Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Know Thyself

One of the things I love most about life is learning about other people.  I love hearing stories and learning the history of every individual I encounter.  I'm insatiable and often have to restrain myself from asking pointed questions in my quest to dig deeper.  This must be why I chose a profession that supports my need to explore humans in depth.  Astrology is a wonderful tool to help me see more clearly into what motivates and delights a person.

Some folks are very action oriented.  They're restless, they love risk and they're continually trying new things.  These people get edgy when they feel contained or stuck in any way...FIRE.

Other folks might want to get rooted in one home, one job, one relationship and find joy in routines and rituals.  These are more practical and grounded types...EARTH.

Others live in the mind, with fascinating inner worlds so entertaining that they need not ever leave the house, except of course until they want to share those ideas with others...AIR.

And lastly, there are people who are intensely relationship-oriented and interested in how things feel.  These folks love to splash around in intensity and become what ever is happening around them...WATER.

We all have a mixture of these four components/elements and it's endlessly fascinating for me to see what people do with their own, unique blend of energies.

Recently, I was doing a reading for a very fiery type.  This client has traveled the world and truly has a gypsy soul (Sagittarius Moon).  She can't sit still and finds that the world is just not moving fast enough for her and her goals.  She had a moment of projecting this as a need that we all have, which led me to thinking about how much I love to be close to home (Capricorn Sun) and that the idea of traveling the world is an amazing idea but is not a goal at the top of my own personal list.  It sounds stressful and chaotic and uncomfortable!

I've almost felt bad at times about the fact that I'm not more interested in seeing and exploring the globe.  I do have a list of destinations I hope to visit at some point but it's not a pressing need.  Still, I know a lot of people who NEED to wander and feel sick if they're too confined.

We tend to hold things against ourselves or beat ourselves up because we're not more like our cousin, or sister or best friend.  What happens when we just really get behind who we are and what we love?  For this client, she was shaking off feeling bad about not being able to stay in one place and simultaneously, I was shaking off the embarrassment of NOT wanting to hit the road and see the world.

We get shamed for the very thing we're born to do.  I see it over and over and over.  You may have heard me say it before but where we feel the most messed up is often where we have our greatest gifts.  Think on that a bit.  Take a closer look at where you might carry shame, doubt or fear.  Could it be that there's a treasure waiting under that crappy energy that says "you have no idea what you're doing"?


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