Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gold on the Mountain

The Aspen trees are turning gold and when I gaze out my window I see little patches of the good stuff on the mountains to the west.  So lovely!  I hope you too are tuning in to the natural beauty in your world.

I think in many ways, we're all looking for the gold right now.  We are ready to quest for it, dig for it, climb for it but do we even know what it is?  For some, the gold is more time with loved ones.  For some, the gold is feeling strong and healthy.  For some, the gold is a fat bank account.  What is the gold you're seeking right now?

Passionate feelings are running high with Mars in Leo and that means we have strong feelings, either positive or negative about what we're experiencing in our lives right now. We are more in the space of desire than we have been in a while and we're looking at our ability to have it.  Leo helps us find our worthiness, so to speak.  Leo is the proud lion and as such, feels entitled to all good things.

Don't fight it!  Be cool with what you want.  No more apologies.

The thing I love about seeing all the gold on the mountain is that it reminds me that what we seek is often right there, within sight.  Perhaps we don't need to quest, dig or climb.  Perhaps all we need to do is see it right there in front of us and just let it in.  Can it be that simple?

Think on it lovely people!

Thursday in the Stonestreet Cafe, I'm welcoming Lianna Loving of Pink House Blooms in Denver, CO.  We're going to explore Medical Marijuana.  What is the benefit of this plant medicine?  Who qualifies for a card and what's happening in the industry?  I've been watching the Medical Marijuana movement unfold here in Colorado with interest and I'm excited to explore this topic at, Thursday at 6pm PST/9pm EST.

Join me Friday morning for 20 minutes of GROUNDING AND PROTECTION at  We're meeting at 8am by teleconference and I'd love to see you there.  Shake off the energies that keep you from seeing and enjoying the gold in your life right now.



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