Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Here Comes Aquarius

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Welcome Aquarius and a very happy, early birthday to all you wonderful water bearers!  The Sun won't actually move into Aquarius until Friday 1/20 but we might as well acknowledge the shift now.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign.  Air signs are thinkers.  They tend to let their minds lead, so we're about to enter a 30 day period of more mental activity, bigger ideas and perhaps some analysis of where we're at and where we'd like to go next.  Fixed signs tend to be stubborn.  Their purpose is to hold things steady so when we're talking about fixed air, we're getting a chance to come face to face with how we think about things and the patterns that keep us stuck versus the patterns that offer freedom.

That's partly why I named this week's episode of the Stonestreet Cafe at MONKEY MIND.  I want to take a look at the many ways our minds run amok, dragging us into disastrous future scenarios that aren't real or pushing us into regretful ruminations about the past.

The same monkey mind makes it hard to sleep at night, makes it hard to feel our bodies and our lives and makes it hard for us to see the pathways out of whatever space feels confining.  I do hope you'll tune in and call me during the second half of the show for a reading, 1.218.862.7200 ext 870303.  The Cafe starts at 6pm pacific/9pm eastern Thursday at and you can join me live in the chat room as well. 

As I've been preparing for the show, I keep thinking about ways to get out of the monkey mind and I have to admit that I have more growing to do in this area.  It's hard to stop thinking!!  It really comes down to coming back to the body, coming back with love and finding a bit of quiet.  Easier said than done in this incredibly, stimulating reality.  Let's delve into it more deeply in the Cafe.

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That's about it for me today.  It's freaking windy up here but what else can do I expect as Aquarius comes and blows the doors of perception wide open?  May the powerful winds of Aquarius blow the cobwebs out of our dusty, mental corners!!


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