Monday, January 9, 2012

Fortune Forecast 1/9 - 1/15


We have the opportunity this week to heal old wounds and find new strength, focus and purpose.  How often is our progress impeded because of our own internal fissures and rifts?  We can't manifest our dream if we're busy waging an un-winnable war.  The internal strife that slows us down might be as simple as seeing how we debate what's 'right' to the point of being unable to take action.  It might come in the form of negative, self-talk.  It might some in the stress of thinking that what we want to create just isn't possible or that it might happen for some but not for us.  As we find these breaks in unity in the inner realms, we can start to gently heal them by saying no to the no and yes to YES.

Monday 1/9
Happy Full Moon in Cancer!
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It's time to finish something that has lingered and languished too long.  Let's put a period at the end of the sentence so that we can start the next chapter.  It's not fun to go back and confront unfinished business.  In fact, most of us will put it off for as long as we can but when we know that completion will help usher new magic in, we might just get motivated.

Tuesday 1/10
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It's an excellent day for risks, great and small.  Let's do it!  Go ahead and reach for something that once felt unlikely or even impossible.  Nothing happens without a willingness to explore, try and find out.  No matter what happens with our experiments today, we'll learn new things and gain insight that can help us the next time we take a chance. 

Wednesday 1/11
Pause and rest a bit today.  Make time for dreaming and visualizing.  It's time to come into a new plan and we can't do it if we don't make time to look at it and feel it.  We might find ourselves being reactive and just dealing with what comes along.  This is the sign that we've drifted from our own vision.  Let's come back and claim it and infuse it with life force energy magic!

Thursday 1/12
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It's a little boring in the familiar grooves of our normal routines.  These routines often bring comfort and help us stay grounded but today it feels a little oppressive to stick to the same, old thing.  Don't feel the need for drastic measures, just open to what's new and intriguing.  Let's not put off jumping into what's attractive in favor of towing the same old line.  

Friday 1/13
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It's very easy to slip into negativity today. Everyone around is doing it, which makes it even harder to resist.  We might sink into it so subtly and completely that we don't even notice.  Let's be vigilant today and keep an eye out for the grumps.  This energy can completely kill a passion before it even has time to get rooted.  Just say no to the dream killing buzz kill.

Saturday 1/14
It's a great day for bluster and perhaps even exaggeration.  Adopt a bit of Jupiter energy ad let it expand the confidence and the energy needed to go full force into making more happen.  If we're in a position to sell something, we'll do well with this big energy.  Get excited about what you love and sell it to others!  It's easy and fun and kind of addictive.

Sunday 1/15
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We might find ourselves fighting an emerging passion today.  Perhaps we think this passion will take off us on some crazy tangent and waste our time.  Trying to push it down is not going to work.  We need to get in sync with it and let it carry us to new places.  Slough off the judgment and let this lurking passion have space to grow.  There's power here to help carry us somewhere wonderful.

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Acceptance is powerful. Perhaps we fight it, thinking that is we accept where we are, we'll lost the energy we need to fight our way into better things.  Acceptance brings a softness that can actually help us move more fluidly and with grace.  Love what is and know that doing so is not defeat, it's actually the first step in changing it all.

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