Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Leap day. 

Is it time to leap into something new and untested?  I want to so badly!  I'm trying to restrain myself from leaping into the unknown with joy and gusto.  The total leap might not happen today but I have a feeling it's coming up soon.

How about you?  Can you feel the first hints of spring in the air?  Does it make you want to run wild and free?  The time for leaping and skipping is coming my friends.  I feel it.

Thursday in the Stonestreet Cafe, we're taking a look at APPRECIATION.  Sometimes it's easier to find appreciation than it is to be in gratitude.  Perhaps appreciation is a bridge to gratitude?  We have the ability appreciate our struggles as well as our triumphs.  We can appreciate that someone we love is in pain.  We can appreciate that life brings unexpected and difficult changes.  Appreciation helps us come back to the moment and everything happening here.  Appreciation helps us embrace it all so that we can find that wonderful, golden space of gratitude.

Let's explore this in the Stonestreet Cafe this week at 6pm pacifc/9pm eastern at 

Leap day.  Perhaps we can't throw ourselves headlong into the unknown quite yet but I hope we can all make time to dream about it, picture it and play with it.  The energy of late has been a little restraining and some of us might be quite tuckered out trying to push through.  Let's remember to relax and wait.  Patience isn't easy but it's easier when we have a new dream to dream about and a spring time up ahead just built for leaping!


Monday, February 27, 2012

Fortune Forecast 2/27 - 3/4


Life looks better when we're well rested and energized.  Often our problems melt away once we get some life force energy flowing.  How do we do that?  It takes a little bit of conscious awareness to first recognize that we're depleted and secondly to invest int he activities that offer restoration.  This is our most important work right now and it needs to be made a top priority.  Putting it off, hoping we can just muddle through for a little longer is going to make everything so much harder than it needs to be.  Do whatever it takes to carve out time for renewal.  Stop making excuses or finding distractions and just do it.  Perhaps we put it off because we're afraid of what we might discover in quiet spaces.  Don't be afraid.  Be willing to banish the shadows and ghosts that make spending time with self seem to terrible.

Monday 2/27
There's no way to push an uncomfortable truth away today.  It needs to be looked at and considered.  If we just sit with it for a moment or two, it will start to loosen its hold over us, leaving us freer and more playful.  Let it all come up and out for review.  Lose the judgement and just see it straight.

Tuesday 2/28
20 Minute Meditation, 1pm pacific, 4pm eastern at
Life is expansive today and optimism is easy to come by.  We are being offered more freedom and more opportunity.  It feels great and we can go into this space of newness with enthusiasm and joy.  Notice how easy it is to let cynicism creep in.  Just say no, gently and firmly.  Dreams need protection.  

Wednesday 2/29
Step away from the chaos long enough to achieve a degree of healing and peace.  Some of us have been waiting for external circumstances to shift.  There's no need to wait anymore because what we seek we can create in our own space.  Now is the time to seek the spaces that offer respite and to linger long.

Thursday 3/1
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Clouds of confusion are starting to lift, leaving us feeling free and light.  We can see further down the road and opportunities are more evident.   A plan is starting to come together without effort or struggle and the steps are simple and doable.  This plan will gain even more dimension over the next few weeks, so wait just a little longer before taking action.

Friday 3/2
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We might feel like we've run out of what we need to move a dream forward.  We don't need as much as we think beyond our own energy, talent and focus.  Perhaps this experience of feeling stripped of what we count on for support is really an opportunity to see that we're fine without it?  Think on it.

Saturday 3/3
There's no need for big action of any sort today.  Just slow down and hold steady.  often when we stop fighting and pushing, movement happens and that's what's on the menu today.  Let go of the resistance so often used to move. Allow acceptance and surrender to take over.  Watch the magic happen.

Sunday 3/4
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Everything happening now is valuable beyond measure.  We might not know exactly what it all means until we get further down the road but just knowing that our struggles are important can help us cope.  We're being asked to find more strength from the greatest source of all.  It's to be found within, so start looking there.

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Do it and don't look back!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 2/26 - 3/3

It's time to focus on grounding Aries and digging into everything you're working on.  This might slow things down a bit but it's totally worth it.  Soon you will see exactly what you want to invest in and what's just a waste of time and energy.  Don't hesitate to jump into something new and juicy once you see that it's viable.  A recent battle has left you amped up and ready for another fight.  Put down your sword.  There's nothing left to fight about and your nerves need soothing.  Don't go into this next chapter with such a fierce attitude and outlook.  Be soft and pliant to the degree that you're able.

A sudden surge in energy has you ready to take risks and put yourself out in a totally new way.  You're ready for more attention, Taurus and it's actually important.  Hiding away and keeping yourself safe is creating a deep restlessness and if you don't take action to change this you might just start acting out in a destructive way.  Your burdens feel heavy but it's not as bad as it feels.  be light in your approach to tying up loose ends.  This will get you moving and playing again.  A promise that looks too good to be true is very seductive.  Explore this without making a commitment just yet.

You are in the midst of profound change and might feel incredibly disoriented right now.  You don't know yet, what it is you want and how to make it happen.  Be quiet Gemini even though every cell in your body is calling for action.  Give yourself the gift of time to let a true plan emerge.  It's time to break out of spaces that feel limiting.  Your creative is starting to hum.  Let it percolate a bit longer while your vision becomes more detailed.  Soon you'll be moving in new directions without questioning where you're going of if it's right.  You'll feel it and do it without effort or struggle.

You're in need of a new project.  You might feel overwhelmed already but that's because you've invested in a lot of stuff that holds no meaning or passion for you.  As you clear away the uninteresting, you'll start to rediscover what you really love to do.  A big decision is causing major stress, Cancer.  Just pick and go.  There's no need for debate because in the end you'll end up exactly where you want to.  The more you let this truth sink in, the sooner you'll start having fun again.  Keep an eye on your temper.  It's flaring up at the worst time.  Find a healthy way to blow off steam.

Get ready for some happiness, Leo.  You're in the mood to play and nothing is more interesting than the wanderings of your heart right now.  Go with it and don't even think about trying to fight it.  There's no use and it wouldn't be good for you.  The straight and narrow just isn't going to cut it.  You're so ready for new ideas and insights.  Your senses are heightened right now and you want a taste of everything.  Your intuition is powerful and is delivering clue after clue to help you navigate whatever terrain you end up in.  Keep a journal to capture some of the beautiful, fleeting insights.

A part of you is frozen with fear Virgo.  It's very difficult to move or make changes with such potent energy resting on your heart.  You want to make something right but the more you try, the more messy it gets.  How about just stepping back and giving the whole thing a bit of breathing room?  This will help more than you imagine.  Spend some time on what feels soothing.  Stressful energies are making it very hard to settle down and find the focus.  As you address the internal tension, you'll find that a lot of what's bothering you starts to ease up naturally.

Dig deep for strength Libra.  You're definitely being challenged this week and though you might not feel like it, you have everything you need to weather the storm.  Try to find a space of shelter while you ride this out.  There's no need for any kind of aggressive action now.  Just rest and wait.  As you find your center, you'll also start to see that there are vast possibilities here.  Possibilities you didn't recognize before.  This awareness will bring peace, healing and calm.  Trust that time is working for you.  There's no need to hurry or rush.  It's all coming into shape.

An opportunity to make more money or advance in your career is mighty appealing, Scorpio.  This opportunity will take you out of your comfort zone and help you develop new skills and abilities.  Don't let your fear of the unknown keep you from jumping in here because the rewards are many.  You are growing in the sphere of work and at the same time, relationships are getting more interesting.  You can sink into some wonderful love and splash around in it to your heart's content.  Be playful, be youthful and have a good time.  You can have what you want now.

You're ready to get off the ride, Sagittarius but may be having a hard time admitting it.  There's a part of you that thinks maybe you can rediscover the fun in an old, favorite place but it's just not there anymore.  Allow yourself to at least starting imagining what it would be like to move on from here.  A part of you is so ready that you have to keep it calm while the rest of you catches up.  So many magical things are about to take shape for you, especially once you close the door on this old haunt.  New pleasures of every sort are about to come knocking.

There's mounting pressure to make a change Capricorn and it's getting a bit unbearable.  You might be wondering how it can get more unbearable than it already is?  It's time for decisive action and part of that is deciding what you want and having the courage to stand behind it no matter how intense the opposition is.  You are changing on a deep level and what used to be tolerable is totally unpalatable now.  Don't force yourself to make it work.  Just start planning a way out.  Forget about having it all look and feel perfect.  Be willing to make a mess to find a new path.

Big magic is playing out in your world this week, Aquarius. It's exciting and delightful and it fills you with hope for all that's good in the world.  You're not only ready to journey into new territory but the journey has actually begun.  You're off to visit new places and taste, touch, see and feel new things.  It's wonderful and all of your sense are heightened and on alert.  Fresh ideas and ways of looking at life are helping you break ever freer from spaces that have felt stagnant or stuck.  Share what's happening with you in every medium possible.  The more your shout it out, the bigger it gets.

Make a decision Pisces.  You're getting anxious trying to get to peace but peace will come after you choose and start moving.  A part of you needs a break from heavy thinking and planning.  Play can help you now.  As your spirit lifts and you bring in amusement, much of what you're struggling with will become easier to manage.  Follow the feelings this week.  Important guidance is happening now and it can lead you in new and unexpected directions.  Shake off the need for control.  It's keep you in a much too narrow space.  Just wander and relax.  You're on your way to wonder.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Devil of a Wind

It's windy up here over the last few days.  So windy that there's actually a wailing sound at times.  The wind is blowing everything away, leaving the landscape scoured and clean.  Any minute I expect a door to blow open, so intense is this winter wind.

I tend to tie physical weather to psychic weather and I wonder what's being blown out of us on an energy level?  We could see the wind as a divine force, a very forceful force, sweeping away old energy, somewhat brutally.

What are we being asked to let go of right now?  Continuing on with the metaphor of the wind, the element of air rules the mind, the way we think about and perceive reality.  Here comes this blustery power, pressing on us, sweeping us clean.  Is it time to welcome a new way of thinking as the old way gets blown out?  How can we look from a new angle and see opportunities in spaces that once looked stuck and unyielding?  What needs to be scoured and left clean again?

I came across a wonderful quote by Byron Katie today, "You don’t experience anxiety unless you’re attached to a thought that isn’t true for you. It’s that simple." I love this!  Having struggled with a couple things that cause anxiety, this quote helps me see that there's a dearth of truth in these anxious spaces.  If that's the case, all that's needed is a bit of uncovering of the truth to get to a more peaceful place.


How easily we get tangled in others' agendas, ideas and plans for us.  How easily we dissuade ourselves from seeing our own truth.  It's so easy and so seductive that most of us live in a perpetual state of half truth and then wonder why we feel so off.


The time period we're in is a challenging one but perhaps it would be easier if we could just drill down to a handful of essential truths?  I can't tell you what those are for you but I can and will urge you to contemplate this.

Join me Thursday at 6pm pacific, 9pm eastern at, in the Stonestreet Cafe as I welcome the delightful Ann Godfrey, queen of the kitchen.  Cooking is an anxiety producing space for me, mostly when I think about it.  Seriously!  Cooking causes me anxiety.  I wonder what thought I'm attached to when it comes to cooking that causes so much stress?  I'm going to be thinking on it as I prepare for the show.  Ann is a delight and we're going to talk about food, the preparation of it, the energetics of it and how ancestors often show up to assist.  Where are you my cooking ancestors?

Until we meet again, let the forces in your life that feel out of control, help blow away old patterns of thinking that keep you in a space of anxiety and stagnation.  Let the winds of change blow it all away, so that only the simplest of truth is left in it's wake.  It takes bravery, doesn't it?  Let's do it together.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Fortune Forecast 2/20 - 2/26


We get a fresh start this week.  It could come in the form of new thinking or it might show up literally as an opportunity or invitation.  Let's say yes.  New beginnings tend to be fragile.  This is a space of vulnerability and uncertainty.  Don't mistake the shakiness as a sign that what's being offered isn't viable.  It is.  It just needs time to grow and flourish and it needs permission from us to do so.  Say yes even if it feels like this new thing will pull us away from the path we've chosen.  Sometimes the detour is where it's at.

Monday 2/20
It's hard to see which way to go.  There isn't a lot of guidance coming from outside sources.  We've got to get quiet enough to listen to ourselves.  It's a little bit frightening to feel so out there but this is important.  What we experience today and the feeling of power we gain by going it alone will serve us well in all other areas.

Tuesday 2/21
20 Minute Meditation at, 1pm pacific/4pm eastern
Venture out past the familiar today.  There's just no reason to stick with the tried and true.  Treasures of all kind await us in new and uncharted territory.  Even if the wandering only takes the form of dreaming, an adventure is called for and exploration helps us craft a new path and a new plan of action.  It feels good to be free.  

Wednesday 2/22
It's an excellent day to rest and enjoy the abundance all around.  Sure, there's always more work to be done but we can take a break now, knowing that in doing so we'll regain the energy we need for the next leg of the journey.  Once we stop, we'll start to see the bounty.  It's a lovely and courageous thing, to stop and smell the roses. 

Thursday 2/23
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Something is stirring deep inside.  It's time to make space to see what this is all about.  We may have been pushing it away in order to stay on track.  Let's forget about the track in order to see something new.  We have a sacred seed in our hands and it needs protection, care and love.  With these three things, major magic will grow.

Friday 2/24
Grounding and Protection Meditation at, 8am pacific/11am eastern
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We're being acknowledged for our skills and wisdom today and it feels great.  Rewards are in the works and we might be asked to take on new responsibilities and projects.  Before we leap into new challenges, let's take a moment to let it all in.  Let the validation sink in so that it can infuse every cell in our body with inspiration and confidence.

Saturday 2/25
Dig up some energy for the final push.  What feels oppressive today is ninety percent of our own making.  We can move through it with an adjusted attitude and the knowing that we are so close, so very close to a new kind of freedom.  It's not what it looks like...not at all.  Once this is behind us, movement will be swift and smooth.

Sunday 2/26
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Don't miss out on the miracle fest happening today.  It's everywhere and it's lovely.  Just open up to it.  So often we block the good stuff.  Maybe we feel like we need to work harder for it, or there are traces of feeling unworthy, or we simply don't see it.  Stop and look and let a gift land in your lap.  It's right there, waiting to drop.

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Just do it!  We're in a time period where in many ways there's nothing to lose.  At the same time the stakes feel high.  Find the middle point between these two extremes and take action.  We know we're coming from truth when the anxiety about it all subsides.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 2/19 - 2/25

You are anxious to move into new things Aries but it's just not quite time.  What can you do to keep your creativity high while you wait?  The last thing you need is to sink into feelings of impatience and irritability.  Explore a new outlet or two so that you can keep your spirits up and be ready for when things start to move again.  Something is tempting you to do things you know aren't healthy or productive for you.  Perhaps you can dip your toe in the water hear and find satisfaction without soaking yourself in it?  This is worthy of your complete and total consideration.

Someone can help further your dreams this week but first you have to be willing to ask, Taurus.  This person could be a boss or mentor and will gladly lend assistance when it becomes clear that you need it  Don't wait for things to reach a crisis point before asserting yourself here.  You're working your way through the tail end of a very oppressive cycle.  It's been challenging and you're tired.  What can you do right now to create more rest and rejuvenation?  As you relax, you'll discover that many gifts want to come to you.  Just rest and let them come.

You're getting a fresh start this week in a space that has felt stagnant and unfulfilling.  This is great news, Gemini and the timing couldn't be better because you're been on the cusp of waling away.  You're about to fall in love all over again and rediscover what was so initially charming about this space.  Make time for friendship and social activity.  You are ready to get out and see the world again after a period of hibernation.  New opportunities for abundance feel so good and help you see the skills you're been building quietly all this time.  How wonderful!

A difficult situation seems to have no end in sight.  Part of what's causing this to feel so out of control is what you do in your own mind when you think about it, Cancer.  You've got to find a way to step out of the regret and recrimination here and find some peace.  A dream is falling apart but it's not a bad thing!  You need to be liberated from this even though you don't know it just yet.  This dream is old and it's much too small for who you're becoming.  Be willing to let it slide away knowing something even better is starting to take root for you.

You're getting a chance to play with power this week, Leo and it feels exciting and fun.  As long as you can keep it playful, you'll find it easy to manifest a ton of magic.  Big changes might have you feeling slightly out of control right now.  Trust that what you're being asked to do is the right thing even though it might not feel like it in every moment.  You are being challenged to become bigger and bolder, so fear is natural.  A game you thought you could win has fallen apart, leaving you feeling a lone and misunderstood.  Don't dwell on this too long.  Just keep moving.

You are feeling very boxed in these days Virgo and the discomfort is growing.  It's tempting to take radical action but you have a sense that it won't really fix the troubles.  Being patient is very difficult but if you can wait just a little longer you'll find it much easier to move and change soon enough.  Money seems to come and go quickly right now.  Get behind the notion of letting it flow.  There's no need to clamp down or hoard.  You're saving from something big but know that when you need it, it will be there so don't get into deprivation if you can avoid it.

You want something so badly that it's starting to cause pain, Libra.  Consider cutting this dream loose, at least for now.  You can revisit it soon and when you do you'll find it easier to create in a much better and updated form.  It won't be easy because you've invested quite a bit of energy and time into it.  Do the counter-intuitive thing and release it.  As you do this, new ideas will start flooding in, bringing energy and inspiration.  Attend to the details of the projects you're involved in.  You're about to take a big step up in terms of your reputation and public profile.

A new job or money opportunity is very promising.  You'll need patience to see this to fruition, Scorpio so as long as you don't expect instant results, you'll be fine.  You are so ready to journey into new territory but may be unsure of exactly where to go. give yourself a little more time to dream and drift as your vision comes together.  While you're waiting, invest energy and time into relationships of all kind.  Your heart is so ready to open.  Allow this to happen and trust that being vulnerable will bring gifts.  You're on the cusp of falling in love with all that you are and everything else.

Make time to celebrate this week, Sagittarius.  You might be wondering exactly what you have worth celebrating.  Don't let that stop you form creating some fun.  In fact, as you bring up your energy, you'll create more worth feeling good about.  Stagnant energies are starting to lift, leaving you freer to pursue what you want and need.  Your natural restlessness is about to find satisfaction.  Others are seeking your counsel now as you are brimming with insight and healing communication.  It feels good to be seen as a wise being after a period of feeling unseen.

You've been seeking more balance in your life Capricorn and doing an excellent job.  Don't let up now!  It would be easy to let this fall to the wayside but you're just starting to reap the rewards of this work, so keep at it.  You've learned that sometimes you need to step away from responsibility in order to refresh your spirit and body.  Make time for connecting with friends and having fun this week.  Good things want to drop into your lap.  Are you open to receiving a gift or two?  Let life be easier now and let go of the stress you used to use to propel yourself forward.  You don't need it now.

Step back from all the excitement and ask yourself what you really want.  You need space and time and quiet to get clear about your next step.  There's an ending in the works and it's okay to have complex feelings about it, Aquarius.  Know that in moving on you're allowing the seeds of new delights to take root.  It's time to let go of an old resentment or grudge.  It doesn't serve you to carry this around anymore.  You can create more peace even if you think resolution hinges on the participation of someone else.  Just choose to let it go now and you'll feel so much better.

All eyes are on you this week, Pisces and their the eyes of validation and praise.  It feels so good to be recognized for your efforts and expenditures of energy.  Relish this and don't even think about being humble or shaking off the well earned accolades.  Let this boost your spirits for the next leg of your journey.  An old regret is haunting you now.  you have the power to unhook from this pain.  Rest and getting back to the joy of your body can and will help.  Be an explorer of the heart and delve more deeply into your own mystery.  Relief will be found under the waves.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Quiet Inside

How are you my friends?  I hope you're making time to find the quiet inside.  It's not an easy task these days as we are bombarded with all sorts of energy and input.  Some of us might be feeling very reactive and anxious to make change.  Wait...wait.

One thing I've noticed over the last few weeks as Mars continues to retrograde back through Virgo is that circumstances change quickly and what looks unbearable right now, might very well not seem so bad in an hour or a day.  Still, there are undercurrents in our lives that remain difficult to deal with, no matter how quiet and still we get.  These patterns are the beginning of more profound change but they are not yet ready to show us their full potential.  Premature action will not yield the full fruits that are possible with patience.

What to do while we wait?  Some of us might be brooding and floundering over the tension and the internal urge to react.  Some of us might be seeking sweet escape via any means available.  I'm asking all of you to seek the quiet inside.  It's there, waiting for us, waiting to offer us the guidance and the reassurance we need to weather this psychically, stormy time.

I'm not saying it's easy!  It is what it is.  Let's work with it mindfully and use this challenging energy to dig deeper and find a more profound truth to lead us.  Meditation has been offering me some sweet relief, as has gentle exercise, a hot bath and a good book or two.  I find myself pulling away from the computer and doing what I can to show up more in my connections with others.  I'm using this time to practice being more present, even though it's tougher than ever to be so.

It's the most important and sacred work we can do now.  Care of ourselves and others.  Being present and slowing down a bit.

This week in the Stonestreet Cafe, we're taking a look at the space of SURRENDER.  Join me Thursday 2/16 at 6pm pacific/9pm eastern at and let's examine the power of knowing when to give in, give over and just be.  This is a message I feel compelled to share right now and I know you'll enjoy the show.  Feel free to call during the second half of the show for a reading or to discuss the notion of surrender.  1.218.862.7200 ext 870303.

If you'd like to spend some time one on one with me to help find more grounding and calm, stop by on Saturday between 8am-noon pacific when we offer our lowest rates on readings and chats.  Sunday brings a 12 hour sale from 7am-7pm pacific. You can count on me to be there from 8-1pm pacific.  I'm looking forward to spending some time with you!

Step away from the melange of turbulent energy this week...for a moment, an hour or a day.  Shake off any guilt you might feel about it knowing that finding the sweet spot of calm will help you find the answers you need to navigate now.  Watch out for the reactionary tendencies.  Let's wait...just a little bit longer.  Wait.  We can do it together.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Fortune Forecast


There's plenty to be upset about in any given moment.  The more we look, the more we see and the more deeply affected we are.  While I'm not recommending ignoring difficult things, I am recommending looking for the silver lining in every struggle and every disappointment.  It's going to be a stretch at times to see what's positive.  Let's try.  Sometimes we have to get very uncomfortable in order to break out and try new things.  Could it be that some of the pain we're facing this week is designed to get us out of our comfort zone and more into the space of risk and exploration?  Contemplate this and see where it leads.  Bigger things are just over the next hill so keep your eyes on the horizon and not on the mess by the side of the road.

Monday 2/13
There's a lot of noise in the world today...a lot of competing, teeming energy that wants out attention and healing.  Let's step away.  Important information wants to come through but it can't if we can't carve out time to listen.  Being distracted is easy and some of us might prefer it to the wisdom of the guidance and the action that's being prompted.  Listen anyway.

Tuesday 2/14

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!  let's be in love...
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The pace is picking up and things that once felt stuck are starting to move again.  It's exciting and unsettling as well.  Our normal routine isn't working to keep us centered now which is a sign of transition.  Let's recognize that change is underway and it's time to get behind it.  Don't be fooled by the surface of things.  There are potent and magical forces at work.

Wednesday 2/15
We have to work to find our center today.  Make a investment in the most precious space of all...YOU.  It's an excellent time to get behind a dream, project or relationship.  Prosperity will come from seeds planted now.  Diligence, patience and focus will bring results, maybe not overnight but sooner than we realize.  Stick with it.

Thursday 2/16
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Sometimes it's tough to achieve more balance but today it just feels right to try.  It won't be hard as we decide its what's warranted. The behaviors that pull us out of balance will be easy to overcome by deciding on peace.  Suddenly we can see what has been pulling at our attention and find new ways of handling these spaces.  It feels good.

Friday 2/17
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It's so tempting to get sucked in to others' crazy drama today.  Perhaps we're just looking for a place to blow off steam but we need to be careful.  A lot of energy could get wasted on silly stuff if we aren't careful and we might just damage a relationship with an important ally.  It's a good idea to just mind our own business even if getting in shouting match looks incredibly appealing.

Saturday 2/18
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We are very likely to talk ourselves out of some aspect of our dream right now.  In our attempt to be 'realistic' we might just end up walking away from something with tremendous potential.  Let expansion of thinking and pushing past disbelief be the spiritual task of the day.  Make it a project to allow more magic and possibility despite the mind's urge to shut it all down.

Sunday 2/19
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It's time to lighten up a bit and just enjoy the day.  Get some friends and loved ones together and plan a day of action and reverie.  Certainly there's work to be done.  There always will be but let's take a break any way and just sink into the beauty of the moment.  The refreshment and energy that gets generated from this will help us soar tomorrow.

need help with the energy this week?

Visualize it and if there are no details, start picturing the energy.  What color is it?  Are there images that represent what this energy feels like?  Is there a texture to it?  Start creating the ENERGY and let the rest take shape.  It will.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 2/12 - 2/18

You've got potent money mojo happening this week, Aries and will find it easy to create abundance of all kind.  Enjoy it, celebrate it and most of all share it.  As you spread it around, even more will come back to you.  You're chomping at the bit to explore new things.  Make time to indulge your wanderlust or risk being overcome with irritability and tension.  In your quest to win a battle, you might lose an important ally.  Ask yourself if it's really worth it every time you're tempted to start a fight.

An unfair situation is starting to right itself in your favor, Taurus.  It feels good to have justice working in your favor.  As you experience this correction in circumstances be sure and let go of some old pain regarding this, so that you can move forward with openness and freedom.  Someone is inviting you to play and you are so ready.  Can you let yourself go and just have fun?  A part of you is suspicious of the motives here but there's no need.  You can trust yourself and your own intuition to provide the guidance you need.

You're starting to feel more grounded after a period of excellent and somewhat frantic work.  Take a breather and enjoy the fruits of your labor, Gemini.  If you give yourself a moment to pause, you'll find yourself refreshed and ready for the next challenge.  A lover is showing up and making quite an impressive offer.  You're not feeling it to the degree you think you should but don't let that prevent you from at least exploring the possibilities.  You may not get everything you want but you'll get quite a bit.

It's time to open up, Cancer.  You've been in protection mode and it's stopping positive energy from flowing through you.  Notice the urge to clamp down and just say no to it.   Recent turbulence is starting to calm.  Know it so that you can let go of the vigilance and defenses you've had up.  It's an excellent time to craft a new plan.  You know what you want, all you need to do now is break the journey there into smaller, easier pieces.  It'll be a cinch once you let go of the lingering and useless fear you've been dragging around.

Your expertise is needed this week, Leo.  You get to step into the spotlight now and shine.  Don't hesitate because you're more than ready for what awaits.  Expect your fears to be quite intense but don't let them stop you.  If you try and figure out what the fear means, you'll get lost.  It's normal to be nervous when entering a bigger arena where more attention is being given to you.    Relish it!  Ask for support is and when you need it.  There are plenty of people waiting to help you become the star you're meant to be.

You're getting a dose of much needed clarity to help you craft your next step.  It might feel a tad lonely in your world right now but you are ready to face your challenges with your own insight and guidance.  It's definitely time to say goodbye to something that once brought satisfaction your way.  As you move forward, you'll find fresh, new possibilities to take its place.  Your money energy is getting stronger now.  This will bring your strength, confidence and focus after a bit of a rough ride.

Now is the time to fall in love Libra.  There are opportunities to deepen your connection at every turn this week and it's all you really want to do.  Don't try and force yourself to pay attention to work and responsibilities when all you really want to do is connect and bask in your feelings.  It's hard to rest now.  There are some lurking stresses keeping you up at night.  It's not as bad as it seems so try and put this stuff in its' place.  Big changes are taking place deep inside you and this means letting old junk come up and out. 

It's time for a journey, Scorpio.  Whether you hit the road or travel with your mind and spirit, you need new vistas to inspire your next step.   Someone is asking you to play.  Will you accept and go?  You should!  Company now will help you feel more playful and less serious about life.  Don't brush aside this opportunity.  A new world is starting to unfold right before you.  You're going to be stunned by the magnificence of it all.  Know that and start planning a big celebration.

You're feeling a little out of control right now, Sagittarius and it's nerve racking.  Just slowing down a bit will help you regain your center and your grounding.  Once you do that, you'll see that a problem that appears overwhelming is mostly a mirage.  You're ready to bring more power and focus to the table and you needed this stressful situation to help you dig deeper.  There's no need to entertain regrets or recriminations.  let yourself have a fresh start now and watch how far you go and how fast you get there.

It's a tough week, Capricorn.  You're feeling boxed in and it's causing a flight or fight response.  You can see what you're doing but it's hard to stop the reactive energy.  Stay calm and invest some time into meditation and other things that help sooth your nerves.  You're not quite ready to launch a new project or explore a new path but you're getting there.  Trust the process you're in and have a little faith in yourself.  Soon you will be forging into uncharted territory and feeling very, very alive.

It's time to make a sacrifice of some kind Aquarius. Once you see that what you're giving up helps a lot of people, it will be easier to do it with love in your heart.  You've been working hard and taking few breaks.  This isn't going to work much longer.  You need a chance to take a breath and see how far you've come.  If you keep burning the candle at both ends, you will collapse in an exhausted heap soon.  You're not as poverty stricken as you feel.  Start seeing the incredible abundance in every aspect of your life.

Healing energies are potent in your life this week.  You can apply these energies to yourself or offer them to others.  Be discriminating in how you offer to heal people, Pisces.  Not everyone is in a position to enjoy what you give.  There is opportunity for advancement and expansion now.  You're being seen as more of an authority and the rewards are many.  Make sure you've got a way to ground into the new power you're trying to embody.  Otherwise, you might find yourself a bit unsettled.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Here we are, basking in the post Full Moon in Leo energy.  That's right, LEO.  I know in the Fortune Forecast I have it listed as a Full Moon in Virgo.  Oops.  I guess I'm a little ahead of myself!

The Full Moon probably dredged up a deep need to feel seen, heard and appreciated.  Leo needs validation so if you've been in situations where you felt invisible, unloved and unappreciated, see it as the gift of the Full Moon.  The Full Moon dredges stuff up so that we can get a better look at it and heal it.  Let the process unfold. 

I know from some of the interactions over on my facebook page, that a lot of us are feeling out of sorts right now.  There's a confusing mix of energy happening.  The Full Moon in Leo is asking us to find more passion and inspiration and find the willingness to express it all.  Meanwhile, Mars retrograde in Virgo asks us to go within, be quiet and release old junk.  So we're being asked to go out and express but also go within and heal.

Leo wants to be seen as unique and important, while Virgo wants to heal others and be of service.  Having these two energies so pronounced right now can create friction internally and in the world.  It's as if we're at war with ourselves and it's difficult to find the middle ground between wanting what we want versus wanting what's best for the world.

Confusing, huh?  It's okay right now to be a little confused about where to put your attention.  With Neptune having just come home to Pisces, we're in a period of adjustment.  Neptune in Pisces WILL shift our values as individuals and as a collective.  Neptune is going to melt us a bit and create a more fuzzy feeling when it comes to ambition and focus.  If you're experiencing any of these things, know that it's ok and that's you're simply tuning in to the cosmic shifts.

Part of what I've noticed is that relief can be found in the simplest of spaces.  Find time for quiet refection.  Listen to some soothing tunes, break out the meditation tapes and stop.  Circumstances are shifting quickly and the big decisions we make today might not feel right tomorrow.  Expect it and hold still to the degree that you can.

This week in the Stonestreet Cafe at, I'm welcoming Shanika Moran.  Shanika has profound healing abilities and specializes in helping people overcome obstacles.  The show is called OVERCOME and I was being a little mischievous when I named the show because I know a lot of us are feeling overcome by the psychic weather right now.  At the same time, the potential to overcome pesky blocks and obstacles is big right now.  Tune in Thursday at 6pm pacific/9pm eastern to learn more.  Call in during the second half of the show for a reading!  1.218.862.7200 ext. 870303.  Shanika and I will be doubling up and offering our insights to you.

That's about it for this week, my friends.  Come get a reading at if you're feeling like you can't find your center and don't forget our huge sale on readings at and classes at this Sunday 2/12.  I'm here for you.


Monday, February 6, 2012

Fortune Forecast 2/6 - 2/12


We've been hanging on to something, hoping it will work out and bring the prosperity, love and fulfillment we so desperately want and need but this vision is old and out of date.  It's time to do some purging and releasing.  Let go of an old dream or two.  We can dream a new dream and manifest what we want but it has to come from a different shape than the one we've been clinging too.  Stale dream-energy can cause pain.  Instead of recognizing that we've grown and shifted we tend to see our inability to make stale dreams come true as a reflection of our flaws and stumblings.  We can clean it all up this week as soon as we see that we're not nearly as limited as we used to be and that our old visions are based on those outdated limitations.

Monday 2/6
Extend energy down, into the Earth today.  We need more grounding now and anything that helps us feel centered is important and valid.  It's important to set a pace that works.  Being frantic is the flip side to apathy and neither of those are productive.  Trust that in finding ways to get anchored in what's happening now will generate a catapult into something better.

Tuesday 2/7
20 Minute Meditation at, 1pm pacific/4pm eastern
We're itching to sink our teeth into something new and untested.  Chalk it up to the full moon in Virgo.  Puzzles and riddles are appealing and we're looking at the many ways we can create more efficiency in every space.  In addition we need new amusements to keep the inspiration flowing.  It might not drop out of the sky, so prepare to go and hunt it down.

Wednesday 2/8
It's easier to see life from alternate angles now and this brings a sense of possibility and freedom.  We've been toiling away in very difficult conditions and we may not have even recognized it until now.  None of it matters because we feel energized and excited about what's emerging.  Bask in the optimistic beauty that's so abundant today.

Thursday 2/9
tune in to the Stonestreet Cafe at, 6pm pacific/9pm eastern
We have a chance to play with power in a new and refreshing way today.  Power can come from many places.  What does it look like when it comes from the heart?  It's beautiful and takes others into consideration.  Now we find ourselves willing to fight for more than just our own needs.  Now we join the battle to bring healing to the greater good.  It's a sight to behold.

Friday 2/10
Grounding & Protection Meditation at, 8am pacific/11am eastern 
Stonestreet Cafe replays at, 10:30am pacific/1:30pm eastern 
Stretch into uncharted territory.  Push against the achy spots that say NO.  Breathe into it and see what happens.  We can relax now and allow things to unfold.  That doesn't mean we don't have work to do on our end.  Opening is our task and we can do it with grace and aplomb.  Notice the heavy energies trying to make it all stop and just keep going.

Saturday 2/11
There are so many different ways we can apply ourselves to the tasks at hand.  Not everything we're involved with right now is fun and fulfilling but all of it truly is valuable.  If an old approach isn't yielding results, try a new one!  There's simply nothing to lose and so much to gain when talking about creative, new paths.  Let's explore and love every second of it.

Sunday 2/12

It's 12day!  
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It's time to get that mind to lighten up and see with amusement.  Let's explore our artistic side today and see if there isn't a masterpiece or two waiting to be born.  Put responsibility and duty aside in order to experience pure play.  It's the exact thing we need to prepare for the coming week.  Everything important will be waiting just as we left it.  Make the most of the break. 

need help with the energy this week?

Trust yourself and if chaotic thoughts and feelings are taking over, wait.  Wait until certainty comes.  It will.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 2/5 - 2/11

You're being awfully hard on yourself this week, Aries.  You're applying enormous pressure on yourself to be perfect in all ways and it's simply too much to live up to.  Consider lowering your standards.  You're loath to do this but if you can allow for a mistake or two, you'll actually move forward much more quickly.  Perfect is paralyzing you.  It's a challenge to balance the part of your that wants to reflect on the past with the part of you that's anxious to move into the future.  Just try to come to this moment, right now.

You're being rewarded for hard work and it's about time, Taurus!  Take a moment and relish your victory.  Let it sink in a bit that you're being seen as more of an expert in your own right.  This is a wonderful time for the advancement of your dreams.  There are stresses affecting you but you can choose a new way of handling these stresses.  You don't need to let it tear you up.  Just step away.  It's a challenge to shake off some of the cynical thinking that limits your dreams and possibilities.  Work on it this week.

You're feeling brokenhearted this week, Gemini.  Old wounds have come bubbling to the surface of your psyche and it's difficult not to see everything happening through the lenses of betrayal and abandonment.  You kind of know that you're being affected by old junk but it feels so real and so raw that it's hard not to be reactive.  Part of what's happening is that you're ready to take a big step up.  The nerves and fear you're experiencing are a sign of this amazing shift.  Keep going and don't expect others to get it just yet.

Deep disappointment is making things tougher than they need to be, Cancer.  You've got to shake it off and go forward.  Sometimes it's time to walk away and this week, you'll have a chance to ponder this.  Deep changes are getting you closer to what you want.  Trust and faith can serve you well but you'll have to dig a little deeper to connect.  Passionate and creative impulses are helping you forge a new path.  Be willing to follow your instincts and don't let the intellect talk you out of a risk or two.

Oh Leo.  Things are not going the way you planned and it's stressful and perhaps disappointing.  Someone you count on for support is unavailable and perhaps even gone for good.  The pain you feel about this is overwhelming and sad.  You don't know it yet but you'd outgrown this connection and it was starting to hold you back.  Be willing to entertain the notion that once the pain subsides, you might actually find yourself relieved.  A final push on an important project is taxing and difficult.  You can do it.

You're getting a chance to play with power this week Virgo and it's quite exciting.  You might have to experiment a bit to figure out just what works.  A new vision is taking shape and you can see all the steps needed to get there.  It's tempting to use your power in a forceful way against those who've oppressed you.  Be careful here because it might backfire and there are others ways to achieve the result you want.  As you adopt a more playful attitude you'll find that many things you've been working towards start to fall into place.  The key is play.

It's hard not to cave into the pressure this week, Libra.  You're feeling pushed into a corner and might decide that compromising is your best option.  It's not!  Hold steady and this situation will right itself.  Deep healing is unfolding for you and it's making you restless and uncomfortable.  Get out of your own way and let it happen.  You're being offered your freedom.  Will you take it?  Before you go leaping into new things be sure and tie up a loose end or two so that you can go forward with minimal distractions.

You're running low on inspiration this week, Scorpio.  It's hard to feel good about your projects and plans when you have no energy to fuel them.  Make rest a top priority and shake off any feelings of guilt about it.  A surge of fresh energy is coming for you.  Will you be ready when it arrives?  Part of what's going to help you build success is getting comfortable with everything that you want.  Stop talking yourself out of your passion.  You need to connect more fully with it in order to jet through this heavy energy.

An internal conflict is starting to play out in your environment.  If you could see the roots of the turbulence, Sagittarius, you could turn it all around.  Decide to create more peace for yourself and watch it ripple out into the world around you.  Big gains are likely now.  You've been working hard for quite awhile with minimal reward and it's all about to change.  Get ready to receive some magic.  Your intuition is offering powerful insight to help guide every step.  Keep listening and acting on what you're hearing.

You're longing for greater riches but what you don't see is that you're rich already.  You have all the knowledge wisdom and experience you need to create more wealth, Capricorn.  Now it's just a matter of getting quiet long enough to use it.  There is love and support available now and you can relax into it.  Let yourself receive warmth and care while you get ready for one last push on a project.  Unexpected abundance will be showing up soon.  You worked for it even though you might not think so.

Let your heart open up, Aquarius.  It's okay to care and to show it.  You've been guarding yourself and keeping your feelings undercover but it's not good for you to do so.  Allow more vulnerability now.  It will create amazing healing and you'll feel freer and lighter than you have in a long time.  A stressful situation is escalating and causing tremendous pressure.  Stay the course and continue to allow your feelings space to be.  This too shall pass, mush more quickly and easily than you realize.

You might have to be a little stubborn this week in order to protect or defend something you treasure.  It's not your preference to have to fight back but it's necessary now.  Passionate drives are making it difficult to keep to the same, old routine.  Perhaps it's time to break out and take a risk or two? You won't regret it, Pisces.  Start taking a closer look at the judgements you have about who you are and what you want out of life.  These subtle energies are holding you back, so start weeding them out now, before your next, big opportunity arrives.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Good heavens.  What a stormy time period we're in.  I don't know if it was the solar flares last week, the Mars Retrograde this week or the upcoming shift of Neptune into Pisces.  All I know is that it is volatile out there.  I keep getting this image in my head of that childhood game where you interlock your hand with someone else's to see who can bend back further and with more force.  It ends with someone screaming MERCY!

I'm kind of kidding but I'm kind of not.  The energy is ferocious and many of us are struggling to figure out just how to handle it.  I can't tell you how many stories I've heard about explosive exchanges at work, at home and in the world at large.  People are lit up!  Lit up means having our issues, fears and insecurities close to the surface, so close that they threaten to completely take over and run the show.

I've had more than a few conversations this week where I felt like I was talking to someone's mental illness (and I'm pretty sure some of them felt the same way about me!).  What are we to do?  RETREAT...and rent a good movie or dive into a book.  Sometimes we just need to take shelter while the storm works itself out.  I know there's a confrontation or two you'd like to have.  Take it from me, NOW IS NOT THE TIME and you will not achieve the results you want.  You might get to see some mental illness up close.  If that interests you, go for it.

Neptune is moving into Pisces on Friday.  This is a big shift.  It takes Neptune roughly 164 years to move through all 12 signs.  It's a long cycle.  Neptune is at home in Pisces and as the planet of union, oneness, and peace gets rooted in its home we will see some big shifts taking place.  Hang in there!

When a planet switches signs, we have a period of adjustment where things tend to feel off.  It takes a little while to get used to the new energy.  We're feeling that right now...feeling the shift and because this is a big one, we're feeling it big time.

I had a dream this week that I was taking a trip around the world in a big airplane.  We kept stopping in different cities to get more fuel, etc.  We were preparing to land in China when the plane took a total nosedive towards what looked like a lake.  No one else on the plane seemed concerned but I was preparing to die.  At the last second, the plane pulled up and glided on to the water and everything was fine.  It was all very routine for everyone except me.

This image of the plane going straight down into what looks like a deep lake is such great imagery for Neptune moving into Pisces.  The deep lake represents the unconscious, the collective mind, our emotional bodies and more.  Here comes Neptune, ready to dive in and sink into the murky waters of fear, insecurity and uncertainty.  The unconscious is a scary place at times because it feels out of control and unmanageable.  We're reluctant to go there but whether we're willing or not we are going!

Some of the unconscious drives coming to light right now might very well feel like life and death.  Some of the battles and challenges we're in are loaded with intensity and we can't seem to figure out why.  Neptune is bringing an awakening and a healing and despite the terror of being submerged in a plane in a deep lake, we're actually going to land just find, skimming along the top of the water.

Neptune is urging us to visit the murky waters of the unconscious.  It's time to get clear about who we are, what we want and what motivates us to create our lives.  As always, what we're afraid of often seems like a piddly, little shadow once we get face to face with it.  Neptune is taking us on this ride and it's time now to trust and let go of the resistance we use to defend against what we might find in the shadows.  Let's just go and have a good time.  In my dream, as soon as we landed, a party broke out on the plane?!  It was NUTS. 

I'm going to explore these ideas and images in much more depth this Thursday in the Stonestreet Cafe at  It's show #85...PRETTY THINGS.  I want to examine how we find beauty in the world.  What makes things ugly?  Can we experience more beauty by deciding to?  I'm pretty sure the answer is yes so tune in and let's see where we get to.  Call me during the second half of the show for a reading or to discuss!  1.218.862.7200 ext 870303.

I'm here, my friends!  We're on this journey together so shake off any feelings of being alone in it.  Come on over to for a reading and a healing or sign up for a 20 minute meditation at  Together, we'll find a soft spot to land.