Monday, January 2, 2012

Fortune Forecast 1/2 - 1/8


It's a New Year and the potential is huge.  Potential can be overwhelming and often leads to disappointment but if we decide to dial down the pressure and just play, we might find it easy to manifest a miracle or two.  We tend to make lists, plans and goals around this time of year but what happens if our main intention is to embrace our lives just as they are in this moment?  Acceptance is powerful and from this space change flows.  Relax into everything that's happening NOW.  This is the healing we need to move into bigger, better and more magical.

Monday 1/2
We all have cracks and fissures in our own psyches...places where we tend to fight with ourselves about who we are, what we want and how to get there.  When we undertake to heal these rifts, our manifesting abilities go up.  Spend some time today smoothing out the internal kinks.

Tuesday 1/3

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We're about to have a peak experience of the stressful kind.  The good news is that it will build in intensity and pop, leaving us feeling free and perhaps even refreshed.  Keep on going even if things are looking difficult and untenable.  A breakthrough is in the works, slightly up ahead.

Wednesday 1/4
The pace is picking up and opportunities seem to be popping out of the woodwork.  We're ready to take on exciting new projects and there are no limitations in sight.  Things that didn't seem possible now seem likely to happen.  Our enthusiasm is powerful and can help us push through any lingering resistance.  Yay!

Thursday 1/5
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We need some downtime today to just rest and reflect. Heart connections can provide healing and respite as well as inspiration and insight.  Make love the plan of action.  If there's no one around to embrace, give it to your body, your mind and your life.  It truly is all good.

Friday 1/6
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Happy surprises await us around every corner today.  All we need to do is be open to discovering them.  Break old patterns and have an adventure.  It's in the unfamiliar spaces that the greatest rewards are hiding in wait.  Now is the time for risk, great and small.  Leap and know that a soft landing is in the stars.

Saturday 1/7
Finally, we see action in a space that tends to offer nothing but stuck-ness.  It feels so good to see movement, change and growth.  Suddenly we see new ways to move through old challenges and problems.  Let's go!  As the heaviness abates we can also let go of the self recrimination we've carried about not being able to MOVE it.

Sunday 1/8
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We are all over the place today and it's a bit of a problem.  How can we create when we're trying to go in so many directions at the same time?  Discrimination is important now.  It's time to decide what our favorite projects are and focus.  Don't worry about creating limitations.  Doing so will bring desired results.

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Just relax and let the healing in.  Stop fighting it and just let it in.  We tend to fight the energies in our lives more than we realize.  Let's let go of the resistance and say hello to the flow.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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