Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Enter the Dragon

Happy New Year and welcome to the Water Dragon.  They say that the year of the Dragon offers us plenty of opportunity for transformation.  Some of you might be heaving a big sigh upon reading this saying, "what?  MORE transformation?"

It definitely feels like the last few years have been non stop transformation!  I imagine a lot of us would just like to pause for a minute or two before the next round of life-changing, growth experiences begin.  Fortunately, the element of water softens the ferocity of the Dragon.  Water mellows that dragon right out!  Perhaps some of the transformation we're in for this year will be more internal and less discernable at first.

On the same day that we welcomed the Dragon (1/23) Mars also began it's retrograde in Virgo.  This is another indicator that it's time to pull back, conserve resources and reflect on what might be the best next step.  Action can be difficult under a Mars retrograde and there will no doubt be frustrating moments over the next few months as we find that some things just don't move, no matter how hard we push.

This is why I was so moved to see a black fox in my yard the other morning.  The fox just stood there while I watched.  Fox medicine seems like such an appropriate message for this time period as the fox counsels us to be crafty, clever and to find creative ways to confront stubborn problems. If you want to see a picture of this magnificent messenger, you can visit my facebook page and get a gander.

I had been thinking a lot about the Mars retrograde when the delightful fox showed up and was contemplating the space of being crafty, clever and creative.  Most of us try to be direct when we want things.  Being honest and upfront and direct is seen as a good way to go about getting what we want.  These are the very qualities of Mars but what happens when Mars appears to go backwards from our vantage point?  Maybe the straight approach we tend to laud doesn't work so well!

That's why I've named this week's episode of the Stonestreet Cafe MANIPULATE.  It's time to start contemplating ways to manipulate the situations we're in to our advantage.  We have a shaky relationship with the idea of manipulation.  We tend to see it as sneaky and dishonest.  Let's take a look at it more closely this Thursday at 6pm pacific/9pm eastern at in the Stonestreet Cafe because we're going to see a lot of manipulation playing out during the retrograde and not all manipulation is bad.

Instead of rejecting or judging the idea of manipulation, let's re-frame it and reclaim it!  After all, all it really means is to "handle or control, typically in a skillful manner."   This retrograde can show us how.

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Until we meet again,
BE MIGHTY (and crafty like a fox!)


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Judy C said...

What? MORE Transformation?? ;)