Saturday, October 8, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 10/9 - 10/15

You’re reaching the resolution of a situation that has long felt difficult and unjust.  It’s a relief to get here but don’t be surprised if you also experience deep grief about it all.  You’ve had to keep these feelings bottled up but no more, Aries.  Let it all out.  Get ready to feel lighter and freer than you have in a long time.  A new path is unfolding and it’s one of many wonders.

You’re suffering from a lack of energy this week Taurus.  Don’t be hard on yourself for not feeling inspired or ready to take a risk.  It’s just not time yet.  A dream is rapidly fading away.  You can see now that it’s not going to bring the fulfillment you want, which is sad and painful.  Grieve and clean this old dream out of your space because you’re on the cusp of falling in love with something totally new.

You’re been working hard but it’s been kind of fun.  You’re learning new things about yourself, what you’re good at and what you enjoy.  This is great information, Gemini and will help you craft your next step.  You won a recent battle but winning doesn’t feel that great.  Put your attention on healing and love now.  Perhaps what you thought you lost will drift back to you?  It will!

You are in the mood for love this week, Cancer so honor it and make time for your loved ones.  Your ambitions have been intense lately but nothing will be lost if you step away for refreshment and the exchange of heartfelt affection.  As you open to more love, don’t be surprised if old pain surfaces.  Let it come on out and as it does watch your creativity start to soar.

A whole new world is opening up for you Leo and you might be just a little intimidated by it all.  That’s fine, just don’t let the waves of fear stop you from stepping into it.  You are working to create more balance in your life and may stumble a bit as you get the hang of it.  Be willing to put energy into parts of your life that have languished from lack of attention.

You’re worried about security and have an urge to clamp down on your spending in order to preserve.  It’s good to be mindful of resources, Virgo but don’t get too tight.  You don’t want to stop the flow of abundance that wants to come in.  You can manifest a lot right now with little effort but first you have to believe in your abilities.  Say no to the fear that’s at your doorstep.

A bright idea has you seeing new potential for growth and expansion.  It will take time to see this idea all the way to fruition.  Get ready for the long haul and pace yourself, Libra.  Negative thinking is a bit of a problem this week.  Notice it and don’t let it take over.  Make time for fun and play.  Lightening up will help you make the most of all the opportunities at hand.

You’re in an excellent position this week Scorpio.  Don’t rest too long on your laurels because action is called for.  Don’t’ hesitate to take a risk or two knowing that you’ve got the resources you need for success.  You’re feeling neglected by someone you count on for support.  Try not to let this sink your spirits.  It’s not personal and it won’t last.  Don’t go making trouble where there doesn’t need to be any.

You’ve got some fantastic ideas and dreams that you’re ready to explore after many wearying delays.  Things are about to start moving quickly, Sagittarius, so get ready.  Communication is important this week.  Make sure people understand where you’re coming from.  This will help you make the most of all the amazing openings happening in your universe.

People are asking for your leadership this week, Capricorn.  You’re not in the mood to shift your focus from personal goals to the needs of the collective but if you do, you will be richly rewarded.  You need to go on faith here because things are not what they seem upon first glance.  Tie up loose ends because you’re going to need space and time to pursue something glorious.

Trying to repress a desire is becoming pretty painful, Aquarius.  At the very least, entertain the idea of having what you want even if it’s something taboo.  You’ve got to find a way to relieve the pressure that’s building in you.  You have a chance to get very grounded and centered in your life this week.  It will require you to stop the judgment you’re applying to yourself in your head.

It’s time for a journey Pisces.  Are you ready to go?  Ready or not, you’re going!  This journey might require you to tap into inner resources in a way you never have before.  Though thinking about it feels exhausting, doing it will set you free and bring you to a new level f accomplishment.  Be like the river and flow.  You are the master and commander of fluidity.


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