Saturday, October 22, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 10/23 - 10/29

Can you take a break long enough to see feel and revel in the beauty of the world?  do it Aries!  You need a bit of rest and refreshment if you expect to carry on at the high level of effort you've been putting out of late.  Soon, the pace will pick up even more so if you don't take breaks now, you'll soon find that option even more difficult.  You are in an excellent position for a promotion of some kind.  You're being seen as an authority and it feels so good.  Celebrate you success every which way you can.

Bright ideas are helping you feel hopeful about a project that has seemingly gone nowhere.  Suddenly you feel more creative and energized and it will be easier to take a risk or two.  Emotionally, you might feel unseen and unheard right now.  You are being asked to walk alone for a little while and though you might not want to, if you undertake this part of your journey with an open heart, you won't be disappointed.  A burst of energy can help you travel far in a short amount of time.  Go now and rest later.

Someone is making a pretty seductive offer to help further your dreams.  It might seem a little too good to be true and in many ways, it is.  You don't need as much help as you might think, Gemini.  Though you can't see it yet, you have been honing important skills and discovering more wisdom.  You don't see it because you haven't needed to put it into play.  feeling nervous as you stand on the cusp of a breakthrough is normal.  You are so ready for what's coming!

You've decided to close the door on someone or something that once meant the world to you.  Though you think this will offer protection from hurt, your actions are causing their own brand of pain.  Be willing to allow more flow, Cancer.  Trust that you will not get hurt again if you keep the door open.  At the same time, you are anxious to discover new pleasures.  Those pleasures are coming soon, so don't fret.  Conflict in your environment is difficult to witness.  It will pass soon.

You can't quite figure out what you want, Leo.  The space of desire keeps shifting and mutating before you can dig in and make anything real.  One thing is for sure.  You need move and affection and you need it now. Could it be that some of the desires you're toying with are simply a way to distract you from this much more primal and pressing need?  Someone wants to play with you.  Let your suspicion melt away.  No harm will come to you as long as you stay awake to what's driving you.  Hint:  LOVE.

You want to win the battle this week, Virgo but there's no way to really win or experience victory.  Being victorious isn't going to bring the fulfillment you seek because this battle has more to do with pride than anything of true substance.  Direct your energy into spaces that offer play and a lifting of your spirits.  Don't hesitate to find distractions from what's bothering you.  A whole new world of opportunity is starting to become available.  Get ready to jump in and find a deeper level of success.

You're not feeling very optimistic this week even though fantastic opportunities are popping up all over the place.  Your cynical viewpoint is a reflection of how tired you are.  Your body needs care and it's not something you can afford to put off anymore, Libra.  Step away from your responsibilities long enough to restore some energy.  Once you're feeling better, you'll start to see how much magic is coming your way and you'll jump right in.  Give yourself permission to rest, play and connect. 

Your mind is racing with amazing ideas and possibilities this week, Scorpio.  You need time to let it all settle in so that you can pick the best ones and follow through.  If you push yourself to take action now, you might end up wasting important energy and resources.  Notice the pressure that's building inside of you and find ways to move it through your body.  There's absolutely no reason to be in a hurry.  You can find relief as well by cleaning up loose ends and completing certain projects to make space for new things.

You're feeling boxed in and it's starting to create a rebellious feeling in your body and soul.  Before you start lashing out in an attempt to find more freedom, consider that what feels like an obstacle might actually be an opportunity.  Are you trying to run away from something painful, Sagittarius?  It sure looks like it!  Stay the course and dig deep to find the part of you that's strong and steady.  Your creative energy is on the rise.  Soon you will be able to apply it in ways that create more prosperity and love.  Hang in there.

You have so much magic at your fingertips this week, Capricorn.  Use it with care and wisdom because you will be tempted more than once to try and bend things to get your own way.  Do what's right, not just for yourself but for everyone involved.  Healing is coming and it will help you move past old resentments and pain.  Surrender into it.  You are preparing to take on a new and exciting project.  Rest up while you have the chance and get ready to fly!  Big rewards will come if you act with integrity starting now.

Heavy energies are starting to lift and move.  It might take you a moment or two to realize that recent troubles are now safely behind you.  Shake off the fear that there's more to come and know that you are safe now, Aquarius.  It's time to open your heart and allow love to flow.  You've been hesitant about being vulnerable and may be thinking that strength means independence.  Change that thinking around now and allow your loved ones to comfort you.  In exchange, offer them validation and support.  Enjoy the healing that follow.

In your rush to get things done, you might be making careless mistakes.  Be willing to slow down, Pisces even though every cell in your body is anxious to forge ahead.  You need to have a degree of caution when it comes to risk this week.  Protect what's yours and put the focus on how to grow and expand it with dedicated effort.  Don's be seduced by things that look too good to be true.  Stay the course.  Others will try and talk you out of what you know is right.  Be gentle but resist their influence.  They just don't get it.


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