spirits a bit with connection and affection and you'll find that life gets easier.  You've tied yourself up in knots trying to get to the bottom of a mystery.  The answers will come soon so stop stressing.  In the meantime, trust your gut to lead you.

You may be feeling quite alone right now.  No one seems to understand what you're going through and you don't seem able to articulate it.  Let this be all right for now.  You will emerge soon with new awareness and answers.  There are things in your life you just can't change right now.  Know that these things will change and while you're waiting focus on taking excellent care of your body.  Being rested will help when things start to move again and they will.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Basking in the Aries Moon Magic

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What a week!  The Full Moon in Aries has been energizing and bordering on chaos for many of us.  Aries urges us to break free from constraints.  It's pure fire and you might have felt it on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Let this energy settle in and help you make needed changes.  We might be feeling impatient and in a hurry.  Do what you can to slow down and integrate the fire.  Seeds are being planted now and it will take time to see them to fruition.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and in many ways, it represents birth and bringing life to spaces that have felt stagnant and heavy.  What would you like to create?  Think on it and set the wheels in motion.  Aries makes us brave enough to take action.  DO IT.

I'm excited about the Stonestreet Cafe this week at  I'm going to explore the space of inner conflict, how we often tie ourselves up and slow ourselves down with competing and conflicting desires.  The show is called FRICTION and you can call in to share your thoughts and feelings by dialing 1.218.862.1300 ext 124290.  The show starts at 6pm pacific and I have a feeling it's going to get rowdy in there.  Tune in and get your thoughts provoked.

That's about all I have time to say right now.  I am wishing you all mucho magic today as we bask in the Full Moon power.  Be brave, be bold, follow an impulse and don't look back.  Aries will support us all to the degree that we're willing to jump.

Come see me soon!!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Fortune Forecast 10/10 - 10/16


It's so easy to get swept into longing and lamenting over what we don't yet have.  In doing so, we often lose track of what we do have.  This makes it much harder to manifest what we want.  When we lose our bearings and become lost in the pain of NOT it's difficult to create anything luscious and lovely in the NOW.  Take a deep breath and come back.  Keep coming back.  Get back to the simplicity of it all.  Relish the wonders of this moment and feel the abundance that's ripe right now.  It may take a bit of discipline this week to not allow the aching over what could be from taking over and drowning out the opportunities at hand.

Monday 10/10
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Someone we encounter today needs our help and attention.  It would be so easy to just slide on past this request for aid because we're too busy or have our own problems that need to be attended to but helping will feel good and it can make a huge difference in someone else's life.  Slow down and be willing to extend a hand.  It will bring good things to all.

Tuesday 10/11
We're itching with impatience today.  This restlessness is a sign that our creativity is running high and needs an outlet or two.  Trying to tamp it down won't bring relief.  Cut loose and get nuts.  Explore new mediums and find outlets for this amazing energy.  The alternative is to devolve into irritability and the desire to burn bridges that don't need burning.

Wednesday 10/12
It's time to make a decision.  There's no use in wasting one more drop of energy in trying to figure out what the right thing is.  We need movement and we need it now.  Know that no matter what path we choose, we all end up where we need to be.  In other words, there is nothing to lose here.  Don't let the mind stop progress when opportunity is waiting up ahead.

Thursday 10/13
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Bask in the sweet connections all around.  It's so easy to take the people closest to us for granted.  Make it a special mission today to let people know how much they mean to you.  Words of love and encouragement will go far and create healing in spaces we might not have known needed it.  As we open up and allow more flow, good things get set in motion.

Friday 10/14
We're ready to make a break from the unknown in order to discover new delights.  We have everything we need for the journey; all the resources, skills and knowledge though we may not know it yet.  We won't know until we go and have a chance to draw it out of the inner recesses of our being.  There's no need to worry for all will be well once the first step is taken.

Saturday 10/15
Finally, we're starting to see movement in spaces that have felt very heavy and unpleasant.  We feel relieved and excited but what we don't know yet, is that it's just the beginning of a rush of big and fantastic opportunity.  Get ready and if you have time to rest a bit, do it because when this train leaves the station there will be no stopping it.

Sunday 10/16
Take a day off for recreation and rest.  We need time to regroup and prepare for what's coming.  We also need time to reflect on all that's wonderful in our world.  Take this opportunity to reflect on what's going to brig real satisfaction.  Weed through old goals, dreams and desires and come more fully into the present.  Be fresh and newborn and ready for what's taking shape.   

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It's going to be tough to shake off the blues this week.  We're grieving in many ways for things that have not come to pass and dreams that withered before coming to fruition.  It's good to be aware of these feelings but don't let them blot out the sun.  It's still shining and it wants to light a fire in our hearts...the fire of new beginnings.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 10/9 - 10/15

You’re reaching the resolution of a situation that has long felt difficult and unjust.  It’s a relief to get here but don’t be surprised if you also experience deep grief about it all.  You’ve had to keep these feelings bottled up but no more, Aries.  Let it all out.  Get ready to feel lighter and freer than you have in a long time.  A new path is unfolding and it’s one of many wonders.

You’re suffering from a lack of energy this week Taurus.  Don’t be hard on yourself for not feeling inspired or ready to take a risk.  It’s just not time yet.  A dream is rapidly fading away.  You can see now that it’s not going to bring the fulfillment you want, which is sad and painful.  Grieve and clean this old dream out of your space because you’re on the cusp of falling in love with something totally new.

You’re been working hard but it’s been kind of fun.  You’re learning new things about yourself, what you’re good at and what you enjoy.  This is great information, Gemini and will help you craft your next step.  You won a recent battle but winning doesn’t feel that great.  Put your attention on healing and love now.  Perhaps what you thought you lost will drift back to you?  It will!

You are in the mood for love this week, Cancer so honor it and make time for your loved ones.  Your ambitions have been intense lately but nothing will be lost if you step away for refreshment and the exchange of heartfelt affection.  As you open to more love, don’t be surprised if old pain surfaces.  Let it come on out and as it does watch your creativity start to soar.

A whole new world is opening up for you Leo and you might be just a little intimidated by it all.  That’s fine, just don’t let the waves of fear stop you from stepping into it.  You are working to create more balance in your life and may stumble a bit as you get the hang of it.  Be willing to put energy into parts of your life that have languished from lack of attention.

You’re worried about security and have an urge to clamp down on your spending in order to preserve.  It’s good to be mindful of resources, Virgo but don’t get too tight.  You don’t want to stop the flow of abundance that wants to come in.  You can manifest a lot right now with little effort but first you have to believe in your abilities.  Say no to the fear that’s at your doorstep.

A bright idea has you seeing new potential for growth and expansion.  It will take time to see this idea all the way to fruition.  Get ready for the long haul and pace yourself, Libra.  Negative thinking is a bit of a problem this week.  Notice it and don’t let it take over.  Make time for fun and play.  Lightening up will help you make the most of all the opportunities at hand.

You’re in an excellent position this week Scorpio.  Don’t rest too long on your laurels because action is called for.  Don’t’ hesitate to take a risk or two knowing that you’ve got the resources you need for success.  You’re feeling neglected by someone you count on for support.  Try not to let this sink your spirits.  It’s not personal and it won’t last.  Don’t go making trouble where there doesn’t need to be any.

You’ve got some fantastic ideas and dreams that you’re ready to explore after many wearying delays.  Things are about to start moving quickly, Sagittarius, so get ready.  Communication is important this week.  Make sure people understand where you’re coming from.  This will help you make the most of all the amazing openings happening in your universe.

People are asking for your leadership this week, Capricorn.  You’re not in the mood to shift your focus from personal goals to the needs of the collective but if you do, you will be richly rewarded.  You need to go on faith here because things are not what they seem upon first glance.  Tie up loose ends because you’re going to need space and time to pursue something glorious.

Trying to repress a desire is becoming pretty painful, Aquarius.  At the very least, entertain the idea of having what you want even if it’s something taboo.  You’ve got to find a way to relieve the pressure that’s building in you.  You have a chance to get very grounded and centered in your life this week.  It will require you to stop the judgment you’re applying to yourself in your head.

It’s time for a journey Pisces.  Are you ready to go?  Ready or not, you’re going!  This journey might require you to tap into inner resources in a way you never have before.  Though thinking about it feels exhausting, doing it will set you free and bring you to a new level f accomplishment.  Be like the river and flow.  You are the master and commander of fluidity.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gold on the Mountain

The Aspen trees are turning gold and when I gaze out my window I see little patches of the good stuff on the mountains to the west.  So lovely!  I hope you too are tuning in to the natural beauty in your world.

I think in many ways, we're all looking for the gold right now.  We are ready to quest for it, dig for it, climb for it but do we even know what it is?  For some, the gold is more time with loved ones.  For some, the gold is feeling strong and healthy.  For some, the gold is a fat bank account.  What is the gold you're seeking right now?

Passionate feelings are running high with Mars in Leo and that means we have strong feelings, either positive or negative about what we're experiencing in our lives right now. We are more in the space of desire than we have been in a while and we're looking at our ability to have it.  Leo helps us find our worthiness, so to speak.  Leo is the proud lion and as such, feels entitled to all good things.

Don't fight it!  Be cool with what you want.  No more apologies.

The thing I love about seeing all the gold on the mountain is that it reminds me that what we seek is often right there, within sight.  Perhaps we don't need to quest, dig or climb.  Perhaps all we need to do is see it right there in front of us and just let it in.  Can it be that simple?

Think on it lovely people!

Thursday in the Stonestreet Cafe, I'm welcoming Lianna Loving of Pink House Blooms in Denver, CO.  We're going to explore Medical Marijuana.  What is the benefit of this plant medicine?  Who qualifies for a card and what's happening in the industry?  I've been watching the Medical Marijuana movement unfold here in Colorado with interest and I'm excited to explore this topic at, Thursday at 6pm PST/9pm EST.

Join me Friday morning for 20 minutes of GROUNDING AND PROTECTION at  We're meeting at 8am by teleconference and I'd love to see you there.  Shake off the energies that keep you from seeing and enjoying the gold in your life right now.



Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fortune Forecast 10/3 - 10/9


The harshness I'm referring to is all in the mind this week but it doesn't stay there.  Instead, it spills out and affects everything around us.  We just can't help the urge to say mean things in our heads right now and this negative dialogue is quickly becoming a problem.  First of all, it makes it difficult to appreciate and enjoy what's going well.  Secondly, much of it is not true and if we give it too much credence, we might end up making it more real that it needs to be.  Notice it and do what you can to stop it.  It's easy when we make up our minds.

Monday 10/3
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We are deeply in need of new excitements and pleasures.  There's is no reason not to make the pursuit of fresh passion a top priority.  We're starting to feel the discomfort that springs from stagnation.  Break out now and discover new amusements.

Tuesday 10/4

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Adjust expectations today and expect trouble and delay.  It's inevitable and we'll have a much better time of it if we know and embrace this in advance.  Knowing the door is closed will also help us focus on the windows, where all the opportunity awaits after all.

Wednesday 10/5
We're going to feel tempted to break the rules and drift into ambivalent moral territory today but we're better off staying on the straight and narrow for now. Stick with the directions that come from integrity and forget the short cuts for now.  Do it the right way.

Thursday 10/6
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It's not a great day for big risks.  We need to move cautiously and with an attitude of conservation.  Soon, if we're paying attention, we'll notice that opportunities start to proliferate and expand.  Get ready.  Prepare for now and make sure all is in order for the big leap ahead.  

Friday 10/7
Make love the order of the day.   There are so many delicious flavors of love to be enjoyed and shared.  See how many times an offering can be made in a normal day.  Acknowledge and enjoy the love that's in the air.  Amplify and make it bigger.

Saturday 10/8
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Sometimes we feel shy and we hide away a bit.  We need to counter that urge today and push ourselves into the spotlight that so naturally wants to come our way.  Bask in the attention, soak up the praise and enjoy it all as it plays out.

Sunday 10/9
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It's time to have fun and make relationships a much bigger priority.  Stop thinking about everyone you want to have contact with and make contact.  Reach out and connect.  It will go a long way towards lifting spirits and spreading more joy.

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Enjoy the body and relax into it.  Don't hesitate to slow things down a bit in honor of making life feel more sacred and more special.  The harshness of the mind will quiet as the love of the body expands.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 10/2 - 10/8

Patience is needed this week in order to feel balanced and on to better things.  Hold back Aries even though it’s difficult to restrain yourself right now.  Good tings want to arrive with ease.  Stop making it all so hard.  Relax and let your energy smooth out a bit.  Your creativity is about to move into high gear.  Get ready.

A plan is starting to come together for you Taurus and it’s a relief to see it all spelled out so clearly.  Now you know what to do and how to go about it.  Slough off recent feelings of failure.  Don’t drag this down the road with you.  You are moving into a period or recognition and reward.  Prepare to receive it with grace.

Take a risk and grab the tiger by the tail.  You keep talking yourself out of taking the plunge Gemini and it’s starting to mess with your natural sense of optimism and confidence.  Go for what you want, without hesitation or delay.  Don’t waste another second debating this in your mind.  Take good care of your beautiful body.  It needs your love now.

You are bursting with goodness this week Cancer and everyone wants to get close to you.  Be discriminating about who you spend time with and share your secrets with care.  A big change is coming and it’s not something you expect or even welcome.  Still, after the dust settles, it all starts to feel like everything has lined up perfectly for you.  Yay!

A cycle that has caused anxiety and stress is rapidly coming to a close, Leo but you don’t know it yet and may be weary at the core.  Take heart in knowing that you are soon on to greener pastures.  You are exploding with great ideas and will soon have the strength to grow one of these ideas to fruition.  Rest up until then so that you can go, go, go.

You see what you want, so take a step towards getting it, Virgo.  If you don’t take action soon, the moment will pass and another opportunity might take quite a while to arrive again.  Your big ideas are attracting attention and support.  You have the resources you need for a magnificent leap of faith.  Use the magic you tend to hide.  Let it shine.

Your magic can move mountains this week, Libra.  You are strong and capable of carving out something fantastic if you settle down and apply yourself to the task at hand.  Worries about money and troubled financial matters have you less willing to take a risk.  This too shall pass and when it does you’ll be in an excellent position to capitalize. 

You are so in the mood to be swept off your feet, Scorpio.  You’re looking for lightness and escape from depressing landscapes and there’s nothing wrong with it.  Just remember to be discriminating for not everything is equally as satisfying.  In other words, if you’re going to consume empty calories make them the best, most satisfying available. 

Face it Sagittarius, you’re confused.  Why would you push yourself into making a decision at this point with this much fog?  Wait it out because you will see clearly soon and it will help you get to something better.  Don’t be hard on yourself over past choices.  You don’t know it yet but it’s perfect.  You’re right where you need to be.

Be open to new excitements and discoveries, Capricorn.  You are in need of adventure so make time and space for it.  Whimsy wants to come your way.  Welcome it and let it get you inspired.  You’ve been battling to get control of an unruly situation but alas, control is not to be had.  Move on and invest in a space that offers more reward.

Slow changes are moving you into a better space, Aquarius.  The problem is, you don’t know it and may be terribly disoriented right about now.  You know a new cycle has begun but have no reassurance about its’ potential for success.  Trust here.  Many moments of magic are coming.  You are about to have many opportunities thrown your way.  Rejoice!

Conflict is flaring up all around you, Pisces.  You might feel like an island in a sea of fire this week but don’t despair.  Everything will cool off eventually and when it does you’ll be much more clear your inner strength and perseverance.  You’re being tested now but it won’t last forever.  Make peace with what’s happening and you’ll find the path to better spaces.