Saturday, December 10, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 12/11 - 12/17

It’s a tough week, Aries.  There is a sense of futility lingering over your life.  Before you panic and make too much of it, know that apathy is a signal that you are about to experience a breakthrough.  Don’t fight it.  Sit with it and let it show you the way to a deeper sense of passion.  Money and resources look more constricted than they are.  Try not to take it too seriously or panic. 

It may be painful to limit yourself this week, Taurus.  Reframe this idea and see the magic of narrowing the field and finding your focus.  You’ll be recognized and rewarded for your hard work.  Be gracious and thank those who helped you create success.  Find a way to celebrate your victory.  Doing so will help you get the energy you need for the next leap forward.

You have what you need whether you want to admit it or not.  The role of the tragic romantic is a fun one but it doesn’t really suit you Gemini.  In your case, you are waxing poetic over what might have been which is getting in the way of enjoying what is.  A small pain is growing in intensity.  Your mind is making this way too big.  Take it as a sign that it’s time for healing.

There are many temptations to indulge in and behaviors that will take the pain away this week, Cancer.  Though you might experience temporary relief, long-term happiness demands that you stay present and work through the energy.  There is support available.  Take advantage of it.  Let yourself be loved and cared for during this mini dark night of the soul.  The fulfillment you seek will sink in soon.

You can get what you want this week, Leo, but you need to pull your attention back to what’s happening here and now.  Small steps can take you far.  Be productive with the opportunities at hand.   A new idea will surprise and delight you.  The potential is awesome and it’s exciting to be considering something you once would have pushed aside as uninteresting or unfulfilling.

Your intuitive abilities are potent this week, Virgo.  Now it’s just a question of trusting what you’re seeing.  Unfortunately some of the insight coming in runs counter to what you want to believe.  You might have to adjust your plans so get ready.  Willingness to change is important now.  Don’t let pride keep you stuck in something that ultimately will not bear fruit.

Life is a balancing act this week, Libra.  Moderation will help you capitalize on important opportunities and keep you grounded and focused.  There will be many temptations to get out of balance.  A part of you is seduced by the idea of passion, but right now, wild passion could get you in trouble.  Your mind is racing with a million possibilities.  Give yourself time to sift through them and pick the ones with the most potential.

Take breaks to play, Scorpio.  You need to find creative ways to keep your energy and optimism in motion.  Your mind is fixated on your flaws.  Gently pull yourself out of that thankless pit and focus on what you love about yourself and your life.  With your psychic abilities on high, it’s essential to watch your boundaries so that you don’t pick up the negativity of those around you.  Expect a breakthrough.

You’ve got a lot going on this week though it might not look like it at first.  There are intense energies infusing you with the need to change and evolve.  Some of this will feel refreshing and exciting and some will feel uncomfortable.  The strange thing is, it doesn’t seem like your responsibilities should be generating such a big charge but they are.  There’s no need to try and figure it out, Sagittarius.  Spiritual forces are at play.

You’re starting to get a feeling for the next chapter in your story.  It’s passionate and bold but the more you look at it, the more you see the stumbling blocks and potential barriers to success. Don’t get ahead of yourself, Capricorn or you’ll get psyched out.  Continue to dream and expand on your vision no matter how unrealistic it might seem.  Soon you’ll be in the future you imagined and feeling great.

Trying to recapture the magic of days gone by is tying up the energy you need to create something new and improved here and now.  There is definitely a need to process recent events so that you can move forward with a fresh and open-minded attitude, Aquarius.  Whatever it is you’re longing for wasn’t really that great.  It only looks good because you are uncomfortable where you are today.  This too shall pass.

There are tremendous opportunities lining up for you, Pisces but you won’t see them unless you get your energy and focus back to present time. You seem reluctant to address the fear and pain that you’re dragging down the road.  Looking at it and admitting you feel afraid is not a sign of weakness.  It is in fact an incredible sign of strength.  Things are on the upswing so hang in there.


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