Saturday, February 11, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 2/12 - 2/18

You've got potent money mojo happening this week, Aries and will find it easy to create abundance of all kind.  Enjoy it, celebrate it and most of all share it.  As you spread it around, even more will come back to you.  You're chomping at the bit to explore new things.  Make time to indulge your wanderlust or risk being overcome with irritability and tension.  In your quest to win a battle, you might lose an important ally.  Ask yourself if it's really worth it every time you're tempted to start a fight.

An unfair situation is starting to right itself in your favor, Taurus.  It feels good to have justice working in your favor.  As you experience this correction in circumstances be sure and let go of some old pain regarding this, so that you can move forward with openness and freedom.  Someone is inviting you to play and you are so ready.  Can you let yourself go and just have fun?  A part of you is suspicious of the motives here but there's no need.  You can trust yourself and your own intuition to provide the guidance you need.

You're starting to feel more grounded after a period of excellent and somewhat frantic work.  Take a breather and enjoy the fruits of your labor, Gemini.  If you give yourself a moment to pause, you'll find yourself refreshed and ready for the next challenge.  A lover is showing up and making quite an impressive offer.  You're not feeling it to the degree you think you should but don't let that prevent you from at least exploring the possibilities.  You may not get everything you want but you'll get quite a bit.

It's time to open up, Cancer.  You've been in protection mode and it's stopping positive energy from flowing through you.  Notice the urge to clamp down and just say no to it.   Recent turbulence is starting to calm.  Know it so that you can let go of the vigilance and defenses you've had up.  It's an excellent time to craft a new plan.  You know what you want, all you need to do now is break the journey there into smaller, easier pieces.  It'll be a cinch once you let go of the lingering and useless fear you've been dragging around.

Your expertise is needed this week, Leo.  You get to step into the spotlight now and shine.  Don't hesitate because you're more than ready for what awaits.  Expect your fears to be quite intense but don't let them stop you.  If you try and figure out what the fear means, you'll get lost.  It's normal to be nervous when entering a bigger arena where more attention is being given to you.    Relish it!  Ask for support is and when you need it.  There are plenty of people waiting to help you become the star you're meant to be.

You're getting a dose of much needed clarity to help you craft your next step.  It might feel a tad lonely in your world right now but you are ready to face your challenges with your own insight and guidance.  It's definitely time to say goodbye to something that once brought satisfaction your way.  As you move forward, you'll find fresh, new possibilities to take its place.  Your money energy is getting stronger now.  This will bring your strength, confidence and focus after a bit of a rough ride.

Now is the time to fall in love Libra.  There are opportunities to deepen your connection at every turn this week and it's all you really want to do.  Don't try and force yourself to pay attention to work and responsibilities when all you really want to do is connect and bask in your feelings.  It's hard to rest now.  There are some lurking stresses keeping you up at night.  It's not as bad as it seems so try and put this stuff in its' place.  Big changes are taking place deep inside you and this means letting old junk come up and out. 

It's time for a journey, Scorpio.  Whether you hit the road or travel with your mind and spirit, you need new vistas to inspire your next step.   Someone is asking you to play.  Will you accept and go?  You should!  Company now will help you feel more playful and less serious about life.  Don't brush aside this opportunity.  A new world is starting to unfold right before you.  You're going to be stunned by the magnificence of it all.  Know that and start planning a big celebration.

You're feeling a little out of control right now, Sagittarius and it's nerve racking.  Just slowing down a bit will help you regain your center and your grounding.  Once you do that, you'll see that a problem that appears overwhelming is mostly a mirage.  You're ready to bring more power and focus to the table and you needed this stressful situation to help you dig deeper.  There's no need to entertain regrets or recriminations.  let yourself have a fresh start now and watch how far you go and how fast you get there.

It's a tough week, Capricorn.  You're feeling boxed in and it's causing a flight or fight response.  You can see what you're doing but it's hard to stop the reactive energy.  Stay calm and invest some time into meditation and other things that help sooth your nerves.  You're not quite ready to launch a new project or explore a new path but you're getting there.  Trust the process you're in and have a little faith in yourself.  Soon you will be forging into uncharted territory and feeling very, very alive.

It's time to make a sacrifice of some kind Aquarius. Once you see that what you're giving up helps a lot of people, it will be easier to do it with love in your heart.  You've been working hard and taking few breaks.  This isn't going to work much longer.  You need a chance to take a breath and see how far you've come.  If you keep burning the candle at both ends, you will collapse in an exhausted heap soon.  You're not as poverty stricken as you feel.  Start seeing the incredible abundance in every aspect of your life.

Healing energies are potent in your life this week.  You can apply these energies to yourself or offer them to others.  Be discriminating in how you offer to heal people, Pisces.  Not everyone is in a position to enjoy what you give.  There is opportunity for advancement and expansion now.  You're being seen as more of an authority and the rewards are many.  Make sure you've got a way to ground into the new power you're trying to embody.  Otherwise, you might find yourself a bit unsettled.


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