Monday, January 30, 2012

Fortune Forecast 1/30 - 2/5

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Sometimes, love wants to come to us but we don't see it and brush past it in our hurry to get somewhere else.  Maybe we can challenge this need to hurry a bit this week?  Let's decide to slow down and become more observant.  The urge to rush and hurry is powerful right now so we'll have to work pretty hard to unhook from it.  It's totally worth it!  Let's decide to move a little more slowly and deliberately in order to see the opportunities for connection that are all around, waiting for us.  Every interaction offers us the opportunity to exchange love.  We can take it in and give it back.  Don't worry about extravagant displays.  Let's keep is simple and relish every, sweet drop.

Monday 1/30
There are things that are simply beyond our control right now.  We might be torn up inside about it all but there's just no way to make it different right now.  The only thing we have the power to change is how we feel about it and what we're allowing to unfold in the inner world.  It might take a herculean effort, but let's shift into spaces that offer respite from the stressful thinking.

Tuesday 1/31
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Sometimes we get so ambitious about our growth that we bite off more than we can chew.  Or we undertake to heal something and move so much stuff around that our world is overtaken with uncomfortable chaos.  There's just no need to rush right now.  Let's take it one step at a time.  Slow it down!  I just can't say this enough right now.  SLOW IT ALL DOWN.

Wednesday 2/1
It's important that we have a sense of the resources we have on hand.  Resources aren't always tangible items.  They can also be skills we have or connections to people who can help further our dreams.  It's time to dig a little deeper to see all the gifts and abilities we can bring to bear on recent developments that feel out of control and unruly.  everything will calm down when we see how well armed we are.

Thursday 2/2
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The path is clear and we can take steps today.  We might feel a little tentative at first, while we get a feeling for the lay of the land.  Some of us are so ready to see life look different.  It's tough to go at a steady pace but that's what's called for now.  No rushing, no stalling, just a nice, steady pace.

Friday 2/3
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It's a great day for progress on a dream.  An important conversation or exchange is opening the gate for this dream to move forward.  This is the week of small steps, so keep that in mind today.  There's just no need to rush or act in haste.  Slow steps and deliberate action will win this race.  Bet on it.

Saturday 2/4
We might feel quite overwhelmed by some potent and intense fears today.  It doesn't even make sense and yet the feelings are quite crushing.  Don't waste time trying to understand it.  Some experiences are primal, pure and simple.  Let's just be in it, allowing ourselves to be spooky and creeped out.  Like moving through a haunted house, on the other side, we'll laugh about the absurdity of it all.

Sunday 2/5
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Pull away and plan a day of rest and rejuvenation.  Sometimes we don't even realize how profoundly stress is affecting us until we get a chance to take a break.  Let's unburden these lovely bodies and allow a bit of nothingness to unfold.   To amplify the healing, invite a loved one or two into your scared space to exchange some glorious LOVE.

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It's as simple as that.  It takes strength to be vulnerable.  Stop the judging of what it all means and let the feelings flow.  

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