Saturday, November 5, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 11/6 - 11/12

Trying to restrain your urge to leap into something is starting to get difficult.  You might as well let yourself go find out what can happen here, Aries.  You need to know.  If you can let yourself have this leap of faith, you'll be pleasantly surprised with how it all unfolds, leading you to greater opportunities, more fun and tons of freedom.  There's really no good reason not to go now.  Trust your feelings to help lead you and provide light in the shadows.  It will feel so good to return to the land of light.

Deep changes are helping to get you lined up with something fantastic.  You can't see it yet Taurus and it may in fact seem like there is no movement at all.  Don't be fooled.  There is a tremendous surge of energy coming soon that will help you implement some long-held plans and ideas.  Protect what you've worked so diligently to construct.  There are threatening forces out and about and while they are no match for you, you need to see it coming in order to deflect it quickly.

Pick a path and don't look back.  You can't get any traction until you choose a course of action, Gemini.  It seems like a difficult choice but that's just an illusion.  If you admit to yourself that you're just not ready to get going, you'll have a much easier time getting ready.  Stop being so hard on yourself.  Much of what you've been dealing with is beyond your control.  Get yourself off the hook of perfection because it's not bringing out your best.  Make space for a creative explosion.

Relax into the stability you've worked so hard to create Cancer.  You are in an excellent position to take a big step forward in business and with investments.  Savor this moment for a minute before making your next move.  Someone close to you needs your wisdom and guidance.  Make time for this person because spending time here will offer you important lessons as well.  What you discover in counseling someone is going to be helpful when you soon face a mutated version of the same problem.

Your fears are lit up this week Leo and you might find yourself reacting in puzzling ways to things that would normally not bother you.  Try to allow the fear to come up and out.  Get to know it, so to speak.  It's not quite time to pick a course of action.  You don't have all the pieces to the puzzle yet, so try to relax while time brings it together for you.  The pace is about to pick up.  Are you ready?  Get rest while you can because soon you're going to be very busy creating more of what you love.

You're in a rush this week to complete old projects and make space for new passions.  Though it's very difficult to slow down, you might have to, Virgo.  Avoid careless mistakes with just a little more attention to detail and a dash of faith that you're heading in the right direction.  Soon you will see new doors opening and invitations of all kind arriving at your doorstep.  Know it in your bones so that you can quell the impatient fire inside you that's driving you to distraction.

You've been applying incredible focus to a project that is taking time, dedication and tons of energy.  It might feel like you're never going to get anywhere with this Libra but don't throw in the towel just yet.  You will reap the rewards from what you're building here, it just might take a little more time.  An old fantasy has reemerged with new urgency.  Take a closer look at what it is you really want.  You can have it but will it really bring satisfaction?  This is important to look at.

You're very clear this week about changes that need to happen and how to go about it all.  The thing is, Scorpio, you've completely lost your sense of humor about everything and it's making your quest to change things a lot less fun.  Relax a little.  You don't need to be tense or vigilante to make things happen.  Try and find the space of play.  Healing wants to come to you.  Let it in.  You've got a lot going on.  Give yourself credit for keeping all the balls in the air.

It's hard to rest this week, Sagittarius.  You're working through the ghosts of the past.  It's time to let go of a pile of regrets. Carrying this stuff is slowing you down.  Why not let it go now?  Hard work is about to yield amazing results.  Bask in the knowing that your hard work and energy has paid off and will continue to do so.  The pain you face this week is between you and even bigger fulfillment.  Don't fight it.  Let it come up and out so that you can have a true awakening.

It's a time of growth, Capricorn.  You're ready to flourish.  Make time for reflection and rest when the opportunity arises.  This is a potent time in your life and a lot is happening on levels that are difficult to comprehend.  A burst of inspired passion can bring renewed energy and enthusiasm.  Part of what you're exploring are limitations, real and imagined.  You're gaining a better sense of the gem you're playing and the rules that can be bent or broken.  Channel passion with care.

It's time to get going, Aquarius.  You need to capitalize on some of the openings happening in your world.  Strike swiftly if you see a chance at something you want.  Don't worry about whether it comes through or not.  Just do for the sake of doing.  You've worked hard to create stability and abundance.  Enjoy it.  You are on the cusp of stepping into more authority and leadership.  It will feel good to be in the lead.  Your vision is inspiring and getting people moving.

Finally, you're experiencing movement after a period of being stuck.  It feels good and you can expect even more momentum over the next few weeks.  You're ready to end a cycle that's caused pain and frustration.  Walk away Pisces and set yourself free.  There's nothing interesting to be found in the rubble.  Move on.  Powerful forces are lining up to help you get more of what you want.  Allow some potent energy to move through you. It will feel good and get your further down the road.


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