Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Devil of a Wind

It's windy up here over the last few days.  So windy that there's actually a wailing sound at times.  The wind is blowing everything away, leaving the landscape scoured and clean.  Any minute I expect a door to blow open, so intense is this winter wind.

I tend to tie physical weather to psychic weather and I wonder what's being blown out of us on an energy level?  We could see the wind as a divine force, a very forceful force, sweeping away old energy, somewhat brutally.

What are we being asked to let go of right now?  Continuing on with the metaphor of the wind, the element of air rules the mind, the way we think about and perceive reality.  Here comes this blustery power, pressing on us, sweeping us clean.  Is it time to welcome a new way of thinking as the old way gets blown out?  How can we look from a new angle and see opportunities in spaces that once looked stuck and unyielding?  What needs to be scoured and left clean again?

I came across a wonderful quote by Byron Katie today, "You don’t experience anxiety unless you’re attached to a thought that isn’t true for you. It’s that simple." I love this!  Having struggled with a couple things that cause anxiety, this quote helps me see that there's a dearth of truth in these anxious spaces.  If that's the case, all that's needed is a bit of uncovering of the truth to get to a more peaceful place.


How easily we get tangled in others' agendas, ideas and plans for us.  How easily we dissuade ourselves from seeing our own truth.  It's so easy and so seductive that most of us live in a perpetual state of half truth and then wonder why we feel so off.


The time period we're in is a challenging one but perhaps it would be easier if we could just drill down to a handful of essential truths?  I can't tell you what those are for you but I can and will urge you to contemplate this.

Join me Thursday at 6pm pacific, 9pm eastern at, in the Stonestreet Cafe as I welcome the delightful Ann Godfrey, queen of the kitchen.  Cooking is an anxiety producing space for me, mostly when I think about it.  Seriously!  Cooking causes me anxiety.  I wonder what thought I'm attached to when it comes to cooking that causes so much stress?  I'm going to be thinking on it as I prepare for the show.  Ann is a delight and we're going to talk about food, the preparation of it, the energetics of it and how ancestors often show up to assist.  Where are you my cooking ancestors?

Until we meet again, let the forces in your life that feel out of control, help blow away old patterns of thinking that keep you in a space of anxiety and stagnation.  Let the winds of change blow it all away, so that only the simplest of truth is left in it's wake.  It takes bravery, doesn't it?  Let's do it together.


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