Saturday, October 1, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 10/2 - 10/8

Patience is needed this week in order to feel balanced and on to better things.  Hold back Aries even though it’s difficult to restrain yourself right now.  Good tings want to arrive with ease.  Stop making it all so hard.  Relax and let your energy smooth out a bit.  Your creativity is about to move into high gear.  Get ready.

A plan is starting to come together for you Taurus and it’s a relief to see it all spelled out so clearly.  Now you know what to do and how to go about it.  Slough off recent feelings of failure.  Don’t drag this down the road with you.  You are moving into a period or recognition and reward.  Prepare to receive it with grace.

Take a risk and grab the tiger by the tail.  You keep talking yourself out of taking the plunge Gemini and it’s starting to mess with your natural sense of optimism and confidence.  Go for what you want, without hesitation or delay.  Don’t waste another second debating this in your mind.  Take good care of your beautiful body.  It needs your love now.

You are bursting with goodness this week Cancer and everyone wants to get close to you.  Be discriminating about who you spend time with and share your secrets with care.  A big change is coming and it’s not something you expect or even welcome.  Still, after the dust settles, it all starts to feel like everything has lined up perfectly for you.  Yay!

A cycle that has caused anxiety and stress is rapidly coming to a close, Leo but you don’t know it yet and may be weary at the core.  Take heart in knowing that you are soon on to greener pastures.  You are exploding with great ideas and will soon have the strength to grow one of these ideas to fruition.  Rest up until then so that you can go, go, go.

You see what you want, so take a step towards getting it, Virgo.  If you don’t take action soon, the moment will pass and another opportunity might take quite a while to arrive again.  Your big ideas are attracting attention and support.  You have the resources you need for a magnificent leap of faith.  Use the magic you tend to hide.  Let it shine.

Your magic can move mountains this week, Libra.  You are strong and capable of carving out something fantastic if you settle down and apply yourself to the task at hand.  Worries about money and troubled financial matters have you less willing to take a risk.  This too shall pass and when it does you’ll be in an excellent position to capitalize. 

You are so in the mood to be swept off your feet, Scorpio.  You’re looking for lightness and escape from depressing landscapes and there’s nothing wrong with it.  Just remember to be discriminating for not everything is equally as satisfying.  In other words, if you’re going to consume empty calories make them the best, most satisfying available. 

Face it Sagittarius, you’re confused.  Why would you push yourself into making a decision at this point with this much fog?  Wait it out because you will see clearly soon and it will help you get to something better.  Don’t be hard on yourself over past choices.  You don’t know it yet but it’s perfect.  You’re right where you need to be.

Be open to new excitements and discoveries, Capricorn.  You are in need of adventure so make time and space for it.  Whimsy wants to come your way.  Welcome it and let it get you inspired.  You’ve been battling to get control of an unruly situation but alas, control is not to be had.  Move on and invest in a space that offers more reward.

Slow changes are moving you into a better space, Aquarius.  The problem is, you don’t know it and may be terribly disoriented right about now.  You know a new cycle has begun but have no reassurance about its’ potential for success.  Trust here.  Many moments of magic are coming.  You are about to have many opportunities thrown your way.  Rejoice!

Conflict is flaring up all around you, Pisces.  You might feel like an island in a sea of fire this week but don’t despair.  Everything will cool off eventually and when it does you’ll be much more clear your inner strength and perseverance.  You’re being tested now but it won’t last forever.  Make peace with what’s happening and you’ll find the path to better spaces.


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