Saturday, January 21, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 1/22 - 1/29

Pay attention to your surrounding this week Aries.  You need to be mindful of what's happening all around you in order to make the best and most impacting choices.  There are competitive energies coming in and trying to take something away from you.  This could be in the form of a person or a group of people.  There's no reason to get rattled, just know what you're up against and you will prove your skills and abilities beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Take time out for fun and play.  You might not feel like it because there is a pile of work to be done but that pile will always be there, Taurus, so why not take a break?  You need refreshment and new ideas.  You can find this if you acknowledge that you need it.  A certain part of your life seems stuck in the mire.  don't waste another drop of energy trying to push it forward.  Things will move soon on their own without effort or struggle.

You're being awfully hard on yourself over something you had very little control over, Gemini.  This probably gives you a sense of control that brings comfort and reassurance your way but in the long run, you'll feel better if you let go of the idea that things could have turned out differently.  You are on the verge of a huge revelation, one that will change how you see your path and the next step.  Ponder the meaning of balance and try to create some!  It'll be a challenge.

You're facing old pain this week, Cancer and it may be hard to see the underlying truth of it all.  You've been hurt recently and it's hard to know what to do.  Perhaps just sitting with the feelings and letting them be ok is a good place to start?  You're on the right track in terms of building bigger success.  Keep on going even though progress is slow and at times it seems to be going nowhere.  Soon you will be in a reality of riches on every level.

Powerful forces are helping you get in alignment with what you want, need and deserve.  All you have to do Leo is admit what it is you desire.  You've been keeping it a bit of a secret for superstitious reasons but now is the time to come out with it.  As soon as you get behind what you want with force and focus you'll find that doors of all kind start popping open.  Let your enthusiasm carry over you the rough patches that pop up here and there.

You've got a lot of magic to bring to the table this week, Virgo.  It's tempting to use your power to bend other people to your will.  Be careful here.  Manipulating circumstances to your advantage isn't going to bring what you want and it might actually make more trouble than you can handle.  Stay on the straight and narrow.  Be direct when asking for what you want and negotiate if the answer is anything less than yes.  Abundance is on the way.

You're fighting with yourself this week, Libra and it's slowing you down.  If you could just be honest with yourself about what you really want, things would start to come together for you.  There's nothing to hide from or be ashamed of.  Love what you love, without apology or explanation.  A big opportunity is about to land in your lap.  You are more than ready for this.  Don't feel like you need to rush to move on it just yet.  Give yourself a little time to get your head around it.

You're rushing around trying to get so much done that the quality of your work is suffering.  It's hard to slow it down but it will help if you do, Scorpio.  There's just no need to be in a hurry.  Slowing down will not only feel good, it will help you focus on what you love the most, leaving the rest behind.  A deep love is taking you over.  Can you surrender to this and let it happen?  You're going to have a chance to play in this space this week.  Have fun!

You are stressed out, Sagittarius and it's difficult to get anything done this week.  The more unproductive you feel, the more stressed out you get.  Break the vicious cycle!  You're the only one who can do it.  Be willing to just stop and rest for a minute to get your bearings.  As soon as you do, a new idea and plan will take root and the directions to make it happen will be explicit and easy to follow.  Slough off the hard energy you've been applying to get yourself to work.  It's no good.

You can trust your own wisdom for guidance this week, Capricorn.  You might need to carve out some time for rest and reflection in order to hear that guidance clearly.  Spending time in nature and gentle movement can help as well.  It's time to seriously question the poverty consciousness that's been plaguing you of late.  It's not helpful and you can let it go now.  Carrying it with you is blocking the flow of your abundance, of which you have plenty.

It's time to gaze out over the landscape and decide where you'd like to travel to.  There is so much wanderlust in you right now, Aquarius and it's important that you let yourself have an adventure or two.  A new business opportunity is exciting but not as exciting perhaps as the amazing love energy in your life.  Make connecting a priority now and let the other stuff come together for you.  As you feel nurtured, your abundance, magic and creativity will skyrocket.

Your passion is high this week and it will help you get a lot done.  The only downside is that you're a bit chaotic in your approach, Pisces.  Let it be okay and know that chaos is a sign of creativity.  You're about to get grounded into your life, projects and relationships in a way you never imagined before.  It might feel different or heavy at first but you can drift away into dreamland anytime but commanding it to happen.  In the meantime, enjoy the solidity and security of this new way of being.


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