Monday, October 17, 2011

Fortune Forecast 10/17 - 10/23

Apologies for sending my weekly postcard 3 days early!


Often we tie ourselves up with stress, fear and doubt.  We start pushing and trying and expending tremendous effort to make it all happen.  Let's try a different approach this week.  What happens when we step out of our own way and let things unfold?  What we're about to discover is that some of the obstacles we struggle with, actually move when we stop trying.  It's as if our energy creates more force; we add to the rigidity without knowing it.  Let's take back out precious energy and apply it to loving and caring for our wonderful bodies.  Let some of the troubles resolve themselves.

Monday 10/17
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It's time to share some thoughts and insights that we've held in check.  Some of what we're seeing is new though it feels old and familiar.  If being direct isn't possible, journal or find other avenues of expression.  This stuff needs to come out into the light of day.  Once it does, everything will feel lighter and healing will transpire. 

Tuesday 10/18
Get ready for a gift or two because they are arriving in spades.  Be open and notice everything that's happening around you.  Divinity is lurking in the ordinary.  We're about to reap the rewards of work done long ago.  Don't block communication today.  Be willing to listen to all who cross your path because this communication can point the way to more.   

Wednesday 10/19
It's safe now to travel, to adventure and to wander.  We have the time and energy to break from our regular travails so let's do it!  Seeking today will open the way to new ideas, projects and people.  We're in need of inspiration and it's available now so let's seek it.  Go and go without guilt.  Whatever needs attending to won't suffer while we wander.  

Thursday 10/20
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Cycles are more powerful when we acknowledge them.  Let's take a moment to recognize and validate an ending today.  Doing so helps us reclaim any life force energy that might still be lingering in completed cycle.  Get ready for something new to emerge. It's not quite here yet but it's coming.  Gather with loved ones and revel in it all.

Friday 10/21
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We have a lot of energy to make things happen today.  It would be easy to try and manipulate things to make our position stronger.  It's really not needed though.  We can play with power and not only affect change for ourselves but make magic for all the people around us.  Lose the effort and lighten up.  Don't let creating get so serious.  Keep it light and easy for best results.

Saturday 10/22
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We are being bombarded with amazing ideas today.  It's a little overwhelming to have such a big shift in perspective and yet we're so ready to see new possibilities and options.  Keep a pen and pad handy in order to capture some of the fleeting insights.  They're coming fast and furious and we need time to let them all sink in and take root before we take action.

Sunday 10/23
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We're facing some potent challenges today but these challenges have purpose and can actually help us.  It will help to know this when things get intense and we start to question why it's all happening.  Stay calm, stay grounded and ride it out.  It will all be okay once we have time to get our head around what's transpiring and we find what we need inside to weather it.

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Stay loose and let energy flow.  Trying to hold on to what we want and need actually chokes the flow of love and abundance.  Trust is called for now.  Find it inside and let it expand.  All is well.

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