Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shine On!

I love a good few days of the Moon in Leo.  As I write this the Moon is slipping into Virgo so if you've been anxious to find the focus it's coming.

The past few days have brought me so many reminders of the power of ego.  So much is written about transcending the ego and getting past it, etc.  Some even advocate KILLING it.  Not me.  I do so love a good bout of ego!

I'm being a little facetious here and I'm sure you know it.  Ego out of check can get destructive.  I had an exchange today that reminded me of this very thing.  A distant relative made some comments on my facebook page about the "stuff" I'm into.  He's very devoted to his spiritual beliefs and I guess was puzzled/curious/disturbed by my "stuff".

I quickly took our conversation into private messages but I could feel my ego clashing with his.  I wanted him to SEE me and where I was coming from and I bet he felt the same way.  It didn't happen and was kind of hilarious when all was said and done.  There was a moment or two where I wished I weren't so attached to having him "get" it.  Oh well.  We agreed to go our merry ways and in this case, ego did not wreak (too much) havoc.

Leo brings us to ego.  Leo may seem arrogant but in reality, people with strong Leo energy don't have a sense of themselves and their gifts, so they tend to overcompensate in order to discover.  Ego isn't a problem as long as we see it leading.  It's the unconsciousness that's the real killer.  If we can't own up to what we're doing and what's motivating our actions, we're really in trouble.

So on that note, let's welcome sweet Virgo, who tends to feel more comfortable serving others than stepping into the spotlight.  We can use the Moon in Virgo to tidy up get organized and focus on health and healing.  We might even get a chance to be of service to someone in need, which tends to bring it's own rewards.

Tomorrow is the 12th which means classes and readings on sale from 8am-8pm pacific.  I'll be at for the first half of the sale at least.  Let's talk ego and/or service to others!  If you want to meditate on who you are at your core (are you a performer like Leo or a devotee like Virgo?), check out my 20 minute meditation sessions at  They're on sale tomorrow, so stock up and let's explore.

Joining me in the Stonestreet Cafe at Thursday is the lovely Reshma Mudirakkal.  We're going to hang out, talk and do readings during the second half of the show.  Call us at 1.218.862.7200 ext 870303.  Reshma is joining us from India and has the most beautiful voice and wise presence.  I have a feeling she is not as attached to her ego as I am to mine!  Maybe we'll talk about the ego dilemma?  Tune in and find out at 6pm pacific/9pm eastern.

Much love to you all!  Shine on and never mistake confidence for ego and if you do get into an ego driven situation HAVE FUN WITH IT!


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