Monday, January 30, 2012

Fortune Forecast 1/30 - 2/5

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Sometimes, love wants to come to us but we don't see it and brush past it in our hurry to get somewhere else.  Maybe we can challenge this need to hurry a bit this week?  Let's decide to slow down and become more observant.  The urge to rush and hurry is powerful right now so we'll have to work pretty hard to unhook from it.  It's totally worth it!  Let's decide to move a little more slowly and deliberately in order to see the opportunities for connection that are all around, waiting for us.  Every interaction offers us the opportunity to exchange love.  We can take it in and give it back.  Don't worry about extravagant displays.  Let's keep is simple and relish every, sweet drop.

Monday 1/30
There are things that are simply beyond our control right now.  We might be torn up inside about it all but there's just no way to make it different right now.  The only thing we have the power to change is how we feel about it and what we're allowing to unfold in the inner world.  It might take a herculean effort, but let's shift into spaces that offer respite from the stressful thinking.

Tuesday 1/31
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Sometimes we get so ambitious about our growth that we bite off more than we can chew.  Or we undertake to heal something and move so much stuff around that our world is overtaken with uncomfortable chaos.  There's just no need to rush right now.  Let's take it one step at a time.  Slow it down!  I just can't say this enough right now.  SLOW IT ALL DOWN.

Wednesday 2/1
It's important that we have a sense of the resources we have on hand.  Resources aren't always tangible items.  They can also be skills we have or connections to people who can help further our dreams.  It's time to dig a little deeper to see all the gifts and abilities we can bring to bear on recent developments that feel out of control and unruly.  everything will calm down when we see how well armed we are.

Thursday 2/2
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The path is clear and we can take steps today.  We might feel a little tentative at first, while we get a feeling for the lay of the land.  Some of us are so ready to see life look different.  It's tough to go at a steady pace but that's what's called for now.  No rushing, no stalling, just a nice, steady pace.

Friday 2/3
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It's a great day for progress on a dream.  An important conversation or exchange is opening the gate for this dream to move forward.  This is the week of small steps, so keep that in mind today.  There's just no need to rush or act in haste.  Slow steps and deliberate action will win this race.  Bet on it.

Saturday 2/4
We might feel quite overwhelmed by some potent and intense fears today.  It doesn't even make sense and yet the feelings are quite crushing.  Don't waste time trying to understand it.  Some experiences are primal, pure and simple.  Let's just be in it, allowing ourselves to be spooky and creeped out.  Like moving through a haunted house, on the other side, we'll laugh about the absurdity of it all.

Sunday 2/5
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Pull away and plan a day of rest and rejuvenation.  Sometimes we don't even realize how profoundly stress is affecting us until we get a chance to take a break.  Let's unburden these lovely bodies and allow a bit of nothingness to unfold.   To amplify the healing, invite a loved one or two into your scared space to exchange some glorious LOVE.

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It's as simple as that.  It takes strength to be vulnerable.  Stop the judging of what it all means and let the feelings flow.  

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 1/29 - 2/4

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It's time to play, Aries.  You'll have to tear yourself away from all those nagging responsibilities but you won't be worry if you can swing it.  There's nothing to be gained by trying to stay on the straight and narrow right now.  You're not going to find what you're looking for there.  You need time to wander, dream and connect.  Brilliant insight will come to you if you let it!  Notice how powerful your judgment is lately.  Could that judgment be creating unneeded rigidity?  Ponder this a bit and see if you can cultivate a more open stance.

Your abundance energy is taking a big step up right now Taurus and it's a challenge to embody it all.  Expect to feel a little shaky and unsure as you bring in more and more permission to have it all.  Your hard work and dedication is starting to pay off.  Your garden is flowering, slowly and perfectly.  If you think it's good now, just wait!  A repressed desire is pushing for expression.  Trying to get away from it will only give it more power over you.  Break it out and look at it.  There's something special here for you.   

It's going to be a powerful week in your world, Gemini.  You are growing fast and furiously and reaching into all kinds if new dimensions.  Something that has felt terribly unfair is about to turn in your favor.  This will feel so good and free up energy that has kept you tied up in knots.  You've got the power you need to push an agenda to a lovely conclusion.  People are starting to see the wisdom behind your choices and decisions.  It feels great to be recognized, lauded and applauded.  Share the spotlight with your most loyal supporters.

You're not feeling week this week, Cancer.  The support you count on is lacking right now and it's hard for you to not take it personally.  You feel abandoned and alone but what you're not seeing is that you created this!  You needed space and time to think through your plans and whether you're aware of it or not, you asked to be left alone.  Once you get your mind around this, you'll start to use this quiet time to see far and make plans.  See that something you once loved is finally coming to an end.  Walk away with grace.

Are you ready to make a choice?  Ready or not, it's time!  You've been trying to figure out the best course of action.  At this point all courses of action are good, Leo!  You just need to experience some movement in order to feel like life is good again.  There's no doubt that you've been plagued with some powerful, mental stress. Be willing to do something drastically different in your daily routine in order to confront and overcome this stress.  Anything that gets you moving and flowing will help.  Soon you'll see that it's all going to be ok...better than ok!

It's time to fall back in love with your life, Virgo.  Stop waiting for things to get better or more perfect.  Just love it as it is right now and love yourself in it.  There are powerful temptations around you right now.  Temptations that threaten to pull you off center and lead you down fruitless paths. See the seduction and get centered in what you already have because there is a lot of beauty in your world.  Don't cast it off so quickly!  Things are a bit tough right now.  It's not always going to be like this.  Don't take it personally.  It's not your fault or even about fault, really.

It's time to dig deeper, Libra and create deeper roots.  You've been slightly panicked of late and your fight or flight response is on high.  Slow down a bit and recognize that you aren't going anywhere. at least not yet.  Once you get your head around the fact that you need to make the best of where you are, you'll find it much easier to sink in and see the opportunities here.  Direct your energy into making small improvements.  These little steps will help more than you can imagine when you begin.  Think small steps.

A burst of energy has you feeling inspired and ready for risk.  The thing is, Scorpio, you don't quite have all the information you need to run forward just yet.  Can you wait just a little longer?  It's going to be challenging.  The thing is, a part of you is trying to avoid some needed healing work.  If you could just stop and take a closer look at the pain underlying your need for change, things would fall together for you.  You're about to experience a major breakthrough.  Know it and stop trying to push things forward.  It will happen all on its own.

You're ready for a big healing this week, Sagittarius.  Important information is coming to you through dreams, impressions and chance meetings.  Do what you can to pay attention and absorb all that's unfolding around you.  Others will call on you for your opinion now.  You're clarity and vision is in great demand.  Get ready for a victory.  This victory will bring rewards and joy into your life.  Instead of moving to the next, big challenge, take a moment to let the magic sink into your cells.  You earned it.

You're being asked to give up something you really love this week Capricorn.  It could be an object, a person, a project or an idea about who you are and what your life is about.  Be willing to let go now in order to allow something bigger and better to be born.  Don't repress the grief that emerges.  Now is your chance to lighten your emotional load and allow more flow and more magic into your world.  You don't need to make any big decisions just yet.  Keep weighing your options and soon it will be obvious, which is the best path to travel.

Your focus is too narrow, Aquarius.  You're clamping down and limiting yourself in the process.  Be careful not to staunch the flow you need so badly to fuel your dreams.  There's an underlying belief in you that there isn't enough to go around.  Get rid of that idea right now!  You can't grow your dream bigger when you let these limitations take over.  Play with power now.  Lighten up and experiment a bit.  You're not going to lose anything by relaxing into a more playful stance.  Trust yourself and all that you know.

A painful revelation has caused your world to collapse a bit.  You're seeing something so unpleasant and ugly that it's taking you completely over, Pisces.  It's good in some ways, because seeing the shadow side of someting you count on for comfort will help set you free to find new sources of comfort but it certainly doesn't feel good in the moment.  Allow loved ones to give you strength.  They are available and willing to help you through this challenge.  Rest needs to be a top priority as shaken faith settles into a new shape.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Enter the Dragon

Happy New Year and welcome to the Water Dragon.  They say that the year of the Dragon offers us plenty of opportunity for transformation.  Some of you might be heaving a big sigh upon reading this saying, "what?  MORE transformation?"

It definitely feels like the last few years have been non stop transformation!  I imagine a lot of us would just like to pause for a minute or two before the next round of life-changing, growth experiences begin.  Fortunately, the element of water softens the ferocity of the Dragon.  Water mellows that dragon right out!  Perhaps some of the transformation we're in for this year will be more internal and less discernable at first.

On the same day that we welcomed the Dragon (1/23) Mars also began it's retrograde in Virgo.  This is another indicator that it's time to pull back, conserve resources and reflect on what might be the best next step.  Action can be difficult under a Mars retrograde and there will no doubt be frustrating moments over the next few months as we find that some things just don't move, no matter how hard we push.

This is why I was so moved to see a black fox in my yard the other morning.  The fox just stood there while I watched.  Fox medicine seems like such an appropriate message for this time period as the fox counsels us to be crafty, clever and to find creative ways to confront stubborn problems. If you want to see a picture of this magnificent messenger, you can visit my facebook page and get a gander.

I had been thinking a lot about the Mars retrograde when the delightful fox showed up and was contemplating the space of being crafty, clever and creative.  Most of us try to be direct when we want things.  Being honest and upfront and direct is seen as a good way to go about getting what we want.  These are the very qualities of Mars but what happens when Mars appears to go backwards from our vantage point?  Maybe the straight approach we tend to laud doesn't work so well!

That's why I've named this week's episode of the Stonestreet Cafe MANIPULATE.  It's time to start contemplating ways to manipulate the situations we're in to our advantage.  We have a shaky relationship with the idea of manipulation.  We tend to see it as sneaky and dishonest.  Let's take a look at it more closely this Thursday at 6pm pacific/9pm eastern at in the Stonestreet Cafe because we're going to see a lot of manipulation playing out during the retrograde and not all manipulation is bad.

Instead of rejecting or judging the idea of manipulation, let's re-frame it and reclaim it!  After all, all it really means is to "handle or control, typically in a skillful manner."   This retrograde can show us how.

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Until we meet again,
BE MIGHTY (and crafty like a fox!)


Monday, January 23, 2012

Fortune Forecast 1/23 - 1/30


We have choice in every moment, whether we recognize it or not. This week, a conflict is heating up and it's threatening to blot out our ability to experience peace, rest and refreshment.  We CAN step away.  There truly is nothing to be gained from staying in this mess.  Even if we achieve what we might consider a victory, the spoils will be less than satisfying and we may regret the action it took to win them.  Sometimes we just have to go about getting what we want from a different angle.  This week, being direct and facing things head on might not work.  Head's up!

Monday 1/23

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Just relax a bit and allow some magic to happen.  It may require us to surrender the hyper-vigilant, protective, battle gear we have on.  Let's allow vulnerability and openness today.  The New Moon has the potential to help us see things from a new and better angle, one that shows us that our greatest treasures are right here at hand.

Tuesday 1/24
20 Minute Meditation at, 1pm pacific/4pm eastern
It's tough to get to a space of completion today but if we just take those last, few steps, we'll get there and it'll be so sweet!  Don't get spooked when it seems as if there's no end in sight.  That's the moment we KNOW we're close.  Expect to experience a degree of exhaustion.  It will lift when the circle is closed for good.

Wednesday 1/25
We can see far now and make plans that are easy to implement.  This brings relief to many of us who've struggled with confusion and a lack of focus.  It may not be time yet to get to work making it all happen. Instead, craft the map with the intention that it can be changed and adjusted as we move along.  All in all, it's a day worth celebrating.

Thursday 1/26
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Finally, heavy energies are lifting making it easier to find the energy and enthusiasm we need to move forward.  We have out map ready to go so let's start with one small step. Some of us have been stuck in a stagnation for so long that we don't trust the gate is finally open.  It is.

Friday 1/27
Grounding and Protection Meditation at, 8am pacific
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Slow down and take a look at all the wonderful people contributing to your world today.  There are so many hearts connecting and creating a greater grid of magic.  This grid gets even more powerful when we see it and honor it.  Reach out and let your supporters know how much they mean to you.  The validation you share today will come back many times over.

Saturday 1/28
Put responsibility aside in favor of play.  It's time and believe it or not, it's the most spiritual pursuit of the day!  Shake off the seriousness and the stoicism and just get silly.  This will move more energy than a week's worth of meditation.  All that's needed is a good does of permission to do so.  Give it to yourself in a big, loving dose.

Sunday 1/29
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We've been repressing a desire, perhaps because we think it's wrong to want it or perhaps because we think it will distract us from more practical plans or pursuits.  This desire we're struggling with has important clues embedded in it, so unless and until we are willing to entertain it, we're missing out on something tremendously valuable.  Open up to it.

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It's time to take a different approach.  being direct isn't working.  Look for a window or a backdoor to climb through because the front door is blocked and that's not going to change overnight.  Get crafty.  Be like the fox...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 1/22 - 1/29

Pay attention to your surrounding this week Aries.  You need to be mindful of what's happening all around you in order to make the best and most impacting choices.  There are competitive energies coming in and trying to take something away from you.  This could be in the form of a person or a group of people.  There's no reason to get rattled, just know what you're up against and you will prove your skills and abilities beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Take time out for fun and play.  You might not feel like it because there is a pile of work to be done but that pile will always be there, Taurus, so why not take a break?  You need refreshment and new ideas.  You can find this if you acknowledge that you need it.  A certain part of your life seems stuck in the mire.  don't waste another drop of energy trying to push it forward.  Things will move soon on their own without effort or struggle.

You're being awfully hard on yourself over something you had very little control over, Gemini.  This probably gives you a sense of control that brings comfort and reassurance your way but in the long run, you'll feel better if you let go of the idea that things could have turned out differently.  You are on the verge of a huge revelation, one that will change how you see your path and the next step.  Ponder the meaning of balance and try to create some!  It'll be a challenge.

You're facing old pain this week, Cancer and it may be hard to see the underlying truth of it all.  You've been hurt recently and it's hard to know what to do.  Perhaps just sitting with the feelings and letting them be ok is a good place to start?  You're on the right track in terms of building bigger success.  Keep on going even though progress is slow and at times it seems to be going nowhere.  Soon you will be in a reality of riches on every level.

Powerful forces are helping you get in alignment with what you want, need and deserve.  All you have to do Leo is admit what it is you desire.  You've been keeping it a bit of a secret for superstitious reasons but now is the time to come out with it.  As soon as you get behind what you want with force and focus you'll find that doors of all kind start popping open.  Let your enthusiasm carry over you the rough patches that pop up here and there.

You've got a lot of magic to bring to the table this week, Virgo.  It's tempting to use your power to bend other people to your will.  Be careful here.  Manipulating circumstances to your advantage isn't going to bring what you want and it might actually make more trouble than you can handle.  Stay on the straight and narrow.  Be direct when asking for what you want and negotiate if the answer is anything less than yes.  Abundance is on the way.

You're fighting with yourself this week, Libra and it's slowing you down.  If you could just be honest with yourself about what you really want, things would start to come together for you.  There's nothing to hide from or be ashamed of.  Love what you love, without apology or explanation.  A big opportunity is about to land in your lap.  You are more than ready for this.  Don't feel like you need to rush to move on it just yet.  Give yourself a little time to get your head around it.

You're rushing around trying to get so much done that the quality of your work is suffering.  It's hard to slow it down but it will help if you do, Scorpio.  There's just no need to be in a hurry.  Slowing down will not only feel good, it will help you focus on what you love the most, leaving the rest behind.  A deep love is taking you over.  Can you surrender to this and let it happen?  You're going to have a chance to play in this space this week.  Have fun!

You are stressed out, Sagittarius and it's difficult to get anything done this week.  The more unproductive you feel, the more stressed out you get.  Break the vicious cycle!  You're the only one who can do it.  Be willing to just stop and rest for a minute to get your bearings.  As soon as you do, a new idea and plan will take root and the directions to make it happen will be explicit and easy to follow.  Slough off the hard energy you've been applying to get yourself to work.  It's no good.

You can trust your own wisdom for guidance this week, Capricorn.  You might need to carve out some time for rest and reflection in order to hear that guidance clearly.  Spending time in nature and gentle movement can help as well.  It's time to seriously question the poverty consciousness that's been plaguing you of late.  It's not helpful and you can let it go now.  Carrying it with you is blocking the flow of your abundance, of which you have plenty.

It's time to gaze out over the landscape and decide where you'd like to travel to.  There is so much wanderlust in you right now, Aquarius and it's important that you let yourself have an adventure or two.  A new business opportunity is exciting but not as exciting perhaps as the amazing love energy in your life.  Make connecting a priority now and let the other stuff come together for you.  As you feel nurtured, your abundance, magic and creativity will skyrocket.

Your passion is high this week and it will help you get a lot done.  The only downside is that you're a bit chaotic in your approach, Pisces.  Let it be okay and know that chaos is a sign of creativity.  You're about to get grounded into your life, projects and relationships in a way you never imagined before.  It might feel different or heavy at first but you can drift away into dreamland anytime but commanding it to happen.  In the meantime, enjoy the solidity and security of this new way of being.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Here Comes Aquarius

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Welcome Aquarius and a very happy, early birthday to all you wonderful water bearers!  The Sun won't actually move into Aquarius until Friday 1/20 but we might as well acknowledge the shift now.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign.  Air signs are thinkers.  They tend to let their minds lead, so we're about to enter a 30 day period of more mental activity, bigger ideas and perhaps some analysis of where we're at and where we'd like to go next.  Fixed signs tend to be stubborn.  Their purpose is to hold things steady so when we're talking about fixed air, we're getting a chance to come face to face with how we think about things and the patterns that keep us stuck versus the patterns that offer freedom.

That's partly why I named this week's episode of the Stonestreet Cafe at MONKEY MIND.  I want to take a look at the many ways our minds run amok, dragging us into disastrous future scenarios that aren't real or pushing us into regretful ruminations about the past.

The same monkey mind makes it hard to sleep at night, makes it hard to feel our bodies and our lives and makes it hard for us to see the pathways out of whatever space feels confining.  I do hope you'll tune in and call me during the second half of the show for a reading, 1.218.862.7200 ext 870303.  The Cafe starts at 6pm pacific/9pm eastern Thursday at and you can join me live in the chat room as well. 

As I've been preparing for the show, I keep thinking about ways to get out of the monkey mind and I have to admit that I have more growing to do in this area.  It's hard to stop thinking!!  It really comes down to coming back to the body, coming back with love and finding a bit of quiet.  Easier said than done in this incredibly, stimulating reality.  Let's delve into it more deeply in the Cafe.

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That's about it for me today.  It's freaking windy up here but what else can do I expect as Aquarius comes and blows the doors of perception wide open?  May the powerful winds of Aquarius blow the cobwebs out of our dusty, mental corners!!


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Monday, January 16, 2012

Fortune Forecast 1/16 - 1/22


Good things, great and small are in the works this week.  Reach out and enjoy it all!  When the wheel of fortune goes up, we need to be ready to ride.  Don't dwell on the problems and obstacles, fierce as they appear.  There is a bounty to be had and all we have to do is let it in.  It's hard to shake off the stress and fear that nips at our heels.  We tend to get superstitious when things are going well.  We wait for it to all fall apart.  Maybe we can take a different path now and just get behind this moment and the overwhelming magic it offers.  Let's go!

Monday 1/16
Pressing energy is making us believe we need to hurry up and choose.  It's a challenge to unhook from the pressure but rushing blindly ahead is ill advised today.  Step back for a minute or two before picking a path.  There's simply no need to match the frenzied energy in the world today.  Slow it all down.

Tuesday 1/17
20 Minute Meditation at 1pm pacific/4pm eastern at
There's a refreshing sense of expansion in the air today.  We can see further and with more clarity than before.  This expansive space can help us craft new plans that lead to bigger rewards.  Let it happen.  Let the ideas come in and entertain them for a bit.  Pathways that once seemed unlikely are opening.

Wednesday 1/18
It's all about the now today and in every moment we get to choose what we want.  Do we want to feel constricted with doubts and fear or are we ready to relish the abundance in this moment?  WE might find ourselves vacillating back and forth a bit.  It's ok to be wobbly.  Just keep the goal in sight.

Thursday 1/19
Tune in to the Stonestreet Cafe at, 6pm pacific/9pm eastern.
We're very aware of old pain today.  There's no way to avoid it or not see it.  Though we might find ourselves trying to do anything and everything to get away from it, it needs to be looked at and tended to.  Once we get past the resistance, we'll find that healing is rather simple after all.

Friday 1/20
Distance Energy Healing Session at, 8am pacific/11am eastern.
Stonestreet Cafe replays at 10:30am pacific/1:30pm eastern at
We don't have to do much to make progress.  It seems that the Universe has a plan and the plan is working to take us to better spaces and places.  Surrender into this flow even though it might have a frantic tinge to it.  We can sail through all kinds of things that once impeded our plans if we just go with it.

Saturday 1/21
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We have the chance to choose what we want today.  In fact, the choices are a bit overwhelming and that's why it's important to slow down and ponder the ultimate goal.  There are shortcuts but they won't lead us to where we want to be.  Be willing to undertake the longer route knowing there are riches galore along the way.

Sunday 1/22
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A heavy cloud of energy is lifting now and though it will take a little more time to really feel the shift, we can help facilitate this healing by simply saying yes to it.  Leaving apathy behind isn't as easy as it sounds because it requires us to move out of what's familiar.  Let's go together.

need help with the energy this week?


Enjoyment begins with the simplest of pleasures.  When hard energies are all around, we can pierce through the rigidity with a moment of rest, rejuvenation and sensuality.  Just let the fear slide away that it's all too good to be true.  Enjoy the upswing and use it to the max.  That's what it's all about.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 1/15 - 1/21

You're on the verge of scoring a major victory, Aries and the anticipation is intense.  How will you celebrate this turn of events?  Put some thought into it because if you don't, you'll find yourself soldiering on without taking a break or getting some rest.  People are starting to acknowledge your leadership ability, which feels great and will open new doors for you.  Get ready to step into bigger and better opportunities. Give yourself a little bit of time to figure out your next step before leaping.  

Old fears are rising up and demanding attention.  You're not in the mood to stop and look at this stuff but if you want room to move and change, you're going to have to do it, Taurus.  There's no need to regret a recent choice.  You haven't had enough time to see where you can go with it.  Notice the mental stress and do what you can to dial it down.  You're entering a bigger arena now and you are more ready than you realize.  Step into it with confidence.

Something you invested heavily in is completely falling apart and it's affecting you deeply, Gemini.  All you can see right now is loss and failure but perhaps there's opportunity lurking here too?  Be careful not to rake yourself over the coals this week as it will be incredibly tempting and it's just not helpful.  Get your head around conservation.  Conserve energy and resources to the degree that you're able.  This will help you leap forward into new things when the time comes and it's coming soon.

Focus on creating more balance in your world this week.  There are certain projects and relationships that are dominating your time and attention and it needs to stop.  As soon as you find your footing you'll be flooded with insight and fresh possibilities.  One thing you need for sure is more time to play, relax and celebrate.  Don't underestimate the power of taking breaks, Cancer.  Pause here and there to let your creative energy come up.  You're going to love the results.

You are the alchemist this week, Leo and can make a lot of magic if you just believe.  Believing might be a bigger stretch than you realize as you've been immersed in stress and negativity and it's having a greater impact than you realize.  Shake it off and know where to invest your energy.  Some things just aren't moving right now so direct your attention into spaces that offer more flow.  Spending time with friends and loved ones will also give you the boost you need to get behind your creativity.

A conflict in your immediate environment is draining your energy Virgo and there's seemingly no end in sight.  It's hard to know what to do to make things better. Perhaps the best move is to simply step away?  You need time to yourself but at the same time might dread being alone.  This is because major shifts are taking place in your inner world and you're unsure of your footing.  You actually know more than you will admit to yourself.  Tap into the wisdom that's waiting for you and things will start to fall into place.

Feelings are potent this week and you might not know what to make of it all.  Some of what you're experiencing is unpleasant and ugly.  Don't hide from it Libra.  Face it head on knowing that new information is coming in and this information will help you get to a better place overall.  It's time to make a big decision.  There are no mistakes so just go ahead and choose.  You'll make the best of whatever path you're on once you start moving forward.

It's hard to see the silver lining this week.  everything looks rather dull and uninspired right now but it will pass, Scorpio.  Perhaps you just need a little more rest to get your spirits up?  Tune in to your body and the simple pleasures that help you feel right and well.  Don't underestimate the power of simplicity!  You are about to move into a time period where things are moving quickly and it will pay to be rested when this cycle gets underway.

A wonderful week awaits you, Sagittarius.  You're stumbling into opportunity and finding delight in the most mundane of spaces.  A wish is coming true and you might discover that you have complex feelings about it all. It feels good to get what you want but now it also means you need to dream a new dream.  There may be a part of you struggling to receive the gifts the Universe is offering.  Notice it and work through it.  There's no need to wait for the other shoe to drop because it's not going to happen.

You're not going to move forward until you resolve the conflict eating you from the inside out.  Stop battling with yourself, Capricorn.  It's time to decide what you want and put the focus on it.  Start saying no to all the things that aren't bringing satisfaction. Your intuition can help you see more clearly if you slow down long enough to listen to the guidance coming through.  There's no need for major risk or action this week.  Put your attention on planning and researching instead.

You're in the midst of slow, deep changes and it's hard to see how much progress is really taking place. Don't get discouraged, Aquarius!  Things are going to start falling together soon, so hang in there.  A new passion is pushing for expression.  This energy might feel distracting or unsettling but it's important, so make room for it.  As this new energy gets rooted, prepare to say goodbye to things you're outgrown.  As soon as you see the future, you won't hesitate to say goodbye to the past.

You're in the mood for love, Pisces and that's about all you have on your mind.  It's hard to get anything done when you just want to languish in your feelings.  If you let this be ok, you will find a way to be productive while indulging in your lush, emotional reality.  Big healing is underway now.  You have a sense of what it's all about but you've barely scratched the surface.  Go into each moment with openness and curiosity.  There is simply nothing to fear.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shine On!

I love a good few days of the Moon in Leo.  As I write this the Moon is slipping into Virgo so if you've been anxious to find the focus it's coming.

The past few days have brought me so many reminders of the power of ego.  So much is written about transcending the ego and getting past it, etc.  Some even advocate KILLING it.  Not me.  I do so love a good bout of ego!

I'm being a little facetious here and I'm sure you know it.  Ego out of check can get destructive.  I had an exchange today that reminded me of this very thing.  A distant relative made some comments on my facebook page about the "stuff" I'm into.  He's very devoted to his spiritual beliefs and I guess was puzzled/curious/disturbed by my "stuff".

I quickly took our conversation into private messages but I could feel my ego clashing with his.  I wanted him to SEE me and where I was coming from and I bet he felt the same way.  It didn't happen and was kind of hilarious when all was said and done.  There was a moment or two where I wished I weren't so attached to having him "get" it.  Oh well.  We agreed to go our merry ways and in this case, ego did not wreak (too much) havoc.

Leo brings us to ego.  Leo may seem arrogant but in reality, people with strong Leo energy don't have a sense of themselves and their gifts, so they tend to overcompensate in order to discover.  Ego isn't a problem as long as we see it leading.  It's the unconsciousness that's the real killer.  If we can't own up to what we're doing and what's motivating our actions, we're really in trouble.

So on that note, let's welcome sweet Virgo, who tends to feel more comfortable serving others than stepping into the spotlight.  We can use the Moon in Virgo to tidy up get organized and focus on health and healing.  We might even get a chance to be of service to someone in need, which tends to bring it's own rewards.

Tomorrow is the 12th which means classes and readings on sale from 8am-8pm pacific.  I'll be at for the first half of the sale at least.  Let's talk ego and/or service to others!  If you want to meditate on who you are at your core (are you a performer like Leo or a devotee like Virgo?), check out my 20 minute meditation sessions at  They're on sale tomorrow, so stock up and let's explore.

Joining me in the Stonestreet Cafe at Thursday is the lovely Reshma Mudirakkal.  We're going to hang out, talk and do readings during the second half of the show.  Call us at 1.218.862.7200 ext 870303.  Reshma is joining us from India and has the most beautiful voice and wise presence.  I have a feeling she is not as attached to her ego as I am to mine!  Maybe we'll talk about the ego dilemma?  Tune in and find out at 6pm pacific/9pm eastern.

Much love to you all!  Shine on and never mistake confidence for ego and if you do get into an ego driven situation HAVE FUN WITH IT!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Fortune Forecast 1/9 - 1/15


We have the opportunity this week to heal old wounds and find new strength, focus and purpose.  How often is our progress impeded because of our own internal fissures and rifts?  We can't manifest our dream if we're busy waging an un-winnable war.  The internal strife that slows us down might be as simple as seeing how we debate what's 'right' to the point of being unable to take action.  It might come in the form of negative, self-talk.  It might some in the stress of thinking that what we want to create just isn't possible or that it might happen for some but not for us.  As we find these breaks in unity in the inner realms, we can start to gently heal them by saying no to the no and yes to YES.

Monday 1/9
Happy Full Moon in Cancer!
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It's time to finish something that has lingered and languished too long.  Let's put a period at the end of the sentence so that we can start the next chapter.  It's not fun to go back and confront unfinished business.  In fact, most of us will put it off for as long as we can but when we know that completion will help usher new magic in, we might just get motivated.

Tuesday 1/10
20 minute Meditation at, 1pm pacific, 4pm eastern.
It's an excellent day for risks, great and small.  Let's do it!  Go ahead and reach for something that once felt unlikely or even impossible.  Nothing happens without a willingness to explore, try and find out.  No matter what happens with our experiments today, we'll learn new things and gain insight that can help us the next time we take a chance. 

Wednesday 1/11
Pause and rest a bit today.  Make time for dreaming and visualizing.  It's time to come into a new plan and we can't do it if we don't make time to look at it and feel it.  We might find ourselves being reactive and just dealing with what comes along.  This is the sign that we've drifted from our own vision.  Let's come back and claim it and infuse it with life force energy magic!

Thursday 1/12
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It's a little boring in the familiar grooves of our normal routines.  These routines often bring comfort and help us stay grounded but today it feels a little oppressive to stick to the same, old thing.  Don't feel the need for drastic measures, just open to what's new and intriguing.  Let's not put off jumping into what's attractive in favor of towing the same old line.  

Friday 1/13
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Stonestreet Cafe replays at 10:30 am pacific/1:30pm eastern at
It's very easy to slip into negativity today. Everyone around is doing it, which makes it even harder to resist.  We might sink into it so subtly and completely that we don't even notice.  Let's be vigilant today and keep an eye out for the grumps.  This energy can completely kill a passion before it even has time to get rooted.  Just say no to the dream killing buzz kill.

Saturday 1/14
It's a great day for bluster and perhaps even exaggeration.  Adopt a bit of Jupiter energy ad let it expand the confidence and the energy needed to go full force into making more happen.  If we're in a position to sell something, we'll do well with this big energy.  Get excited about what you love and sell it to others!  It's easy and fun and kind of addictive.

Sunday 1/15
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We might find ourselves fighting an emerging passion today.  Perhaps we think this passion will take off us on some crazy tangent and waste our time.  Trying to push it down is not going to work.  We need to get in sync with it and let it carry us to new places.  Slough off the judgment and let this lurking passion have space to grow.  There's power here to help carry us somewhere wonderful.

need help with the energy this week?

Acceptance is powerful. Perhaps we fight it, thinking that is we accept where we are, we'll lost the energy we need to fight our way into better things.  Acceptance brings a softness that can actually help us move more fluidly and with grace.  Love what is and know that doing so is not defeat, it's actually the first step in changing it all.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 1/8 - 1/14

You're facing a balancing act this week Aries. On the one hand you need to take action and move forward decisively.  On the other hand you need to slow down and contemplate the moves you're making.  Not the easiest combination of energy!  You must have a sense by now that you're standing on the cusp of a really big shift.  You're moving into a world richer in opportunity and magic.  Find that sweet spot between slowing down and speeding up and you'll do amazing!

You have no other choice but to leave something you once treasured behind.  It's gone and hanging on for sentimental reasons won't bring it back or revive it at this point.  Don't be afraid to face the grief you feel over this.  It's not as overwhelming as it looks and you'll feel liberated to finally move into something new.  Let yourself flow through many shades of feeling this week.  Your creative energy depends on your willingness to open to more...more of everything.

You made a small mistake.  A really small mistake, Gemini but you can't seem to let it go.  You're ruminating and spending time fretting about the damage that might result from this tiny mistake.  What's really going on here?  What are you masking by obsessing about this little glitch?  Think on it a bit and see if you can dig down past the drama on top.  You are on the verge of starting a new cycle that will bring prosperity, love and more.  Bring in some healing so that you can run far.

You've somehow gotten entangled in a conflict not of your own making and it's affecting you terribly, Cancer.  You're stuck in it and need to find a way out.  Pull back for a bit while at the same time, opening to new avenues of fulfillment.  You're lonely to your core right now and it might seem like there is no support for your dreams.  You can support yourself!  Get your head around that idea and soon you'll be in the dream and everyone else will join you there.

A lovely week, awaits you Leo.  You're feeling creative and free to explore.  A deep rift in your soul is starting to heal and it feels so right and so good.  Be cautious and conservative about who you share your deepest hopes with.  Not everyone in your world can encourage and support you during this vulnerable time.  You're flowering but need more time to make deeper roots in this new reality.  A wish is about to come true in a very surprising and unexpected way.

It's a wonderful time in your life Virgo.  Stop to enjoy all the gifts that are coming your way.  You've been working hard and the stress has been intense.  You can take a deep breath now and rest for a bit.  It's a decision and you need to make it in order to reap the rewards of your efforts.  Something is causing you to feel unsafe. It's not as bad as you imagine it to be.  Once you give yourself a chance to pause and restore your energy, everything will look right and well again.

Attack it Libra!  You're not fond of being aggressive or direct but that's what's called for this week.  Relish being the warrior.  Your leadership is needed and will be welcomed once you decide to offer it.  Your fears are powerful now and it's hard to tell what's rel and what's imagined.  This too shall pass.  See these fears as a sign that you are about to take a big step up in terms of power and direction.  Don't fight the process you're in.  It's golden.

Don't give up just yet, Scorpio even though the going is tough.  You are so close to a breakthrough, you just don't know it yet.  Protect all that you've been building.  There are some minor threats in your environment.  These threats won't hurt you as long as you stay awake to them and address them when they pop up.  You're wanting to believe that everything is well and it is as long as you stay awake and see that you have much to be envied.  Protect it by valuing it.

A big shock is coming and though at first you will resist what's happening, if you give yourself a little time to settle in, you'll see the gigantic opportunity hidden in it.  Rushing around and being reactive isn't helping.  Slow down and reflect before doing anything rash, Sagittarius.  Your heart has some important insight for you but you won't get the message if you're running around trying to put out the fire.  The fire will die down on it's own so step back and let it.

You're locked in a battle of wills that's seemingly unresolvable.  If you think you can use will to overcome the trouble, you're wrong.  You're better served by just pulling your energy and investment out of it.  That will feel like defeat, Capricorn but it's not.  Re-frame how you're seeing your challenges and you'll see that retreat is the best option here.  As soon as you decide to move into something new, expect big opportunities to come knocking.  Knowing that magic is coming will help you release yourself.

It's time to tie up some loose ends in order to make space for new passions to take root.  You're reluctant to go back and confront projects that stopped offering fulfillment long ago.  It won't take long to clean things up, Aquarius so just do it knowing it will set you free.  You can't push certain spaces into being more of what you want.  Patience is essential now.  A revelation will change the way you see yourself, your life and your future.  This revelation is going to knock your socks off in a wonderful way.

Pick a path and go.  No more questioning which is the right way.  Just go now, Pisces and make the most of whatever direction you've chosen.  Someone is making some pretty amazing promises.  You're having a hard time trusting it.  You can have fun dreaming with this person but if it feels unsafe to jump in all the way, trust it.  An old wound is rising up to be healed.  It's about trust.  You can trust yourself!  Truly.  You have a ton of life experience to back yourself up.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Get that Engine Revving...

That's how I feel as we move into 2012.  The end of the year had me in a quiet, slow space but now I feel like my engine is starting to rev up and I'm looking at what I want to jump into next.  Of course, there are many unfinished projects to attend to as well.  Somehow those seem less appealing. 

Mars is about to go retrograde in Virgo on January 24th.  The retrograde will last until April 14th, reaching into the early degrees of Virgo.  What does it all mean? It means that whether we want to or not, we're about to revisit some unfinished business.  We're going to feel like we're being pushed to go back and clean some things up and/or complete them.

This can be frustrating when we're chomping at the bit to go forward into new things!  The gift of knowing about this retrograde is that we can prepare ourselves mentally and emotionally.  We can go into the New Year knowing that we have the opportunity for a re-do of sorts.  Whenever I see a transit that's not about giving me the opportunities I think I want, I do what I can to get my head in the game.

Mars in Virgo can help us change up our routine now.  We can make adjustments that bring more efficiency and expediency.  Mars in Virgo promotes healing, so if there's anything worrying you or bothering you, this first part of the year will help you get focused on it.  Mars in Virgo could be the perfect energy to help us face some of the changes we want to make but have not been able to, especially when it comes to health, being organized and our regular routines.

So, while you may have a list of shiny, new things you want to explore, be prepared to get pushed back into older, unresolved junk.  The good news is that we can resolve it with this transit.  We can tidy up on all levels, thus making space for those shiny, new things to arrive.

This Thursday in the Stonestreet Cafe (6pm pacific/9pm eastern) at, I'll be taking a look at more planetary trends for 2012.  Not only will we explore the Mars retrograde but we'll also touch on Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and what the outer planets are offering us this year.  I'm going to devote the second half of the show to YOU.  Call me for a reading or just to share your thoughts anytime after 6:30pm pacific/9:30pm eastern at 1.218.862.1300 ext 124290.  I want to hear from you!

Friday brings the DISTANCE ENERGY HEALING session at  We meet at 8am pacific/11am eastern for just 20 minutes by phone to meditate, heal and manifest.  Jump in and see what happens! 

Lastly, we've changed up our weekend sales at and now offer a 12 hour sale every Sunday from 7am-7pm pacific.  I'll be there in the morning and early afternoon and would love to take a look at the New Year with you.

Get that motor revved up and prepare to circle back over the next few months.  Who knows what we might find on those old, familiar roads?  Better health?  A simpler, more functional way of doing things?  Let this retrograde be a time when we find some of those lost and precious things we almost forgot about in our rush to get somewhere else.


Monday, January 2, 2012

Fortune Forecast 1/2 - 1/8


It's a New Year and the potential is huge.  Potential can be overwhelming and often leads to disappointment but if we decide to dial down the pressure and just play, we might find it easy to manifest a miracle or two.  We tend to make lists, plans and goals around this time of year but what happens if our main intention is to embrace our lives just as they are in this moment?  Acceptance is powerful and from this space change flows.  Relax into everything that's happening NOW.  This is the healing we need to move into bigger, better and more magical.

Monday 1/2
We all have cracks and fissures in our own psyches...places where we tend to fight with ourselves about who we are, what we want and how to get there.  When we undertake to heal these rifts, our manifesting abilities go up.  Spend some time today smoothing out the internal kinks.

Tuesday 1/3

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We're about to have a peak experience of the stressful kind.  The good news is that it will build in intensity and pop, leaving us feeling free and perhaps even refreshed.  Keep on going even if things are looking difficult and untenable.  A breakthrough is in the works, slightly up ahead.

Wednesday 1/4
The pace is picking up and opportunities seem to be popping out of the woodwork.  We're ready to take on exciting new projects and there are no limitations in sight.  Things that didn't seem possible now seem likely to happen.  Our enthusiasm is powerful and can help us push through any lingering resistance.  Yay!

Thursday 1/5
Join me in the Stonestreet Cafe at, 6pm pacific/9pm eastern.
We need some downtime today to just rest and reflect. Heart connections can provide healing and respite as well as inspiration and insight.  Make love the plan of action.  If there's no one around to embrace, give it to your body, your mind and your life.  It truly is all good.

Friday 1/6
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Happy surprises await us around every corner today.  All we need to do is be open to discovering them.  Break old patterns and have an adventure.  It's in the unfamiliar spaces that the greatest rewards are hiding in wait.  Now is the time for risk, great and small.  Leap and know that a soft landing is in the stars.

Saturday 1/7
Finally, we see action in a space that tends to offer nothing but stuck-ness.  It feels so good to see movement, change and growth.  Suddenly we see new ways to move through old challenges and problems.  Let's go!  As the heaviness abates we can also let go of the self recrimination we've carried about not being able to MOVE it.

Sunday 1/8
readings on sale at from 8am-8pm pacific. 
We are all over the place today and it's a bit of a problem.  How can we create when we're trying to go in so many directions at the same time?  Discrimination is important now.  It's time to decide what our favorite projects are and focus.  Don't worry about creating limitations.  Doing so will bring desired results.

need help with the energy this week?

Just relax and let the healing in.  Stop fighting it and just let it in.  We tend to fight the energies in our lives more than we realize.  Let's let go of the resistance and say hello to the flow.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!