Saturday, November 12, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 11/13 - 11/19

Feelings of failure are threatening to sap you of energy and enthusiasm.  You are being way too hard on yourself, Aries.  Your standards are so high no one can reach them.  It’s time to put more attention on your gifts and abilities and take attention off what you think of as your flaws.  As you start to slough off the negativity and perfectionism, you’ll find that life takes on new dimension and offers much more pleasure.  How wonderful!

A victory this week will lift your spirits and have you in the mood to take on even bigger challenges.  It feels good to have the work you’ve been doing finally getting the recognition it deserves.  A part of you is anxious to move on but check in with your motivation.  Do what you can to come from a space of desire as opposed to need.  In other words, don’t let fear be the driving force, Taurus.

You’ve come to the end of a relationship and the emotional cycle that went with it, Gemini.  Though this space was once fulfilling, it lost its joy a while ago and you’ve been hanging on for sentimental reasons and with the hope that it could somehow be revived.  The truth is settling in and it’s hard but good.  You are about to be handed more freedom.  It will be great once you relax into it.

There are many magical moments lining up for you this week, Cancer.  You’ll be surprised at how easily good things want to come to you.  Let yourself enjoy this rush of miracle energy.  Allow yourself to spend time daydreaming and picturing what you want.  If you don’t have a picture, imagine how it feels and surround yourself with that feeling.  Expand that feeling into all the cells in your body.  Delicious!

You may be asked to take on the role of teacher this week, Leo.  It’ll feel good and help you see how much you know.  It’ll also add dimension to skills and abilities that you’ll need soon.  You have much to be grateful for and still you strive.  Make it a priority to pause and enjoy the view from your perch.  It will help you get ready for the next leg of the journey.  Life is beautiful.  Don’t miss it in your rush to accomplish more.

It’s time to take charge of your world, Virgo.  Part of what needs to happen is organization.  Things are getting lost in the chaos and you’re working harder than you need to.  Implement new strategies to keep things in order.  Though you don’t feel like doing it, you’ll be rewarded if you make it a priority.  It will feel so good to have a tidy space from which to launch more dreams.

Your body needs healing.  Taking breaks to relax and recharge is essential and if you put it off, you can expect to feel drained and uninspired.  You are reaching the end of a project or cycle that has demanded your full attention, Libra.  It’s hard to move on since this projected was once passionate and fulfilling.  Something new is about to naturally emerge.  You don’t have to figure it out.

There’s a ton of support for you and your goals this week, Scorpio.  Can you cultivate a receptive space and let some miracles in?  You’ve got to move from effort to fluidity if you want to make the most of the opportunities around you.  Happy surprises are popping up all over.  You seem to have the uncanny ability to know what to do and when to do it.  Trust what you’re up to.

Let your intuitive power guide you into a better place, Sagittarius.  There’s a part of you that’s determined to make it hard.  It’s as if you feel more proud of your accomplishments when they are accomplished with blood, sweat and tears.  It doesn’t need to be this way!  Your mind is quick to find problems.  It will take gentle discipline to quell this habit.  Why not undertake this healing now before you get busy living your dream?

When you see what you want, grab it!  It’s coming, Capricorn and it’s moving swiftly so be on the look out.  You’re ready to bring a new project to life.  It’s been germinating for quite a while and it’s ready to be born.  Labor can be a challenge, so be kind to yourself and forget about perfection.  Let it be good enough and know that you can refine and beautify it as you go along. 

Relationships need attention this week, Aquarius.  The more you give, the more you’ll get in return.  You might feel like you just don’t have the time or energy for all that nonsense.  Do it anyway.  A power struggle is building in intensity.  The key to resolving this is to remember that you can stop at anytime.  Then the question becomes do you want to stop and if not why?  Is the conflict serving you?  Figure it out.

Deep emotional energy has you feeling off balance this week, Pisces.  You can’t quite figure out what you feel and why.  The more you try and make sense of it, the less sense it makes.  Perhaps you are opening up some dormant spaces that contain a treasure or two?  See this process as a healing because it is and it can help position you for bigger and better opportunities across the board. 


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Celine said...

I feel you wrote the Gemini forecast specifically for me. It's exactly what is happening right now in my life. Thank you Julia!