Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Free the Moths?

My little brother has this the doves.  I've written about it before and speak about it often in the Stonestreet Cafe.  It's a way to visualize tension, anxiety, frustration and whatnot flying out of the chest and into the sky.

Well my friends, I've been seeing a lot of tension, anxiety, frustration and whatnot in the collective lately.  I've been feeling it too.  So today at the end of a very intense yoga class I was lying there in my meditative state, trying to free the doves.  All I saw was a flock of dusty-winged, gray moths fluttering out of my chest.  Weird and somehow appropriate.  Maybe the moths mean its old stuff.  Maybe the moths mean it's the hidden stuff that's eating away at my psychic closet.  Who knows?  All I know is that the image got me laughing and that's what matters.

Are you stressin'?  I hope not!  Stress is always available in copious quantities.  Let's set that stuff loose and choose a giggle or two.  We're closing in on the end of another year, which tends to get us reflective and pensive about where we're at.  We're somewhere wonderful! It's called Earth and it's bursting with beauty.  Slow down and notice the magic because just as there's an endless amount of stress, there's also an endless amount of magic to be had and enjoyed.

I'm so excited for this week's episode of the Stonestreet Cafe.  I'm welcoming the amazing Andy Wilbury Smith of the Official Andy Wilbury Radio Show.  Have you ever caught Andy's show?  It's amazing and Andy knows more about music than just about anyone I know.  We're going to be playing tunes and talking about some of the whimsical, magic music that came out of the UK in the 60's.  It's my favorite era of music and I want to share it with you.

Be sure to tune in Thursday at 6pm pacific/9pm eastern at for show #78...BRITISH INVASION.  I named the show such because Andy will be joining us live from the UK and we're playing all UK tunes.  Come play and take a break from heavy thinking, fretting and fussing.  Relax into obscure and delightful music and enlightening talk about culture, artists and MAGIC.

Friday brings another 20 minute meditation at  We meet at 8am pacific/11am eastern for just 20 minutes to move energy and create healing.  I'd love to see you there!  It's all over the phone so need to drive or even get dressed.  I'll be there waiting for you.

Mercury is retrograde, which means it's time to seek answers internally.  Retrogrades push us back to ourselves so if you're seeking relief in the external, you're looking in the wrong place.  Soon, Mars will join Mercury in retrograde action.  This will bring opportunity to clarify what we're passionate about and what we're not.  If you feel your stress levels going up, remember you can always free the doves, or in some cases, moths.

Let's love it up!!


Monday, November 28, 2011

Fortune Forecast 11/28 - 12/4


It's a great week to get our bearings as the holiday season starts to ramp up.  It'll be a challenge but why not try?  Take time out to check in with body and mind.  Amp up on the self care.  You're worth it!

Monday 11/28
Try something new!

Tuesday 11/29
20 Minute Meditation at, 1pm PST/4pm EST
Need I say more?  Check everything out before saying no.

Wednesday 11/30
Step away from the crazy in favor of peace.

Thursday 12/1
tune in to the Stonestreet Cafe at, 6pm PST/9pm EST
Get ready to go.

Friday 12/2
Grounding & Protection Meditation at, 8am PST/11am EST
Love the magic that's in the air and make the most of it!

Saturday 12/3
readings on sale at from noon-4pm PST
Rewards are here and it's our job to enjoy them.

Sunday 12/4

readings on sale at from noon-4pm PST 
Just do it.

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 11/27 - 12/3

You’ll have to take charge if you want to get closer to a dream this week, Aries.  You’ve been waiting for the right time and the right place.  Well it’s here now.  It’s time to confront your reluctance to put all that passion to work.  Stop making excuses and take a step toward your dream.  Once you get going progress will be quick and easy.

You’ve closed yourself off to some excellent opportunities and don’t even know it.  To make yourself more accessible, you need to come back to what’s happening right here, right now.  Let’s face it Taurus, you are off in the future and frustrated about your inability to get there faster.  If you come back home, you’ll see new paths to get you there quick.

You have a ton of energy right now and it’s tough to get organized.  Meditative activities can help immensely Gemini, so make time for them.  A wish will come true this week.  Watch for it and be open to everything that comes along, even if it looks less than appealing at first.  Sometimes what we want comes disguised in funny packages.

A sudden revelation is helping you see how to make positive change.  It’s so simple that it’s hard not to beat yourself up for not seeing it sooner.  Be grateful that you have the information you need to move forward.  Dwelling on what might have been isn’t helpful, Cancer.  Your power is stunning this week and people are showing up to help support your dreams and goals.  Make the most of it!

There are some negative people trying to influence your choices, Leo.  These folks just don’t see what’s possible.  Don’t let their disbelief take the wind out of your sails.  You have a lot of resources available to create a deeper, more permanent kind of success.  Believe it and start taking action.  You are entering a wonderful period of creativity and growth.

You’re being recognized for your hard work and dedication, Virgo.  Make sure you bask in the validation for a bit before moving to the next project.  This victory might seem minor on the surface but it’s helping to set the stage for even bigger, more magnificent gains.  You’re moving out of some heavy, depressing energy and it feels great.  It’s time to fall back in love with life.

Don’t be afraid to delegate and direct the people showing up now to support your dreams, Libra.  They want you to lead, so do it.  Make time for affection and connection.  You’re going to need some rest and refreshment to balance the intensity of your ambition.  Amusement will heal any lingering heaviness.

It’s a tough week, Scorpio.  You’re low on energy and enthusiasm.  It might be worth retreating for a bit until you feel better and more optimistic.  Decisions made now are tainted with a lack of self-love and will not produce the results you want.  You’ll be tempted to try and push through the heaviness but that will only make you more tired.  Regroup and rejuvenate.

A minor betrayal has tapped you into deep fear.  It’s hard to see what’s really going on as you sink into a space where rejection and shame are the theme.  A part of you is watching this descent knowing it’s not really real.  Part of the problem is about conflicting loyalties on your part. This is your chance to get on your own team, Sagittarius and put your needs first.

It would be great if you could take a short trip and see new scenery, Capricorn.  It’s hard to give yourself permission to do that when resources seem to be dwindling right in front of you.  If you rest, you’ll see those resources flourish.  Though faith is not your strongest suit, it will pay off now.

You are edgy and impatient this week Aquarius.  You know what you want and how to get there, but there are all sorts of little distractions and annoyances.  Cultivate a sense of humor; otherwise you’re in for a rough ride.  The irritability is illuminating your lack of trust in yourself and in the universe.  Shake it off!

Part of you is bored and looking to generate drama, Pisces.  This is not a problem and could be a fun place to play as long as you stay awake to the rebellious energies at work.  Don’t pretend to be on the side of the status quo if you really aren’t.  It’s time to break the walls down.  Do it consciously and creatively.  Everyone benefits this way.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Here we are on the cusp of a lovely Thanksgiving in the United States.  It's my favorite holiday because it's all about gathering with friends and family and celebrating all that we have to be grateful for.  What's better than that?

I'm hoping this Thanksgiving brings you many joys and delights of all kind.  Not only is Thursday Thanksgiving, it's also a New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius.  Wow!  The New Moon in Sagittarius helps us dream up new adventures and gets us focused on areas of study that we want to learn more about.  Expect to feel restless because Sagittarius is mutable fire and it loves to explore.

Because it's a solar eclipse, the energy is amplified.  Plant seeds now!  Send out a prayer and wish Thursday night and see what happens.  Manifesting is like ordering a meal in a restaurant.  We put the order in, and then it's our job to wait patiently while the supreme being cooks it up.  We might be starving for it but when know it will come we can find amusement while we wait.

What happens a lot is that we put the order in and immediately start doubting that it will come.  We fuss and fidget and fret.  How insulting is that to the cook?  Just as you wouldn't storm the kitchen in a restaurant, demanding to know what's going on, when we're in the process of manifesting, we need to have a bit of faith that it's all being worked on behind the scenes. It's our job to amuse ourselves while we wait and to sample everything that comes to our table.  What we want often shows up looking like something else.  Taste it and see.  We can always order again.

We're having a big sale on readings at all day on Thursday (from 8am-8pm pacific).  I will be signed on in the morning to take your calls and I would love to explore the New Moon energy with you or anything else you have on your mind.

The Stonestreet Cafe at will be a replay on Thanksgiving and we'll be back in December with new shows and fresh content.

Jump into the Distance Energy Healing session on Friday morning at  It's 20 minutes of healing via the phone and can be the perfect cap to holiday celebrations.  Let's clean out old, stressful energies at at 8am PST/11am EST.

Lastly, I just want to thank you all for being such a fabulous force in my life.  Your letters to me are precious and I am so thankful for each and every one of you.


I am here if you need me and as always, I am sending tons of good vibes.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Fortune Forecast 11/21 - 11/27


We're about to get inspired and energized by a new idea.  It's as if suddenly things are possible that we never thought of.  It feels good to have so much more room to navigate through obstacles and blocks.  We can take this new idea and put it into practice.  Part of what will make this successful is our willingness and ability to communicate in a very clear manner about it all.  Speak the truth but without all the emotional charge.  Just get it out there and detach from the outcome or the expectation of what it all means.  Get ready to move into MAGIC.  

Monday 11/21
Let's go!  It's a great day to explore, expand and have an adventure.  A new chapter in our ever evolving story is beginning and it's our duty to go out and gather more information.  So don't feel guilty for wandering away from duties and responsibilities for a moment.  It will all be waiting when we return, inspired and ready for action.

Tuesday 11/22
20 Minute Meditation at, 1pm PST/4pm EST
A wonderful surprise is in the works today and it's something we'll relish for a long time to come.  We might not know we want and need this but when it arrives, we're going to wonder what we ever did without it.  Take time to just enjoy the goodness and resist the urge to sink into superstition about it.  The other shoe is not going to drop.

Wednesday 11/23
It's time to put the focus on healing an old wound.  There's just no way around it today so why not dive in and do the work?  Find healthy ways to express these old, potent feelings.  If we just let them come up and out, we'll soon discover that we feel lighter and freer and more able to chase a dream.

Thursday 11/24

readings on sale at from 8am-8pm pacific
The energy is a bit off the wall today and it's tough to stay grounded.  Everyone is abuzz with energy.  It's ok to step away if necessary.  There's no need to stay in the crazy if it's not feeling good.  Take a moment or two to honor the New Moon in Sagittarius.  Make a wish, plant a seed and love what unfolds.

Friday 11/25
Distance Energy Healing Session at, 8am PST/11am EST
Something we've wanted for a long time is about to arrive.  It's going to feel so good and in many ways, it'll feel like a big surprise.  One of the best aspects of having a wish come true is that it creates space for new wishes to take shape.  Pause for a moment today and allow a whole new batch of wishes to come to mind.

Saturday 11/26
readings on sale at from noon-4pm pacific
We're getting rewarded for work we may have finished up a while ago.  These rewards may come in a form we don't expect or anticipate but it doesn't really matter because they bring satisfaction and validation and we can use this to propel ourselves forward into new goals.  We are ready to take on bigger and better things now.

Sunday 11/27
readings on sale at from 8am-8pm pacific
Notice how spooky everything feels today.  It's as if we're afraid of our own shadow.  We might feel like there's information we don't have that we desperately need to move forward.  Intuition can guide us now if we let it.  If needed, detach and find a quiet place to reflect and rest. This too shall pass.

need help with the energy this week?

Don't let practical concerns kill the dream before it even gets a chance to take root.  Be outrageous, be wild and welcome the whimsical.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 11/20 - 11/26

Don’t hesitate to reach out and make contact even if you feel your questions and concerns are silly.  They’re not silly and a trusted mentor can quickly put your doubts to rest.  Creative ideas seem to be flying at you with rapid speed.  You’re not ready to put them all in motion so pick your favorites and get to work.  You have everything necessary to succeed, Aries.  Go forth and conquer!

Make peace with someone or something that has been generating angry feelings.  You might think that healing should come from the other people involved and that it’s not your job to initiate peace.  You’re wrong Taurus.  Waiting for what you want is causing you to feel powerless and it’s amplifying the anger.  Reach out and make contact.  You can find the peace you’re looking for with a bit of action on your part.

You’re restless, Gemini and in need of new spaces to play in.  There’s no way you can deny these feelings and if you don’t indulge in the wanderlust you’re likely to get unconsciously destructive.  Make time and space for an adventure even if it’s just a little one.  A repressed passion is beginning to surface.  It’s a great time to explore these feelings.  What do you want?  Spend some time thinking on it.

A new idea is demanding lots of time and energy but it doesn’t feel like a drain.  This thing is energizing and inspiring.  Enjoy it, Cancer.  Someone is pressuring you to take a short cut but you have a sense that this short cut will actually add more work down the line.  Trust your instincts and resist the seduction of taking the easy way.  Get ready to celebrate all the magic you’re crafted. 

An eye opening experience is in the cards this week, Leo.  You are about to have a shift in perception that will open new avenues for exploration and give you a wonderful sense of freedom.  Just in time because you’ve been feeling restless of late.  Be patient with a project that has seemed unending. You’re making more progress than you realize and you need to stay steady.

An old betrayal is coming back to haunt you.  If you work on forgiving yourself for whatever role you played in this drama, you’ll get free of the pain and guilt that seems to recur at the most inconvenient times.  There’s nothing here to feel ashamed of, Virgo.  Let this old pain slide away now, leaving you free to create bigger and better things in its stead.  Soon you’ll be immersed in new delights.

Trust in the shape and dimension of your dreams, Libra even if they seem too big to come true.  Watch your boundaries.  Someone you consider a distant friend is quietly working against you.  This person is competitive and jealous and you know it though you keep giving him or her the benefit of the doubt.  It’s time to stop and protect what’s yours.  As soon as you acknowledge this dynamic, you will be back in the driver’s seat.

It’s all about relationships this week, Scorpio.  You can’t seem to focus on anything else and that’s ok.  Give yourself permission to drift away from responsibility for now.  If you give yourself a conscious break you’ll come back with a lot more energy and enthusiasm.  There may be someone new and intriguing showing up.  It’s exciting!  Slough off that jaded fa├žade and let some love in.

An unexpected piece of news will shake things up and get you seeing differently.  It’ll take a minute or two to get your bearings so don’t expect to be thrilled at first.  Soon you will see the opportunity here.  It’s big, Sagittarius.  As you get your head around all the changes that are taking place, you’ll start to see that there’s nothing to fear and so much to look forward to.

Your mask of toughness is really just a defense mechanism, Capricorn.  Inside you’re innocent, hopeful and very beautiful.  Don’t hesitate to show it.  Notice the fears and doubts that are bubbling to the surface.  Opening to more love means opening all the spaces that contain painful memories and old hurts.  Let this stuff come up and out.  It’s time to shed an old layer of skin and doing so will feel so, so good.

There’s some tough stuff up ahead, Aquarius but it’s not as bad as you might imagine.  You’ve been sensing that difficulties are looming and in your mind these difficulties have taken on epic proportions.  Again, it’s not as bad as you imagine and you will be relieved to finally be in it and dealing with it as opposed to helplessly wondering.  See your challenge as an opportunity to discover more about your strength and wisdom.

While there is much you can do to change the things you don’t like about your life this week, there’s also an element of surrender that needs to come into play.  Know where to put your energy and have faith that the rest will move on its own.  No one knows surrender like you do Pisces, so sink into the moment knowing that all is moving in a positive direction even though it might not feel like it today.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Know Thyself

One of the things I love most about life is learning about other people.  I love hearing stories and learning the history of every individual I encounter.  I'm insatiable and often have to restrain myself from asking pointed questions in my quest to dig deeper.  This must be why I chose a profession that supports my need to explore humans in depth.  Astrology is a wonderful tool to help me see more clearly into what motivates and delights a person.

Some folks are very action oriented.  They're restless, they love risk and they're continually trying new things.  These people get edgy when they feel contained or stuck in any way...FIRE.

Other folks might want to get rooted in one home, one job, one relationship and find joy in routines and rituals.  These are more practical and grounded types...EARTH.

Others live in the mind, with fascinating inner worlds so entertaining that they need not ever leave the house, except of course until they want to share those ideas with others...AIR.

And lastly, there are people who are intensely relationship-oriented and interested in how things feel.  These folks love to splash around in intensity and become what ever is happening around them...WATER.

We all have a mixture of these four components/elements and it's endlessly fascinating for me to see what people do with their own, unique blend of energies.

Recently, I was doing a reading for a very fiery type.  This client has traveled the world and truly has a gypsy soul (Sagittarius Moon).  She can't sit still and finds that the world is just not moving fast enough for her and her goals.  She had a moment of projecting this as a need that we all have, which led me to thinking about how much I love to be close to home (Capricorn Sun) and that the idea of traveling the world is an amazing idea but is not a goal at the top of my own personal list.  It sounds stressful and chaotic and uncomfortable!

I've almost felt bad at times about the fact that I'm not more interested in seeing and exploring the globe.  I do have a list of destinations I hope to visit at some point but it's not a pressing need.  Still, I know a lot of people who NEED to wander and feel sick if they're too confined.

We tend to hold things against ourselves or beat ourselves up because we're not more like our cousin, or sister or best friend.  What happens when we just really get behind who we are and what we love?  For this client, she was shaking off feeling bad about not being able to stay in one place and simultaneously, I was shaking off the embarrassment of NOT wanting to hit the road and see the world.

We get shamed for the very thing we're born to do.  I see it over and over and over.  You may have heard me say it before but where we feel the most messed up is often where we have our greatest gifts.  Think on that a bit.  Take a closer look at where you might carry shame, doubt or fear.  Could it be that there's a treasure waiting under that crappy energy that says "you have no idea what you're doing"?


Thursday in the Stonestreet Cafe I'm welcoming Karen J. Lewis to the Stonestreet Cafe at  Karen was scheduled to join me 2 weeks ago but I lost my voice and we changed the date.  Karen is amazing and her line of all natural body products is fantastic.  Check out Gracious Earth Naturals by tuning in to the Cafe this Thursday at or by visiting the site.

Join me this Friday at for the GROUNDING AND PROTECTION MEDITATION at 8am pacific/11am eastern.  We meet for 20 minutes by telephone to shake off the heavy energy that builds up in our space.  Let's slough that junk off so that we can become more of who we are.

And last but not least, we have big sales on readings coming up this weekend at  Let's connect on Saturday anytime from 8-4pm pacific during the big sale.  I am just dying to get to know you better and to get behind your brand of magic!


Monday, November 14, 2011

Fortune Forecast 11/14 - 11/20


Life is getting exciting and there's a wonderful, anticipatory sense that new things are just waiting to emerge and take shape.  What do you envision for this chapter of the story?  Who is in the cast of characters and what is the action all about?  Don't be afraid to have fun dreaming this dream as we stand at the cusp of the unknown.  Sometimes we worry and get superstitious about getting too excited about all the good things that might happen.  It's as if we don't want to get too excited just in case things don't go the way we want them too.  Let's banish that nonsense and just be happy about it all as it becomes real.

Monday 11/14
It's hard to be upbeat when we see very bad signs all around.  Could it be that we're just looking for evidence of trouble?  There really is nothing that can't be overcome right now.  We need to be mindful of the viewpoint we choose today.  Say no to the scary ones.

Tuesday 11/15
20 minute meditation at 1pm pacific/4pm eastern at
It's a great day to celebrate love and connection.  Make it a project to reach out and connect to as many loved ones as possible.  Small exchanges will free a chain of good vibes, running through hearts and hands and spilling out all over the place.

Wednesday 11/16
We can make magic come to pass today if we get in a playful space.  We've got to lighten up to get the magic flying.  Think on what's wanted and needed to get the advantage of a clear focus for all the amazing-ness happening now.

Thursday 11/17
tune in to the Stonestreet Cafe at 6pm PST/9pm EST at
A reminder is in order, that deep change is happening on a lot of levels right now and deep change can be a challenge to weather.  We may not be seeing some of the kinds of change we wish for but it's coming.  Just give it a little more time.

Friday 11/18
Stonestreet Cafe replays at 10:30am pacific/1:30pm eastern at
There's no point in going back and lamenting over things that have long since passed.  It's time to move forward.  We've been causing ourselves pain and suffering by refusing to let go of old grievances.  Let's stop now.

Saturday 11/19
readings on sale at from 8am-4pm PST.
It's hard to keep the fear in check.  Our fears seem to be taking on a life of their own today and we may need to calm down a bit here and there just to remind ourselves that things really are ok.  Pull out the stops in terms of what helps sooth and center.

Sunday 11/20
readings on sale at from noon-4pm PST.
It's time to acknowledge an important conclusion.  We've reached the end of a certain road and it was a wonderful ride.  We can acknowledge the complexity of this particular ending and extract a lot of meaning, especially if we resist the urge to analyze it all. 

need help with the energy this week?

Say yes to it all.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 11/13 - 11/19

Feelings of failure are threatening to sap you of energy and enthusiasm.  You are being way too hard on yourself, Aries.  Your standards are so high no one can reach them.  It’s time to put more attention on your gifts and abilities and take attention off what you think of as your flaws.  As you start to slough off the negativity and perfectionism, you’ll find that life takes on new dimension and offers much more pleasure.  How wonderful!

A victory this week will lift your spirits and have you in the mood to take on even bigger challenges.  It feels good to have the work you’ve been doing finally getting the recognition it deserves.  A part of you is anxious to move on but check in with your motivation.  Do what you can to come from a space of desire as opposed to need.  In other words, don’t let fear be the driving force, Taurus.

You’ve come to the end of a relationship and the emotional cycle that went with it, Gemini.  Though this space was once fulfilling, it lost its joy a while ago and you’ve been hanging on for sentimental reasons and with the hope that it could somehow be revived.  The truth is settling in and it’s hard but good.  You are about to be handed more freedom.  It will be great once you relax into it.

There are many magical moments lining up for you this week, Cancer.  You’ll be surprised at how easily good things want to come to you.  Let yourself enjoy this rush of miracle energy.  Allow yourself to spend time daydreaming and picturing what you want.  If you don’t have a picture, imagine how it feels and surround yourself with that feeling.  Expand that feeling into all the cells in your body.  Delicious!

You may be asked to take on the role of teacher this week, Leo.  It’ll feel good and help you see how much you know.  It’ll also add dimension to skills and abilities that you’ll need soon.  You have much to be grateful for and still you strive.  Make it a priority to pause and enjoy the view from your perch.  It will help you get ready for the next leg of the journey.  Life is beautiful.  Don’t miss it in your rush to accomplish more.

It’s time to take charge of your world, Virgo.  Part of what needs to happen is organization.  Things are getting lost in the chaos and you’re working harder than you need to.  Implement new strategies to keep things in order.  Though you don’t feel like doing it, you’ll be rewarded if you make it a priority.  It will feel so good to have a tidy space from which to launch more dreams.

Your body needs healing.  Taking breaks to relax and recharge is essential and if you put it off, you can expect to feel drained and uninspired.  You are reaching the end of a project or cycle that has demanded your full attention, Libra.  It’s hard to move on since this projected was once passionate and fulfilling.  Something new is about to naturally emerge.  You don’t have to figure it out.

There’s a ton of support for you and your goals this week, Scorpio.  Can you cultivate a receptive space and let some miracles in?  You’ve got to move from effort to fluidity if you want to make the most of the opportunities around you.  Happy surprises are popping up all over.  You seem to have the uncanny ability to know what to do and when to do it.  Trust what you’re up to.

Let your intuitive power guide you into a better place, Sagittarius.  There’s a part of you that’s determined to make it hard.  It’s as if you feel more proud of your accomplishments when they are accomplished with blood, sweat and tears.  It doesn’t need to be this way!  Your mind is quick to find problems.  It will take gentle discipline to quell this habit.  Why not undertake this healing now before you get busy living your dream?

When you see what you want, grab it!  It’s coming, Capricorn and it’s moving swiftly so be on the look out.  You’re ready to bring a new project to life.  It’s been germinating for quite a while and it’s ready to be born.  Labor can be a challenge, so be kind to yourself and forget about perfection.  Let it be good enough and know that you can refine and beautify it as you go along. 

Relationships need attention this week, Aquarius.  The more you give, the more you’ll get in return.  You might feel like you just don’t have the time or energy for all that nonsense.  Do it anyway.  A power struggle is building in intensity.  The key to resolving this is to remember that you can stop at anytime.  Then the question becomes do you want to stop and if not why?  Is the conflict serving you?  Figure it out.

Deep emotional energy has you feeling off balance this week, Pisces.  You can’t quite figure out what you feel and why.  The more you try and make sense of it, the less sense it makes.  Perhaps you are opening up some dormant spaces that contain a treasure or two?  See this process as a healing because it is and it can help position you for bigger and better opportunities across the board. 


Monday, November 7, 2011

Fortune Forecast 11/7 - 11/13


Life is a tad intense this week and we might be carrying a lot of tension and stress.  We might not know how much until we get a chance to confront it head on and that opportunity is coming.  We always have the option of stepping away and taking a deep breath.  Be tuned in to what's happening inside so that if the need to retreat arises, all will flow smoothly.  Be prepared to step back as we head into a maze of sorts with many angles to navigate through.

Monday 11/7
Stonestreet Cafe replays at 4pm PST/7pm EST at 
Find productive ways to blow off steam and give passion shape and texture.  There's an oppressive vibe in the air and it can easily suck the life out of a dream.   Resist the urge to be defensive and reactive.  Stay cool through every test and there will be many.

Tuesday 11/8
Don't try and stop the mind from wandering today.  It needs a wider range and space to roam.  Letting more happen in the imagination will allow more to happen in waking reality.  Let the dreams flow without pause.  Capture the ideas popping up out of the ether.

Wednesday 11/9
There's nothing more satisfying than a moment of total fulfillment and we can have plenty of them today.  Shake off regrets from the past and worries over the future.  Something amazing is happening right now.  Connect with the five senses to some kind of source.

Thursday 11/10
tune in to the Stonestreet Cafe at 6pm PST/9pm EST at
What better message for a Full Moon in Taurus?  Be steady, be patient.  We're faced with a balancing act of sorts today and we can keep everything nice and tidy just by holding steady for a little bit longer.  Dig in and grow some roots.  Find a patch of soil and flourish.

Friday 11/11
We need the guidance of both head and heart today to navigate our way.  Both have the same driving desire...fulfillment.  They do however, have two very different ways of going about getting this need met.  When we use both, we up our chances at success.

Saturday 11/12
readings on sale at on sale at 8-8pm pacific

It's time to start thinking about ways to make space for new things to come in.  No more delay.  Finish up, clean up and clear the air.  It's about to get pretty exciting with all kinds of happy surprises.  Let's make room for new seeds to land.  This is motivation.

Sunday 11/13
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We've got to let some old stuff come up and out.  There's no need to repress it or push it away even if it's showing us an unpleasant truth or two.  We're being offered a gift right now so let's take  advantage of it.  Let all the heaviness lift off and fly away now.

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There are so many great ways to work energy through the body but none of them work if we don't work them.  Indulge and explore new methods of staying cool and calm under pressure.  It's all about the body.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 11/6 - 11/12

Trying to restrain your urge to leap into something is starting to get difficult.  You might as well let yourself go find out what can happen here, Aries.  You need to know.  If you can let yourself have this leap of faith, you'll be pleasantly surprised with how it all unfolds, leading you to greater opportunities, more fun and tons of freedom.  There's really no good reason not to go now.  Trust your feelings to help lead you and provide light in the shadows.  It will feel so good to return to the land of light.

Deep changes are helping to get you lined up with something fantastic.  You can't see it yet Taurus and it may in fact seem like there is no movement at all.  Don't be fooled.  There is a tremendous surge of energy coming soon that will help you implement some long-held plans and ideas.  Protect what you've worked so diligently to construct.  There are threatening forces out and about and while they are no match for you, you need to see it coming in order to deflect it quickly.

Pick a path and don't look back.  You can't get any traction until you choose a course of action, Gemini.  It seems like a difficult choice but that's just an illusion.  If you admit to yourself that you're just not ready to get going, you'll have a much easier time getting ready.  Stop being so hard on yourself.  Much of what you've been dealing with is beyond your control.  Get yourself off the hook of perfection because it's not bringing out your best.  Make space for a creative explosion.

Relax into the stability you've worked so hard to create Cancer.  You are in an excellent position to take a big step forward in business and with investments.  Savor this moment for a minute before making your next move.  Someone close to you needs your wisdom and guidance.  Make time for this person because spending time here will offer you important lessons as well.  What you discover in counseling someone is going to be helpful when you soon face a mutated version of the same problem.

Your fears are lit up this week Leo and you might find yourself reacting in puzzling ways to things that would normally not bother you.  Try to allow the fear to come up and out.  Get to know it, so to speak.  It's not quite time to pick a course of action.  You don't have all the pieces to the puzzle yet, so try to relax while time brings it together for you.  The pace is about to pick up.  Are you ready?  Get rest while you can because soon you're going to be very busy creating more of what you love.

You're in a rush this week to complete old projects and make space for new passions.  Though it's very difficult to slow down, you might have to, Virgo.  Avoid careless mistakes with just a little more attention to detail and a dash of faith that you're heading in the right direction.  Soon you will see new doors opening and invitations of all kind arriving at your doorstep.  Know it in your bones so that you can quell the impatient fire inside you that's driving you to distraction.

You've been applying incredible focus to a project that is taking time, dedication and tons of energy.  It might feel like you're never going to get anywhere with this Libra but don't throw in the towel just yet.  You will reap the rewards from what you're building here, it just might take a little more time.  An old fantasy has reemerged with new urgency.  Take a closer look at what it is you really want.  You can have it but will it really bring satisfaction?  This is important to look at.

You're very clear this week about changes that need to happen and how to go about it all.  The thing is, Scorpio, you've completely lost your sense of humor about everything and it's making your quest to change things a lot less fun.  Relax a little.  You don't need to be tense or vigilante to make things happen.  Try and find the space of play.  Healing wants to come to you.  Let it in.  You've got a lot going on.  Give yourself credit for keeping all the balls in the air.

It's hard to rest this week, Sagittarius.  You're working through the ghosts of the past.  It's time to let go of a pile of regrets. Carrying this stuff is slowing you down.  Why not let it go now?  Hard work is about to yield amazing results.  Bask in the knowing that your hard work and energy has paid off and will continue to do so.  The pain you face this week is between you and even bigger fulfillment.  Don't fight it.  Let it come up and out so that you can have a true awakening.

It's a time of growth, Capricorn.  You're ready to flourish.  Make time for reflection and rest when the opportunity arises.  This is a potent time in your life and a lot is happening on levels that are difficult to comprehend.  A burst of inspired passion can bring renewed energy and enthusiasm.  Part of what you're exploring are limitations, real and imagined.  You're gaining a better sense of the gem you're playing and the rules that can be bent or broken.  Channel passion with care.

It's time to get going, Aquarius.  You need to capitalize on some of the openings happening in your world.  Strike swiftly if you see a chance at something you want.  Don't worry about whether it comes through or not.  Just do for the sake of doing.  You've worked hard to create stability and abundance.  Enjoy it.  You are on the cusp of stepping into more authority and leadership.  It will feel good to be in the lead.  Your vision is inspiring and getting people moving.

Finally, you're experiencing movement after a period of being stuck.  It feels good and you can expect even more momentum over the next few weeks.  You're ready to end a cycle that's caused pain and frustration.  Walk away Pisces and set yourself free.  There's nothing interesting to be found in the rubble.  Move on.  Powerful forces are lining up to help you get more of what you want.  Allow some potent energy to move through you. It will feel good and get your further down the road.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Sort's snowy here and I'm not quite ready for it.  I do however love this season and the build up to Thanksgiving.  It gets me thinking about gratitude, which is something I touched on last week in the Stonestreet Cafe at  The show was about fear and how much we love it but at one point I brought up gratitude, specifically what I call forced gratitude.

When things are going well, it's so easy to feel the gratitude.  We sing it, we shout it and we feel it but when life gets tough, gratitude is a bit of a struggle.  That's when we start to move into forced gratitude.  We start pushing to find things to celebrate.  This is a great space to play in but if you've been hanging out with me for awhile, you know I'm not opposed to sinking into some self pity.

I wouldn't want any of us to get stuck there but I do think honoring the disappointments in life is ok.  We are not going to get punished for having a hard moment, a grumpy moment or a frustrated and angry moment.  We may think that the supreme being will frown on us for not being 100 percent grateful all the time.  I beg to differ!  It's us that creates the punishment over what we think and feel.  We truly are our own worst enemies.

So here I sit with my big coat on, feeling a tad inconvenienced by the weather.  Kids were home sick yesterday and though they were well behaved, I felt inconvenienced by their presence.  This lady needs kid-free time and when it's not happening, it kind of sucks.

They're back in school today and I'm doing what I can to get on top of my many projects while feeling pretty unmotivated.  YAY!  How about you?  Where are you at, dear friends?  are you feeling gratitude for all that i or are you all too aware of all the things that just aren't right?

Venus and Mercury move into Sagittarius today after a journey through Scorpio.  I have a feeling this will lighten the mood for all of us and get us laughing again.  We're moving from the internal focus of Scorpio to the external and energized magic of Sagittarius.  This will help us find adventure and play no matter what circumstances and challenges we've been immersed in.

This week in the Stonestreet Cafe at, I'm welcoming 12Advisor Karen J. Lewis, who is also the proprietor of Gracious Earth Naturals.  Gracious Earth Naturals is a company that sells handcrafted body products.  I've been luxuriating in the soaps, lotions and potions for a while now and I can say with enthusiasm that this is my kind of lusciousness!  I can't wait to learn more about Karen's journey into this creative space.  Join us Thursday at 6pm pacific/9pm eastern at

I've updated my archives at and you can find a lot of new shows there.  Go have a listen for kicks and giggles.  The replay schedule is changing this week and you'll now be able to listen to Stonestreet Cafe replays on Friday mornings at 10:30am pacific/1:30 pm eastern.

Also on Friday, my meditation group at continues to grow and flourish.  We meet at 8am pacific/11am eastern for 20 minutes via teleconference.  Join me there to help release stress, worry and irritability.  I'm toying with the idea of offering another session on Tuesday afternoons.  I'm going to adjust the price on these offerings so that more people can participate.  JOIN ME at

Lastly, we have a big sale on readings coming up this Saturday at 8am pacific at  This sale lasts for four hours and leads into our big happy hour sale from noon-4pm pacific.  These sales are a great time to get a reading and gain clarity about what's happening in the inner world.  I can't wait to get my hands on you!

That's about it for me this week.  I'm going to head back to my to-do list and dream about taking a trip to the hot springs in the next few days.  A soak in those magic minerals tends to get me back to my natural gratitude.  What helps you get there?  DO IT.


ps.  After publishing this, I marched straight over to and create a series called 20 MINUTE MEDITATION on Tuesdays at 1pm pacific/4pm eastern.  We'll meet for 20 minutes each week.  Come to one, come to all as we release stress and replace it with magic.   I lowered the price on all of my offerings so join me.  There is power in numbers...

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