Saturday, January 7, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 1/8 - 1/14

You're facing a balancing act this week Aries. On the one hand you need to take action and move forward decisively.  On the other hand you need to slow down and contemplate the moves you're making.  Not the easiest combination of energy!  You must have a sense by now that you're standing on the cusp of a really big shift.  You're moving into a world richer in opportunity and magic.  Find that sweet spot between slowing down and speeding up and you'll do amazing!

You have no other choice but to leave something you once treasured behind.  It's gone and hanging on for sentimental reasons won't bring it back or revive it at this point.  Don't be afraid to face the grief you feel over this.  It's not as overwhelming as it looks and you'll feel liberated to finally move into something new.  Let yourself flow through many shades of feeling this week.  Your creative energy depends on your willingness to open to more...more of everything.

You made a small mistake.  A really small mistake, Gemini but you can't seem to let it go.  You're ruminating and spending time fretting about the damage that might result from this tiny mistake.  What's really going on here?  What are you masking by obsessing about this little glitch?  Think on it a bit and see if you can dig down past the drama on top.  You are on the verge of starting a new cycle that will bring prosperity, love and more.  Bring in some healing so that you can run far.

You've somehow gotten entangled in a conflict not of your own making and it's affecting you terribly, Cancer.  You're stuck in it and need to find a way out.  Pull back for a bit while at the same time, opening to new avenues of fulfillment.  You're lonely to your core right now and it might seem like there is no support for your dreams.  You can support yourself!  Get your head around that idea and soon you'll be in the dream and everyone else will join you there.

A lovely week, awaits you Leo.  You're feeling creative and free to explore.  A deep rift in your soul is starting to heal and it feels so right and so good.  Be cautious and conservative about who you share your deepest hopes with.  Not everyone in your world can encourage and support you during this vulnerable time.  You're flowering but need more time to make deeper roots in this new reality.  A wish is about to come true in a very surprising and unexpected way.

It's a wonderful time in your life Virgo.  Stop to enjoy all the gifts that are coming your way.  You've been working hard and the stress has been intense.  You can take a deep breath now and rest for a bit.  It's a decision and you need to make it in order to reap the rewards of your efforts.  Something is causing you to feel unsafe. It's not as bad as you imagine it to be.  Once you give yourself a chance to pause and restore your energy, everything will look right and well again.

Attack it Libra!  You're not fond of being aggressive or direct but that's what's called for this week.  Relish being the warrior.  Your leadership is needed and will be welcomed once you decide to offer it.  Your fears are powerful now and it's hard to tell what's rel and what's imagined.  This too shall pass.  See these fears as a sign that you are about to take a big step up in terms of power and direction.  Don't fight the process you're in.  It's golden.

Don't give up just yet, Scorpio even though the going is tough.  You are so close to a breakthrough, you just don't know it yet.  Protect all that you've been building.  There are some minor threats in your environment.  These threats won't hurt you as long as you stay awake to them and address them when they pop up.  You're wanting to believe that everything is well and it is as long as you stay awake and see that you have much to be envied.  Protect it by valuing it.

A big shock is coming and though at first you will resist what's happening, if you give yourself a little time to settle in, you'll see the gigantic opportunity hidden in it.  Rushing around and being reactive isn't helping.  Slow down and reflect before doing anything rash, Sagittarius.  Your heart has some important insight for you but you won't get the message if you're running around trying to put out the fire.  The fire will die down on it's own so step back and let it.

You're locked in a battle of wills that's seemingly unresolvable.  If you think you can use will to overcome the trouble, you're wrong.  You're better served by just pulling your energy and investment out of it.  That will feel like defeat, Capricorn but it's not.  Re-frame how you're seeing your challenges and you'll see that retreat is the best option here.  As soon as you decide to move into something new, expect big opportunities to come knocking.  Knowing that magic is coming will help you release yourself.

It's time to tie up some loose ends in order to make space for new passions to take root.  You're reluctant to go back and confront projects that stopped offering fulfillment long ago.  It won't take long to clean things up, Aquarius so just do it knowing it will set you free.  You can't push certain spaces into being more of what you want.  Patience is essential now.  A revelation will change the way you see yourself, your life and your future.  This revelation is going to knock your socks off in a wonderful way.

Pick a path and go.  No more questioning which is the right way.  Just go now, Pisces and make the most of whatever direction you've chosen.  Someone is making some pretty amazing promises.  You're having a hard time trusting it.  You can have fun dreaming with this person but if it feels unsafe to jump in all the way, trust it.  An old wound is rising up to be healed.  It's about trust.  You can trust yourself!  Truly.  You have a ton of life experience to back yourself up.


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