Saturday, December 17, 2011

Good Fortune Scopes 12/18 - 12/24

You've got some major magic working for you this week, Aries.  Play and see what you can create with it.  A big idea has you inspired and ready to take risks.  Others can see and and feel your power clearly but you might still be struggling to recognize it in yourself.  Wake up to who you are and what you're capable of.  When you do, you're going to blow the roof off this joint!

The pace is moving at quite a clip this week and you might be struggling to keep up with it all.  Do what you can to step away and get some rest, Taurus.  You won't miss out on anything profound by deciding that time alone to reflect is the best gift you can receive now.  Get ready to explore a whole new dimension.  You're been contemplating it and it's almost time.  Get ready!

You're inspired and passionate this week and it's a wonderful time for exploration, learning and pleasure.  You're finally getting a chance to apply some of the skills you've been so diligently crafting.  The rewards are great and you're being seen as an authority now.  It feels good and at the same time it dredges up a whole new batch of fear.  Have fun with all of it, Gemini.

Make connection and the exchange of love a top priority this week, Cancer.  You've been so focused on growing your empire that you've forgotten how to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  You'll find refreshment and your energy will be restored if you put away the work for now.  A big decision will be made clear soon.  You need to stop thinking about it to find the answer.  Peace is yours.

Enjoy the mental clarity that has arrived at last, Leo.  You can make plans now with confidence and it will feel really good.  Your energy and enthusiasm is needed now.  You're in demand all over town.  Enjoy the festivities and share your natural sunshine with everyone who crosses your path.  A burst of creativity will set you on a new and exciting path.  It's all very wonderful.

You're in the mood to give and offer yourself to friends in need.  It feels great to make a difference in peoples' lives.  The only downside is that you might not get enough rest and this can lead to stress for you.  Be sure that you balance your giving to others with plenty of self care for you.  A situation that's been unfair for some time is about to take a turn for the better.  This will lift your spirits.

You're craving more balance in your life, Libra and you have the ability to create more of it this week.  It will take focus but you can do it, especially as you tune out all the noise and chaos around you.  It's time to let go of something that may have once provided a lot of fulfillment.  You keep thinking you can revive it but it's finished.  Letting it go will bring more relief that you realize.

Good luck is yours this week, Scorpio and you're going to love some of the unexpected gifts that come your way.  Relax and let the amazing energy in.  Someone is making a very generous offer.  Will you take it?  Do it!  This opportunity can take you into an amazing new world of beauty, magic and prosperity.  There's just no reason not to go.

Communicating what you want is important this week, Sagittarius.  Ask for what you want and do what you can to really listen to others.  Tremendous healing can happen if you slow down and just get clear.  There's no need to rush, in fact most of the joy that's available now comes in the simplest of pleasures.  Pleasures that you can't enjoy if you continue with your normal chaos.

You're stressed out but the funny thing is, you're the one creating it, Capricorn and you can stop any time you're ready.  Just stop fretting.  It's a decision, so do it.  All that you need is yours to be had.  Meditate on what that looks and feels like.  It's so much closer than you realize.  You can feel the passion starting to build.  Get ready to follow it without fear and with total freedom. 

A wish is coming true, Aquarius.  Can you sink into the excitement you feel about it without worrying whether or not it will last?  be here now this week.  When you start thinking too hard, you tend to get stressed out.  Just stop!  Your body could use some attention.  Amp up on what feels good, whether it's rest or more activity.  You can create big healing for yourself and others.

You might have to get tough about a situation that's slowly been draining you of energy.  It's hard to assert yourself here, Pisces but what's the alternative?  You can't go on much longer with this unfair and unpleasant dynamic in your life.  As you come into completion with this cycle, you'll be shocked to discover how much better you feel.  This will help you make peace with any unresolved feelings about it all.


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