Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 1/1 - 1/7

Happy New Year Aries!  You are so ready to try something new but you just don't know what it is yet.  This is a bit of a problem as you battle restlessness and irritability waiting for your new vision to take shape.  You're also in the process of finishing up an old cycle and the ending you're embroiled in is very challenging.  Do what you can to blow off steam in a healthy way.  You are almost to new and better things.

Happy New Year Taurus!  It's a rich time in your life and so much is coming to fruition.  Take time out to celebrate it all.  Powerful energies are helping you see opportunity in spaces that once seemed completely flat and uninteresting.  Do what you can t move on from a situation that's caused a lot of heartache over a long period of time.  There's nothing here worth looking at anymore.  Move into the new and unknown with confidence.

Happy New Year Gemini!  You are in deep healing mode and may be annoyed when mundane issues intrude on your contemplative space.  Knowing this can help you carve out real time to step away for a break and some rest.  Big ideas are percolating in the back of your mind.  You're creativity is high and a wave of energy will soon be here.  In the meantime, start figuring out how to disentangle yourself from projects that no longer provide meaning or energy.

Happy New Year Cancer!  You need to take charge this week, Cancer even though the mess you're being asked to address is not of your own making.  Be the hero and reap the rewards.  A conflict is getting more and more contentious in your immediate environment.  It's affecting you and causing you stress.  You can resolve this by facing it head on.  Once the tension abates, you'll find plenty of joy and love to refresh your body, mind and spirit.

Happy New Year Leo!  You're feeling a little poor in spirit this week and it's hard to see the magic all around.  The problem is that you're depleted and exhausted.  Once you see that all you need is rest, you'll be able to re-frame your problems in a way that helps set you free again to be big and shiny and wonderful.  Let go of an old wish.  The longing you feel here is part of what's draining your energy.  It's time for a new dream.

Happy New Year Virgo!  Plan to celebrate this week Virgo.  You need a chance to connect and feel the love in your life.  Relationships of all kind are where you're going to find healing, insight and energy.  Make time to get closer to the people you love and are fascinated by.  A money opportunity is beguiling.  This can yield tremendous abundance over time.  That's the big key here, it will take time to see this all the way to the end.

Happy New Year Libra!  You've been holding back and it's starting to get painful.  Give yourself permission to explore whatever it is that tickles your fancy.  Trying to stay on the straight and narrow is getting more and more painful.  Just stop.  A bright, new idea has the potential to change your whole life.  Are you ready to throw yourself into it without knowing what will come?  Just do it!  You're going to love what happens.

Happy New Year Scorpio!  You'll be relieved to discover that a situation that has long been unfair is about to turn around for you.  This will bring healing across the board for you.  Your abundance energy is about to go way up.  Are you ready for some magic?  Part of what needs to happen now is you need to let go of the idea that you have to struggle and fight for what you want.  You can stop now and let ease take over. 

Happy New Year Sagittarius!  You're so ready for fresh challenges and adventures.  You can hardly wait for a new cycle to launch but wait you must.  There are a few loose ends that need to be tidied up before you can leap into the future.  Undertake this with the best attitude you can muster up.  It'll be a challenge but one that you'll enjoy once you see how to play the game.  Get ready to rediscover who you are and what you want as the new year unfolds. 

Happy New Year Capricorn!  A space that's been infected with heavy, stuck energy is starting to move.  This will bring relief and healing your way and you can finally stop blaming yourself for whatever you think you might have done wrong here.  Put some attention on your body this week.  You're in need of healing and rest.  Indulge your sense in all manner of beauty.  It will get your energy up and ready for the next challenge. 

Happy New Year Aquarius!  You've been a tad on the cynical side of life lately and it's wearing your down.  Can you just decide to believe in the viability of your dreams no matter how lofty they might seem?  Big ideas are coming in and can help you see anew path.  Your creative energy is ready to take risks, so let yourself go with it.  Adopt an attitude of wonder.  It won't be easy for a wise soul like you but it will help you see the magic again. 

Happy New Year Pisces!  It isn't the easiest time in your life but it is a rich time.  If you can see that all your struggles are valuable, you'll have a lot more fun working through the hardships.  Don't neglect your body in your quest to get everything done.  You need care this week.  Make it a top priority.  An opportunity to create more abundance is at your door.  There's no need to rush into anything.  Take your time and let it fall together for you.


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